Will Cybertruck Come in Different Colors? (In Your Country)

Will Cybertruck Come in Different Colors? (In Your Country)

The cybertruck is the latest product to be introduced by Tesla. It’s set to be released in late 2021 or early 2022. Not too much is known about the vehicle, but the cybertruck is set to be the most technologically advanced car ever released. The only possible limits to it are the colors it comes in and the countries it’s available in.

There are ways to get the cybertruck in different colors, but they might not be accessible depending on where you live. However, the cybertruck will be available in more countries aside from the United States.

The following article is a more detailed description of what countries the cybertruck will be available in. There is also a brief guide on how to get the color you want for your cybertruck.

Can I Choose a Color When I Order My Cybertruck?

The pre-selected color of the cybertruck is a standard silver. The color will look similar to stainless steel utensils or appliances, since the car’s exterior is made from relatively the same material. This is to make the vehicle more durable and long lasting.

When you first order your cybertruck, there is a possibility that you can select a color. The company has stated that all cybertrucks will be produced in the same stainless silver color. But the company also might wrap the car in the customer’s color of choice.

This speculation comes from the company wrapping Tesla model 3s in a customer’s desired color, if they requested. The color options might carry over into the cybertruck, with the possible options being:

  • Solid black
  • Metallic blue
  • Metallic red
  • Midnight silver metallic

It cost customers an extra 1,000 to 2,000 dollars to have the Tesla Model 3 wrapped, depending on the color chosen. This policy is very likely to carry over into the color selection for cybertrucks, only it will cost much more. The unique design of the cybertruck makes it a little more difficult to wrap, so selecting a color option will likely increase its price significantly.

Can I Have Someone Else Wrap the Cybertruck? 

On the other hand, you could pay a professional to wrap the cybertruck. But this option can be a bit more expensive since wrapping prices can vary. The average cost to wrap a car is 2,500 dollars to 8,000 dollars. The average cost to have a professional wrap a cybertruck separately is around 4,000 dollars total.

You can also have the professionals wrap separate sections of the car, such as the hood and the door. The prices for getting these individual sections wrapped ranges from 250 dollars to 1,500 dollars.

Can I Wrap My Cybertruck In a Pattern?

There aren’t just solid color wraps available for the cybertruck. You can also wrap your cybertruck in any pattern you want. The patterned wraps aren’t likely to come from Tesla itself, but you can still have professional wrappers to get the job done.

Why Can’t I Paint The Cybertruck?

It’s possible to paint the cybertruck, but it’s extremely difficult and will likely not turn out well. Regular paint won’t be able to adhere to the stainless steel material that the exterior is made from. It will slide around and eventually peel off. While you could paint stainless steel with an epoxy paint, the look wouldn’t be the same when compared to wrapping it.

Wrapping the cybertruck is the best option for getting a clean and long-lasting look. While the possibility of Tesla including wrapping options for the cybertruck is still up for debate, a different method of getting a colored cybertruck is in the works.

Heat Might Be Used to Get Different Colors on the Cybertruck

When steel is heated up to a certain temperature, it can turn into a different color. For example, when steel is heated up to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it takes on a pale yellow color. The hotter the temperature is, the brighter the colors get. Elon Musk said this idea is on the table for the cybertruck, but it isn’t clear if the feature will be included.

This method will be built into the cybertruck’s controls, so you most likely won’t have to pay extra for it. It will also save you from having to pay someone to wrap your car separately, since you get the color you want with the turn of a dial or push of a button. The main downside is that the color selection is still limited.

There are only so many temperatures that steel can be set to before it gets dangerously hot. As a result, colors like bright red and orange won’t be available because the steel would have to be heated to dangerously high temperatures. The colors that are most likely to be available include:

  • Pale and bright yellow, at 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Deep orange, at 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Deep purple, at 540 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Deep and bright blue, at 590 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Deep silver, at 730 degrees Fahrenheit

The color selection is limited because of safety concerns. The color you choose will also most likely not stay on for long periods of time because of outside temperatures. It’s unclear if this feature will be on the first cybertruck models, but it will very likely be added to future models once Tesla fine tunes it.

Using Heat to Get Patterns on the Cybertruck

Another possible customization element in the works is using heat to get different patterns on the cybertruck. However, the feature is being developed by car customization companies, rather than Tesla themselves. The feature would have a laser draw the requested design on the stainless steel. The price would largely depend on the design you want and where you get the pattern done.

The use of heat to make the cybertruck customizable is still in early development. The features might change once the vehicle is officially released. But the information that’s currently available heavily suggests that Musk designed the cybertruck to be easily customizable. The multiple options to get the colors and patterns you want are widely available, through Tesla and through other companies.

Cybertruck Availability In Different Countries

Since the cybertruck isn’t available for sale yet, many countries are pre-ordering a supply. This is to ensure they have a supply of cybertrucks readily available to the public once the vehicle is officially released. According to the pre-ordering data, there are 10 countries that have pre-ordered more cybertrucks than any others. These countries include:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • A few European countries

While these countries have pre-ordered the most cybertrucks, they aren’t the only countries that will have access to the cybertruck. A few Asian countries, such as Taiwan and Japan, will also have the cybertruck available for purchase. The only countries where the cybertruck won’t be available are countries where the cybertruck isn’t street legal.

For example, the cybertruck likely won’t be available in the United Kingdom because of the vehicle’s size. However, Elon Musk is rumored to be creating a smaller sized cybertruck that adheres to the United Kingdom’s street vehicle requirements.

The cybertrucks availability will most likely be more solidified as its release date gets closer. The United States is the only country that is confirmed to have full access to it.

Final Thoughts

The cybertruck will be a highly customizable vehicle. But the customization options that are available to you might also depend on where you live. If the cybertruck will be available in your country, double checking to see your customization options is recommended. It will help you get a good idea on what design options you have or don’t have. The better idea you have, the better you can plan out how much it will cost to personalize your cybertruck.


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