How To Use The Tesla Solar App Without Powerwall

How To Use The Tesla Solar App Without Powerwall

Many Tesla residential solar installation owners wonder if they can use the Tesla Mobile Monitoring App if they don’t have a Tesla Powerwall. If your home has a Tesla residential solar panel system, you can use the Tesla mobile app in various ways.

The Tesla Mobile Monitoring App is not limited to checking the status of your Powerwall usage. With the upgrades to the Tesla Mobile Monitoring App introduced in the last update, the app can connect with a wide variety of Tesla products.

Tesla’s monitoring system provides a wealth of data on power consumption and the status of the equipment. Read on to learn about the other uses of the app beyond Powerwall.

The Tesla Mobile App – Being in the Know

Tesla provided the original Mobil App to owners of its vehicles. The app allows vehicle owners to easily monitor their Tesla vehicles’ batteries’ functions and conditions and charging system.

The app provides a convenient way for a vehicle owner to know the exact amount of charge on their Tesla vehicle from anywhere.

After acquiring SolarCity, the largest US provider and installer of residential solar power systems, Tesla began integrating solar system monitoring into the Tesla Mobil App. The Tesla Mobile App has evolved to become an integral part of the Tesla solar systems package.

What Can You Do with the Tesla Mobile App?

The latest set of updates and enhancements allow Tesla product users to just check on their car battery status. Among the many changes to the Tesla Mobile App are the means to monitor, track and get notifications on all of the following:

  • Electrical production from your Tesla solar panels
  • The amount of energy you use from the grid and your solar panels
  • Your home’s overall energy consumption
  • Power outages or problems

You can also control your system remotely, view live graphs of your power consumption and generation over different time ranges, and participate in Tesla’s rewards programs by making referrals to Tesla.

We’ll look at all of that in the following sections.

The Solar Side of Tesla and the Mobile App

If you have a Tesla solar panel installation on your home, the Tesla mobile app has various functions that you should explore. Beyond knowing if your solar system is operating at peak performance, the Tesla mobile app provides insight into how your solar electrical system impacts your overall energy use

Monitor the Production from your Solar Panels

Understanding how your well your solar panels are operating and how the production is affecting your energy bills is a goal of many homeowners. The Tesla mobile app allows you to see, in real-time, the amount of energy produced by your solar panels. If graphs are easier for you to understand, the Tesla mobile app will show the live graphs’ details.

See the Results – How does the Solar Energy System Affect your Bills

Selecting “Impact” on the Tesla mobile app gives you instant feedback on how your solar panel installation impacts your energy bills. You can view this information in real-time or get historical reports to view your energy savings by the day, week, or month.

See How and When You Use Your Energy

Tracking and graphing your energy usage shows peak usage times and the total power consumed during those periods. The ability to spot peaks in your power usage helps you identify ways to eliminate spikes in your power consumption to reduce usage further and lower your utility bills.

The Tesla Connection – Referrals, Rewards, and Perks

Downloading and using the Tesla mobile app to monitor your Tesla solar power systems products gets you the benefits of the Tesla Referral Program. Each qualifying purchase of a Tesla product earns you rewards. You also earn rewards when your friends and family use your referral link to purchase their Tesla solar products.

I Bought My System before Tesla Bought SolarCity – Can I Still Use the App?

Yes!  Tesla has merged all the records and accounts from SolarCity customers into the new Tesla accounts. You can manage your old SolarCity account through the Tesla mobile app. Contact Tesla mobile support for more information and instructions. The contact information for Tesla support is available here.

Your Growing Tesla Family – Adding New Products to your Tesla App

Whether you purchase a new Tesla vehicle or add a Tesla Powerwall to your Tesla solar panel installation, you can easily add the new products to your Tesla mobile app. The Tesla mobile app design allows you to add or remove Tesla power products as needed quickly.

To manage your Tesla mobile app, you need an account with Tesla. You can easily create an account with Tesla at this link.

Got a Powerwall?  The Added Benefits of the Tesla Mobile App

You may have opted to install a Tesla solar panel system without installing a Tesla Powerwall. Your experiences may induce you to go further into the alternative energy lifestyle by installing a Tesla Powerwall.

Once the Powerwall installation is done, expanding your Tesla mobile app to include the Powerwall is a wise idea. The Tesla mobile app gives you added functionality and control of your complete solar power and alternative energy system.

  • Instant Communications – You will know instantly if your grid power fails with the Tesla mobile app’s notification system. Real-time monitoring allows you to stay on top of your energy situation.
  • Manage your solar power installation – Change the modes on your Powerwall to best fit your energy needs. Using the self-power mode, your solar panel system will store energy during the day to power your home at night. If you are subject to power outages regularly, you should choose the backup only option to reserve your Powerwall energy for those outages.
  • See the Total Picture – The Tesla mobile app reporting and graphing features allow you to see the overall picture of your energy uses and needs. You can easily spot peak usages, see how well your Tesla solar energy system is operating, and manage the settings on your system for optimal performance.

Back to the Basics – The Mobile App and Your Tesla Vehicle

Of course, the Tesla mobile app also connects to many other Tesla power products. The functionality of the Tesla Mobil app harkens back to its original design. The portions of the mobile app that connect to Tesla vehicles has matured and now includes such functions as:

  • Keyless Entry – Add your phone as a key to your Tesla vehicle. With the Tesla mobile app installed, your car will unlock itself.
  • Instant Drive – With the app installed on your phone, there is no need to make the car ready to drive once you enter. By the time you sit in the driver’s seat, the only thing you need to do is touch the brake, put the car in drive or reverse and be on your way.
  • Add Drivers and Grant Access – The Tesla mobile app allows you to create additional drivers for your Tesla vehicle and manage their access to your Tesla vehicle’s features.
  • Control the Climate Inside – Imagine hurrying from your warm home through a cold winter morning to find your Tesla vehicle already warm as well. You can remotely manage the climate controls of your Tesla vehicle with the Tesla mobile app.
  • Control is the Name of the Game – The array of functions of your Tesla vehicle that you can control with the mobile app is amazing. From opening a vent window to restricting the maximum speed, the list of functions available through your Tesla mobile app is eye-opening.

Tesla – Not Just Cars Anymore

Tesla has come a long way since the introduction of its first electric vehicle. The move into the residential solar power market has expanded the touch that Tesla has on many aspects of life. The Tesla mobile app has grown as the company has grown. No matter how extensive your Tesla solar power installation, there is an important role for the Tesla mobile app.

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