This Is How Long the Cybertruck Takes to Charge

This Is How Long the Cybertruck Takes to Charge

You’ve no doubt seen Tesla’s biggest reveal, a new vehicle that looks like it will change the way transportation is done in the future, with an affordable and sleek package. The Tesla Cybertruck is a game-changing electric vehicle. One reason you might be interested in investing in this car for you and your family is the fast charging time.

The Cybertruck can charge an empty battery to 100% in approximately 21 hours and 30 minutes on a regular charge, at a speed of 35km/h, or around 44 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 80% in fast charging, at a speed of 710 km/h.

With your battery charged, you’ll be on the road in no time. There are several things you can do to speed up this charging time even further, and you’ll have lots of options on where and how you charge. You’ll definitely want to know what these are if you want to make the most out of your future cyber truck

Charging Your Cybertruck

The Cybertruck is effective because it can be charged in several ways, and these methods each have their own advantages and charging times. Slow charging is a method that can be done in the convenience of your own home, and fast charging can be done in a Tesla Supercharger location. The Cybertruck has a total Battery Capacity of 100.0 kWh.

As the name implies, fast charging can be done more quickly and can get you on the road as fast as possible, while slow charging can work in the background while you relax at home. How fast you’ll notice the charge time depends on how many kilometers a battery can drive on a specific charge.

The more kilometers per hour charged, the faster the charge time will be. When you charge at home, you’ll charge at a speed of 36 km/h, and at a fast charge station, it’ll be a whopping 740 km/h. 

The biggest advantage this truck provides is electric charging and travel so that you’ll never need to spend money on gas again, all while being better for the environment.

Within the electric vehicle like the cyber truck, you can charge your car at home every night and always be ready to go in the mornings with a full tank, or for long road trips, you’ll be able to stop at mini convenient locations and charge while you wait.

Why Choose the Cyber Truck

The Cybertruck is Tesla’s latest and possibly greatest offering in the vehicle space. You may have seen several tesla vehicles, or you might even own one yourself, but the cyber truck is a whole other animal.

With a unique form factor that you won’t see in any other vehicle and a sturdy frame built for safety that can keep you safe from almost any imaginable instance, it’s easy to see why the Cyber truck is a popular option for would-be vehicle owners.

Some of the benefits to this truck are a powerful armor glass frame for passenger safety, an autopilot feature that enables self-driving, and even a solar charging feature that lets you drive an extra range of up to 40 miles a day.

Advantages of Electric Charging

With most electric cars, you’re able to see a lot of perks thanks to electric charging. With the cyber truck, you’re also getting a breadth of other features that will only enhance your driving experience further.

  • While your electric car is charging, you can sleep soundly at night without having to worry about anything like making an extra trip to the gas station, wasting money that would be otherwise spent somewhere else, or forgetting to fill up and being stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  • In the case of an emergency, you’ll never be left without gas because your tank can be at full capacity starting every single day, and if you’re going on a really long trip, you’ll be able to fill up on the way, making it so that long and short distances are manageable.
  • Compared to other electric vehicles, the Cybertruck can charge at a faster rate. Thanks to the Tesla supercharger network, you can begin charging instantly and be ready to drive in less than an hour. Leave your car to charge while you take care of other business, and you’ll be ready by the time you’re done

Options on ways you can charge your vehicle will really change up your overall experience. If you were driving a regular car, you’d have no choice but to visit a gas station and shell out whatever the gas price demands, but electric charging puts the power in your own hands.

Where and How to Charge a Cybertruck

With the Cybertruck, you’ll have the ability to Charge the vehicle in multiple ways so that you’re never stuck on low battery.

  • If you are at a supercharger location, you’d be able to fill up your battery by up to 80% in around 30 minutes.
  • If you happen to be at home or driving shorter distances, then all you need to do is charge it the night before you sleep to wake up to a full battery in the morning

You can charge the truck by either plugging it in with a Tesla-provided outlet and charging cable that you can install in your own home or a convenient charging location.

These Tesla supercharger locations can be found all across the land and allow you to charge roughly 80% of your vehicle in 30 minutes, making for a convenient stop while you grab a quick bite to eat during a long ride.

There are over 25,000 stations across the world, and the best part is that even when you’re away from home, charging can be much cheaper than what you would pay if you were getting gas.

Charging a Cybertruck at Home: What You Need and Where to Go

What you’ll need is a wall connector for your home, which can be installed in your garage by an electrician fairly easily. These wall connectors are customizable to many common power supplies and offer convenient plug-and-play charging so that you don’t need to worry about any complicated steps.

These can be found in The Tesla store in varying sizes to fit your needs. If living in a multi-unit dwelling like an apartment or a condo, you will have to request an installation in your local area.

How Long it Takes to Charge a Cybertruck

Electric cars like the Cybertruck can have huge advantages like saving money from buying gas every time you go on a long trip, and they are much more environmentally friendly.

Hybrid models and fully electric vehicles have become popular because they are unequivocally the better option for most users. If you never owned an electric vehicle like the Cyber truck, you’ll be in for a whole new experience with charging your vehicle instead of filling it up.

What Determines Charge Time

The time it takes to fully charge the Cybertruck can depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The state of your battery, whether it’s empty or not. An empty battery will take longer to charge, but if your battery is over 10% full, you’ll notice that it will go by at a different rate.
  • The location of your charge can also play a big role in how long it will take. For example, if you stop at a supercharger location, you’ll be ready to hit the road in around half an hour, but if you plan on charging with a regular home outlet, you should expect to leave it overnight before it gets full
  • The weather can also play a role in how long it takes to charge your vehicle. Sometimes colder temperature leaves vehicles working more and thus makes them less able to charge quickly so you may notice a slight increase in charging time if it gets colder outside

To optimize your charge time, you should Carefully consider when you are charging your vehicle based on how much time you have and where you will be charging. If your battery is completely drained, you should expect to dedicate more time to the charging process, but if you just want a quick bump to get you the next couple of miles over, then it shouldn’t take very long at all.

Why Invest in a Cybertruck

The cybertruck can be a great investment for a new vehicle because it is so efficient for what the common everyday person would use. It’s likely that you’ll never run out of fuel because you can build your vehicle to 100% every night and wake up with a full tank every morning. These vehicles are eco-friendly and feature reasonable power consumption, ensuring that not only are you safe on the road, the environment, and your wallet is safe too.


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