This is When to Expect the Model S Plaid

This is When to Expect the Model S Plaid

Tesla is always coming up with new and innovative technologies to add to their line of cars. With the Model S, you not only get top of the line performance, but you also get a pretty amazing looking car. So what can you expect with the release of their new upgrade package the Model S plaid?

Tesla has started to deliver Model S Plaids after many delays. The Model S Plaid was originally announced on September 22, 2020 and was finally released on June 10th, 2021. The Model S Plaid includes longer battery life and range, higher acceleration and horsepower.

Tesla is promising a lot of new and exciting features with the Plaid upgrades. But there are some in the industry shaking their heads at the top of the line price tag. There is only one way to find out if Tesla has the top of the line specs it claims to have. Keep reading to learn about when you can expect with Model S Plaid and the new features that are coming with it.

Model S Plaid Release Date

The Model S Plaid was first announced at the Tesla company’s Battery Day on September 22, 2020. The largely anticipated media day for the company came with many exciting announcements about various company wide advancements. But the most anticipated promise was that of the Model S Plaid.

The name Plaid comes from the 1987 movie Spaceballs”. In the film, when someone is going far too fast it is called “Ludicrous Speed” and the next level up from that is “Plaid”. Because the new car has been stated to go from zero to sixty in just barely over two seconds, and it can go up to around 200 mph, it is aptly named.

If the claims are reality, that would make the Model S Plaid one of the fastest cars available on the open road. The release date for the first few deliveries of the Model S Plaid was June 10th, 2021. Tesla live streamed the event from their Fremont, California factory in order to finally banish rumors that the car would again be delayed.

You can order the Model S Plaid now from the website, or from a Tesla dealership. However, the six-digit price tag does not come with immediate satisfaction. You will more than likely have to wait two to three months for the delivery of your Plaid car. But the many upgrades and efficient design that may make it worth the months of waiting.

What Makes Plaid Worth the Wait

Tesla’s Model S was a game changer for electric vehicles. The Long Range Model S can already travel an impressive 405 miles between charges, with a top speed of 155 mph and many incredible safety features. The various Plaid upgrades take the Model S and transform it into the electric sports car of the future.

The wait for your Model S Plaid is going to be long and may include delays. Because Tesla vehicles are constantly downloading hardware updates and installing new safety programs, your new car may already come with some of the industry’s most advanced tech. But are the upgrades worth the wait?

When creating the Plaid Model S, Tesla was attempting to make sure consumers knew that electric cars were the best cars on the market. Engineers put their skills to the test on new batteries, better aerodynamics and many other upgraded features throughout the vehicle. They focused on upgrading all the following things:

  • Safety
  • Range
  • Horse power
  • Comfort
  • Acceleration
  • Design
  • Automated driving features
  • Updatable technology
  • Security features
  • Storage space

In trying to make the best car on the road, Tesla CEO Elon Musk continued to Tweet and publicly announce the many delays for the Model S Plaid. Looking deeper into the work that Tesla did for the Plaid should make the two to three month wait for your Model S a little easier to bear.

Expect New Additions and Upgrades

Tesla makes up for the many release delays with these incredible advancements. Understanding the various upgrades and additions are important to knowing why your wait for the Model S Plaid is worth it.

Whether you are looking at the new design elements, the improved horsepower, or even the stronger batteries, the Model S Plaid is an outstanding vehicle.

Model S Plaid Battery

For the Model S Plaid, Tesla incorporated a new type of battery that they have been working on for quite some time. The Plaid S structural battery pack allows for faster charging and more evenly distributed weight. The new 4680 cells batteries increase efficiency for both range and charging.

The new 4680 lithium-ion cells are a new line of battery developed by Tesla. The cylindrical cells allow for more energy stores. They also increase range between charges and overall more power output. Not to mention a liquid cooling system that limits overheating.

This advanced battery technology also increases the range of the Model S from the Standard. The projected range for the Plaid is about 520 miles between charges. That is an addition of over 120 miles from the Model S Long Range top of 402 miles per charge. It also makes other electric vehicles’ ranges look tiny in comparison.

This new battery is projected to be improved upon again by the manufacturers. The newer battery models are going to be installed into the Tesla Semi and upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, which was also said to be delayed until late 2021. Because Tesla is all about over-promising, you may have to wait on these products.

Model S Plaid Tech Additions

Tesla did not cut consumers short with their new tech additions to the Plaid. They upgraded the sound system, the automated driving functions and even the connectivity options. They thought about both the driving experience, as well as the passenger experience.

When it comes to implementing new and accessible technology, Tesla really stepped up to the plate with the Plaid Model S. The multiple screens, the gaming platforms and even the charging capabilities are outstanding. Here are just some of their new additions to the Tesla Plaid from the Long Range Model S:

  • 17” Screen: The new display screen offers 2200 x 1300 resolution with touch screen responsiveness and ultra bright, true colors.
  • Teraflops: The Plaid has up to 10 teraflops of process power for gaming while not in drive for the front screen, and at any time in the rear screen. Musk boasts that the gaming will be on par with Playstation 5!
  • Gear Shifting: You can use the console screen to shift gears, or the arrows located on the steering wheel. You will then have the car remember your geolocation in order to automate the gear change in the future.
  • In Car Charging Station: There is a charging station built into the front of the car that allows for multi-device wireless charging. This station can charge multiple phones and tablets, as well as allow for Bluetooth connection. There is also USB-C charging for every passenger in the vehicle.
  • Sound Upgrades: The new Plaid will also include a 960-watt audio system that includes 22 speakers. You can also choose to add the noise canceling feature and select what speakers project what sounds throughout the car. Meaning you can have an audiobook up front and video game sound in the rear.
  • Controls: You can digitally control nearly every aspect of your comfort level while in the vehicle. Heated seats, “tri-zone” temperature controls and ventilated front seats are all included. Not to mention there is a HEPA filtration system that comes standard in all the vehicles.

Knowing you will get these technological advancements in your Model S Plaid makes the wait for your car worth every second. Not only will you be able to game while you wait for your charge on top of the line screens, but you will also be able to do it from a self-controlled environment!

Model S Plaid Interior and Exterior

Tesla came under scrutiny for claiming that the exterior and interior design improvements for the Model S Plaid would be groundbreaking. But with all the delays, and customers having to wait several months for their order, it is hard to believe that the design changes could hold up to the hype. But they do.

Tesla claims that the Model S Plaid will have the most aerodynamic production car on the planet. They scored a 0.208 Cd for their drag coefficient. That means that the shape, inclination of the design and airflow around the vehicle are almost the lowest rated on the market.

There were many design upgrades for both the exterior and interior of the Plaid Model S. From a larger display screen, to a redesigned back row of seats that allows passengers to be more comfortable makes the interior look incredibly elegant.

Since the motors are located underneath the car, the Model S Plaid has storage in the front and back of the vehicle. Not to mention the trunk is approximately 26-cubic-feet and you can fold down the rear seats for even more storage. When you expect your Model S for delivery, it may be time to load up and hit the road!

Model S Plaid Performance Enhancements

You really can not upgrade a car without upgrading the overall performance of how the vehicle drives. Aerodynamic improvements are impressive for the design, but do they help add mileage and better engine performance? The short answer is, of course, yes. The long answer requires a bit more detail about the Plaid performance enhancements.

The increased horsepower is impressive. The Plaid boasts peak power at 1,020 hp with its three different motors and all-wheel drive platform. There is not only easier handling, but increased powertrain efficiency. It also allows for the power staggering wheels to evenly distribute the tires to the ground. Making driving more precise.

The Model S Plaid has an astounding acceleration rate compared not only to other electric vehicles but also gas powered vehicles. With acceleration speeds at zero to sixty in approximately 1.99 seconds, the Plaid is more than impressive. That would make the Model S Plaid faster than all the following cars:

  • Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, 0-60 mph in approximately 2.8 seconds.
  • Ferrari 812 Superfast, 0-60 mph in approximately 2.9 seconds
  • Koenigsegg Regera, 0-60 mph in approximately 2.8 seconds
  • Caterham Seven 620R, 0-60 mph in approximately 2.8 seconds

So if you are wondering whether to expect a power improvement with your Model S Plaid you will not be disappointed. The amplified horsepower, the impressive all-wheel drive and the incredible acceleration speeds make this electric vehicle more powerful than a lot of gas guzzlers on the road right now.

Expect More Safety Features

While wondering when to expect your Model S Plaid, you should also look into the various safety features that have been implemented. You have to wait a few months, but you can expect one of the safest vehicles ever made when it finally arrives.

The Model S Plaid comes with extremely low rollover risk. The NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, gave the Tesla Model S Plaid a five star rating for rollover crash tests. There are many safety features included as well. They include the following:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Stability control
  • Front, Side and Overhead impact airbags
  • Security systems
  • Knee airbags

Not only does the Plaid include all of these features, but it also has high-tech safety features as well. Standard automated emergency brakes will turn on if the ultrasonic sensors detect an incoming vehicle, or something in the road. There are also standard lane-departure warnings and adaptive cruise control for semi-autonomous driving mode.

When to Expect Your Model S to Drive Itself

You can expect a full range of autonomous driving features when you finally get your Model S Plaid. Not only does it have autopilot to steer, accelerate and brake for you, but it also has many other automatic features.

There is the Summon feature that allows you to automatically retrieve your car. You simply activate the summon feature on your car’s touchscreen controls, and you can then have it open and shut your garage door and exit, park and shut down automatically.

There is also the Autopark feature. This allows users to use their sensors and GPS enabled car to parallel park itself. It can also park itself perpendicularly with one swipe of the console. The Plaid auto parking features are easy to control through the settings on your dashboard screen.

The self-driving features are one of the most popular, as well as one of the most widely debated features on the Tesla Plaid. The navigation on autopilot allows you to use navigation to automatically drive your car from one point to another. There is also automatic lane changing where you can change lanes on the highway automatically.

Is the Model S Plaid Worth the Hype?

The standard wait time for your Tesla Model S Plaid is going to be about six to eight weeks. This is dependent upon a lot of factors. Including what upgrades you choose, what time of year you place your order, as well as where you live. You can basically expect your Model S Plaid a little more than two months after your initial order.

Knowing whether or not the Plaid is worth the wait is totally up to you. It will cost less over time compared to purchasing traditional sports cars because of the lower costs of electricity. The lowered carbon footprint after around 14,000 miles can also be a strong initiative to wait for this powerful electric vehicle.

The Plaid was also released under several production delays. Some also believe that the Plaid was only delivered when it was to overshadow the lack of Tesla’s Semi, Roadster and Cybertruck. The delays in battery production, car production and upgradable software have certainly been a kink in the chain.

However, there really is not anything on the road right now that can compare with the Model S Plaid. Whether it is other electric vehicles, hybrids, or gas powered cars, Tesla is simply in a league of their own with the release of the Plaid. You can expect to see more Plaids on the road with an estimated 1,000 cars to be delivered each week by the end of 2021.


Repeatedly, Tesla has made consumers wait because of delays in production. Whether they claim their newest batteries are ready, then hold off on the reveal, or they simply promise a car to be ready before it actually is, Tesla always has a promise. But when it comes to waiting for the Model S Plaid, you may be in for a huge shock.

Tesla made a lot of claims about the power and technology behind the Model S Plaid, but it can definitely back it up. If you are wondering when you can expect your Model S Plaid, you simply have to order it and stick it out for a little over two months. Then you will be able to drive one of the most impressive vehicles ever made.

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