This Is Why Cybertruck Looks Weird

This Is Why Cybertruck Looks Weird

As the leader in electric vehicles, it was only a matter of time before Tesla released Cybertruck, the all-electric pickup truck said to have more power than any truck and better performance than a sports car. However, for Cybertruck’s introduction, many Tesla fans were quick to judge the way it looked. Resembling something out of a video game, Cybertruck was certainly a peculiar spectacle. So, why does it look weird?

Much of the reason Cybertruck looks weird is due to both its basic construction and its performance capabilities. Cybertruck is unlike any other vehicle on the market, and the way it looks is far from ordinary.

Read on to learn more about why Cybertruck looks weird. Because of the practicality of doing so and Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s unpredictable creative nature, Cybertruck was bound to have a few unique qualities to it. However, few people seemed to expect what they were looking at when Cybertruck was first introduced.

Why Does Cybertruck Look Weird?

It is no secret that Cybertruck looks unlike any other vehicle you can find. Its size and shape may not seem like its performance capabilities amount to much, but for Tesla, going against the grain has always been a popular style. So, if Cybertruck is so great, why does it look so weird?

Cybertruck looks more like a toy than a vehicle. Its geometric, short body does not resemble traditional pickup trucks in the slightest. Without having seen the bed cover rolled back, in fact, one might not even know it is supposed to be Tesla’s model of a pickup truck. Odd features of Cybertruck include:

  • Compact body relative to other pickups
  • Geometric design, unlike any other car
  • Comparatively low to the ground
  • Much smaller windows than traditional trucks

These are the most noticeable aspects that make Cybertruck look unusual. But what is the point? Well, Tesla had several details in mind when designing Cybertruck, and once you understand the practicality behind the design, you might reconsider whether it looks bad or not.

Cybertruck is Not Built Like Traditional Trucks

Cybertruck looks much more compact than traditional pickup trucks. This is because it is a unibody truck. Most pickup trucks are manufactured as body-on-frame vehicles, meaning that the body of the truck and the truck bed sit separately on the same frame. While they are secured and appear as one piece, they are not connected. A unibody truck is made like a traditional sedan or smaller car; both the cab and the bed are one-piece built around a metal frame. This metal frame acts as the frame of the entire vehicle, housing Cybertruck’s battery pack and passengers.

Still, it is not a small truck. Cybertruck may look more compact, but it is capable of holding six passengers comfortably while also storing loads of cargo. It might be a bit shorter than other trucks, but length-wise, it is quite similar.

Tesla prides itself on Cybertruck’s frame, specifically being made of an Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel exoskeleton. While this gives reason to it being a unibody truck, it also explains the geometric design of Cybertruck. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the stainless steel that Cybertruck is made of is the same material used on portions of his SpaceX rocketships.

If this is true, it is clear to see how strong yet durable a vehicle like Cybertruck has the potential to be. Additionally, it makes sense that Cybertruck’s frame looks so wonky to some people. The exoskeleton is so powerful that the machines that mold the unibody truck would break if they tried to bend the stainless steel material.

Cybertruck Has Every Bit As Much Room As Traditional Trucks

Another reason Cybertruck looks weird is only expected from someone like Elon Musk. Musk mentioned that he thought it looked cool and wanted it to resemble futuristic video game vehicles. Still, the look of Cybertruck has its fair share of practical uses.

Compared to some pickup trucks, Cybertruck is comparatively low to the ground; well, at least in some cases. Cybertruck is able to suspend or descend a range of four inches, making it easy to load cargo into the bed while it is lower to the ground or feel more like a truck with a higher center of gravity when it is suspended upwards.

One of the final most obvious differences between Cybertruck and a traditional pickup truck is that Cybertruck has seemingly smaller windows. Due to the compact, geometric design, it appears that some of the windows, especially in the back, would make it extremely difficult to see.

Tesla does not manufacture vehicles with poor vision from the inside. Yes, the windows resemble a more sedan-like car from the outside of Cybertruck, but looking at them from the inside, they are built with plenty of seeing-room in mind. The interior of Cybertruck more-or-less looks like most other Tesla models, with a sleek, luxurious design. It may even feel like driving a sportscar in the form of a truck.

What Makes The Cybertruck Unique?

Both including and excluding the exterior look of Cybertruck, there are several key features that make it unique. A few of these characteristics include:

  • An all-electric vehicle
  • Exoskeleton
  • Ultra-strong glass
  • Towing capacity
  • Storage capacity
  • Range
  • Speed

Electric Vehicle

There are a number of electric vehicles on the market, but no company has been as successful as Tesla. With the most efficient and almost indisputably safest cars on the road, it is hard to find much wrong with a Tesla vehicle. They are so great at producing these vehicles that there is nothing dramatically different with the electric truck, Cybertruck.

With the base of Cybertruck being made almost completely of the battery pack, you are able to drive emission-free with loads of range while also being protected by the sophisticated crumple function of the battery pack.


Since you have already learned about the exoskeleton, there is not much else to say. Bottom line, Tesla says that if there was a better material, they would have used it. Even if you do not know much about Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel, you can assume by the name alone that it is a pretty reliable material.

According to Musk, this is the same material used as the shell on SpaceX’s rocketships. Considering the fact that this type of stainless steel can withstand speeds and pressures from a rocket ship in space, it is a safe bet to trust that Tesla knows what they are doing.

Ultra-Strong Glass

If you previously knew anything about Cybertruck’s emersion as a new vehicle, you might be familiar with the video of the acclaimed “unbreakable glass” shattering when a rock was thrown at it. Since then, Tesla has made improvements to the glass, ensuring that it can withstand major impact.

In the event of a crash or other type of impact, the ultra-strong glass on the windows is made to absorb and a lot of impact energy to reduce damage. When paired with the other crumple features of Cybertruck on impact, this vehicle will protect you and your passengers to the highest extent.


In addition to the unique features of Cybertruck, its performance abilities are incomparable to other pickup trucks. With over 14,000 pounds of towing capacity and up to 3,500 pounds of payload capacity, you will have no trouble hauling anything you need.

Cybertruck also has a range of 250 miles with a full charge plus the acceleration to go 0-60 mph in less than 6.5 seconds. Again, it will feel like you are driving a sportscar while having extreme power at the same time.

Is Cybertruck Fake?

With the unique look and extreme performance capabilities of Cybertruck, several Tesla customers have questioned if this vehicle is actually going to reach the market. In short, yes, Cybertruck is a 100% legitimate vehicle. In fact, it is currently available for order online at Tesla’s website.

Whether it is due to last-minute fixes or simply an extended-release date, Cybertruck deliveries are not expected to begin until late 2021, with the less expensive, less-capable Cybertruck model not being available until 2022. Even so, Cybertrucks might be on the road in no time.

It is understandable that some customers question the legitimacy of Cybertruck because it looks so out-of-this-world. But when you think about it, are there any Tesla vehicles that are not like that? Who would have thought that in the past decade, an electric vehicle manufacturer would work its way to the top of the car industry? With an all-electric battery pack, self-driving autopilot, and countless other technological features, Tesla is in and of itself an outlandish company.

Yet, they still thrive. No matter how wacky their ideas may seem, they have successfully manufactured some of the safest and most efficient vehicles on the road. So, no, it is not particularly unusual that Cybertruck looks so weird. It is part of Tesla’s brand. They have always gone against the grain to achieve amazing heights.

Is Cybertruck Street Legal?

There has been speculation as to whether or not Cybertruck is street legal. Considering the first model that was shown to the public, it should not be. Cybertruck was missing several key features that would allow it to meet road standards.

  • For one, Cybertruck does not – at least yet – have side mirrors. While it is said to have excellent rear cameras that could take the place of mirrors, cameras alone are not legal on a car.
  • It also lacks windshield wipers, which can be detrimental in severe road or weather conditions.
  • Neither does it have a front bumper, meaning that it may not be reaching its potential to protect the driver and passengers in the event of head-on impact or collision.

One other aspect that makes the unreleased Cybertruck model illegal is that there is only one light bar on the front and back, not separate lights for illumination, breaking, reverse, etc. This can be an easy fix, however, if Tesla simply puts different lights throughout the light bar and connects them to different fuses.

The biggest concern regarding the street legality of Cybertruck is what it is made of. Yes, its stainless steel exoskeleton is extremely protective for people on the inside. There is very little chance of injury to passengers or excessive damage to the vehicle itself. The problem arises when considering the damage Cybertruck could cause to:

  • Other vehicles
  • People
  • Anything else

If this material is used on SpaceX rocketships, it has got to be a different kind of strong and durable. This is innovative for the makeup of a vehicle, but how safe is it? Impenetrable stainless steel could cause immense amounts of harm in certain conditions.

How Can Tesla Deal With This?

There is not a lot more information regarding the street-legality of Cybertruck. With the biggest problem having the potential to be the exoskeleton, it is unclear whether Tesla will push to promote the various benefits of Cybertruck or if their attempts will be shut down. It is an exceptionally made vehicle, but before it can take to the road, some changes might need to be made by Tesla.

However, considering Tesla’s reputation, they might not want to make changes. They have pulled several models of different vehicles offline because the cars do not meet Tesla’s standards. Well, what if Tesla’s vehicles do not meet legal standards? It will certainly be interesting to see how this conflict is dealt with in the coming months.

Why Is Cybertruck Relatively Cheap?

Another aspect to consider is in part due to the look of Cybertruck. Cybertruck is relatively inexpensive compared to other pickup trucks. With the most basic model starting at $39,000 and the most advanced starting at $69,000, even the more developed, tri-motor Cybertruck can leave you tens of thousands in your pocket than another luxury vehicle.

Granted, there are plenty of trucks on the market for much lower prices, but you must compare the advantages of Cybertruck:

  • It can hold up to six passengers comfortably
  • It can haul a tremendous amount of weight
  • It drives like a sportscar
  • It is unmatched when compared to other pickup trucks

So, even for the less expensive trucks, the additional price is worth the benefits.

It is not so much that Cybertruck is only affordable compared to new models of other pickups, but more so that as an all-electric, highly-capable performance vehicle. You get immense advantages for a reasonable price. With the success that Tesla has had, it seems that their latest vehicle – particularly a pickup truck – would have a hefty price tag. Well, Cybertruck’s price is comparable to that of a basic Tesla sedan like the Model 3.

As said earlier, Cybertruck is also more affordable because of the materials it is made from. While the stainless steel exoskeleton is theoretically impenetrable, it is a rather cost-friendly material to use for a car. Because the production cost of Cybertruck is not as much as similar cars, Tesla is able to sell it at a reduced price.

Is Cybertruck Safe?

You have already learned most of the information you need to know about the safety of Cybertruck. For the drivers and additional passengers, it might be the safest option for a pickup truck ever made. Its battery’s crumple technology, stainless steel exoskeleton, and ultra-strong glass can hold up against the most severe of impacts.

Again, much of the debate around the safety of Cybertuck revolves around the damage it could cause to people and objects outside of the vehicle. Whether it passes various safety rating tests because of its exoskeleton does not really matter if it is too much of a threat to exterior things.

All in all, Cybertruck is an extremely safe vehicle, but it might pose risks in the case of a crash or other impact. Since Tesla is such a reputable company, not many people seem to be too worried about whether they can solve this problem or not. For the sake of their customers, surely they will figure out a way for Cybertruck to drive safely on the road.

Should You Buy Cybertruck?

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of electric vehicles, new technology, and historical achievements, Cybertruck could be a phenomenal choice for you. If you choose to invest in your own Cybertruck, you can order it online at Tesla’s website. With a $100, fully-refundable deposit, you can secure a Cybertruck for yourself.

When deciding if you should choose Cybertruck or go with another Tesla model, think about what you need your vehicle for. If you want a Tesla because of its insane mileage, you might consider looking at Tesla sedans and SUVs. While Cybertruck does have great mileage, most other Tesla models win in that category.

However, if you are dead-set on a pickup truck for cargo space, towing, or anything related, Cyebrtruck is the vehicle for you. As long as Tesla follows the proper path to get Cybertruck on the road, you will be enjoying your driving experience more in no time.


The main reason Cybetrtruck looks weird is because of its stainless steel exoskeleton and unibody truck construction. While these features are not seen on other traditional pickup trucks, they aid in the performance abilities of Crybetruck, making it one of the most sophisticated vehicles ever made.


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