This Is What A Tesla Solar Roof Is Really Made Of

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Solar Roofs are important to the environment and our pockets. Tesla’s solar roofs have unique characteristics that stand out from other competitors. Tesla not only produces cars, but they have expanded their market by providing solar roof services.

A Tesla Solar Roof is a combination of regular and photovoltaic solar shingles, made of tempered glass. These shingles have a lifespan of 25+ years and look like a regular roof to make it very aesthetically pleasing.

When you pass a house and see a huge panel on top of the roof, you can identify it right away as a solar panel. Tesla solar roofs do things a little differently than others. If you are interested in discovering the ins and outs of the Tesla solar roof, continue reading. You will be surprised to learn what Tesla really uses to make its solar roof.

What is a Tesla Solar Roof Made Of?

Tesla solar roofs are made of tempered glass. The tempered glass generates renewable energy and saves money long-term.

These tiles are designed to collect solar energy to meet the different needs of the home. The tempered glass is not visible to the passerby and gives the home a more natural look. It is three times stronger than regular roofing tiles making them more durable than other solar panels.  

Tesla’s latest model available on the market is version 3.0, also known as V3. This version is not a replacement of the previous versions; rather, it enhances what has been done in the past.

Each tile installed is actually a combination of two types of glass tiles:

  • Solar tiles: Has solar cells
  • Non-solar tiles: Regular tiles

How Solar Tiles Work

Solar tiles turn sunlight into clean energy, allowing homeowners or even business owners to participate in the advances in technology. Since the tile is made out of tempered glass, the roof tile is able to capture the sun’s energy much more efficiently.

The Efficiency of Each Tile

The efficiency of each Tesla tile depends on the dimension of the product. Compared to the previous version, the overall system is much more efficient. Tesla’s tiles are considered to be efficient for the following reasons:

  • It is tempered glass, which makes it 3x more durable than standard roof tiles.
  • Each tile has between 2-16 solar cells.
  • Each tile covers more square footage than previous versions, resulting in increased efficiency.

Types of Solar Roofs

Tesla’s recent increase in popularity has allowed them to expand their solar business beyond the automobile line.

Their expertise in solar technology has allowed customers the opportunity to have an energy-efficient home. At the same time, they can have a roof that looks good and matches the rest of the house. Their color and trim are unique due to the technology and high-quality material that is used. Each shingle appears to be more natural, and you won’t even notice the solar tiles on top.

Tesla’s four types of solar roofs available are (from left-to-right):

  • Tuscan Glass
  • Slate Glass
  • Textured Glass
  • Smooth Glass
The Ultimate Tesla Roof Styles Guide

The style of your home will indicate the type of tile that will be installed. This installation design is based on a 3D model. This model is presented to the homeowner before the job begins.  

The Price of a Tesla Solar Roof

To some people, investing in an energy-efficient roof could be affordable, while it might seem overpriced to others. The cost of a solar roof averages about six to seven dollars per watt, and the average installation price is $16,000.

Solar roofs can be expensive but are beneficial to the environment and, ultimately, to our pockets. It is a benefit that requires patience because profit comes after. Having an energy-efficient home comes with perks such as getting tax credits or no longer having an electric bill, resulting in major savings.

Another important benefit of using clean energy is that it prevents:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Air and water pollution
  • Climate change

Does Tesla Offer Discounts on Solar Roof?

Tesla solar panels are already the lowest price-per-watt solar panels on the market, but are there any other ways to save money when ordering?

In short, the only way to get a discount on Tesla solar panels is by using an existing Tesla owners “referral link” when ordering your Tesla solar panels.

Tesla has did this same “referral program” concept with it’s vehicles and essentially it allows new customers to get a discount on their purchase by using an existing customers personal referral link.

In regards to Tesla solar discounts, using a Tesla referral link when ordering will save you $300 off solar panels or $500 off solar roof.

The referral discounts are typically only available for a limited time before Tesla stops offering the discount, so take advantage of the savings while you can.

tesla solar panel discount

Installation Process

Installing a regular roof is already a tedious task. Just imagine having to install solar panel tiles. Each solar service is completed by placing shingles similarly to how a traditional roof would be installed. The only difference is that the shingles have tiles that have to be secured.

Each shingle has to be connected individually by following these steps:

Placing Waterproof Underlayment

Underlayment is a layer placed under roof shingles to protect the foundation from damage. An underlayment also prevents installers from slipping and allows them to manage the completion of the work better.

Framing Roof

The next step is to use metal to frame the edges and peaks of the roof. The metal framing protects the solar panels from getting damaged by draining water or waste all year round.

An important thing to know is that Tesla produces their own framing to ensure their products’ quality. Their products are all insured in case anything happens in the future.

Installing Tiles and Bricks

The step to this process is installing three tile PV modules on the wider parts of the roof. These tiles are preassembled and come with mounting bricks already attached to secure the panels.

Tesla places single sheet tempered glass on the rest of the roof. The single sheet glass is placed on the smaller section of the roof to maximize solar power collection.

Connecting the System

The final but most important part of the installation is connecting the PV module to the roof through pre-installed connectors. These connectors are attached to an RSD (Rapid Shutdown Device) near the supports of the roof. 

Difference Between Tesla Solar Roofs and Solar Panels 

Tesla installs both solar tiles and solar panels.

When you review an electricity bill, many of the charges are difficult to understand. Having renewable energy allows you to be in charge of your own electricity consumption.

Solar Roofs

As we’ve discussed, Tesla’s solar roofs are made of tempered glass tiles. These tiles completely replace the original roof. This is why it is recommended that if you need to replace your roof, this option would be the best fit for you. While having a solar roof can be an option, the pros and cons can clarify any doubt.

Don’t need to drill holes to installCannot utilize light effectively when the sun sets
Newest technologyReplaces roof completely
Can control how much your roof producesPremium required
30+ year lifespanLower efficiency
Has visual appealMore expensive

If budget is not the problem, the solar roof is the more recommended option.  

Solar Panels

Solar panels are more familiar in the energy efficiency industry. This is a more conventional route to take if you don’t need your roof replaced. There are also pros and cons to getting solar panels.

Read and formulate your own conclusions regarding this option.

Do not need to cover the entire roofCannot take panel with you if you move
Faster return on investmentHas intermittent energy
High efficiencyInstallation takes longer to complete 
Less expensiveRoof position can affect solar power
More stable technologyThe roof has to be in good condition

Final Thoughts

As Tesla continues to expand, the ingenuity of the company has introduced a more modern approach to turning sunlight into electricity. Tesla provides customers with the option of taking part in their solar roof technology.

Not only is it good for the environment but also the saving that we are going to gain. Tesla’s photovoltaic shingles, along with the tempered glass, can be a good long-term investment. The material used can be a worthy reason to invest in a solar roof.

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