Who Installs Tesla Solar Panels?

This Is Who Installs Tesla Solar Panels

If you are like many Americans, you have probably looked into ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. At the top of your to-do list is to get solar panels installed on your home to limit nonrenewable electricity consumption in your household, with Tesla’s chic solar panels being your preferred choice. The problem is that you have no idea how to go about getting them installed.

Tesla has a nationwide team of authorized installers that will install its solar systems on your home. This installation also comes with an extensive warranty that covers the cost of maintenance and labor from a Tesla service crew should anything go wrong with your solar panels.

While Tesla has a nationwide footprint, with service teams ready to deploy in most regions of the country, unprecedented demand for the new solar roof has caused some service times to be backed up. This has led Tesla to seek partnerships with other nationally renowned solar panel installers to help them keep up with demand.

Who is Responsible for Installing Tesla’s Solar Panels?

Tesla has professional service crews available in most areas of the United States. These

professionals will assist you in choosing the best panels and inverters, as well as help obtain the

proper permits and approvals to perform the installation.

If there is no Tesla service team available in your area, or there is a backlog in orders that is creating a longer wait than you are willing to accept, it is possible to get service from a Tesla-certified partner.

These are typically solar energy companies who have been trained and licensed to perform Tesla installations in their own right. Some big-name partners Tesla uses to help with their installations include:

  • Sunpro: popular in the southern US
  • Good Faith Energy: a major solar installer in Texas
  • Sunrun: the nation’s largest installer of residential solar panels

It is easy to use Tesla’s search engine to find a certified installer. For example, in addition to the

Tesla service location in Parker, CO, the search engine spits out a list of eight other Tesla

certified installers along the Colorado front range that can provide you with installation services if Tesla’s team cannot get to you in a timely fashion.

What Tesla-Certified Installation Crews Install

As an industry leader in renewable energy technologies, Tesla is committed to equipping your home with the highest quality products in terms of performance, aesthetics, and safety. When a service crew arrives at your property to deliver your solar energy system, they will install several different components that meet all of these requirements.

Solar Panels

The solar panels house an array of solar cells, which are the units that convert sunlight into electricity. The current Tesla solar panels are all black, which gives them a sleek appearance that is inconspicuous on most roofs. Tesla’s solar panels can withstand high temperatures without losing productivity and display minimal degradation throughout their 25-year lifespan.

Depending on the size of your home and energy needs, Tesla solar panel packages can come in a variety of sizes and output capacities:

SizePower RatingNumber of PanelsTypical Roof Area Covered
Small4.08 kW12240 sq ft
Medium8.16 kW24480 sq ft
Large12.24 kW36720 sq ft
X-Large16.32 kW48960 sq ft

Solar Inverters and Power Optimizers

If the solar panels do the heavy lifting of capturing sunlight, then the solar inverters provide the brains that convert the direct current (DC) stored in the solar cells into alternating current (AC) that can be used in the house.

The Tesla service crew will choose the best solar inverter for your home, based on the house’s roof structure and sun exposure. Tesla typically uses string inverters for their efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

However, there will be some cases when a string inverter is not the best choice. As string inverters only perform as well as the worst-performing panel on the string (there are usually anywhere from 5-10 panels connected to a single string inverter), a single panel that receives more shade can cause the entire string to underperform.

Therefore, the Tesla crew will thoroughly inspect your roof to see if an individual panel power optimizer might be the better choice for your home.

Mounting Hardware

While the all-black aspect of Tesla solar panels contributes significantly to aesthetics, its advanced mounting hardware is equally important. Tesla’s proprietary system allows the solar panels to be attached to the roof with 30% fewer anchor points than a standard installation, resulting in a sleeker look and reduced risk of mounting failure.

Powerwall (Optional)

The Tesla Powerwall is a component more closely associated with the innovative Tesla roof than with the normal solar panels. However, the Powerall is an option when having solar panels installed.

In simple terms, the Powerwall is like a giant lithium-ion battery that stores converted energy during high production periods and makes it available for a later time when energy needs heighten.

With the Powerwall, your home can continue to run on solar energy even after the sun has gone down or during a cloudy period when real-time production is insufficient. Without the Powerwall, the house will only run on solar energy during times when the sun is out, pulling from the grid to make up for any energy deficit.

If you choose to have the Powerwall installed as part of your system, the Tesla crew can mount it either indoors or outdoors. While rain and humidity do not pose a threat, it should be kept out of areas prone to flooding. It should also be installed out of direct sunlight or areas of extreme temperature, with enough room on each side to allow for proper ventilation.

Tesla Solar Panel Installation Process

Now that you know who can install Tesla solar panels, it is essential to understand how to get them on your roof. The process is very straightforward and will be a breeze for those who like to do business on a computer or mobile device.

Order the Solar Panels

Use the following steps to make your Tesla solar panel order:

  1. Create a Tesla account. Visit this website to get started.
  2. Place an order. Enter your installation address and your average utility bill to get a recommendation on solar panels and the Powerwall.
  3. Select the system size. The Tesla solar panel guide will allow you to review all size options and customize the order based on monetary savings and energy production preferences.
  4. Choose your Powerwall. Although the Powerwall is optional, it is highly recommended for homes looking to maximize energy efficiency. Like the solar panel selections, Tesla will make recommendations based on your home’s size and average appliance use.
  5. Review payment and incentives. Review payment and incentive details before placing the order. All installation costs are included in the final price.
  6. Complete your order. Log into your Tesla account, add a preferred payment method, and finalize your order.

Schedule an Installation

Once the design is chosen and Tesla has received all necessary permits and approvals to move forward with the project, Tesla will inform you of the first available date for an installation. The installation may need to be rescheduled if inclement weather on your scheduled installation day prevents the Tesla crew from safely providing outstanding service.

Prepare for the Installation

Tesla lists several important steps that you should take to prepare for the installation of your solar panels:

  • Obtain the necessary approval from your HOA to begin work.
  • Contact Tesla if work has been done to your home since the order was placed.
  • Make sure that no other construction crews or contractors are on-site, as Tesla cannot begin work in the presence of other workers.
  • Provide safe access to your home’s electrical panel.
  • Clear all cars from the driveway and remove any breakable objects from the yard.
  • Have someone at least 18 years of age at home during the first hour of installation.
  • Keep pets away from the work area.
  • Have your home’s Wi-Fi credentials readily available.

Installation Day Expectations

The Tesla crew lead will greet you upon arrival. The crew will place safety cones and caution tape around your property. Ladders will be placed at numerous locations so that the crew can conveniently access your roof and begin work.

Most installations will be completed within one day, although some more extensive and more complex projects may take two or more days. Solar panel installation only requires the power to be out in your house for 1-3 hours, while the addition of a Powerwall will require a power outage for 6-8 hours.


When speaking about clean energy technology, no contemporary name resonates quite as loudly as Tesla. Their chic solar panels are a great way to make your home more sustainable. If you decide to order Tesla solar panels, one of their professional crews will be at your residence at their earliest possible convenience to take care of your installation.

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