True Model Y Performance Without Performance Upgrade

True Model Y Performance Without Performance Upgrade

Tesla certainly has brought about a new age of transportation. With their powerful electric engines and the sleek designs, it really is no wonder why people are buying these amazing cars so quickly. The Model Y offers consumers new, advanced features without additional performance upgrades.

The Model Y comes with two powerful electric engines. The Standard also comes with an impressive battery life, great engine performance, a sleek design and high safety ratings. The Model Y also offers innovative technology in their standard models. This is all included without performance upgrades.

Tesla’s Model Y is not only ahead of its time with the simple and elegant designs, but it also boasts the performance to back it up. Most people think that Tesla vehicles require these big expansive upgrades in order to be worth the price tag. But you do not have to pay for the Model Y Performance to get an amazing performance. Keep reading to learn about the Model Y Performance without performance upgrades.

Model Y Performance Without Performance Upgrades

Tesla’s Model Y comes fully loaded with two powerful electric motors. These motors are capable of digitally controlling the amount of torque supplied to all the wheels. This means that both the rear wheels and the front wheels allow for cleaner handling.

The Standard option comes with rear wheel drive, while the Long Range model has all wheel drive included. The engines together have an impressive range. The Standard has about 250 miles before charge, while the Long Range has approximately 330 miles between charges!

If you are looking for powerful performance, then you will be impressed by the Model Y acceleration.

  • You can go from 0 Mph to 60 Mph in a little over four seconds!
  • Top speeds can get up to around 130 Mph (217 Km/h)
  • That makes the Model Y, without any additional upgrades, one of the fastest SUV’s on the market

On that standard model alone, you are looking at a pretty powerful vehicle. Not only does it have breathtaking acceleration and range, but it also has excellent performance with the dual electric motors. Meaning you do not have to pay extra for performance with the Model Y engines.

Model Y Battery Life and Charging

Most consumers are concerned about the battery life of the Model Y without any of the upgrades. People looking to buy this car are going to focus on having to figure out where and when and how often they will need to charge the standard model. With more power stations popping up, they will soon be just as common as gas stations!

The battery life is based on the optimal range the car can go between charges. So when you get the Standard Model Y, you get a battery life of about 240 to 250 miles. The Long Range Model Y will be around 330 miles. The battery will also get almost fully charged at Supercharger stations in approximately fifteen minutes.

No Upgrades Needed to Charge Your Car

Charging doesn’t mean you can not drive far! The liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery can hold quite a long charge if it is charged correctly. Here are a few examples of how you can get the best performance from your Model Y with the various charging options:

  • Charging at Home: One of the best ways to make sure your Model Y pays for itself is to charge at home. You can opt for a Tesla charging station to be installed in your home, or you can even plug your car into a normal outlet for an overnight charge. The Tesla Wall Connector will also allow for quicker charging times.
  • Charging on the Road: There are more and more Superchargers stations being built across the United States every day. You simply plug in, pay and then relax until it is fully charged!
  • Charging Anywhere: When you purchase a Tesla Model Y, a Mobile Connector is included with the car. This allows you to plug into most electrical outlets instead of having a specific charging location.

Though the Performance Model Y can travel a bit longer, you aren’t losing that much mileage and battery life. You can drive a long way on with the Long Range and Standard Model Y. So you can choose to save money and still get incredible battery life out of your car.

Model Y Safety Ratings

Tesla vehicles have outstanding safety ratings—these vehicles are not only stylish and technology forward, but they are also safe for traveling. They have a five star crash test rating for the Model Y from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Just going to show, you do not have to have any expensive upgrades to feel safe in the Model Y.

The IIHS tests cars in six different crash tests. The tests evaluate things like how the seat belts, head rests, seat placements and overall vehicle will withstand various car crashes. The Model Y tested very well on all six types of crash tests. Proving that their standard vehicles are well built.

Not only do they score well on crash tests, but they also scored well on the NHTSA’s Rollover tests. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration scored the rollover risk of the Model Y at around 8%! That is a remarkably low score for any SUV on the market right now, especially for an electric vehicle.

The Model Y also includes a visual processing range of approximately 250 meters. The car is equipped with ultrasonic sensors that can help with parking assist, collision prevention, and even tell you if another car is getting too close. All of these safety features add a comforting level of protection, without the Performance price.

Model Y Design

You don’t have to pay for performance upgrades in order to have a well-designed car. The Model Y has a neat, efficient interior that is both beautiful and functional. Because the dashboard isn’t packed with fuel gauges and speedometers, it allows for the driver to have better views of the road.

The Model Y has a glass roof that lets all the passengers have an amazing view of their surroundings. Not to mention more headroom without any bulky lights or unnecessary cushioning. The creative roof design is also heavily tinted, so that you will not get too hot on a summer day.

Because the motors are located underneath the vehicle, there is also increased storage capacity. In gas powered vehicles, you will find a giant clunky engine with about two hundred moving parts. When you open up the front hood of the Model Y Standard, you will find more storage. Not to mention elevated front seats and a huge trunk space.

Model Y Helpful Technologies

Tesla cars all come with digitally powered engines and a large infotainment screen that serves as your dashboard. The fifteen inch touchscreen display is filled with helpful innovations that are included in nearly all Tesla model cars. This means you do not have to pay extra to have these helpful technologies in your Model Y.

Your dashboard touchscreen is one of the primary features included in your Tesla. There are a lot of ways that the incorporated tech can help you get higher quality performance from your standard model. Here are just a few things you can do on the touchscreen display:

  • See your speed
  • Heating and AC controls
  • Music
  • Automated driving
  • Navigation
  • Heated seats
  • Heated windshield
  • Access streaming apps (You can watch a show while it charges as it can not be used while driving)
  • Pin to drive access
  • Play video games (also not available while in drive)

This is all available without any Performance upgrades added to the Model Y. The screen acts as a one stop shop for all of your driving needs. You can even search where the nearest charging station is and get directions there immediately. Tesla will actually map out your cross-country drive to include charge stations and times!

Tesla also has optional semi-automated driving. This allows drivers to essentially have the car on autopilot by turning on automated cruise control and lane assist. Meaning your car will speed up and slow down according to how traffic is moving and stay in your lane. This function is only meant for staying in one lane, but is super easy to turn off.


As one of Tesla’s newest vehicles, the Model Y is in high demand. Tesla offers owners top of the line electric vehicle power, amazing technology, incredible safety ratings and beautifully designed cars without any performance upgrades.

Though the Performance Model Y would allow you to drive further, and have a few other upgrades, you do not have to pay Performance prices to get amazing performance from your car. There are so many incredible innovations offered with the new Model Y. It really is astounding what fascinating and useful features you can get without upgrades!

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