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Everything about Tesla and all its technological innovations in the automotive industry, from high-tech manufacturing and stylish luxury all the way to marketing, is filled with ingenuity and modernism. One of the features that showcase the cars’ innovation is their renowned Ludicrous Mode.

Which Tesla models have Ludicrous Mode? Ludicrous Mode is available as an option on the Tesla Model S P100D, and the Tesla Model X Performance.

The Ludicrous Mode is beloved by many Tesla Motors enthusiasts, but it’s only available in roughly half the total available models. We’ll explain more about what the feature is, how a driver enables it, and how it works in the specific models.

What is Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode?

Ludicrous Mode is a feature that you can enable in the aforementioned Tesla models that will essentially increase your vehicle’s acceleration significantly. In other words, it will allow your car to reach very high speeds in a short amount of time. 

To give a general scale of reference, entering Ludicrous Mode gives the acceleration a 10% boost, allowing the vehicle to go from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds. 

What makes this feature so astonishing is that these numbers beat out many well-known supercar brands that are known for their performance, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. 

Tesla is a semi-luxury brand that’s geared more towards the average consumer. It’s crazy that this kind of performance is now available on a wider scale, and that’s part of the reason why people are so impressed by this feature. 

Model S and Ludicrous Mode

Out of the two models that we’re going to highlight, the Model S is the cheaper of the two, but not by much. 

It’s the stereotypical four-door sedan model, and this is the one you’re most likely going to see people driving. Many people choose the Model S for its compact size and versatility as a vehicle, in addition to the other general features that a Tesla car has in the first place. This makes it all the more surprising that this model has this kind of feature.

Different Variations of the Model S

Remember, both the Model S and Model X have different variations of the model. The Model S P100D is one such variation. The “P” stand for Performance and when it arrived on the scene in 2016, it was the third fastest-accelerating production car ever produced. (

If you want Ludicrous Mode on a Model S or X, you’re going to need to buy the right variation, which is the Performance variation. 

For the Model S, the base variation is the Long Range Plus, and by upgrading to the Performance model, you’re paying around an extra $20,000. So, cost is definitely a factor when deciding whether you want Ludicrous Mode is on the table.

Another point to bring up is that there is an extra higher-end variation of the Model S that has a top speed of 155 and an acceleration rate of 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds. It’s called Plaidand this model is even more expensive, coming in at an extra $40,000 over the Performance model. As Tesla puts it, “The only thing beyond Ludicrous is Plaid.”

The difference in acceleration rate is fractions of a second, but that small difference requires a lot of engineering and money, so also take that into consideration.


Because you’re paying so much more money for the Ludicrous Mode, you should also be aware of the other various features that come with upgrading your model. 

The Performance model features include:

  • Enhanced Interior Styling
  • Carbon fiber spoiler
  • Tesla All-Wheel Drive

These features are in addition to the various features and qualities that make the Tesla cars so impressive in the first place. 

Whether or not you decide to purchase the Performance model is going to be based on your own driving preferences and wants, but many Tesla enthusiasts are definitely willing to experience Ludicrous Mode firsthand. 

Upgrading Even Further to Plaid

While we’re discussing the extra features that come from upgrading to the Performance variation, this would be a good time to also highlight the features you get by upgrading to the Plaid model:

  • Fastest acceleration possible: 0 to 60 mph 0.3 seconds faster than Ludicrous
  • 1,100+ horsepower
  • Tri-motor All-Wheel Drive

Model X

You can think of the Model X as the SUV counterpart to the Model S, although it looks much sleeker than a typical SUV. 

Again, the Model X is more expensive than the Model S, but by a small amount, and it still serves as an equally viable option compared to the Model S. People typically choose the Model X for its extra room and storage, utility, and safety, but we’re here to discuss the Ludicrous Mode.

Different Variations of the Model X

Like we’ve said before, you’re going to need to purchase the Performance variation for the Model X in order to get access to the Ludicrous Mode. The variation and features are very similar, if not identical to the Model S:

  • The base model is the Long Range Plus
  • Upgrading will cost you roughly $20,000 more
  • The Performance variation also comes with enhanced interior styling

Unlike the Model S, however, the Model X does not have an extra variation beyond the Performance variation, and in a way, that makes sense because the Model X serves a different functionality when compared to the Model S. This becomes another factor to think of if you’re deciding whether or not you want to get Ludicrous Mode.

Considerations When Comparing the Model X to Model S

In a way, these two Tesla models are very similar, but at the same time, they have their own unique set of features. You can determine on your own which one of these models you want to purchase, but if you’re thinking about upgrading to get Ludicrous Mode, you want to think of other factors besides the car itself.

Utility and Versatility

For example, one important thing to remember is that most people would choose a Model X over the Model S for its utility because of the extra space and size. 

You might think that most people who would purchase a Model X probably wouldn’t want Ludicrous Mode in the first place. However, there are still people out there who may need a Model X for its carting the kids around, utility but also want access to Ludicrous Mode for their own solo driving pleasures on occasion.

Compactness and Sleekness

The Model S is much more compact and sleeker in general when compared to the Model X, so it performs that much better.

It’s also important to remember that the Model S has an extra premium variation that has an even faster acceleration change. Even though the difference to reach 60 mph is only 0.3 seconds, many car enthusiasts will find that to be a significant deal. 

How to Enable Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode

You’d imagine that a feature like this would be highlighted within the car menu, but it turns out it’s not easy to locate. The car programmers actually hid this feature in the menu navigation. 

To turn on Ludicrous Mode, you have to:

  • Navigate to the “Controls” Section
  • Go to the “Driving Section”
  • Enter the “Acceleration”
  • Hold the “Ludicrous” button for 5 seconds.

Believe it or not, Tesla wanted to make Ludicrous Mode a fun trick, which is why it’s hidden within the menu navigation. 

This manufacturing maneuver is called an “Easter Egg”: a little, fun trick that manufacturers hide within their product for people to find and be surprised by. It turns out that Ludicrous Mode is just one of many easter eggs that Tesla implemented.

Using Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode

It’s clear to see why many people would want to use Ludicrous Mode often, but you need to make sure that you’re safe while using it. It’s actually recommended that you only use Ludicrous Mode on rare occasions, and that’s also probably why it’s an Easter Egg feature.

The Initial Feel of Ludicrous Mode’s Acceleration

The danger behind Ludicrous is the sudden jerk of the launch. Jerk is the change in acceleration, and acceleration produces force, and while using Ludicrous Mode, you undergo a quick, sudden jerk. 

This can drastically affect your body, and to visualize the effect, imagine the feeling of a rollercoaster right before it nosedives – or watch a video of people experiencing it for the first time. 

Challenges of Ludicrous Mode

On top of a sudden jerk, a Tesla isn’t a supercar like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, so your mindset is completely different while driving, which can cause you to forget key things such as:

  • Unsecured objects in the car like cups in cup holders
  • Passengers not expecting the car to go “that” fast
  • Being distracted while driving like talking on the phone

If you’re going to use Ludicrous Mode, make sure you’re fully attentive and cautious.

Tesla Did Not Stop at Ludicrous Mode

Now that you know what Ludicrous Mode is and how it works with the different models, there’s also one more piece of information that’s just as noteworthy: there are more Ludicrous Modes beyond the base one. The regular Ludicrous Mode itself is already very impressive, so the fact that there are even more modes is, well, ludicrous. 

To get an idea of all the different modes a Tesla car has, here’s a list of all the different acceleration options and where they fall on the crazy-fast scale. Then we’ll top just about the ones that top Ludicrous, in terms of speed. 

  • Chill
  • Sport
  • Ludicrous
  • Ludicrous +
  • Ludicrous + with Warp Mode

As you can see, the extra Ludicrous Modes are the two at the bottom of the list.

Ludicrous + 

Ludicrous + enhances Ludicrous mode with two extra features: 

  • Max Battery Power
  • Launch Control

These features add an entirely new level of power to the original mode, and they’re almost exclusively going to be used in high-speed scenarios and races. Obviously, not everyone will take advantage of it, but it’s very impressive that these were included anyway.

Max Battery Power

This essentially allows your battery to heat up more so that it can perform at a higher level. However, it will take some time for the battery to reach its maximum temperature, and it can be affected by other factors such as the surrounding weather and temperature. 

Launch Control 

Also, a very cool feature, and it’s mainly used for races, it allows the driver to hold down both the accelerator and the brake pedals in order to build starting speed and power. 

Once they want to start driving, they simply let go of the brakes, and they are sent launching with a strong boost, which is why it’s called Launch Control. You can think of it like how you would start a Mario Kart race by holding the accelerator to build speed, and you’re then finally able to speed off.

Ludicrous + with Warp Mode

For the last bit of icing on the Ludicrous Mode cake, we have Ludicrous + with Warp Mode. What this mode will do is that it will allow you to heat up your battery even more, providing even greater power. 

What makes this a whole separate mode is the fact that Warp Mode will actually heat your battery past its maximum temperature by about 5 degrees

You can think of it as overclocking a CPU if you’re familiar with that concept, and this is insane. If you’re not familiar, overclocking is a way to make your PC run faster by running your CPU at a frequency that pushes the processor beyond its intended limits. See the parallel?)

Caveats of Using Ludicrous+ with Time Warp

Obviously, you want to be very careful when using this mode because it can damage your vehicle, and you should also know that this mode provides a very, very minimal upgrade for performance. 

Some may see this as overkill, while others will be thrilled to know that this kind of feature exists at all. It just depends on your own preferences, and you should know how these extra modes work on top of the base Ludicrous mode itself, which is already impressive enough.

Ludicrous Modes for The Future

Ludicrous Mode is truly revolutionary for the automotive industry, especially when you consider that this is being done on electric cars, and it’s beating traditional supercars. What’s more impressive is that this feature was implemented with a software update. 

Just think about that: Tesla was able to make cars physically perform better through software and programming, on top of all the other software features that make Tesla cars so special.

Imagine if your smartphone suddenly was able to perform faster and stronger because of a simple update. Not only does it take great ingenuity just to think about using software to heat up your battery and cool down your motors in order to make your car accelerate faster, but to actually implement this software is an entirely new challenge itself. 

Perhaps that’s why the feature is only available in two models for now, but this opens up great potential.

New Features for New Cars of the Future

The obvious possibility of this type of technology is that Tesla could implement this feature for all future cars. Clearly, this feature will change dramatically depending on the car it’s being used on, and it wouldn’t necessarily make sense to implement this feature on every single type of car, but the possibility is still open. 

Ludicrous Mode is a very significant feature for Tesla going forward not because of what it does right now, but because of how both Tesla and consumers will use this feature for the future.

What Modes Might Be Next for Tesla?

Ludicrous modes illustrate how forward-thinking and far-reaching Tesla is that they would think of these fun (and advanced) features, as well as intricately develop this extremely high-tech platform that is based around the longevity and innovation of electric cars. You should also realize that entirely new features could soon come to cars today and for the future.

In addition to these super-acceleration modes, Tesla has already brought autonomous parking and Autopilot to market. The future of Tesla’s cutting-edge research and development promises to be just as revolutionary. 

Tesla clearly has shown they have the ingenuity and resources to create software that can help their cars physically, and this brings up exciting potential features such as:

  • Maintenance. Cars able to self-diagnose mechanical issues without an inspection
  • Adaptability. Cars able to change certain physical specs to perform better in certain conditions and environments
  • Repair. Cars able to self-repair after certain types of accidents

For now, we only have Ludicrous Mode, but who knows what kind of innovative features await us in the near future.

Finals Words About Ludicrous Modes

Many people think of Tesla cars as very niche, and their major draw is the fact that they’re electric cars heavily integrated with software. Not many people would’ve initially thought that Tesla cars could serve as an exhilarating sport and race cars that would satisfy even the most enthusiastic car fanatics. Tesla cars were already very efficient, and now they’re also very exciting to drive because of Ludicrous Mode.

Even though Ludicrous Mode is limited to essentially two Tesla cars, this doesn’t diminish its significance and potential for the future not only for Tesla but for the automotive industry as a whole. As we just discussed, Tesla could easily continue to implement this feature for their future cars, and a lot of other car companies could follow suit.

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