This Is When Cybertruck Will Be Available in Australia

This Is When Cybertruck Will Be Available in Australia

From the time it was announced, the Cybertruck’s availability has been up in the air when it comes to Australia. In 2020, it was rumored that the full-sized Cybertruck would never come across the ocean. However, things have changed in 2021.

While there is no hard release date for Cybertruck in Australia, Elon Musk has indicated that Tesla expects the first deliveries of Cybertruck in Australia to begin in late 2021. However, full volume production and delivery of Cybertrucks will not be available in Australia until 2022.

Although Tesla isn’t delivering Cybertrucks in Australia yet, the number of reservations for the vehicle in Australia shows that the market is raring to go and ready to get behind the wheel of this newest Tesla marvel. Read on to learn more about when Cybertruck will be available in Australia and how you can get one.

First Cybertrucks Hit Australia in Late 2021

When Cybertruck was first announced by Tesla, Australians were disappointed to hear that there wasn’t much likelihood of this Tesla model ever making the jump for international import to overseas markets. The novelty of the model and some mixed responses to the truck’s initial design meant that Tesla was eager to try the Cybertruck out in its home market first.

Thankfully for Australian Tesla enthusiasts, the number of pre-orders and general hype surrounding the Cybertruck in Australia had enough impact to change Tesla’s plans. As of summer 2021, Tesla plans to begin production and delivery of Cybertrucks to Australia in the latter part of 2021.

The bad news about this announcement is that it isn’t set in stone. There is no specific release date for Cybertruck deliveries in Australia. That means that even though Tesla says they will deliver the first Australian Cybertrucks in late 2021, production delays or other issues might move that date back.

If Elon Musk is confident enough to state in public that the Cybertruck will begin full production in 2022, that’s enough to guarantee that at least some Australians will begin to see their Tesla trucks delivered by some point late next year.

Here are the major takeaways (Source: Drive):

  • Tesla originally did not plan to market the Cybertruck in Australia in 2020.

  • Market demand in Australia in 2021 and success of the Cybertruck in American markets caused Tesla to backtrack on this original decision and promise Cybertrucks to Australians sometime in late 2021 to 2022.

  • Cybertrucks will have limited availability in Australia until they enter full volume production in 2022.

Full Volume Production for Cybertruck in 2022

Even though Elon Musk has said that Tesla plans to begin delivering Cybertrucks to Australia in late 2021, he buffered this prediction by saying that the company would be “lucky” to meet this production goal. This makes it more realistic that most Australian customers won’t begin to see delivery of their Cybertrucks until 2022.

These are a few of the reasons why Cybertruck isn’t beginning full volume production until 2022 (Source: Auto Week):

  • New manufacturing equipment is necessary to make them: Of the multiple manufacturing plants that Tesla has, only one can produce Cybertrucks. This means that to increase the production volume, Tesla must retrofit some of its other gigafactories for Cybertruck manufacturing.

  • The truck’s looks are still in question: Even though the Cybertruck has already been revealed to worldwide audiences, a mixed reaction to the vehicle’s aesthetics means that there may still be changes made to its final cosmetic design. However, Tesla has not confirmed any changes to the Tesla design one way or the other.

  • Emphasis on domestic market: Since Cybertruck production is still so limited, all of the initial production orders will go to filling domestic deliveries before production begins for vehicles overseas.

  • Competitor assessment: Tesla will not begin full volume production of the Cybertruck until after other car brands have already begun full production on several other electric models, including Nissan and Ford. It stands to reason that Tesla will hold back on full production of the Cybertruck until they realize the market impact of their competitors.

While the Cybertruck has already been revealed to Australian audiences and been made available for pre-order, the final look and design of the Cybertruck is still very much up in the air. Without seeing Cybertruck in full production it’s hard to predict how quickly Australian consumers will get their vehicles delivered.

Why Does America Get Tesla Models First?

So why doesn’t Australia get access to Cybertrucks at the same time as American consumers do? The reason is because of Tesla’s relatively limited production compared to other brands. Because they specialize in a niche product (electric vehicles) they don’t have nearly the production capability of other mainstream car manufacturers.

Another issue is proximity. As of 2021, Tesla only has production facilities for vehicles in the following countries:

  • United States
  • China
  • Germany

Of these manufacturing centers, only the one in Texas in America is currently capable of producing Cybertruck vehicles. There are no means of producing Cybertrucks directly in Australia. This lack of manufacturing means that all Tesla vehicles that come into Australia must undergo rigorous inspections and duty taxes to be brought into the country.

A serious challenge to Tesla deliveries in Australia is demand. As of May 2021, there are over a million pre-orders for Tesla Cybertrucks worldwide, many of them originating in America. Some Americans have gone so far as to order 300 Tesla Cybertrucks so that they’re guaranteed at least one for early delivery. This will affect how quickly Australians receive their orders.

Is the Tesla Cybertruck for Sale in Australia?

Even though you can’t pick up a new Tesla Cybertruck in Australia yet, the good news is that pre-orders in Australia are open just like they are across the rest of the world. Tens of thousands of people have already reserved their Cybertruck digitally through Tesla’s customer support systems.

Another good piece of news is that Tesla will be offering the full-sized version of the Tesla Cybertruck on the Australian market. Initially, Tesla was only going to offer their full-size truck on the American market and save a smaller version for markets overseas. However, the demand for the original design forced the company to reconsider its position.

Cybertruck Full Size vs. the Wolverine Edition

Australia’s chances of getting a Cybertruck have changed dramatically since the model was first introduced by Tesla. When the electric truck was first announced by the company, there was no expectation that the model would ever be sold overseas.

The large size of the truck and its extended range weren’t in as high of a demand in European and Asian markets, where commutes are generally shorter and parking much more limited.

However, the same features that make the full size Cybertruck a dark horse in the European market make it appealing to Australians. Like Americans, Australians need the extra space and range for long cross-country treks.

In 2021, it was decided that Tesla would offer both the full size Cybertruck edition and a smaller version known as the “Wolverine” edition that was geared more towards European and Asian markets. This gives Australians just as much choice in their Cybertruck as any other consumer on the world market.

How Do You Order a Cybertruck in Australia?

Ordering a Cybertruck in Australia is as easy as ordering it anywhere else. One of the major advantages of getting a vehicle through Tesla is that they take digital convenience into consideration.

Here are the steps you need to take to secure a Cybertruck reservation in Australia:

  • Go to the Tesla website and select your country of origin as Australia. Once you’re on the page for your country, select Order under the Cybertruck image.

  • Set up an account with Tesla. Signing up for an account allows you to track the pre-order of your Cybertruck and keep up with brand news. Setting up an account requires the input of personal information. This includes data such as your name, address, and credit card payment information to secure your pre-order.

  • Pay your deposit fee. The deposit fee for the Cybertruck is a fully-refundable, small percentage of the total cost of the vehicle that helps hold your spot on the waitlist for when full production of the Cybertruck begins.

Once you’ve made a reservation for your Cybertruck, you’ll receive all the latest news directly from Tesla on when the Tesla will be in full production and when you can expect your Cybertruck to be delivered. While there is no scheduled date for Cybertrucks to begin delivery to Australian consumers, signing up for a Cybertruck reservation ensures you’ll be the first to know.

How Much Is the Deposit for a Cybertruck?

Even though it may be a year or so before everybody in Australia who wants a Cybertruck is able to drive one, the deposit to get on the waitlist for a Cybertruck isn’t bad at all. For only a hundred and fifty American dollars, you can set up your reservation for a Cybertruck through Tesla’s website.

This reservation deposit is completely refundable up to the point that you have your vehicle delivered if you decide at any time that you don’t want to order a Tesla Cybertruck anymore. The low cost of a reservation slot has caused many Tesla fanatics to put in multiple pre-orders to get the earliest slot available.

How Much Will Cybertruck Cost in Australia?

Cybertruck may be on sale in Australia, at a minimum of $69,495, but this novelty electrical truck won’t come cheap. There are many factors that make purchasing a Tesla Cybertruck in Australia more expensive than purchasing one in the United States. Here are a few of the reasons why it’s more expensive to buy a Tesla in Australia (Source: Ridgeback Bodies):

  • Shipping fees: Cybertrucks must be imported into Australia, so they’re subject to shipping fees that domestic vehicle sales for Cybertruck aren’t subject to. These fees cover the costs of transport as well as regulatory inspections.

  • Currency conversion: Australian currency isn’t worth as much as American currency, so the price of a Cybertruck in America will automatically be more expensive in Australia than it would be in America. 

  • Luxury car tax: Since it is classified as an import luxury car, Tesla Cybertrucks are subject to a luxury car tax that is tacked onto the purchase costs. The luxury car tax can add several thousand dollars to the final price of the vehicle.

  • Accessories and options: There are many different options and accessories that consumers can purchase to customize their Cybertruck. Most of these options aren’t included in the base price of the vehicle and are added on in the final cost of the vehicle.

Along with being more expensive to purchase in Australia, Australia doesn’t have the same government purchase incentives such as tax credits that the American government offers to Tesla consumers. While they do offer a reduced stamp duty and registration, these financial discounts aren’t as attractive as the ones offered by the United States government.

Even though these expenses are a drawback to owning a Tesla Cybertruck in Australia, most of them pretty much apply to all cars in Australia across the board. Since Australia doesn’t manufacture its own vehicles domestically as of 2017, the country is at the mercy of foreign imports and all the additional fees that entails.

Should You Buy a Cybertruck in Australia?

There’s a lot of reasons why getting your hands on a Cybertruck in Australia can be a little trickier than getting one in the United States, and more expensive too. Is it even worth the trouble?

The answer for many people is a resounding yes! The Cybertruck is a unique Tesla model quite different from anything the company has offered in the electric vehicle market before. Here are just a few of the advantages that the Cybertruck offers consumers:

  • Built-in charging capability: Tesla Cybertrucks come with the ability to charge themselves through integrated solar technology. This option can add up to forty miles of driving range per day if it’s included.

  • Self-driving mode: Like some of Tesla’s other models, Cybertrucks come equipped with a self-driving mode that can greatly simplify operation of the truck. This state-of-the-art technology is only offered in a few electric and luxury vehicles. Note: Even Tesla models that are billed as self-driving cannot be left to operate without a driver. (Source: CarBuzz)

  • Multiple motor options: The Tesla Cybertruck comes with three different motor options: a single motor, a dual motor, and a tri-motor. Each of these different motor options incrementally increases both the cost and the driving performance of the truck.

  • Extended range: The Cybertruck’s multiple motor options allow this electric vehicle to operate with a range of up to five hundred miles. This makes the tri-motor Cybertruck a good option for those who live in the outback and must travel long distances between charging stations.

  • Off-road capability: Speaking of the outback, the Cybertruck is designed with off-road travel in mind. With features like adaptive suspension, sixteen inch undercarriage clearance, and all-wheel-drive, this is the perfect Tesla model for more adventurous people who want to go off the beaten path.

  • High-end efficiency and performance: The Cybertruck is one of the most aerodynamic and energy-efficient Tesla models designed yet. Aiming at a drag coefficient of only 0.30, this would make the Cybertruck the sleekest truck on the market. (Source: Evxplore)

As you can see, there’s plenty of reasons why you might be tempted to reserve yourself a Cybertruck early. If you’re already in the market for an electric vehicle and you want a truck with an aesthetic you literally won’t see in any other brand on Earth, you should get signed up before the waitlist gets any longer.

Should You Wait to Purchase a Tesla Cybertruck?

There may be many Tesla enthusiasts who are jumping on the waitlist for a Tesla Cybertruck, but there are also many who are choosing to wait until the Cybertruck increases in availability before making the investment. Is there any advantage to taking the patient route?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to wait on reserving a Tesla Cybertruck until they start full production:

  • Delivery dates are uncertain: Because there’s no official news on when Tesla will start delivering the first Cybertrucks to Australia, there’s no way to know when you’ll be getting your new vehicle or even if you’ll get access to one.

  • Reduced prices: If you can bring yourself to wait for a year or two after Tesla begins delivering Cybertrucks, you may be able to receive one at a significant discount. Keep in mind that all cars depreciate sharply as soon as they’re purchased. Waiting until the vehicle’s base price is reduced can make options more affordable.

  • Tesla’s production delays: While Elon Musk talks a big game, Tesla has run into significant production delays in the past due to overestimating their ability to deliver on orders. Hopefully many of these production issues will be resolved with the opening of several new Tesla factories, but they’re still enough to be a cause for concern.

Whether you decide to reserve a Cybertruck now or you want to wait until they’re easier to get access to, all Australian consumers better get ready for a wait. It’s possible some Cybertrucks might arrive in late 2021, but given Tesla’s track record it isn’t likely.

Cybertrucks Are Coming to Australia

Australians may have to wait longer to drive their Cybertrucks than American consumers and pay more for the privilege, but at least they’ll be getting a chance to do it. While the future of the Cybertruck in Australia’s market wasn’t always a certain thing, it’s safe to say now that these futuristic electric trucks will be hitting the outback soon enough.

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