This is When Model S Will be Redesigned

This is When Model S Will be Redesigned

Introduced in 2012, the Tesla Model S has long been the flagship luxury vehicle for the company. It is now being redesigned and should soon be seen driving on roads near you. Many questions are circulating about the redesigned version of this electric sedan, with many of them having to do with the actual production date. 

The redesign for the Tesla Model S is complete, and the car is slated to enter the production stage during the second half of 2021. For those who have already ordered the car, it should be delivered soon. For everyone else, the refreshed Model S should be ready for purchase in early 2022. 

There are many things to be excited about when it comes to the redesigned Model S. While many of the features remain the same, there are some additional upgrades that many feel are long overdue. The key question is when the car will be available. Continue reading to learn when that is, along with more information about this luxury electric sedan. 

When Can I Buy the Redesigned Tesla Model S?

All indications are that Tesla has completed the redesign of its Model S. The vehicle is now in the production stage and will start being delivered to customers very shortly. In fact, you may see one driving past you on the road within the next few weeks.

For those who are just now purchasing a Model S, it could be early 2022 before your vehicle is ready. This is a bit of a delay from what Tesla had originally announced but is believed to be caused by production delays due to the global pandemic. However, all indications are that the redesigned Model S is now ready to go, and both versions will be ready to go shortly. 

Why Has the Model S Been Redesigned?

The redesigned Model S takes the range to another level. This was always a worry that many people had when it came to electric cars. When this new Model S goes to production in the second half of 2021, many of those concerns will be put to rest. With a range of up to 412 miles between charges being possible, this is a car that can take you places. 

Many people have been looking forward to the release of the redesigned Model S because it is supposed to be such a versatile vehicle. Comfortable seating between 4 and 5 people, the car is adaptable enough to take the family on vacation while giving everyone their own space. It is also so technologically advanced that the daily commute just became a whole lot more fun. 

As the redesigned Model S hits showrooms very shortly, some consumers might be taken back by the price tag. With a price that ranges from $80,000 to $120,000, this is not an electric car that everyone will jump at the opportunity to own. However, knowing just what you get for your money can help you make a better decision on whether to buy it. 

Introducing the Redesigned Tesla Model S

At first glance, the new Model S may look quite similar to the one that was first unveiled back in 2012. However, once you get up and close to the car that is about to hit the street, you will realize that much has changed. 

There is now a Plaid Model S, which provides drivers with 1,020 horsepower that rivals anything in production today. That trim also has three electric motors incorporated into its design that enables the car to fly out of the starting gate at an acceleration rate of 0 to 60 mph in 1.99 seconds. That will be faster than any other car on the road. 

You might be thinking that this newly redesigned version of the Model S will not take you very far between charges, but that is not accurate. In fact, once this car is produced, you will get 390 miles from a single charge with the Plaid version. Even the slightly slower Long Range Model S will have a range of 412 miles. 

The redesign comes with a slightly different exterior. However, it is still so similar to the original version that only long time Tesla enthusiasts may notice the changes. The interior is another story. The redesign takes the car to an entirely new level, even though some will wish it was even a bit more luxurious than earlier indications had implied. 

One other significant change that we will talk about later is the steering wheel. Actually, the standard wheel is gone. In its place is a steering yoke that resembles something you would envision having in an airplane. This is designed to heighten the feel of the Model S as a racing car. The jury is still out on that until the car hits the road, which should happen soon. 

What Can You Expect from the Redesigned Model S?

Since the Model S has been on the road since 2012, many people wonder what the redesigned version brings to the table. Much has happened in the past decade in terms of technology and design capability. Tesla appears to have taken many ideas and put them into practice as they redesigned their popular luxury electric sedan.

One welcome change is the design of the interior. With the new Model S, drivers and passengers alike will enjoy much more room. The front seats provide more than enough head and legroom for taller individuals. There is also much more room for cargo incorporated into its design, particularly when the rear seats are folded down. 

On the technology end of things, the redesigned Model S puts into play many of the driver assistance features that have come out in recent years. The system is also ready for upgrades, so new Model S owners will benefit from future technology that arrives in the coming years. 

Should You Order the Redesigned Tesla Model S Today?

This is a vehicle that gets some mixed reviews. On the one hand, the redesigned Model S is slated to be the fastest passenger car on the road today. If you enjoy speed and want to protect the environment simultaneously, it really does not get much better than this refreshed model soon to be offered by Tesla. 

On the other hand, some have commented that the materials used to construct the new Model S is just not worthy of the price tag. Since you are looking at just over $81,000 for the Long Range Tesla Model S and over $130,000 for the Plaid Tesla Model S, this is a significant factor to consider. Other similarly priced cars, such as those made by Porsche and Audi, may provide a better value. 

One other factor to consider is the array of technology that Tesla includes with the Model S. When the redesigned version gets through the production stage, there is not much that a modern day driver could be looking for that they do not get with this car. With the car arriving on the road very shortly, it is helpful to review some of the finer features of the Model S.

What About the Motor on the Redesigned Model S?

Over the years, Tesla has refined that motor and the battery system that goes into the Model S. Today, that means that the redesigned Model S will come complete with a 100-kWh lithium-ion battery back. In addition, there are now two electric motors driving this vehicle. One of those powers the front, while the other one focuses its power on the rear. 

For those consumers who have been waiting for the Plaid Model S, it comes with three electric motors, with the third being placed in the rear of the vehicle. All versions of the new Model S have an all-wheel-drive system. This allows for exceptional handling in adverse weather conditions. 

Another added feature of the redesigned Model S is its immediate power delivery. This has the feel of a rocket blasting off as soon as the driver hits the accelerator. This makes passing on the highway a breeze. It is also very quiet, even when driving around at normal speeds through the city. 

Charging the Redesigned Tesla Model S

We have already mentioned the exceptional range that the new Model S delivers, but it would be helpful to know what the charging options are. Buying the Long Range version will get you a standard 48-amp charger that is located onboard the vehicle. You can then charge the vehicle courtesy of the included 20-foot cord that can be connected to any 120-volt power outlet. 

There is also an adapter that Tesla is making available. This will allow you to use a 240-volt power outlet. This is accomplished by using a mobile connector. The redesigned Model S can also make use of the home charging station manufactured by Tesla or any of a number of other third party entities. 

It will also be possible to recharge the new Model S while you are away from the home or office. The car can make use of any of the Tesla Supercharger stations that are located across the country. To help with this, Tesla is including an adapter with all of its redesigned Model S sedans. You can also get another adapter that will work at a CHADeMO station. 

Locating the charging port on the redesigned Model S is quite easy as well. There is a flap located right next to the taillight on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Press this with your finger, and it will open up for you. It is also accessible on the touchscreen display system or via a mobile app.

What About the Charging Time?

The original Model S already had an exceptional range, but the redesigned version takes it to an entirely new level. The actual time that it takes to charge and how much you can drive on that charge will depend on the method that you are utilizing.

If you are using a 240-volt power outlet, you will be able to add about 34 miles of range for every hour that you charge the vehicle. The same can be said if you use a Level 2 public charging station. This means that you can easily power the battery overnight to the point that you will get the full range of between 390 and 412 miles. 

You can also use a Tesla Supercharger. Doing so will give your battery as much as 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes. Of course, you do pay for this privilege, but it will still cost much less than filling up with gas.

Does the Battery in the Redesigned Model S Last a Long Time?

You may have heard how expensive batteries in electric cars are, so it is understandable that you would be worried about replacement costs. Some batteries cost well in excess of $10,000 new. This is why you will want to know how long the new battery pack in the redesigned Model S is meant to last.

In this case, the new battery is designed to last for at least 300,000 miles and up to as many as 500,000 miles. That is more than enough for the average driver never to have to worry about needing a new battery throughout the life of the vehicle. In order to maximize the battery life on the redesigned Tesla Model S, you will want to keep it plugged in when you are not driving. 

How Comfortable is the Redesigned Model S to Drive?

In this case, looks can be deceiving. The new Model S looks big, which many take you to believe it will not be very agile on the open road. Little can be further from the truth. It handles curves like the sleekest of Formula One race cars. You will not even notice the body leaning from side to side. The steering yoke is designed to be ultra-responsive as well. 

Traveling at the high speeds that the Model S is capable of means that you need confidence in the braking system. With the redesigned Model S, the brakes will stop you on a dime in a smooth and precise manner. You will also easily glide over rough terrain thanks to the adaptive air suspension that is now included as a standard feature on all new Model S sedans. 

How Many Miles per Gallon Can You Expect?

One of the many advantages of going electric is the decreased cost of operating the vehicle. This is measure by miles per gallon, which is still a measurement that the EPA goes by even with cars that do not use gasoline. It is a way of gauging just how much it costs to drive your car per mile that you drive. 

While nearly every electric car is cheaper than a similarly positioned combustible engine vehicle, the redesigned Model S seems to take that to even another level. Depending on how you drive and which version of the car you get, you can expect to get roughly 112 MPG when driving on the highway. That increases to about 121 MPG for city driving. 

Check Out the Newly Designed Interior 

Once the redesign comes out, you will have the opportunity to see for yourself how much has changed in the last decade. While some might question its standing relative to other luxury vehicles such as the Porsche, there is little doubt that the Model S stands out in a crowded field of similarly positioned electric vehicles. 

One thing that people notice right away is the increase in cargo space. There is now plenty of it. If the car is full of passengers, you will still benefit from roughly 26 cubic feet of space in the rear. If nobody is in the rear, you can fold down the seats and increase that number to 58 cubic feet. That is going to be enough to take your golf clubs with you and have room to spare. 

Stowing away bulkier items is made easier with the redesigned Model S. The large liftgate makes this happen. You will notice more room at the top that allows bigger items to fit in the back and still have the compartment close. You are also going to have a very small trunk towards the front of the car that you can stow away a small personal item and keep it out of the way.

What Are the Seats Like?

The seats in the new Model S have also received an upgrade. There are a total of five seats, each of which is constructed in synthetic leather. This is a standard design. The driver and front-seat passenger will also have ventilated and heated seats, while everyone in the rear gets the option to heat up their seat as well.

Cushioning has also been added to the seats in the front of the redesigned Model S. This makes longer trips even more comfortable. The driver and passenger are also going to notice that they have more head and legroom than they did in the previous versions of the Model S. Beyond that, the driver is easily able to adjust their seat and the position of the steering yoke. 

The Redesigned Model S Has Upgraded Technology

Just open the door to the Model S that will come out later this year, and a 17-inch display will immediately greet you. This is the biggest in any Tesla vehicle, and it forms quite the centerpiece on the dash. In fact, it is really the only thing on the dash, which creates even more room in the interior. Just about everything in the vehicle is controlled via this display. 

The graphics are stellar, and the ease of use for this particular system is second to none. You cannot help but marvel at how straightforward the interface is. Each item controlled by the system comes across large and in vivid color. It functions just like a tablet mobile device, so even technologically challenged individuals will find it a breeze to learn.

Moving beyond the 17-inch display, here are some items that you will notice on the interior of the redesigned Model S. 

  • A state-of-the-art sound system – With the redesigned version now consisting of 22 total speakers, everyone inside can enjoy complete surround and concert-quality music on every journey. It is all controlled right from the touchscreen display. 
  • Modern navigational features – The navigation map comes alive on the 17-inch monitor. You will be able to clearly see where you are and where you are going. 
  • Tri-Zone climate control – Split into three distinct zones, the driver can control airflow to everyone in the redesigned Model S right from the touchscreen display system. 
  • Heated seats – Even the seats can be heated right from a button that is pushed on the infotainment system. Every seat in the car has this feature, so it is easier to maintain climate control throughout the vehicle. 
  • Panoramic sun/moonroof – Views are spectacular from the redesigned Model S courtesy of the panoramic sun/moonroof. This can be opened or closed by pushing the appropriate buttons on the display. 
  • A complete array of driver assistance features – Nearly all of the Autopilot features included by Tesla can be activated by using the touchscreen display. Signals and alerts will be clearly shown there as well. 

One thing that is not included in the design of the redesigned Model S is the ability to integrate either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. In its place, Tesla has its own infotainment system that contains quite a few features. 

Features That Have Been Added to the New Model S

It is great to see that Tesla has made a conscious decision to keep up with evolving technology. With the redesigned Model S that is soon to enter production, three new features have been added that were not included with the original versions. Each of these are unique and beneficial in their own way. 

Interactive Features Available When Parked

As part of its commitment to safety, Tesla does not allow many of the streaming Internet and online features available with the Model S to be used while driving. However, these features are now accessible when the car is parked or while it is being charged. This allows drivers and passengers to be able to access the technology that they need the most. 

It becomes simple to surf the Internet. There is an included Wi-Fi hotspot on the Model S. When subscribed, anyone in the vehicle can log in and use their own device to surf the Net as they wish. There are also streaming video services available right on the 17-inch display. Among these are included Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, and YouTube. 

Keep Your Dog Safe and Cool

There has long been a concern that dogs should not be left in the car at any time due to the heat factor. This is particularly true during the hot summer months. In fact, many communities have enacted laws to guard against this. With the redesigned Tesla Model S, there is now a solution to this dilemma. 

Dog owners can rest easy knowing that there is a dog mode feature installed in the Model S. When activated, the climate control system will function as normal, even when the car is parked. This will keep the dog nice and cool. In addition, the display screen will clearly indicate the cabin temperature, so concerned onlookers will know that your dog is ok. 

Keep Watch Over Your Car

If you have ever wished that you could keep your eyes on your vehicle even when you are not there, the redesigned Model S provides you with a solution. There is now a sentry mode that continually monitors your vehicle for anything adverse that might happen to it. This feature is activated every time you put the car in park. 

If anybody attempts to break into the car, the system will record the entire scene. This will aid law enforcement in catching the guilty party. Video will also be recorded anytime a person or another object damages your car while it is parked. This can prove extremely helpful for insurance purposes. 

The Redesigned Model S Contains Much More

The new Model S is slated to come with a host of additional technology features that modern day drivers and passengers will appreciate. Most of these features are standard, while others can be purchased as part of an optional premium package. 

Some of the standard features will include: 

  • Digital cluster gauge on the dash
  • Navigational capability
  • Rear seat display system
  • HD Radio
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Five USB ports
  • Wireless charging

Also, the Tesla Autopilot is always available with the redesigned Model S. Owners can upgrade to the fully autonomous package for $10,000. 


Now that the redesigned Tesla Model S is in the final stages of production, it is time to consider whether or not this is the car for you. This is the sedan that put Tesla on the map and all indications predict that it will continue to get better. Take a look at the features mentioned in this article and decide for yourself if it is worth a closer look. 


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