Troubleshooting Fob Issues on a Tesla Model X

Troubleshooting Fob Issues on a Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is an electric SUV built primarily with safety and efficiency in mind. The Model X also offers state-of-the-art technology to enhance its practicality. This leads to an increasing reliance on smart software that can result in fob issues.

You can usually troubleshoot fob issues on the Tesla Model X by resetting or reinstalling the software. The most frequent issue is that the Model X will not recognize the fob after a software update. Software troubleshooting issues can be resolved with a service appointment if all else fails.

If you own a Tesla Model X, you will benefit from getting the more in-depth view that we offer below. We will also look in more detail at fob issues that you may face with this particular car.

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The Model X Key Fob

The Tesla Model X is planned to be operated primarily from the smartphone app but it does come with a key fob that allows passive access. This fob is also fully electric and has to be held up to the car until it identifies its signal. The fob also has several functions.

  • Butler mode. Pressing the key fob will open the driver’s side door as you walk towards it.
  • Falcon door controls. The key fob also opens and closes the falcon wing rear doors.
  • Trunk/frunk controls. With the press of the T-shaped button on the fob, the hood of the car opens and closes (source). The lack of an engine in the car allows this space to be used as extra storage. The back button on the fob opens and closes the trunk.
  • All-door controls. The triple press of buttons on the fob will open all the Model X car doors. The sensors on the doors will ensure that they do not slam into any obstacles near the car.
  • Charge port. Holding the back button on the fob will also conveniently open and close the charge port.

Fob Issues That Need Troubleshooting

Two main issues can affect the Tesla Model X key fob. If your car isn’t responding to the key fob, make sure that it is correctly aligned by holding it under the rear car door on the driver’s side. If the lack of response persists, remove the battery from the key fob and then place it back, allowing it time to reboot. If the previous suggestions haven’t helped, the issue may rest with the car software. 

The ongoing updates to the Tesla Model X have been known to interfere with the key fob (source) by turning it into a device that is not recognized by the car. In this case, the recommendation is to push a reinstall of the update that has caused the issue. This can be arranged by contacting Tesla for a service appointment. Citing an unrecognized key fob as the reason for the appointment is usually followed up by a technician pushing the software update to your phone. 

While your key fob is out of commission, you can continue to use your smartphone app and the touchscreen command center inside the car to control your Tesla Model X.

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What is the Tesla Model X?

According to Tesla, their Model X car is one of the safest options you can buy on the market. It is a luxury-standard electric car with plenty of storage and passenger space. It also has the eye-catching addition of falcon-wing rear doors. The Model X also comes in a pricier Long Range Plus version.

The Model X is built with the user’s convenience in mind. It can seat up to seven adults and no expense has been spared in making safety a priority. On top of that, it also boasts of being the quickest SUV in the world, going from zero to sixty in 2.6 seconds.

The Tesla Model X is designed to be a car of the future, and this shows in its use of technology. Its constantly updated software offers a wide range of options, especially when used in combination with the smartphone app. These options range from using the app or the fob to summon the Model X from its parking space to an extensive autopilot function.

Benefits of the Tesla Model X

Tesla models are leaders in the electric car industry and the Model X continues that trend. There are many benefits to investing in adding such a model to your collection.

  • Saving on fuel costs. The Tesla Model X can be charged at home and on the go through type 2 connectors. You can also plug it into Tesla Supercharging stations in various urban locations for a fast and easy charge. This is a cheaper and far more sustainable solution to cars that run on fuel (source). 
  • High-end design. The Model X is a marvel of engineering both on the inside and the outside. Its sleek and visually appealing exterior catches the eye, as do its falcon wing rear doors. The 17-inch touchscreen is also a draw, both from an aesthetic standpoint and from a technical one: it serves as the command center of the Model X. Another visual bonus is the panoramic windshield.
  • Abundant space. The Model X can sit up to seven adults and it also offers plenty of storage space. When the seats aren’t being used they can be folded and moved according to space needs.
  • Ongoing software updates. The Model X benefits from constant software updates as they get released, which allows the car to feel new and improved every time without the need to invest in a completely new model.

Drawbacks of the Tesla Model X

There are some potential drawbacks to be kept in mind when considering an investment in the Tesla Model X.

  • Pricing. The Tesla Model X is definitely a considerable investment even at its starting point. The design also prioritizes its exciting add-ons like the falcon door wings over quality that is consistent, which is something that would be expected at this price point.
  • Software issues. The Model X is the result of groundbreaking engineering, but its dependence on its software can cause some hassle. The falcon wing rear doors have sensors that limit the height they reach, but this can hinder access. The touchscreen can also freeze, and the key fobs are occasionally not recognized as a compatible device following software updates.

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The Tesla App Is Practically Another Key Fob

This smartphone app is intended as the main way to access the Tesla Model X. Through it, you can lock and unlock the car remotely. You can also check the charge status and start/stop the charging process. You can even check the car’s temperature and heat or cool it before getting into it. The app also gives you location access for the car and allows you to update its software remotely.

The Luxury of the Tesla Model X Has Not Gone Unnoticed

The Tesla Model X is a groundbreaking luxury electric car that offers a wide range of convenience to your driving experience. The car’s main drawback is that it relies heavily on its technology. Its functionality can be affected by software and build problems. 

There are various troubleshooting options if a Model X key fob stops working. The alignment of the fob and its batteries should be checked in the first instance. If that solution doesn’t fix the problem, you should book a service appointment. The Tesla Model X is designed to not depend fully on passive access. It can still be controlled while the key fob is being fixed. 

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