This Is What The CyberTruck Should Look Like

This Is What The CyberTruck Should Look Like

Trucks are some of the worst vehicles on the road when it comes to thinking about preserving the environment and stopping pollution. This is why environmentalists were so happy when Tesla announced that it would soon be making an entirely electrically powered truck known as the CyberTruck. But what is a truck that doesn’t run on traditional diesel fuel going to look like?

Although preliminary models and photos of the CyberTruck have already been released by Tesla, many fans do not agree with its look. And this had led to much clamor in the truck world as to what the people believe the CyberTruck should look like.

Whether you are a fan of the CyberTruck concept or not, having a truck that runs on electrical power is truly a breakthrough technology. And just because the first models have been released by Tesla, this doesn’t mean that this is absolutely what the CyberTruck will look like in the final design. So keep reading to discover what people think the CyberTruck should look like and the possibility of this happening in the future.

What Does The CyberTruck Look Like?

First and foremost, it should be established what the CyberTruck models that have been released look like for those who have not yet seen them. This is where the problems begin. Trucks have always been easy to spot because of their traditional profile—a cab with an attached truck bed that is flat. And, well, the CyberTruck looks nothing of the sort.

Where trucks always had a homey look, the CyberTruck is very angular and opposing, but the other problem is, it doesn’t even look much like a truck! Rather it looks more like an SUV with an extended truck or back hatch space. But don’t be fooled, as this truck was designed to hold just as much as a Ford F-150.

And while the CyberTruck does have higher clearance than any other Tesla model vehicle currently on the market, It doesn’t have that high clearance that most people picture when they think of a truck. Not to mention the front windshield looks like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, and maybe it is!

But before you start to feel down about the bashing of the appearance of the CyberTruck, there is some good feature as well! Despite its non-traditional shape, the exterior exoskeleton of the CyberTruck does truly look like it can withstand any beating you may put it through, and science says this is true.

Outfitted with a stainless-steel exterior and armored glass, there’s no way anyone is going to be able to damage this vehicle of yours. When the vehicle was demonstrated on stage, it was repeatedly hit with a baseball bat, and not even a single dent resulted. How’s that for durability?

What Should The CyberTruck Look Like?

Now that it’s been covered what they CyberTruck is currently slated to look like when it finally enters production, it’s time to talk about what it should look like based on what Tesla fans claim to want from it as a truck.  

It Should Be Higher Off The Ground

Truck owners unanimously agree, but they believe that the CyberTruck should be higher off the ground. The current clearance of the vehicle isn’t enough to give it a true truck look. And although the exterior shell is rated as difficult to damage, people wonder how strong the undercarriage will be.

If the undercarriage isn’t outfitted with the same durability as the rest of the exoskeleton of the truck, then it’s highly likely that the truck could be damaged during off-roading activities. And this is one of the main reasons people choose to own trucks in the first place!

Furthermore, many truck owners enjoy upgrading their suspension and tire size to suit their preferences. With the current look of the CyberTruck, many speculate if they will upgrade the suspension height as they please. Hopefully, Elon Musk will eventually consider this as he designs newer generations of the CyberTruck.

And even if he does, there is no guarantee that the CyberTruck would have enough power from its electric battery to move a vehicle that has been lifted to monster truck height. But hopefully, Tesla can develop and answer this problem because, after all, they are Tesla and are known for doing the impossible!

The Truck Bed Should Be More Obvious

Again, many dislike the fact that from the initial look, you can’t tell that the CyberTruck is capable of carrying anything. In its current model, the truck bed is enclosed with a cover—which can come in handy in areas that experience a lot of weather. But even if you leave the cover off, the way the exterior is built still doesn’t leave people thinking “truck.”

But this isn’t without reason. When you tow something with your pickup truck, the vehicle’s frame takes the brunt of the abuse. This is what establishes the towing limit of vehicles. The Tesla CyberTruck has hidden pillars in the frame that allow it to pull more weight than traditional trucks on the market.

If you start to change the frame of the vehicle, well, these pillars may be impossible to hide or could look worse than the current design. So, for the time being, the shape of the truck will probably be here to stay.

There Needs To Be Safety Features

All of the gripings from traditional truck lovers aside, the prototype for the CyberTruck is missing a few key items. First of all, there are no mirrors pictured or featured with the CyberTruck prototype, and these will, of course, be required to make the vehicle street legal. And who knows if these mirrors will be able to withstand the same damage as the exterior and how they will lower the vehicle’s top speed.

Honestly, imagine putting mirrors on the CyberTruck as it looks now. Seems a bit weird, right? This is probably why the mirrors haven’t been included on any of the designs yet—to keep people excited about the futuristic look of this new truck before they have to ruin it with safety features.

Also, in the current prototype, the wheel spokes extend over the tire sidewalls, which can cause the spokes to be ground out without even just regular use. Once these items are fixed and implemented, it’s hard to say exactly what the CyberTruck will look like when it finally undergoes testing.

Once the CyberTruck undergoes its road and crash testing, it will be much easier to see what will need to be changed in the design and what the final result may be. Until then, fans can only speculate on what changes can be made from the original prototype demonstrated on stage.

Who Designed The CyberTruck?

Elon Musk designed the CyberTruck back in 2016, based on ideas he had in 2012 and 2013 to make a truck that could rival the Ford F-150 without doing as much damage to the environment.

Musk is an avid fan of the movie Blade Runner and thus decided to design the truck as something that someone may see in that movie. He wanted it to look futuristic. He also likes that the shape of the truck is a bit amphibious, hinting that he may be looking to invent the car that transforms into a submarine in the future.

Will The CyberTruck Actually Look Like The Pictures?

Despite some of the small changes that need to happen before the CyberTruck can be produced, Elon Musk has specified that he wants to keep the same general look. This is because he believes the CyberTruck will be part of moving society towards the future, and he wants it to look the part.

So this means that yes if you order a CyberTruck, although it may look slightly different, it will have the same futuristic look you are currently seeing in photos and in the prototype that was revealed on stage.

Will The CyberTruck Look Like A Normal Truck?

As much as people are clamoring about how weird the CyberTruck looks, it certainly has gained a lot of popularity and free publicity for the Tesla brand. Even with the small changes that need to be made in order for the truck to be street-legal, Elon Musk likes the look of the truck too much for there to be many large changes.

This being said, no, the CyberTruck will probably never look like a Ford or Toyota truck that you may have in mind when you think of a pickup truck.

Will The CyberTruck Come In Other Colors?

Like many aspects of the CyberTruck, it has not yet been announced if other colors will be available or if all drivers will have to stick with the plain silver finish. In the past, Tesla has only offered mostly plain color vehicles, to begin with, like black, for their first-generation vehicle.

But maybe the CyberTruck will be different, and drivers will have a color selection to choose from once production begins.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Know What The CyberTruck Will Look Like?

One of the things that may be confusing people is why there is so much information out there about the CyberTruck, but no final image or prototype. And this is because even though the CyberTruck has been officially announced by Tesla, no testing or production has actually occurred.

This means that most of the images of the Tesla CyberTruck that you see are computer-generated, or photoshopped, to make it look like this vehicle has been on the road. But as mentioned above, this truck is not street legal, and no official testing has occurred.

However, certain vehicle specifications have been released, but there is no promise that the final product will contain all of them to the promised levels. For now, the expected specifications of the CyberTruck include seating for up to six people in the cab, between 400-800 HP depending on the model, a range of 250-500 miles, and the ability to go from 0-60 in between 3-7 seconds.

The CyberTruck is also expected to have an impressive top speed of almost 130 mph, a payload capacity of 3,500 pounds, and a towing capacity of up to 14,000 pounds, again dependent on the model you decide to purchase.

When Will The CyberTruck Be Released?

The only way to truly know what the CyberTruck will look like is to work in the Tesla development department or wait for the vehicle to be released for purchase. Speaking of which, when can people expect the CyberTruck to become available?

When it was originally announced, Musk indicated that the Tesla CyberTruck would be released in the second half of 2021. Well, the year is over half over, and there is no CyberTruck in sight. While the site where the CyberTruck will be produced has been built in Texas, Musk recently announced that the Tesla Model Y would be produced there first.

This means that it is unlikely that the CyberTruck will enter production this year. And since no new street-legal drawings of the truck have surfaced either, truck fans can probably expect to have to wait a while for the vehicle’s release.

How Much Will The CyberTruck Cost?

Compared to some of Musk’s other projects he is currently working to produce, the CyberTruck is actually relatively affordable. This is because the cost you will pay for your truck depends on the number of motors you want your CyberTruck to have.

More motors mean more power, and if you want to get a truck that performs at the highest ranges of specifications mentioned previously, you will need the CyberTruck with three engines. This will only set you back a mere estimated $70,000. Of course, this is before any extras you may choose to add to your CyberTruck, so keep this in mind when filling out your order.

If you’ve decided that the above prices are too expensive but still want one of these funky-looking trucks in your driveway, then check out the two-engine model for about $50,000 or the single-engine model for an affordable $40,000.

Are There Any Accessories That Might Change The Look Of The CyberTruck?

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but that cream-colored camper with the orange stripe down the middle is simply not going to match your new CyberTruck. The same can be said for some of the other accessories you might have sitting around for your current diesel engine truck. This is why the Tesla company plans to offer a range of accessories for the CyberTruck.


It is highly likely that Tesla will design a camper to match the aerodynamic style of the Cyber Truck. But knowing Elon Musk, this attachment will be completely solar-powered, environmentally friendly, and probably take years to make. You’ll have to make do with your old camper for now. 

Camping Attachments

If you simply can’t do with your camper looking so poorly next to your streamlined CyberTruck, then better hope Tesla designs camping attachments first. There have been some mock-ups of designs in the media, but none of which were issued by Tesla themselves.

One mock-up features a soft-sided camping topper—which shouldn’t take too long to make as it doesn’t feature any electrical components. In theory, campers could slide a mattress onto the truck bed then use the soft top sort of as a tent. The same mock-up also features a couch and table attachment, but this might be a bit of wishful thinking just yet.

Snow Plow

One of the main reasons people tend to have trucks is because they live in rugged or rough climates where they need to scale rocks as well as clear their driveway or yard from mounds of snow. This has left many people wondering if Tesla will have a snow plow attachment.

As of now, one has not been announced, but if Musk is monitoring the online chatter about the CyberTruck as many assume he is, then it is highly likely that he already knows that people want one. And this is an easy attachment to make, so it will probably be offered at some point. However, Musk is often known for overcomplicating things, so he could do the same with this, effectively delaying its development for a year or two.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the Tesla CyberTruck, whether you love or hate the design, it is likely here to stay. There will obviously need to be some adjustments to the original design, but since the designer wants to keep the same look, don’t hold your breath for any major changes from the futuristic Blade Runner look.

So if you have your heart set on a normal-looking pickup truck, it’s time to look at another manufacturer. But for those that like to stand out or simply adore the look of this vehicle, the utility it promises in your life is sure to be worth the strange looks! Either way, the CyberTruck isn’t in production quite yet, so there’s no hurry because you certainly still have time to decide if the CyberTruck will be your next truck.


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