This is Why Cybertruck is Genius

This is Why Cybertruck is Genius

Tesla has been a company that pushes the boundaries of innovation in the automotive industry for years now. This is why their newest vehicle, Cybertruck, is genius in design and functionality.

Sure, the hype around the Cybertruck has been well documented, but why are so many people hailing it as a genius? Below are all the reasons why the Cybertruck is sure to mark its place among even the most diehard truck fans.

The Cybertruck Is More Aerodynamic

The shape of the Cybertruck is made to be as aerodynamic as possible, within reason. The slanting front end combined with the equally slanting back end creates airflow around the truck and minimizes drag.

This is especially important because the Cybertruck is electric and the more energy that’s needed for it to run, the less battery life it will have. By making the truck aerodynamic, owners can use their trucks longer and without having to recharge them as often.

The closest truck competitor to the Tesla Cybertruck that is around the same price point can reach up to 400 miles without having to recharge. The Cybertruck can go 500+ thanks to the design and thoughtfulness of the engineers.

Traditional Trucks Have Bulky Designs

Traditional trucks have a rounded front on top of their hood, which makes them more susceptible to catching the wind. The shape of the rounded hood causes air to flow around it and create wind pressure, which can be a problem when driving down the highway.

That same air has nowhere else to go, so it’ll ultimately end up going right into the engine, causing a lot of drag and disruption in the airflow around the truck. This drag will cause a more significant amount of energy and isn’t realistic when developing the design for an electric vehicle.

The open bed of a traditional truck is also an area that traditionally causes a lot of drag for trucks. Tesla has accounted for this and added a motorized cover to their bed for easy access. The cover helps air flow directly over the bed instead of getting caught inside and slowing the vehicle down.

The CyberTruck Has Excellent Pricing

You would expect an innovative truck that is changing the entire industry to have an extremely high price tag, but the Cybertruck is only around $69,000. The main reason this is possible is because of the excellent manufacturing costs that Tesla has figured out.

Standard trucks cost so much to produce because of the expensive models that are required to produce them. In addition, these trucks require the use of labor-intensive and expensive production techniques such as industrial painting, which is time-consuming and costly. They also require expensive machinery with specific design requirements.

Tesla, on the other hand, has decided to rethink how the entire truck process is being made. From the manufacturing plant to the floor and these considerations are reflected in the price of the Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck Is Made More Efficient

To start, the truck design itself is very efficient. There is not a single curve on the entire external truck body. Without any curves, Tesla is able to use large single sheets to stick to the frame of the vehicle.

This means there aren’t any added costs in manufacturing to get specific body model parts that take time and energy to mold. Instead, Tesla can take the flat stainless steel sheets right off the manufacturing floor and add them directly to the car.

Instead of investing millions of expensive machines that automate the process of putting a car together and molding the panels, Tesla saves on all of it. Then, it passes that savings to you.

This also means that Tesla doesn’t have to consider any paint jobs for its vehicles. All the Cybertrucks come in grey because that’s what color the material naturally comes in. Although this might change in the future, it’s saving hundreds of dollars on each unit through saved time and materials.

The amount of time and money saved from these innovative designs are unmatched in the truck industry, let alone the electric truck industry.

The CyberTruck Looks Like No Other Truck

Perhaps one of the main reasons the Cybertruck is genius is because of the completely different direction Tesla has taken from any other truck on the market. The huge departure in aesthetic and function has caused the Cybertruck to have no other comparison or competition.

This strategy of alienating your product could have negative effects for most brands but is aligned with how Tesla operates. To understand the concept behind the Cybertruck, you have to remember who Tesla is trying to serve.

Most people who follow the brand are interested in the innovative, and sometimes bold, actions of its CEO, Elon Musk. Every product he has been a part of has helped to transform and revolutionize the industry he has been in.

When Musk created Tesla, those who bought the car loved the sleek and new design, but they also loved the low impact it had on the environment. Traditionally, trucks have been bad for the environment, so one would infer that the consumers who were buying Tesla vehicles would have no interest in a truck.

Bold Designs Work for Marketing

Since the company decided to completely differentiate itself from the competition, they were able to stay true to their brand while still satisfying their customer base. This departure also meant that the Cybertruck enjoyed a large amount of media attention and promotion.

Being radically different from its contemporaries caused both a large amount of support and backlash from different communities. This type of attention helped the Cybertruck become popular and well-known. The increased attention gives it the best possible outcome for new buyers.

The more people that are aware of the Cybertruck, the more potential sales Tesla can expect. This turned the potentially fatal move by Tesla into a move of genius.

The CyberTruck Performs Better

There is no other comparable truck on the market that holds up in performance and execution than the Cybertruck. Every part of its performance has been fine-tuned and considered to give it a complete upgrade in all areas.

Tesla already has three of the safest cars on the road compared to others in routine safety tests that vehicles go through before being released to the public. The new Cybertruck is on par to be one of the safest trucks on the market.

The vehicle also comes with 110 and 120 power outlets, so you can use it as a power source too. That’s perfect if you are using your truck for any construction or project-based needs.

There isn’t a single category of performance-related metrics that the Tesla Cybertruck does not beat out every other truck on the market. Neither standard nor electric vehicles can compare.

Everything from towing capacity to storage space, Tesla beats out its competition. This makes the Cybertruck one of the most innovative trucks of our time, and it’s clear why it’s considered a genius.

Below is a list of the features the Tesla Cybertruck has for the dual-motor AWD:

  • 0 to 60mph in <4.5 seconds
  • Range is 300 miles
  • Storage space is 100 cubic feet
  • Vault length is 6.5 feet
  • Towing Capacity 10,000+ lbs
  • Autopilot is standard
  • Adaptive air suspension is standard
  • Ground clearance is up to 16″
  • Approach angle is 35 degrees
  • Departure angle is 28 degrees
  • (Source)

The CyberTruck Is Strong

The Cybertruck uses steel sheet paneling that can withstand a bullet. This makes it incredibly stronger and stronger than any other truck on the market. Because standard trucks use a different material for their panels, they are more susceptible to damage.

The Cybertruck, on the other hand, will never collapse in a collision with another vehicle. The fully Self-Driving capabilities of the Cybertruck should keep you from ever getting in a collision, but just in case, you will be protected.

The exterior is an exoskeleton made from Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structural skin to Tesla armor glass. This steel won’t wear from the weather like a typical truck with a paint job would.

The strong exterior means that it is unlikely your Cybertruck will get scratched or dented. It also means that you don’t have to worry about your truck getting any paint chips.

Having to repair a small chip in your paint could end up costing hundreds of dollars in labor. The Cybertruck allows you to prevent all of this and leave those worries for other truck owners.

The CyberTruck Has Better Glass

This isn’t your typical glass used in most modern cars. The kind that immediately cracks when a rock flies into your windshield heading down the highway. Not only dangerous, but these instances can also cost you a large amount of money to replace your windshield.

Because Tesla doesn’t want you to have to go through that process anymore, they’ve used ultra-strong glass and a polymer-layered composite that absorbs any direct impact and redistributes the force so that there is no breakage.

The Interior Is Superior

The trucks that do have a back seat often leave plenty of room for the driver and passenger but make it uncomfortable for the backseat passengers. There’s often hardly any leg space, and it makes it difficult to get in and out.

The Cybertruck has been built with this in mind and offers extra room for the front and back passengers, making it seem more like a sedan than a truck. What’s even better is that there is an extra storage room located under the backseat.

There’s also a 17″ screen added inside with a brand new interface that will make directions and music easier to manage.

The CyberTruck Has a Better Bed

There have been a lot of innovations to the bed of a truck over the past years. What started as a simple way to haul materials has become a multi-use tool for any truck owner.

Some features include:

  • A drop-down back wall that helps with loading and unloading.
  • Toolboxes and other compartments within the truck bed.
  • Tie downs and straps to secure objects from the top of the truck bed.
  • Running boards – slanted metal or aluminum bars on either side of the bed to provide easier access into and out of the bed

These types of innovations have led truck owners to be able to fully utilize their vehicles in any way they wish. Tesla has taken these ideas and completely run away with them.

The new Cybertruck still has the standard bed, but it’s completely covered by a motorized roof. This not only preserves the bed itself over time from environmental wear and tear but also helps with airflow.

On top of that, the bed also comes with a retractable tailgate that comes all the way to the ground. Traditional trucks have a flatbed that only comes down as far as the bottom of the truck. The new slide-out tailgate reaches the ground for easy loading.

The Cybertruck is Self-Driving

This is the best feature of the new Cybertruck and what really sets it apart from any other vehicle on the road today. The fact that your Cybertruck has the ability to control most of the drive for you is a dream of the future becoming a reality.

No other truck can match the functionality of the Cybertruck and only a few are even trying. This is likely going to set apart the Cybertruck from the competition for years to come.

There are already electric vehicles available that truck aficionados can opt for, but none of them can match the ability to drive for you.

The fully Self-Driving feature is an upgrade from the Autopilot that Tesla is offering on the Cybertruck for an extra $10,000. Other Tesla model cars will also have this upgrade option available.

You may be wondering how Tesla managed to make the vehicle fully Self-Driving. Well, it’s not a secret, and they openly talk about their technology which is far ahead of its time.

Tesla talks about using software that uses artificial intelligence along with sensors and cameras for assistance in teaching the truck when to use Self-Driving features like:

  • Lane following
  • Collision avoidance
  • Emergency braking

Although the Self-Driving feature is almost autonomous, it isn’t quite there yet. The driver will still need to be in the driver’s seat at all times.

But, it’s an amazing feat by Tesla to get the truck fully Self-Driving so quickly when others are attempting it but not close to succeeding like Tesla has already done.

This is just one of many reasons why people will love this new Cybertruck from Elon Musk and his team at Tesla.

It is hard to make cars fully Self-Driving because they need sensors and cameras for assistance in teaching the car when to use Self-Driving features. There also needs to be lots of testing done in order for the technology to be useful.

Tesla has this advantage because it has already been building Self-Driving cars, so it has a lot of data to pull from that will make the future autonomous software reliable and road-tested.

This also makes it incredibly hard for another company to not only develop the software needed but also complete the testing required for the software to be usable. More than likely, most companies will have to outsource their software and Self-Driving abilities to companies like Tesla.

The Cybertruck Has a Solar Roof Option

No other truck on the market has attempted what Tesla has built with an entire solar roof upgrade option added to the vehicle. This would add an additional 15 miles a day to the truck’s battery life. It is adding even more mileage to Tesla’s already top-of-the-line battery.

There have been other vehicles that have talked about a solar powered roof like the Prime Prius model, but that option only added about two miles to the range.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also threw out the idea that the Cybertruck may even have solar wing options at some point in the future. This innovation would tack on another 30-40 miles each day. The average driver uses about 30 miles per day in the US.

The Cybertruck Has Camper Configuration

When the Model S was released in 2021, one of the car owners took it out camping because they figured out a sleeping mattress could fit in the back of the seats were down.

This has led Tesla to install an extended climate control feature in their software, and they are also now adding a camper configuration to the Cybertruck. All that can be said about the configuration is based on a few composite pictures Tesla released to the public.

The pictures showed the bed of the Cybertruck transformed into a transparent tent-like cover. There is bedding beneath the cover where you can spend the night looking up at the stars.

The camper configuration also looks to have a complete accessory pull-out system stored underneath the bed. Included is a kitchen set that has two burners and a prep table where you can slice and prepare ingredients. There’s also a small storage space under the prep table.

The Cybertruck Is Genius

No one can argue the Cybertruck is a better performing vehicle that is also safer than any other truck on the market. The innovative design and functionality make it a far departure from any other truck model in the market.

The Cybertruck will continually push what’s possible with an electric vehicle and align with Tesla’s image as a disrupter and genius in the automotive industry.

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