The Ultimate Tesla Roof Styles Guide

The Ultimate Tesla Roof Styles Guide

Tesla may have started out in the motor business, but this award-winning company was destined for much bigger and better things. Tesla recently came out with the technology to revolutionize the solar roof industry and people are taking notice. Tesla Solar features four different styles of tile pieces that fit together like a puzzle.

Although the wait for the Tesla Roof can range from lengthy to ridiculous, the solar features can be worth your while and your patience, especially if you live in a sunny area. The different styles of shingle pieces can be difficult to choose from, as they are all showstoppers. Read on to learn more about the various Tesla Roof styles.

Tesla Roof Styles

Tesla Roof may not be the first distributor of solar panels, and may not even be the first to produce a solar roof, but they have no problem in standing out from the crowd. Tesla Roof is easily the most visually appealing solar roof because instead of consisting of large, clunky solar panels, the solar technology has been condensed into small tiles.

Each of these tiles has more technology inside than you would likely know what to do with, making each and every shingle a technical marvel in and of itself. The shingles come in four different designs, so the only thing you have to worry about is which roof style is best going to fit the theme and style of your home.

The four styles of Tesla Roof shingles are:

  • Smooth Glass Tile
  • Tuscan Glass Tile
  • Slate Glass Tile
  • Textured Glass Tile

These four separate types of tile shingles are different enough that there is almost assuredly going to be a design that will fit with the style of your dream home. Each of these shingles has been tested to be three times stronger than your average roof tile, making them an excellent choice for the longevity and lifespan of your roof.

You can use Tesla Solar tiles to replace your old roof and have it pay for itself over time, or you can just go straight to this excellent option if you are building a new home. These tiles also go through strict testing to prove they are some of the best at withstanding wind and hail damage, and will not cause any electrical fires.

Smooth Glass Tile

Once you have already made the decision to take the plunge and have the Tesla Solar Roof installed onto your home, the only thing you have to focus on is which style is the best look for you. The Smooth Glass Tile Roof looks the most high-tech and has a sleek, new age appearance.

The straightforward and clean lines from this style offer a polished look to a more contemporary home. Understated elegance is a great way to describe the look of these tiles and you are almost guaranteed to be the envy of the entire neighborhood. Hopefully you will not get too tired of bragging about your new Smooth Glass Tiles!

Tuscan Glass Tile

The Tuscan Glass Tile Roof is a more classic and timeless style that is sure to turn a few heads. The whole point of this style is to save you money with solar power, pay for itself before the 25 year warranty runs out, and have people on the street be completely unaware that you even have a solar roof!

With the help of solar energy, you can cut your electric bill way down and have the power of the sun do all the work. Tesla Solar Roofs are:

  • Capable of paying for themselves
  • Longer lasting and more durable than your average tile or shingle roof
  • Able to give you the power to take control of your budget and even have the electric company pay you

These glass tiles were designed with the Italian Renaissance in mind, and somehow also borrowed from a more Spanish heritage. This style goes well on any type of house, but especially works with similar architectural and landscape designs.

Slate Glass Tile

Slate roofs have been all the rage for hundreds of years. This style of roof is usually more expensive than a shingle roof, but is also lower maintenance, longer lasting, and can be more energy efficient. As desirable as a slate roof is, only the Tesla Slate Glass Roof can also store solar energy and help lower your electricity usage.

The Tesla Solar Roof is expensive and there is no sense in beating around the bush when it comes to that subject. However, if you already had your heart set on a slate roof, the price difference is not too far off, and the Tesla model definitely beats out the competition when it comes to long term savings.

Slate roofs usually have to be shaped and cut with precision, and expertly placed to ensure the desired effect. The Tesla Slate Glass Tile Roof gives you the curb appeal of a slate roof, with all the added benefits that a Tesla Roof can provide.

Textured Glass Tile

Since each individual tile on a Tesla Solar Roof is in and of itself a tiny solar powered panel, one of the features that shocks the average consumer is how natural and unassuming the appearance is. The Textured Glass Tile Roof is exactly that: natural-looking and unassuming.

In addition to these awesome benefits, Tesla Solar Roof Tiles will always:

  • Be tested and engineered for all weather
  • Be placed on top of waterproof material to ensure your home stays nice and dry
  • Give you the ability to watch where your power goes with the help of the Tesla app

The design for these solar tiles is seamless, and the Textured Glass style was likely borrowed from historic structures as far away as ancient China and Babylon. This means that if your house has a more historic and classic look to it, the implementation of a Textured Glass Tile Roof from Tesla would complement your house the best.

How Long is the Wait For a Tesla Solar Roof?

Although the long waitlist for a product usually tells you how quality the product really is, the wait time for the Tesla Solar Roof borders on the ridiculous. Although Tesla claims that the average wait time for the installation of your Tesla Solar Roof is approximately one week, many customers have strongly disagreed and say they waited much longer.

Furthermore, although the average Tesla Roof consumer was pleased with the performance of their roof and was overjoyed with their lowered electricity bill, customers have been less than impressed with the customer service involved. Many customers have said that the wait time to get inspections and permits alone was outrageous.

Granted, this problem was one of few concerns customers have had to deal with in regards to the Tesla Roof, and all seems to be forgiven once the actual roof is installed. It is worth mentioning though, with a 25 year warranty, you might have to deal further with unhelpful customer service representatives in the future. Keep that in mind.

All that being said, if you can afford to replace or build your roof with Tesla, and you do not mind waiting a potentially absurd amount of time for a solar roof, the long term benefits will outweigh the temporary annoyances.

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