How To Troubleshoot a Tesla Model X Roof Leak

How To Troubleshoot a Tesla Model X Roof Leak

Tesla has always been the center of attention concerning its manufacturing quality. While Tesla is widely known as the most innovative company around, innovation comes with trial and error. The company has experienced issues during product rollouts time and time again. This includes the Tesla Model X, which has had leaks in its glass roof.

The Tesla Model X features an astounding roof that is nearly all glass and offers drivers and passengers a panoramic view of the outside. However, this glass roof has been known to leak, which can be disastrous for your interior. Luckily, fixes are possible. Read on to learn what you need to do in the event of a roof leak in your Tesla Model X.

What to Do with a Roof Leak

Dealing with a Tesla Model X roof leak involves reattaching the cosmetic roof panel. To do this, you will need to first apply a primer. There is no one better suited for this job than a professional at a Tesla service center. These folks will fix your roof panel free of charge, provided that your car is still under warranty.

Nevertheless, you can also use practical tips to fix a roof leak yourself, even if you are stuck in the rain with a leaking roof. All you need are the right tools and the right instructions to remedy your situation.

Fix a Roof Leak While It Is Raining

Everyone has faced a vehicle emergency at some point and has had to perform some kind of quick fix. Sure, a flat tire may not be such a big deal, but what about something more complicated like a roof leak? It may be challenging, but believe it or not, you actually can effectively fix a roof leak in the rain on your Tesla Model X.

It is highly likely for drain tubes to get damaged or blocked with debris and other materials, so check for that first.

  • Remove blockages by manually removing large pieces yourself
  • Wipe away small articles with a soft cloth
  • Take care to abstain from damaging the tubing while removing blockages

Additionally, by working some wire through the openings or blowing some packed air into them, you will also be able to wipe out the blockage. Tubes that have come off the fitting can be reinstalled. If this happens, be sure to connect the tube with a little hose clasp to help keep it from coming off again.

Keep an Emergency Leak Kit in Your Car

If you have yet to experience a roof leak, consider putting together a kit to ensure you are prepared in the event one does occur.

Have a roof sealant on hand. You can buy these from car shops or home improvement stores. They are designed for leaks and spills. Keep this at the ready in your Tesla Model X. Also, keep the following items in your car:

  • Sealant spreader or cardboard
  • Cloths or towel
  • Umbrella
  • A battery-operated fan or portable hair blower

Before using the sealant, clean the blockage and leaking area on your vehicle and dry the areas with a cloth or towel. Use an umbrella to keep more rainwater from getting into the affected area. Apply a modest quantity of sealant on the leaking hole. Then, by utilizing a sealant spreader or a piece of cardboard, cover the opening evenly.

Allow the spot to dry for 20 minutes. Fan out the area or use a portable hairdryer to speed up the drying process. When finished, check if there is still a leak outside of the vehicle and focus on the zone that has been fixed with sealant. Most importantly, if your vehicle is still under warranty, have a Tesla service center professional take a look at it.

Use an Emergency Roof Covering

If you do not have sealant on hand, make an emergency roof covering by using a plastic roof cover. If possible, find something close by that is four feet by four feet wide and around six millimeters thick made of polyethylene plastic. Otherwise, use the thickest plastic you have available.

Measure enough to cover a segment of the roof from the eave to the edge, add an additional four feet, and cut it with a utility blade. Unfurl the plastic to make a strip eight feet wide and then secure it in place. If possible, keep your car in a protected area if heavy rains are present until the rain subsides.

Obviously, this solution only works if you happen to have a large piece of thick plastic on hand, which might not be likely.

Call for Professional Help

In the worst-case scenario and all else has failed, do not try to dismantle your roof component or twist the sheet metal to stop the leak. This will not only void your warranty, but it could cause permanent damage to your car and injure you. Instead, seek professional help even if it costs you.

It is better to get the support of a mechanic or technician who knows what they are doing than to risk causing significant damage to your Model X or yourself.

Glass shops are a safe bet, but if none are in your general vicinity that can fix sunroofs, call a nearby technician. They ought to know about how a sunroof works and the manner in which to fix a leak. However, if the vehicle is still under warranty, contact Tesla’s service provider to have them work out the problem and fix it.

Dry Your Car Out Completely

When the leak is fixed, and you are in a dry place, allow the vehicle to dry out completely. Any leftover moisture could produce mold. Regardless of whether it looks clean, there could be dampness in the carpet or interior furnishings, and you could end up driving a vehicle that begins to reek of mold, mildew, and overall damp must.

When everything inside your Model X is as dry as possible, use the following steps to ensure your vehicle is completely free from all remnants of the leak:

  • Use a dehumidifier inside the vehicle
  • Place a plastic tub loaded with a desiccant inside the vehicle with the windows shut for 24 hours
  • Drive your car with the heater on afterward
  • Leave your windows cracked to help ventilate

It might take longer than the 24 hours stated above to completely dry the vehicle, so when you drive your car thereafter, turn on the heater and leave the windows slightly opened to help with the ventilation.

Prevent Roof Leaks Before They Happen

The safest thing to do is avoid a roof leak from occurring in the first place. As they say, prevention is better than a cure. Take good care of your Tesla, and it will take great care of you.

Make sure to consistently grease your sunroof’s tracks and course with substantial silicon oil to avoid genuine harm to the parts. Additionally, utilize the vacuum technique two times per year to prevent the seepage openings from getting blocked or obstructed.

Standard and routine sunroof cleaning is the best method to keep it in perfect condition. Each time you clean your vehicle, give your sunroof some tender loving care. Detailing it every year, for example, is the best way to take care of it. If you live in a dusty area or frequently drive on dirt roads, it would be best to make this a monthly practice.

Finally, routine car checkups are also another way to prevent your roof from leaking in the first place. Follow the suggested maintenance schedule for your Tesla Model X and keep regular appointments with your car dealer. Let the experts advise you if they see something wrong so the issue can immediately be repaired.

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