This Is Why Cybertruck Shape Is What It Is

This Is Why Cybertruck Shape Is What It Is

The shape of Cybertruck has been turning heads since its reveal. The angular, awkward design flies in the face of everything truck designers thrive upon. In addition, it has an exciting look and several upgrades that make the design as much a part of the vehicle as the batteries underneath.

The Cybertruck has its shape because of:

  • Materials used in Construction
  • Unconventional Body Design
  • Ease of Production
  • Vehicle Aerodynamics

The design and effort put into the shape of the Cybertruck are cutting edge. The people at Tesla have taken their brightest engineers and come up with a truck that looks different but has some fantastic potential on the inside. So don’t let the shape scare you away! Read on and learn why the Cybertruck is the shape that it is.

Why the Cybertruck has Such a Weird Shape

Tesla knew when it began working on the Cybertruck that they were going to have to form a unique idea that was juxtaposed to the norms in the stale truck industry. Full-size trucks have become a play on the same form for almost 100 years, and Tesla felt that it was time to shake up the competition, aesthetically and performance-based as well.

Tesla Uses a Specific Type of Steel During the Manufacturing Process

One of the most impressive things about the Cybertruck is its made from 30X Cold Rolled Stainless Steel. Unlike other traditional manufacturing processes, the panels for the Cybertruck aren’t pressed from a single piece of metal. For decades, car parts have been made from a single sheet of steel pressed with a mold.

With the Tesla Cybertruck, the metal is too hard to stamp. The 30X steel ruins the dye press machines during the process, so Musk and company came up with a way to lean into the weird shape of the metal while streamlining their process. The steel would require a deep score to form it to shape, which would take extra time and money.

Instead of scoring the metal, they chose to make the angular design a trademark of the truck. The pointed roof makes the truck much stiffer under towing pressure and creates a look that doesn’t mimic any other truck on the road.

The Body Design Makes the Truck Tough and Rigid Against Towing

Traditional car design means that a solid metal frame is attached to a body. Think of those westerns where the stagecoach is yanked from the top, and the wheels and body keep moving. That’s basically how all cars and trucks are manufactured. However, producing it in parts allows for more work to be done instead of waiting for parts and moving onto the next production stage.

The Cybertruck is designed like an exoskeleton. However, instead of two pieces coming together, a single ‘cage’ makes the vehicle’s primary shape. Having a unibody has become popular with crossover SUVs like the Highlander.

The unibody design means that when towing, the force is placed on the body of the truck instead of the frame. With the Tesla Cybertruck, this means that it doubles down on its steel plating and unconventional shape of the design.

Easier Production for Tesla

The fact that Tesla doesn’t take time to deep score the metal on their Cybertruck saves a lot of production time and money. Not only was Tesla charged with making a truck that stood out individually but price-wise as well. An exorbitant price meant that the Cyber would never reach mass appeal.

By skipping a few phases in the production process, they could make a truck that was competitive on the street and the price tag. With a truck that performs well and has a reasonable sticker price, you have a shot at taking a significant market share.

Another great thing about the shaping of the panels is that they can make trucks much faster. At first, Tesla was running on a serious waiting list, but with the improvements to the production process, due to the shape, they have come roaring back and are will be delivering most of their vehicles on time. Delivery dates are set for late in 2021 or early 22.

Why is Cybertruck so Angular?

The design of the Tesla Cybertruck left critics slack-jawed and scratching their heads. Trucks have leaned into aerodynamics in recent years, with most staying with the conventional F-150 style design that Ford started over 100 years ago. The reason for the Cybertruck’s angular design is based on manufacturing and the hardness of the metals used.

Some other reasons Cyberytruck is so angular are:

  • Triangle Strength – When you have a unibody design, the triangles formed by the body are what reinforce its strength. Think of it like this; a cardboard box will shift form when stress is placed in any corner. Adding supports to the corners and sides makes the box one solid piece. The angles make the aesthetic and the safety work together.
  • Manufacturing – The way the truck is manufactured is one of the biggest reasons it has a weird shape. The steel used cannot be pressed like other machines. The time and money saved by cutting this ‘corner’ are what keeps the truck price competitive.
  • Truck Size – When the truck was unveiled, some couldn’t understand why the truck was so large. It is a by-product of the steel used and the process. The size is going to be reduced, by about 3%, before it hits production. That’s a great sign for those who wondered how they were going to fit the Cybertruck in their garage.

The Cybertruck is a model that doesn’t yield to any other truck-making conventions. Because it is so angular, it is an oddity. But, in today’s world of homogenized tastes and options, it is a welcome change to have a truck that is going against the grain.

Top Reasons to Buy the Tesla Cybertruck

Now that you know why the Cybertruck’s shape is so essential to the vehicle, you should look beneath the surface for reasons to buy the Tesla. Not only does it look like something you’ve never seen before, but it is also going to outperform most of the full-size trucks on the market. There are several good reasons that you should go out and buy the Tesla Cybertruck.

Safety is Very Important with the Cybertruck

The Cybertruck is one of the safest tested vehicles on the road. The reinforced triangle design of the cab, paired with some of the hardest metals in the class, makes the truck a tank that can withstand blows from a 12-pound sledgehammer and even stop a 9mm round at close range.

Some stand out safety features of the Tesla Cybertruck are:

  • Glass – In one of the tests conducted at the unveiling, Musk had one of his assistants throw a baseball-sized piece of steel against the truck’s window. While the window shattered, Musk claimed it was cracked by an earlier sledgehammer strike; it showed that it could withstand much greater forces than standard automobile windows.
  • Body – It is no surprise that the steel used on the Cybertruck is thick and sturdy. What would be surprising is knowing that from bumper to bumper, the truck can withstand impacts from 10-pound sledgehammers and return to perfect form.
  • Heads-up-Display – The console on the inside of the vehicle is state-of-the-art technology. Since the truck is electric, you can expect all the instruments and gauges to let you know if there could be any problems and could even contact the tow truck if you need it.

The Range is a Standout on the Tesla Cybertruck

The range for an electric vehicle is one of the most important things to note when shopping. The range on the Cybertruck can top 500 miles! That’s very impressive compared to gas-burning trucks that can only get around 350 miles before they need to be refueled.

A few facts about the range of the Tesla Cybertruck are:

  • It comes in a variety of models with ranges from 250 to 500 miles
  • Additional mechanical motors give the Cybertruck a more effective range
  • The rear-wheel-drive models will have a lower range limit than the all-wheel-drive model.

The Chargers are What Make the Range Effective

The batteries and how you charge them are very important to the Cybertruck. Tesla makes some of the most efficient and high-powered batteries on the market, and all of their power engineering has gone into the truck. As a result, it charges fast and can hold a charge for nearly 500 miles before it needs a recharge.

A few of the critical things about the charge of the Cybertruck are:

  • Charge Time – The Cyber can recharge in just over 21 hours. That means that you get about 22 miles for every hour that you let it charge. That time is based on the Type 2 charger in your home, and the Tesla Supercharger can take the battery up to full power in about 45 minutes.
  • Type 2 Charger – A Type 2 charger can be plugged into the electric system in your home and will work on the Cybertruck. It could require hanging a large water hose style box in your garage or on your porch to allow for the seven-pin connector attachment to have a place to go when not in use.
  • Superchargers – The fact that more and more Tesla-certified charging stations are lining the interstates and highways means you can get a reasonable charge while you have dinner. The Superchargers are lifesavers and will be found near exit ramps or with rest areas along major interstates.

Bed Space is Prime Real Estate in Cybertruck

The bed in the Cybertruck is seriously gnarly. It comes with a retracting cover, made from stainless steel, that gives the truck a 90’s pixelated arcade game feel. But, on the other hand, it has a six-and-a-half-foot bed that makes it just right for towing pieces of lumber or helping move around all your outdoor toys.

The truck can carry 3500 pounds in payload and is on an air ride suspension that makes it seem like you are riding on a cloud. Another great thing is the usage of the space between the inside and outside of the bed for toolboxes. Finally, the extra storage around the bed makes it a standout for the person who works out of their truck.

The Ramp/Tailgate is an Innovation Many Will Want to Own

Having a built-in ramp is a serious upgrade for any truck. The Cyber has a fold-down tailgate that allows you to use it as a ramp for the heavy things that are much easier rolled than lifted into the back. This takes tons of strain off older owners and allows people to get their ATV/UTV’s in the truck with ease.

The ramp is made from high-carbon steel that extends in sections until it reaches its full length. The steep angle of the ramp is adjustable to make the object you are transporting much easier to get into the back of the truck.

The Price Makes People Give Cybertruck a Second Look

It is no secret that electric vehicles can be a bit on the pricey side. The Cybertruck, the top-of-the-line model, is only going to run about $65,000. That’s no number to sneeze at, but you must understand that other trucks in this class, like a Ford F150, can cost almost as much without any rebates.

The price of the Tesla makes it a bit of a standout in the current classifications. When the truck hits the market, it will probably be moved to a bigger size class, think F-350, making it a downright bargain over some of the tricked-out signature model trucks.

Tesla Cybertruck base model $29,000.00Upgrading to higher models, extra motors make the price $65,000The tri engine model is the highest performing and costs about $65,000Only a few models are available with upgrades at Tesla. Look to spend about $75,000 for all upgrades
Ford F-350 base model $36,000.00Signature F-350 models with upgraded motors, etc. can top $70,000A Cummins Diesel upgrade adds $10,000 to any model price.Customization with the F350 is fantastic. Could add over $25,000 in upgrades to interior alone

Some reasons the production makes the Cybertruck much cheaper are:

  • Less Machinery – If a car goes through less machinery during production, the company saves money. The streamlined process makes the vehicle much cheaper but still performs and any other truck in its class.
  • In-House Materials – Unlike other companies, Tesla has their own set of materials in-house. Not having to source or search for parts and materials means that Tesla can crank out cars cheaper and much quicker.

Monetary Perks of the Cybertruck

Buying or leasing the Cybertruck opens you up to several perks that don’t often come with a new car. For example, when buying the Tesla, you could be in line for thousands of dollars in tax rebates from local and federal governments. In addition, you could be subject to some new electric upgrades that other users won’t be able to get.

  • Tax Credit – Owning an electric vehicle will put you in line for credit come tax time. Depending on your state, you can get credit for the year you purchased the truck and pocket about $7,500.
  • No Gas – As gas prices rise, buying an electric vehicle makes more sense to most people. If you deduct the amount of money you spend on fuel, you will see that you pay more at the time of purchase, but that money is saved over the life of the vehicle.
  • No Oil – Just like with gas, you are going to save money on oil changes and servicing. The fact that there is no engine means that there is no nasty oil to worry about cleaning up and changing every few thousand miles.

Saving the Environment is the Most Popular Reason for Owning an Electric

Having a truck that performs like the Cyber and has zero impact on the environment is worth whatever price tag they want to put on the truck. Every day we see the effects of carbon emissions on our planet, and vehicles like the Tesla Cybertruck can help combat these disastrous effects.

While one extra electric vehicle on the road might not end all of our energy problems, it shows that innovation in our automobile industry can help with the issue. The angular and awkward design leans into these innovations and makes the world a better place just by existing.


The shape of the Cybertruck had many people scratching their heads when it was revealed. It has an angular shape that is the antithesis of traditional American truck manufacturing. The way in which they are produced contributed to the shape and the company leaned into the odd shape and construction to create a truck that stands out in a crowd on paper or in person.

Whether you are buying or leasing a new Tesla Cybertruck, there will be benefits that you weren’t expecting; electric cars are becoming more and more powerful with higher ranges and smaller price tags. Cybertruck is just the beginning of where these machines are headed, and owning one is sure to improve your commute and bring excitement into your life.

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