How to Replace a Tesla Key Battery

How to Replace a Tesla Key Battery

With technology advancing by the day, Tesla is one of the first companies to introduce keyless driving to their vehicles. With that in mind, it will still be essential to have your key fob on you until that technology has been perfected. The question is, how do you replace the Tesla key battery when it starts to die? Below, you will find an easy to follow, step by step guide!

How do you replace a Tesla Key Battery? The process is relatively simple. Before you begin the battery changing process, be sure that you purchase a CR2032 battery for your Tesla key fob. Luckily for you, the battery should be good for minimally five years, but replacing a key fob as a whole can be expensive. Instead, follow the step by step guide below to save you time and money!

Before you begin, there is some vital equipment you will need for the battery changing process. You will need:

When you have these items in hand, we can go ahead and get started with your battery replacement!

Replacing a Tesla Key Battery Guide

As mentioned before, replacing a Tesla Key Fob can be expensive and unnecessary. Unless you have lost your key fob and have no other way of getting into your car, I highly suggest replacing the Tesla key fob battery yourself. It is simple to accomplish and will only take a few steps!

Step One: Remove the Battery Cover

Before you begin step one, be sure that you have all of the required equipment in front of you. If you bought the battery at the store, you might have noticed that the battery pack came with two batteries. If this is the case, I suggest using this time to replace both batteries, so you won’t have to worry about it later on.

Next, it is time to remove the battery cover. You can accomplish this task by turning your key fob upside down. When you do this, you will notice that there is a notch in the middle of your fob. 

Once you have located the notch on your Tesla key fob, gently use the flat end of your screwdriver to push up against the groove. You may have to be slightly firm while doing this, but try not to crush your key fob at the same time. With enough pressure, the battery cover should release fairly easily.

Step Two: Replace the Battery

Now that you have removed the cover to your key fob, you should be looking directly at the circular battery. The next step you will want to take is using the small screwdriver to carefully pry under the battery to pop it out from the socket. You will notice that the battery is being held in by a spring-loaded holder, so pry carefully.

When you have released the battery from its place, set the battery to the side so that you don’t accidentally put it back in. You should note that the battery you just took out has the plus (+) sign facing up, you will need to put the replacement battery in the same way.

Now, it is time to replace the old battery with the new one. You can do this by sliding the new battery into the spring-loaded holder and press down firmly. You will know that it is loaded correctly when it is fully seated in the pocket. 

Step Three: Replace the Battery Cover

When the battery replacement is complete, it is now time to pop the battery cover back into place. This step may change depending on what model Tesla you own.

For the Model S, you will want to replace the cover by first aligning it with the middle of the fob. When the side of the cover is in place, you’ll want to press down firmly until the cover clicks into place. 

If you have a Model 3 fob, you will want to hold the key fob cover at an angle and carefully place the tabs on the widest side of the bottom half of the cover. When the slots have matched with the corresponding sides, press firmly, and the fob cover will snap into place with ease.

Step Four: Reset Low Battery Alert

Congratulations! You have just learned how to replace the battery on your Tesla key fob.

The last step you are going to want to take is resetting the low battery alert. To active this step, you will need both key fobs in the car with you. Once you have turned the car on, it will take several seconds for the alerts to disappear. If they do not, you may want to consider rebooting your screen.

Signs and Symptoms of Dying Key Fob Battery

With technology advancing, we have become more and more dependent on key fobs. We use key fobs for our hotel rooms, to access remote areas, and to start our cars! While this can be secure and convenient, we still need the key fobs to be fully functioning. The downfall is that the batteries in these fobs will wear out at some point.

It should be kept in mind that you should avoid letting a key fob die altogether. If the key fob battery dies completely, the chip in your key fob will become utterly useless until you are able to get the key fob reprogramed by the automotive manufacturer.

In order to avoid this issue, you will want to keep an eye out for the signs of a failing key fob battery. Below, you will find some common symptoms to indicate the need for a new key fob battery. 

Signal Strength

The first sign of a dying key fob battery will be a reduction in signal strength. For the Tesla, your vehicle should be able to detect the key fob from about fifty feet away. This meaning that your car should function as you approach your vehicle to unlock or lock the vehicle.

As the battery begins to wear out, this range will be dramatically reduced. If you are approaching or leaving your car, and you notice that your vehicle isn’t locking, unlocking, or starting the way that it had in the past, it is most likely time to replace your battery.


The next sign you should look for when it comes to a dying key fob battery would be the key not working correctly. When you press any button on your key fob, the action should be activated instantly. If the functions become inconsistent, it is time for a new battery.

Multiple Clicks

One of the most common symptoms of a dying key fob battery that a majority of people ignore is when they need to use multiple clicks to unlock and lock their car doors. For the most part, when the key fob is fully functioning, this should only require a single click. When it starts to take more than one click to perform the tasks, this is a significant sign that the battery in your key fob is dying and needs to be replaced.

As mentioned earlier, you will want to avoid letting the battery die altogether. This can become a real issue because when the battery dies, this means that it will no longer be able to connect to your specific vehicle any longer. If you find that you still have issues after replacing the battery, you may need to replace the fob altogether.

Cost of Replacing Tesla Key Fob

Sometimes, replacing a Tesla Battery simply isn’t enough to save the key fob. If you need a new key fob or lost your current one, it is good to know how much it is going to cost you! Below, you will find the average prices of replacing your Tesla Key Fob. Please note that the prices listed are for the key fob itself. Depending on the location you get your replacement key, the cost of labor will change.

  • Model S Key Replacement Cost: $300
  • Model X Key Replacement Cost: $125
  • Model 3 Key Replacement Cost: $150

With cost in mind, it is important to understand the key factors that influence the key fob replacement cost. By having a thorough knowledge of these factors, it could help you reduce the cost of replacing your own key fob. Ideally, you will be able to pinpoint the factors that are making the replacement expensive in the first place and can avoid it.

Cost of the Parts

The first factor that makes key replacement fairly expensive is the cost of the parts. Obviously, with Tesla being a modern company, the key fob is very technologically advanced compared to other companies. Therefore, the cost of the parts is going to influence the final replacement cost.

There are a number of different parts that could potentially be replaced in your key fob. Whether it is the fob casing, the batteries, or the internal wiring mechanisms, there are several items necessary to start your car. If it isn’t a simple fix like the batteries, you will need to pay for a whole new key fob.

Location for Replacement

When looking to replace a Tesla key fob, you may want to consider several different avenues for replacement. While many people would simply go to the dealership, there are other people out there who may be able to help you at a lower price. For this reason, you could always contact your local car locksmith and see what they have in store for you.

When you have found the location for your key fob replacement, note that the replacement cost will vary in price and additional costs should be factored in when considering a complete replacement. One of these additional costs will be programming the replacement fob to your car. This is an additional service, making the cost of a replacement even higher than most anticipate.

Time for Replacement

The final factor I will mention for the cost of a replacement key fob will be time. With Tesla using modern technology for their vehicles, you will want to factor in the time it will take to program the new key fob. If you have a more complicated key fob, it is going to take additional time, and you will pay for that time. This should not hinder you from replacing the key fob, as it is a necessary piece, but it is something you will want to keep in mind.

Benefits of a Key Fob

Before we jump into the benefits of having a key fob, take a moment and look back at all of the struggles you have had with an old-fashioned car key. More than likely, you have mistakenly broken, bent, or even locked your own car keys in the car. With a key fob, all of these issues will be a thing of the past! Below, you will find some of the top benefits of having a fully-functioning key fob.

Variety of Functions

Modern technology has completely changed the way we drive cars. Lucky for us, the key fob offers a variety of different functions, all on one key fob! With this tiny Tesla remote, you will be able to unlock and lock your doors from a significant distance, turn the ignition on and off, and even open the trunk with a simple push of a button!

Safety First

Another added benefit that comes with the technology of a key fob is additional safety! If you are ever in a location where you feel you are in danger, the key fob offers a quick and easy way to unlock the car and lock it as needed. If you are suspicious that you are being followed or in danger of a thief, there is always the panic button to attract attention to yourself.

If you are concerned about your Tesla being stolen, you will want to disable the keyless entry to your car. You can accomplish this by turning on your screen, tapping “security,” followed by “doors and handles.” From that point, you will then want to disable the “auto-present handles,” which typically flips open the car door handles once the fob is in range.

Easy Operation

Last but not least, key fobs are excellent to have on hand because they are easy to operate and understand! If you are constantly on the go or have your hands full, a keyless entry remote is about to make your life so much easier. Whether you are carrying a child or a handful of groceries, you no longer need to struggle putting your key into the hole to unlock your car!

Plus, you will be able to lock and unlock your car with the press of a single button. You will no longer need to waste time checking every door to make sure it is locked before you leave it. With the enhanced safety and convenience of driving, a key fob is genuinely changing the auto industry.

Tips for Keyless Driving

Tesla is very well known for its keyless driving feature. While it is vital to have a proper functioning key fob on hand, Tesla vehicles have the ability to drive without having the key fob present. While this has its benefits, you will have to be careful with this type of technology.

Keyless Technology

The keyless driving will only work when you have the Tesla app installed on your device. The issue with this is the fact that the device will need a working internet connection via cellular service or Wi-Fi. 

Unfortunately, this can stand as an issue if you are in a location that has poor cell service. As of currently, there is no way to work around this issue, hence why it is a great idea to always have your key fob on hand.

Another factor you will want to keep in mind when using keyless driving is your Tesla password. If you don’t want to use the key fob, you will need to enter your Tesla password each time. For some, this isn’t a bother, but you will want to consider a strong password to help avoid auto-theft.

When to Use Keyless Technology

When people think about using the keyless driving feature, their biggest fear is losing service and not being able to access their car. To help avoid this situation, you will want to consider only using keyless driving when visiting routine areas that you know have cellular service access. This way, there is no question or fear if you will be able to drive your car or not.

It seems funny, having these issues now with vehicles, but it is the way of the world! By having knowledge of keyless driving and your key fob, you will be able to get yourself out of any sticky situation. Remember that if you ever need help with your Tesla, there are professionals at the Tesla Dealership that will be able to help you out.

I hope you have found this guide helpful and it will be of some use in the future!

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