Who Will Buy Cybertruck? (Really!?)

Who Will Buy Cybertruck?

We have never seen such a polarizing design in an automobile as we see with the Tesla Cybertruck. CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, was quoted in a tweet:

“To be frank, there is always some chance that Cybertruck will flop because it is so unlike anything else. I don’t care…Cybertruck looks like it was made by aliens from the future.”

Elon Musk

Many critics wonder who will actually buy the Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck offers aesthetic appeal, functionality, and power and could be an excellent fit for any driver. The design, functionality, and even price are continually getting tweaked for improvement.

Elon Musk doesn’t have to worry about the Cybertruck selling since it’s projected that they have over 1 million reservations for the vehicle. Many people are expectantly awaiting its release. Read on to learn more about what the Cybertruck offers and what will attract the most likely buyers.

Who Will Buy the Cybertruck

Before we get into the specifics of what people like and dislike about the Tesla Cybertruck, here is a list of some people and professions who will most likely buy the Cybertruck. These are people from all over, for various reasons, and a wide array of backgrounds. The Cybertruck has so much to offer that it attracts interest from professionals and private drivers alike.

Just because there has been a lot of talk about how the Cybertruck compares to contemporary trucks doesn’t mean it will get purchased simply by modern truck buyers. Here are some of the people who will most likely buy the Cybertruck.


People who own Tesla Cybertrucks or any self-driving vehicles may soon have the ability to use them as robotaxis. A robotaxi drives people who need a lift to their destination and gets you paid for using your vehicle.

The Cybertruck is the perfect candidate for becoming a robotaxi for many reasons:

  • There is a large amount of cargo space in the Cybertruck that allows for the storage of luggage.
  • The Cybertruck also seats six comfortably.
  • The ample seating along with the 100 cubic feet of storage space makes this vehicle an ideal choice for those traveling or getting dropped off at the airport.

Just imagine – there would be plenty of room for all of your travel necessities!


Camping requires a lot of cargo space.

So the 100 cubic feet of storage in the Cybertruck is an excellent vehicle for taking camping with all of your gear. Another great benefit of the Cyber truck is its towing capacity of 7,000 pounds in its lowest-end model and upwards of 14,000 pounds in the three-engine upper-end model.

The torque produced by the Cybertruck and the amount of towing capacity that it delivers makes it an obvious choice for campers towing their:

  • Toys
  • 5th-wheels
  • Trailers

The multiple drivetrain options for off-roading and towing are another great attribute of the Cybertruck.

Campers can also get excited about the strength of the exoskeleton body frame of the Cybertruck. The stainless steel look is dent-proof and does not have paint that would get scratched and chipped as a traditional vehicle typically would while out camping.

Finally, there are many power outlets for plugging in gadgets like chargers, air inflation devices, and other things you need while camping. Not to mention, there is a great glass screen that entertains during long drives or long nights with apps like Netflix.

The comfort of the Tesla Cybertruck while seating six people is a great boon for the vehicle, which is possible to become a family people transporter for all of those long summer road trips.

Blue-Collar Workers

On Jay Leno’s Garage show, Leno was very impressed by the functionality of the Cybertruck. It was also mentioned that the low base price of around $40,000 is a “blue-collar price.” The cost of the Tesla Cybertruck is not the only thing Blue Collar workers should like about the futuristic vehicle.

There are many features for blue collars workers to like about the Tesla Cybertruck. Blue-collar workers include folks who:

  • Work with their hands for a living
  • Deal with construction jobs
  • Regularly use manual and power tools
  • May drive from site to site periodically

All of these tasks easily get accomplished with a Tesla Cybertruck.

Farmers might be one of the types of blue-collar workers who will get immense use out of the Cybertruck.

It’s of interest to note that several farmers interviewed for MSNBC claimed that the Cybertruck, with its three engines, is better than the Ram 1500 they own and have pre-ordered one for towing equipment and saving money on gasoline.

Also, the Cybertruck is more rugged than other contemporary trucks because of the outer stainless steel body design. As mentioned when we discussed camping, there isn’t any paint that could get chipped by:

  • Mud
  • Gravel
  • Tools hitting the side of the truck

This feature alone makes the truck ideal for rough working conditions faced on a farm or ranch. Also, the metal is dent-proof, so your truck remains looking good indefinitely. Finally, the glass is bulletproof and won’t shatter, even if hit directly by a metal tool.

Current Rural and City Drivers of Trucks

Even if you are a current truck driver, the Cybertruck from Tesla might give you more enjoyment and utility. Drivers from all areas will find usefulness in the design and features of the Cybertruck.

Current rural drivers will enjoy the durability of the exterior and the extended battery range that helps them get to Supercharger stations. Rural drivers might encounter gravel and off-road conditions more often. The surface of the Cybertruck protects from any road conditions for rural drivers.

City drivers will appreciate the sleek design, amenities, interior features, and self-driving features that come standard with Tesla vehicles. The design of the Tesla Cybertruck adds functionality to the design and technology.

Sci-Fi Fans

The metal exoskeleton of the Cybertruck gets made of spaceship metal. The 30-times cold-folded steel of the body of the Cybertruck is both corrosion resistant and cost-effective. Since there is no paint on the Cybertruck exterior, the stainless steel metal appearance is incredibly eye-catching. It appeals to the space-age look of a spacecraft and those sci-fi fans who appreciate space flight technology and all of the details associated with space travel.

Also, the sci-fi fans will surely appreciate the angeled design of the front hood and the cab, which are more of a stealth bomber design than the box shape of a traditional truck. The headlights and the wheels also resemble those of a spaceship rover ready for exploration on the surface of another planet, such as Mars.


The six comfortable seats and the immense cargo space in the Cybertruck will aid parents with busy schedules. Soccer moms and dads will like the Cybertruck for a people transport.

Also, the safety of Tesla gets universally agreed upon by:

  • Critics
  • Opinions columnists
  • Federal safety regulators

The security of the Cybertruck is sure to mirror the safety of other Tesla vehicles, such as the Tesla Model S, which was so safe that it broke the machine used for testing its rollover safety.

Not only is Tesla known for safety in its physical design, but also in its hardware and software connections with other Tesla vehicles. Tesla vehicles record and upload information about road conditions to the Neural Network, which compiles safety, crash, and obstacle data from billions of miles of driving data worldwide. This data helps increase the safety of both autonomous driving and everyday human driving by aiding the sensors and cameras in the car.

Eco-Conscious People

Buying a vehicle is a purchase supported by emotions. The emotions tied up in the Cybertruck are strong for eco-conscious people forced to drive Prius and other compact electric cars. Eco-conscious people driving the powerful and intimidating electric Cybertruck might enjoy the small amount of revenge they get toward the:

  • Fossil-fuel truck driving
  • Red meat-eating
  • ‘Manly’ group of drivers

The towing capacity, torque, and possibility of three engines’ acceleration power are all excellent attributes of the Cybertruck. These stellar features are all things that rival some supercars. These kinds of incentives may be enough for eco-conscious people to get the Cybertruck and show it off as the powerful new symbol of electric vehicles. The revenge of the “greenies” towards the diesel guzzling opposition might be too sweet to pass up for some drivers.

What Buyers Like About the Cyber Truck

The futuristic and creative design of the Cybvertruck has made it into an internet and meme sensation. However, buyers are also clamoring for the many functional attributes of the truck. Almost a million units of the first version of the Cybertruck are pre-ordered. Clearly, there is a lot that people already like about the Cybertruck.

It is tough determining precisely what it is that people already like about the Cybertruck since everything is perception and conjecture at this point. However, several things are clear about the popularity of the Cybertruck, even though it has not yet gotten released to the public.

There are many things that potential Cybertruck owners are excited about and like about this newest vehicle from Tesla. According to some surveys and opinion articles, the Cybertruck has fantastic design and aesthetics, functional components, and power that make it appealing to buyers.

Design and Aesthetics

The unique design of the Cybertruck attracts attention. There is no doubt that the Cybertruck is one of a kind, and there are no other trucks or vehicles that look like the Cybertruck on the road anywhere. The mix of refinement and angled steel on the Cybertruck are design features supporting the love of many buyers looking for something new, exciting, and unique.

To begin with, the Cybertruck looks incredibly different than most other trucks. It seems more like a supercar or sports car than a truck. The front-end is the most apparent difference that people are incredibly excited about because of the angles and sleek design features. The dramatic front shape, similar to that of a Stealth Fighter profile, contrasts the standard-looking truck bed. 

One of the exciting abilities that Elon touted on the Cybertruck design is the built-in 110V and 220V connectors for running power tools and the compressor allowing for air tools to be run on the job site. This additional power feature is an excellent incentive for everyday workers looking for compatible options for the Cybertruck.

The compressor helps run the suspension on the Cybertruck and will double as a workhorse for air tools. Furthermore, the air suspension will allow for an extensive range of motion for the Cybertruck that will enable the vehicle to lower the rear-end, making it easier to load or unload heavy cargo. With a built-in ramp in the tailgate, loading off-road dirt bikes, or other vehicles should be a snap.

Functional Components

Some of the functional components that people love about Tesla are available with the Cybertruck. There are automated driving features, a large tablet center dashboard for infotainment, and other luxurious interior features that make the Cybertruck a functional vehicle.

One of the most critical functional components available with the Cybertruck is the option of having full self-driving. For $10,000, you can order your Cybertruck with full self-driving and lock in the price that is sure to increase in the coming months.

Another functional design part of the front end of the Cybertruck is the steal bomber-looking design. The angled and sleek front end allows for an aggressively low wind tunnel drag coefficient. The Cybertruck compares excellently with other contemporary trucks in terms of the drag coefficient. The angled design does not affect negative aerodynamics from the overall design.

The rear end is where many trucks take a hit with mileage/range, so the Cybertruck comes with “The Vault.” The Vault is the bed area protected by a retractable cover. It is so strong Elon can be seen standing on it while speaking to Jay Leno in some pictures.

Finally, all-wheel steering is a significant functional component of the Cybertruck. The most recent example is Elon mentioning that all-wheel steering will assist with the large vehicle’s nimbleness. This capability will also provide some exciting capabilities when it comes to towing trailers as well.


Electrical power and engines and the drivetrain of all-wheel drive are all exciting and profound features included in the decision to buy a Cybertruck. The Cybertruck is incredibly powerful and has an excellent range from the battery. The power of the Cybertruck is a perfect incentive for those interested in buying this space-aged vehicle.

The total power of the Cybertruck provides the overall specs with some impressive statistics. The top speed of the Cybertruck is 210 kilometers per hour, and it reaches a speed of 100 km/hr in 3.0 seconds. Compare that to the Tesla 3 that accelerates to 96 km/h in 3.3 seconds, and you get the idea of how powerful this truck is.

With all-wheel drive and over 1,400 Nm of total torque, the Cybertruck is more than capable of towing anything up to 7,500 pounds. Compare that to the towing capacity of the 2020 F-150, which is capable of towing 5,000 to 8,000 pounds, depending on the trim package the buyer chooses. That torque and pulling power don’t take away from the battery power, which is 600 kW total with an electric range of 750 km.

Overall, the power of the battery in the Cybertruck is robust and gives an excellent performance of actual energy consumption anywhere from 185 to 370 Wh/kM (Watts per hour/XXXXX per XXXX). The battery tends to work better in colder weather. However, highway and cold weather are the best combination for energy consumption. The following chart shows the energy consumption of the Cybertruck in various driving conditions.

ConditionReal Energy Consumption Estimate
City Cold Weather256 Wh/kM
Highway Cold Weather370 Wh/kM
Combined City & Highway Cold Weather308 Wh/kM
City Mild Weather185 Wh/kM
Highway Mild Weather299 Wh/kM
Combined Highway & City Mild Weather238 Wh/kM

As you can see, the energy consumption of the Cybertruck is excellent in most weather and driving situations. Keep in mind that when you get a Tesla Cybertruck, you are getting a zero-emission vehicle that can use a fast charger and get fully charged in under an hour’s time.

What Buyers Won’t Like About the Cybertruck

There is so much technology used to create and design the Cybertruck, and it is a total rethinking of a truck form. With such an outlandish design, the Cybertruck is will assuredly have haters. However, the very fact that the Cybertruck is new and different makes it a target for:

  • Outrage
  • Curiosity
  • Dislike

There are many reasons why people will not like the Cybertruck. However, based on interviews, online forums, and opinion articles, there are three main reasons why people will not want the Cybertruck.

Some reasons for this dislike get based on:

  • functionality
  • appearance
  • brand loyalty

It seems that people who are unwilling to give the Cybertruck a chance don’t associate the truck’s appearance with traditional trucks and their boxy and square design shapes. Also, they might not like how it functions as a conventional truck because of specific details about the angles and space of the cargo area. Finally, these people might not be willing to break brand loyalty with the current truck model they own or to venture away from traditional truck forms.


Wherever you land on the spectrum of opinion for the appearance of the Cybertruck, everyone will agree that it is incredibly different than all other trucks on the market today. Some people call it ugly, while others claim it is futuristic and revolutionary. Very few Cybertrucks are getting tested on the roadways today. However, there are many videos and pictures available online.

Based on the images, videos, and leaks from Tesla about the appearance of the Cybertruck, surveys have popped up about what people like and dislike about it. After some of these recent surveys, it is clear that the appearance of the Cybertruck is one of the most unappealing parts.

Only 29 percent of participants in the extensive survey considered the following appealing:

  • The incredibly unique stainless steel outer material
  • The angled body
  • The high-tech interior

The small percentage of people who find the Cybertruck appealing means that a vast proportion of people are not fond of the appearance of the Cybertruck. Many wondered if the truck was functional or even practical.

Even though many people find the Cybertruck unappealing in surveys, the truck has not yet gotten released. Something as different and strange looking as the Cybertruck may require time and more exposure on city roads for people to appreciate its appearance truly. Another stainless steel car called the DeLorean now gets considered a classic, so that time will tell.


For owners of pickups that rely on their vehicles for work, functionality is crucial.

Musk has tweeted that the functionality of the stainless steel Cybertruck is a top priority. However, many critics and car enthusiasts wonder if there will be a balance struck between being a work truck as well as a futuristic and artistic statement car.

The people who already drive trucks seem least likely to break away from a brand or traditional truck forms and buy a Cybertruck. Current truck drivers want trucks that function much like current truck models. The transition to the Cybertruck may be difficult because of the design and aesthetic shifts in:

  • The body
  • The bed
  • The overall height and size of the exoskeleton frame

Other truck owners and workers have brought up the concern that the angled bedsides will make reaching into the bed difficult. They have questions about how toolboxes might be mounted or designed. Additionally, the sloped bedsides could also impede towing a 5th Wheel, limiting the truck’s turning radius.

Furthermore, how does one mount a bed rack to the vehicle? This is a real need for many carpenters. The Cybertruck is an exoskeleton design with no traditional frame that the truck sits on. The battery pack becomes an integrated body component, making the vehicle very rigid and incredibly strong. Even though it is strong, it makes mounting modern designs for tools and other storage items impossible.

Truck Loyalty

The Cybertruck is a polarizing vehicle because it looks so different from the traditional vision of a truck. Even though the design continues to be tweaked by the design center in Hawthorne, California, some naysayers will probably never buy a Cybertruck. Those not interested in purchasing the Cybertruck, even after changes, include those who already drive pickup trucks and want to remain with their traditional truck loyalty.

Hardcore pickup truck veterans are the ones that will probably balk at the design the most. It goes against the grain of long-time pickup truck design. Elon stated that was precisely the point. Breaking truck conventions may be the most significant obstacle in getting current loyal truck owners into the driver’s seat of a Cybertruck.

Luckily, the Tesla Cyber truck already looks like it is a reliable work truck in the Tesla Gigafactory, where the workers use it on a daily basis. In the muddy workspaces of areas like the Gigafactory and other construction sites, a vehicle with no pain, bulletproof glass, and a frame that can’t get dented all may help in swaying currently loyal truck enthusiasts.

Tesla’s Cybertruck has a lot of work ahead of it if it is going to contend with tried and true reliable work tricks from the likes of GMC, Dodge, Ford, and Chevy. However, in real-world situations where the Cybertruck gets used for work, it seems like it is excelling.

Why Most People Will Enjoy Tesla’s Cybertruck

Flexibility, functionality, and, most importantly, versatility are going to be what sets this truck apart from all the other pickup trucks. Simplicity and clean design are a hallmark of the brand. The center screen provides all the interface to the vehicle that is necessary.

There is no paint, so you can take it off-road without worrying about damaging the exterior. The stainless steel is a unique SpaceX-designed alloy making it incredibly durable and capable of withstanding 9mm gunfire. The spacious interior will allow for six passengers (3 on the front bench seat, three on the rear bench seat) with a very sleek and straightforward design not unlike what gets found in the other Tesla models.

Indeed all types of people have ordered the truck based on traffic seen on Social Media. Some folks are individuals who have never owned a large vehicle. Some truck owners believe the design and versatility outweigh the unique exterior body design. However, some really love the bold design. Some folks are previous owners of the DeLorean who still feel a soft spot in their hearts for the stainless steel magic flare.

Whether you are just someone that wants to drive around this vehicle as a commuter or someone that makes their living off their work truck, Tesla believes this will be a huge hit. Built-in the new GigaFactory sitting in Austin, Texas, the all-American manufactured Cybertruck will leave its mark in the automobile world, guaranteed.

In Conclusion

The Tesla Cybertruck is a versatile vehicle with an extraordinary design. Buyers interested in pre-ordering are from all walks of life, including tech fans, sci-fi fans, farmers, and those who need trucks for tools of their trade.

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