This is When the Tesla Roadster Will Ship in Your Area

This is When the Tesla Roadster Will Ship in Your Area

It has been years since the Tesla Roadster was produced, but it is expected to make a comeback here shortly. Tesla has announced the upcoming Roadster, causing many people around the world to eagerly anticipate its release. That leaves the question of when the Tesla Roadster will be on its way to your area. 

Hampered by a global pandemic and production delays, it now appears that it will be 2023 before the Roadster is shipping to the UK and North American markets. While it was initially to enter production in 2021, Tesla has since been quiet about it, but the Roadster will be on its way.

This will be the second generation of a sports car that Tesla is rather proud of. Since the company produced the first one back in 2008, there are sure to be quite a few changes that will make it one of the most eagerly anticipated releases when it finally does ship. Continue reading to learn more about the new Tesla Roadster and when it will be coming to your local market. 

What is the Anticipated Shipping Date?

Many people want to know when the new Tesla Roadster will start shipping to the UK and North American markets. With the announcement of the impending new model several years ago, anticipation was that the electric sports car would begin hitting the streets in 2021. That means that many people should have the car by now, so where is it?

Tesla has been surprisingly slow in sending out updates about its new Roadster. For a car that should have a price tag north of the $200,000 mark, you would think that they would be clamoring to get it out the door. Instead, the delay is likely due to the current global pandemic and delays in the production line.

If you are looking to determine when the new Roadster will be shipping to your location, it is best to check back with Tesla. The latest is that it should start being on the road in 2023, so those who preorder soon should have the best shot of having an early shipping date when the car is ready to enter the production stage. 

Check Out This Overview of the New Tesla Roadster

While the original Tesla Roadster already checks many of the boxes that speed lovers are looking for, the new model appears poised to go to the next level. There are now two seats added to the rear of the vehicle. While these are small, they mean that more people can get inside and enjoy the Roadster experience. 

It is also notable that the new Tesla Roadster will be shipping with much more range than its processor, and the performance has been sufficiently increased as well. This is slated to be a car that can get from 0-60 MPH in only 1.9 seconds. With a top speed that is rumored to be as high as 250 MPH, this is an eagerly anticipated release. 

Performance Features on the New Tesla Roadster

This is a car built for speed. While it might not be the most comfortable Tesla ever built, it is the one that is going to get owners more than a few jealous glances cast their way. At a top speed of 250 mph, the new Tesla Roadster is going to get you to the end of a quarter-mile lap in only 8.8 seconds. This should be a lot of fun to drive.

If the figures that have been reported are correct, the new Tesla Roadster should be the fastest sports car on the road. It will finish a quarter-mile lap a full second ahead of the McLaren 750S, which is rated as the nearest competitor in this sports car category. 

The handling is also superb, as the new Tesla Roadster will come standard with all-wheel drive. There are also two electric motors powering the car, each in the front and the rear. This controls each set of tires and gives the driver a certain amount of power over curves that is lacking in other cars of this class today.

Range and Fuel Economy Statistics

The new Tesla Roadster will ship with a 200 kWh battery. This is sufficient to give drivers as much as 620 miles of driving range between charges. This would be at normal speeds and regular power outlays. If you want to drive it as fast as a race car, then you can expect this range to be sufficiently diminished. However, it will still be quite impressive regardless. 

It is always difficult to determine the fuel economy of an electric car that has not been released yet, but most anticipate that the new Tesla Roadster will be in the neighborhood of 75 mph. While this is not as high as some other Tesla models, it is still quite respectable given the high speeds that it is designed to travel.

The Interior Has Been Redesigned

Another noticeable change is the new Tesla Roadster’s revamped interior. As the car has not yet been formally unveiled, it is impossible to be completely accurate on what the inside consists of, but the prototypes are quite revealing. 

One of the most remarkable components of the new Roadster is likely to be the removable roof panel. It is made entirely of glass and can be safely stowed away in the trunk on those beautiful days when you are ready to show off your new car. 

It has also been revealed that the new Roadster will have a total of four seats. The two front seats are contoured and look surprisingly comfortable. However, the rear seats will be quite small and probably are only suitable for children or really small adults. After all, this car is built for speed, and that means a small interior. 

One thing that does not appear to have changed with the design of the new Tesla Roadster is the focus on a minimalist interior. There really is not much there to capture your interest. It is a car built for driving, with an autopilot and streamlined entertainment system thrown in for an added touch. Beyond that, there is not much to make a note of here. 

Will the Roadster Ship with an Infotainment System?

As one would expect from Tesla, the new Roadster will have its iconic infotainment system. This one will look a bit different given the small nature of the interior. In the Roadster, the massive touchscreen display will extend from the top part of the dashboard right down to the center console. You will not be able to miss this.

There will also be a small storage compartment underneath the screen to help keep things tidy inside the tight quarters. In addition, there will not be any available compatibility with the following services:

  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Amazon Alexa

This is in line with the company philosophy that no Tesla models offer compatibility with these services. You will also find that there is no included option for an AM or Satellite radio with the new Tesla Roadster. However, a WiFi hotspot does appear to be in the cards, as does integration with Spotify. 

Finally, the new Tesla Roadster will have an infotainment system that works with the following applications:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • YouTube
  • Many more

This is great news for Roadster owners because these apps can be used while the car is parked and charging. These are some great entertainment features that most people today can make regular use of. 

What Kind of Maintenance Coverage is Included?

Since most people are aware that replacement parts on electric vehicles, particularly Tesla models, can be quite expensive, it is important to know what type of warranty is included. When the new Roadster is shipped, it will come with a limited warranty that covers the entire vehicle for four years or 50,000 miles of driving.

There is also a powertrain warranty provided that will give owners eight years of coverage. In addition, there is no mileage limitation for that warranty. It should also be noted that Tesla is not including any complimentary maintenance visits, which might be a bit disappointing given the $200,000+ anticipated price of the new Roadster.

Will the New Roadster Ship with the Tesla Autopilot?

When the new Roadster does finally start to ship to your location, you can expect it to be equipped with Autopilot. This is going to make driving the car so much more fun and a whole lot safer. Even though the car is designed to be aerodynamic, all of the angles and small shapes make it ideal for the system of radars and sensors that go into the Autopilot.

While the Autopilot system will come standard with all new Roadsters, it will need to be activated by the owner. To use most of the features, this will involve a $2,000 fee paid to Tesla upon activation. If you would like to have the fully autonomous features, then that will be an additional $10,000 if the current fee structure holds true.

At least three driver assistance features will be included standard even if the owner decides not to purchase the complete Autopilot package.

  • Automatic emergency braking – This allows the car to quickly stop if the system senses that an accident is about to occur. When engaged, the vehicle will begin to slow down if necessary. This includes the ability to detect pedestrians that might be up ahead. 
  • Lane departure warning system – If the Roadster begins to move over into another lane without the driver indicating as such, an alert will sound. When activated, the lane-keeping assist feature will also nudge the car back in its proper lane. 
  • Adaptive cruise control – This is a modern type of cruise control that really makes life easier on the driver, especially when on the open highway. Once the speed is set, the car will maintain that until it notices traffic up ahead. The system will then adjust speed automatically as needed, speeding up and slowing down on its own. 

It should be noted that all of the Autopilot features shipping with the new Tesla Roadster will require that the driver maintain control over the vehicle at all times. As you can tell, many of these features can be quite useful in a sports car that is built for speed. They are also designed to keep everyone safe at all times. 

How Does Autopilot Help the Roadster?

Given the unique nature of how fast the new Roadster is able to go, the Tesla Autopilot provides certain features that are invaluable to the driver. In essence, all humans are limited in catching every potential safety hazard while they are driving. This is compounded at high speeds.

The following features are said to be included with the new Roadster. You can expect these to be installed and ready to go when the vehicle ships to your location in 2023.

  • HD Cameras – These cameras are designed to help drivers see virtually every angle possible out of their car. There are places that your vision is restricted, so these cameras will open up that sightline to you. This includes the ability to spot pedestrians and stationary objects when going in reverse that you might not otherwise be able to see. 
  • Ultrasonic Sensors – Beyond cameras’ ability, these sensors will be able to audibly tell you when the Autopilot feels there is something that is not right. There are a number of sensors installed in various places on the new Roadster, so drivers will be alerted to a wide array of potential safety issues as a result.
  • Comprehensive Radar System – The radar system that all-new Tesla Roadster will come equipped with is state of the art. It is forward-facing and can take note of objects as far away as 250 meters. When alerted, the driver will have ample opportunity to avoid an accident. Alternatively, Autopilot can also kick in to provide much needed assistance in certain situations. 
  • Vision Processing Tools – While humans are pretty good at processing data quickly, we are still no match for what the vision processing tools on the Tesla Roadster are able to accomplish. It can take in mountains of data and then determine the best acceleration and braking options for virtually any situation. Keep in mind that these tools are still no substitute for driver involvement at all times. 
  • Innovative Computer – The computer installed on the new Tesla Roadster is the center of everything. The driver will be able to access this at any time to learn key vehicle performance information that is necessary for the safe operation of the vehicle. This information also helps drivers make safe decisions as they proceed. 

Since each of these tools is always working behind the scenes, drivers can count on them to function like a co-pilot of sorts. While they are not meant to take the place of the driver, they add a certain safety component that drivers of the new Tesla Roadster should certainly appreciate having at their disposal. 

Will the New Tesla Roadster Drive Itself?

While it might sound like a great concept to have a car of this speed drive you around on its own, that is not possible yet. However, there are a few features included with Autopilot that bring this closer to reality.

  • Navigate with Autopilot – This feature will afford drivers much more flexibility when driving to distant destinations. Just input where you are going into the computer, and the system will map out the most efficient route to take. It will determine what exit ramps to take and will even help drivers change lanes along the way. As if that were not enough, navigate with Autopilot can also help the new Roadster successfully get through complex interchanges when on the highway. 
  • Smart Summon – There are times when you will need to park your Roadster in a tight space. You can summon the vehicle to come directly to you as long as you are in a parking lot. It will even navigate obstacles and stop right at your feet while holding onto a load of groceries.
  • Autosteer – If you have ever felt your mind wandering when driving, you are not alone. The problem with this is that the car can begin to drift. Thankfully, the new Tesla Roadster will sense this. When it happens, the vehicle will autosteer and give you an alert so you can see what is going on. This is a much safer way of driving. 

These three features alone indicate where Tesla is headed into the future with its impending release of the new Roadster. Autopilot can be upgraded as new technology becomes available, so you can count on the car continuing to evolve as new features become available. 


If you are looking for a unique car that is definitely one of a kind, then the new Tesla Roadster is going to be worth waiting for. When it finally does hopefully ship in 2023, you will receive a car unlike anything else on the road. Keep checking back with Tesla to find out if there are any more delays and get ready to place your order. 

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