Want A Job Working At Tesla? Follow These Seven Steps

Want A Job Working At Tesla? Follow These Seven Steps

Working at Tesla seems like a dream job for many people out there. Whether it’s helping to code their technology, being a front desk agent, or working as a janitor, there are thousands of job titles with Tesla and typically many positions to choose from at any given time.

Tesla is a widely popular company to work for, making it no surprise that the jobs can be hard to come by. Many applicants do not make it past turning in an application. However, with a few steps, the dream of working at Tesla could become your reality.

Most people know it’s exceedingly difficult to get a job with Tesla. While they are often hiring, the number of applicants who submit applications far exceeds the number of available jobs. You need to be the best of the best, and even then, the chance to get on at Tesla can be difficult. Don’t let this completely scare you away, though. We’re going to share some tricks of the trade that will help you land your Tesla dream job.

What Is Tesla?

The company was founded in 2003 by those who wanted to drive electric while still having a nice looking, fast, and genuinely fun-to-drive vehicle. Tesla believes that not depending on fossil fuels and having vehicles that put off zero emissions will create a better future. They are right. Less pollution will always be the better choice. 

Fast forward over a decade, and the company has pumped out many different models of vehicles, even working on a more affordable car. Tesla is doing so much more than just manufacturing vehicles. They genuinely want a better future for the earth and everyone on it. 

Some assume all Tesla does, is make expensive cars that do fancy things. That is not the case. They have created many different vehicles, are always thinking of ideas for more, and have even created a solar roof. Yes, that’s right. Your entire roof could be solar while still looking incredible.

Why Work for Tesla?

Why not? Tesla is not going anywhere any time soon. They are only going to grow, and Tesla wants to change the world. Why not be a part of that kind of company? It doesn’t matter what job you will do with Tesla, from the top job to smaller parts; each role comes together to create great products that will better the earth for future generations.

Getting on with Tesla will not be an easy task. Jobs can be very hard to come by. Almost 500,000 people can apply when only 3,000 spots are open. You will need to be the best of the best and stand out. 

Tesla is also so much more than just the futuristic energy-efficient cars you think of when you hear the name. They make and sell energy-efficient items for your home: 

  • Solar panels on existing roofs, 
  • New fully solar roofs (which will cost less than the cost of a new roof + solar panels.)

Tesla imagines a world without using fossil fuels. Just think of the possibilities of: 

  • Never buying gas again
  • Never running out of gas 
  • Lower energy bills
  • Healthier earth
  • Better air
  • A better world 

These are just a few of the reasons people flock to Tesla. 

Different Jobs – So Much More Than Assembly

There are hundreds of different job titles at Tesla. No matter what your specialty is, there can easily be something to find. If you are just graduating high school or even if you have a master’s degree, there are plenty of jobs that need to be filled. 

Here are just a few examples of the jobs pulled from the Tesla job postings website and what they require to apply:

  • DMV Operations Specialist – Bachelor’s degree or experience required
  • Facilities Maintenance Technician – High school diploma required
  • Service Technician – High school diploma required
  • Electrical Engineer – Loads of requirements
  • Store Managers 
  • Electricians 
  • Roofers 
  • IT 
  • Marketing, Finance, HR
  • Logistics Coordinators
  • Sales 

And the list goes on and on with hundreds of jobs currently available almost year-round.

If you would love a fast pace, exciting job and experience feeling like you are actually contributing to something much bigger than yourself, Tesla is for you. 

While some jobs like the janitorial staff and cafeteria workers might not be an extremely fast pace, every part, and every position, no matter how small they could seem, work together to keep the company going. Without each valuable position, some of the more visible positions could not thrive, and the company would not perform as well.

As you can see, some jobs will need a college degree while others only need a high school diploma or equivalent. This means the idea of working at Tesla is not out of the average person’s reach. You may not get your dream position at first, but even just getting your foot in the door could lead to possibly moving up eventually.

Source: Tesla Shopping

Watch For Job Postings

Tesla posts jobs in waves/seasons every year on a certain schedule. When the jobs are first posted and active is the best time to apply. However, the jobs do typically stay open for at least a four-month span (until they are filled and removed from the site.)

Spring and winter applications will be posted the year before, around fall time. The summer applications will be posted the year before in early fall. In contrast, the fall applications will be posted the same year around spring.

There are jobs available in the United States, Europe, and Asia. When you do a job search, it will tell you the exact location of the job. Be sure to double-check before applying. 

Also, be sure you don’t apply for an internship if you are not currently a student. The job posting will say internship or intern on the posting. You will not be accepted or even taken into consideration if you are not a student.

The job post will give you a rundown of what will be expected of you and all the requirements you need to possess to be accepted for the interview process. Most go into great detail about what exactly the job entails. There are hundreds of jobs available almost all the time. To see a list of the currently available jobs, you can go to the Tesla Career page Here.

Research, Research, Research

Most of the jobs will need either prior experience or some type of a degree, so it is good to see what you will qualify for by really diving into the job listings. Once you find a job that you love and are qualified to do, your next step is to conduct research. Yes, some jobs need a high school diploma, but you will need more on average.

  • Research the specific job:
    • You need to know what to expect from the job and what to expect when interviewing. Don’t be caught off guard when you’re asked about the job
    • Be sure that this is a job you would like to do and are fully capable of doing before you apply
    • You don’t want to apply for a job that is not within your reach and waste your time
  • Research current employees:
    • Reach out to current employees working in the same position you believe you want. They can give you great insight into the job, which will help you know if it’s what you want to do
    • Some are very willing to speak to you, letting you know what to expect, the good, the bad, and the ugly of the job
  • Research job boards/forums:
    • Look at “chatter” of active employees, former employees, or others affiliated with Tesla. This way, you won’t need to reach out but can still get information
    • There you will get a little insight into your possible future job
    • Get to ask questions and read questions that others have posted

You want to find the good and bad about the job. You also always want to be prepared for any questions or tests that may come up during the interview process. You want to know the job inside and out. This will help you show them you are the right candidate for the job. 

Being caught off guard or clueless about a question relating to the job you are applying for could look bad, whereas coming off like an expert of the job title will put you a step ahead. They will know you did your homework.

Have A Resume That Stands Out

When applying for any job, a great resume can make or break you. The application and resume will be the first thing the company will see about you. This is how they meet you. Your personality and everything about how YOU are the perfect candidate for that position needs to fill the resume or application. 

Here is a simple guide to help you fill out the best resume you can:

  • Contact Information = Header
    • Start with your name, contact numbers, email address, and links to any of your websites. 
    • Under that information, you should add a short and interesting statement about yourself and your experience. 
  • Work Experience
    • These should always be in order from current/most recent to the oldest job
    • Each job needs a lot of detail. Don’t just write your job title and leave it at that; give a good amount of detail on what your skills were at the job. Let them know your capabilities and proficiencies.
    • List any way you helped better the company you currently/previously worked for and how/if the job bettered you.
  • Extra Skills
    • Any skills you have acquired over the years. 
    • Ask others to write recommendation letters for you. This will give a great insight into how you are on the job and how you are as a person.
    • No matter how small you may think the skill is, add it. Just don’t confuse skills with hobbies. You can find great tips for this section Here.
  • Proofread 
    • Triple check and even have someone else take a look.
    • Even a typo or two could completely ruin a prospective job opportunity. 
    • We all make mistakes, but it looks pretty bad that you let typos slip through when you’re supposed to be at your very best. Don’t let a simple mistake take away from your qualifications. 
  • Tweaking Your Resume For Each Job
    • Don’t fully change your whole resume but change a few things around, so it caters a little more to each job you want. 
    • This could help you stand out

You can look at the CEO himself, Elon Musk’s Resume Example. It is wonderful and will give you a great idea of what he will expect to see. This site breaks down his resume to give your insight as to why he wrote it the way he did. This will give you a better understanding of how to write your own. 

The site Enhancv will also allow you to create an eye-catching resume. The software guides you through the process and shows examples along the way.

Writing An Eye Catching Cover Letter

This is just as important as your resume but will be a little more personalized and will give the person reading over resumes a reason to dive into your resume over others. These cover letters are still as important as they were a decade ago.

This letter provides the first look into who you are as an employee and person. It should have a great variety of what you can accomplish to make the company more successful. This should not be just a repeat of your resume, though. 

This is the place to really show off your unique skills to this job and showcase yourself well. You don’t need to fill it with your coding skills for a marketing job. 

Keep it somewhat simple without giving every detail of your resume. If you know the name of the person overseeing the hiring process, name them, or specify the company name. Write it as if you were writing your cover letter to only them.

Once again, proofread it and proofread it again! Have a family, friend, or trustworthy current coworker look over it. The more eyes that review it, the better to make sure things flow nicely and are free of grammatical errors. Misuse then and than, too, too, and two, your and you’re, or there, their and they’re, and your interview will be over before it even begins. These are simple things that could turn away a potential employer. 

Apply and Get Prepared for the Interview Process

It can be difficult to stand out when applying for any job, but the process can seem very overwhelming when applying with Tesla. It really is not that bad. It is typically a long process, but knowing that upfront will make sure that you are absolutely prepared. 

There will be multiple rounds of screening before you get hired. For every job needed, they will typically screen fewer than 20 people.

The process can be more or less than the one listed below. It will completely depend on the job you are applying for and hoping to get. This is just the average information pulled together from multiple current employees and old employees.

  • Apply
    • Find the job of your choice and apply for it. Don’t put it off; you have nothing to lose
    • You can apply for as many different positions as you would like, as many times as you would like.
    • Only apply for jobs you meet all the requirements for; no need to waste your time or theirs
    • After you have applied, you will then basically wait to hear from them
  • Wait
    • It could be months before you get a call if you even do get one. Don’t give up
    • Be patient, and keep an eye on the job posting. When it is filled, it will be removed.
  • Initial Phone Call
    • This will be to get to know you as a person and as an employee.
    • Sometimes the first phone call is the interview
  • Interview Phone Call
    • Be ready and know the job you are applying for
    • They will ask questions about the job, general questions, and could even ask about things on your resume or application
  • Onsite interview – This can come in many shapes and sizes. You can ask ahead of time if you’d like, or just prepare for all the different types of interviews they may do.
    • A traditional one-on-one interview with the supervisor
    • A problem to figure out or a hands-on test to see how you handle the situation
    • A group of people could interview you at the same time
  • Background check
    • Tesla has an incredibly detailed background check that will go back for nearly the last decade of your life.
    • If you know things will come up in your background check, it’s a good idea to mention it ahead of time and to explain the situation beforehand. 

Be prepared to be asked why you want to work for Tesla, what you will bring to the company and why they should hire you. 

Everyone’s answer will be different. Try and make yours stand out from the crowd. 

At the end of the process, most positions will need the CEO’s approval, the legend himself, Elon Musk. Every single person will have a bio written up about them and handed to Musk to go over and approve. He wants the best of the best to work with him.


Clean Technica – Elon Musk Interview

Forbes – Leaked Tesla Employee Handbook

Go To Hiring Events 

If you applied and are still waiting by the phone or you simply have the free time, it’s a good idea to check out Tesla’s hiring events. They take place worldwide and will typically post it on their site (Recruitment Fair) and social media accounts. These hiring events can last a couple of days, sometimes.

These events are usually put in place to hire hundreds of employees at the same time. You need to come prepared:

  • With your resume 
  • Dressed as if you were about to go to a formal interview
  • Ready to answer questions 

Beforehand, look into what positions they are looking for (if they specify), and research the job. Many people will leave the event with a job.

Some people like these types of events because they can stop the normal hiring process’s wait time. This process means the company won’t see a paper first and decide from a faceless document. You can allow your personality to shine and win them over. It’s exciting and fast-paced. You will know if you got the job or not, which can help keep your stress down.

You can have the chance to ask what you could do different, goals to achieve before applying again, and just genuinely asking for tips on getting hired. Companies love to chat at job fairs. That is what they are there for—spreading the word about the company, getting interested, and being informative. 

Don’t Give Up 

If you don’t hear back from anyone for the job you applied for or don’t get a job at one of their job fairs, or if you have checked out the job post site and see the job is no longer listed, don’t give up

Apply to different locations and departments, also apply for the same type of positions if and when it opens up again. Try and get more experience under your belt, more to add to your resume, and more to help you stand out.

The jobs are filled quickly, and tons of people want their chance. Many are in the same position as you or have been to get their turn eventually. So don’t stop trying if it’s your dream to work there.


Below is a combined list of all the benefits that could be offered. Keep in mind, though, the actual benefits could be less for certain areas/countries or positions. 

  • Insurances: 
    • The insurances offered are dental, health, vision, and life insurances. 
  • Flexibility
    • Some positions allow you to work from home when needed
    • Flexible hours
  • Paid Time Off
    • They offer PTO and parental leave, which is very nice knowing your job will still be waiting for you when you get back.
  • Growth
    • Ability to grow inside of the company
  • Other Benefits
    • Stock purchase plan incentive
    • Relocation assistance
    • Employee discount – it varies 
    • Some places have a free snack bar

Source: Tesla Benefits

Internships For Current Students

Tesla has year-round paid internships for students. You absolutely must be a student in some form. Unfortunately, if you are not a student, you can’t apply. You can apply online just like you would for a typical job. Look for the word intern/internship next to the job posting.

Interns are hired three seasons/times a year, much like the other posted jobs. Internships can last for three-months or even up to 12-months. It all depends on the work needed. 

Applying for Internships

If you are qualified to intern in the European region, they have two hires “intakes” that last around six-months and start every September/October and January/February of every year. Interns will not be a stereotypical “grab coffee” type job. You will be put in a position that fits your interest and your ability. 

Intern jobs are usually critical or hands-on jobs, as mentioned on the Tesla website. They also mention that interns are held to the same standards as every other employee. 

After your internship is finished, you can apply and typically get hired back full time as an employee. It makes sense. You will not only have experience with the job, but Tesla will also know how you are as an employee. They will be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You will know what they expect of you and what to expect from them. It’s a win for both sides.

The only thing needed to apply for an internship is to be enrolled in a relevant program, in good standing, and trying to work toward a degree. If you are not working toward a degree, they will not accept your application for the internship. 

Another great bonus of being an intern is that Tesla gives a relocation stipend to any student whose school is over 50 miles from the job site/location. The Gigfactory in Nevada, U.S., will sometimes give interns housing. It is case-by-case, though, so don’t bank on it.

Source: Tesla Internship Programs

What Are You Waiting For

If you are still having doubts or anxiety about applying, there is one thing to remember… you have nothing to lose. The worst thing that will happen is you may not fill the current job opening. 

There will be more. You can apply an unlimited amount of times and apply to as many different jobs as you can (as long as you meet the requirements)

Following these few steps can help get you one step closer to working for the ever-expanding Tesla company. You could be a part of changing the world. 

Tesla is only going to keep growing and growing, so hundreds of thousands will fight to get a job. 

Stand out. 

Be prepared (always). 

Walk into the interview with confidence. 

If you meet the requirements and show Tesla you are one of the best and perfect for the job, you could land your dream job before you know it.

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The articles here on ThatTeslaChannel.com are created by Greg, a Tesla vehicle and Tesla solar expert with nearly half a decade of hands-on experience. The information on this site is fact-checked and tested in-person to ensure the best possible level of accuracy.

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