The Tesla Model X Roof Shade and Alternatives

The Tesla Model X Roof Shade and Alternatives

The view from the panoramic windshield of the Tesla Model X is impressive, allowing a nearly unobstructed view from the front windshield to the mid-top of the roof. However, with that superior view comes significantly increased exposure to the sun’s rays and heat.

To help combat the problems that so much sun and heat exposure could cause, Tesla started offering removable, interior sunshades to Model X customers. In this article, we look at how well these roof shades work as well as alternatives. Read on to learn more about the Tesla Model X roof, roof shades, and additional options for sunshades.

How Do Tesla Model X Roof Shades Work?

The Tesla Model X has a panoramic windshield and roof, meaning that there is no dividing material (except for the rear view mirror) between the windshield and the front roof. Not only does this provide an extended view for the front seat passengers, but the rear falcon wing doors have glass skylights on the roof, as well.

All of this glass instead of roof allows for a lot of light to reach the interior of the vehicle. This has led to some issues for Tesla Model X owners – problems with light getting in the eyes of a driver, too much heat during sunny weather, and increased exposure to the sun’s rays, which can be harmful to the skin over prolonged periods of time.

Tesla Model X vehicles come with a sunshade for the upper front roof. Made of mesh fabric, the roof shade is removable, installed on the inside of the vehicle with a few plastic clips, and covers the glass roof of the vehicle to block about 65% of the sun’s rays.

Tesla Model X Roof Sunshades

Tesla currently offers three different roof shades for the Model X. There are other sunshades made by various companies available as well, which we will be going over later in this article. First, let’s look at the roof shades Tesla has to offer:

All of the sunshades offered by Tesla have a similar look and are made of the same type of mesh fabric material. They also each come with a fabric storage pouch with a zipper for when they are not in use. The Tesla roof shades are designed to be easily folded for compact storage, as well.

How to Install a Tesla Model X Roof Sunshade

The Tesla Model X roof sunshade is designed for simple use, installation, and storage. The sunshade consists of the shade itself, two plastic clips, and a storage bag. To install the sunshade that comes with the Tesla Model X, do the following:

  • Remove the folded sunshade from the zipped storage bag.
  • Usually, the sunshade will open by itself when removed from the bag; if it does not, you can simply unfold the shade until it is at its full size.
  • Next, apply the plastic clips – situate the sunshade so that the Tesla tag is at the bottom right and the side with a cutout for the rearview mirror is facing you and attach the clips on the right and left sides of the top of the sunshade.
  • Place the edge of the shade with the plastic clips into the space on the Tesla Model X’s roof into the gap between the windshield and the roof.
  • Push the rest of the sunshade up, placing the other end around the rear view mirror to keep it from falling.
  • Check for any unsecured edges and tuck them behind the upper trim of the vehicle.

To remove the sunshade, pull lightly from the front edge near the rear view mirror. Be careful that the plastic clips do not fall off when you do this to avoid losing them. For storage, hold the sunshade with two hands on both edges, twist lightly and fold inward. The sunshade will fit easily back into the storage bag.

Pros and Cons of the Tesla Model X Roof Shade

The Tesla Model X roof sunshade, particularly the one that comes with the vehicle, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the pros include:

  • Blocks up to 66% of the sun’s rays from entering the vehicle
  • Reduces glare, heat, and UV exposure
  • Keeps vehicle cooler in the sun
  • Simple installation
  • Easy storage

Cons of the Tesla Model X roof sunshade include:

  • Not as efficient at blocking enough heat in warmer/sunnier areas
  • Does not block sunlight from the front or side
  • Only provides sun protection from the roof

Tesla Model X owners who have shared their experiences with the company’s roof sunshades, for the most part, tend to be satisfied with the sunshade that comes with the vehicle. For added sun protection, owners of the Model X have found other, alternative solutions, as well.

Tesla Model X Roof Shade Alternatives

The Tesla Model X was first rolled out in 2016, and a couple years later they started providing free roof shades with all the vehicles, a practice that continues. Only the upper front roof sunshade is provided with the Model X, however. If it gets lost or damaged, or if you want shades for the rear windows or tailgate, there are other options available.

Tesla itself does provide two variations of the Model X roof sunshades for the rear skylights above the doors and the back liftgate. There are also some alternative options available online that are made specifically for the Tesla Model X’s unique design.

WJM Tesla Model X Sunroof SunshadeUpper front roof22 x 18 x 3.2“Mesh fabric$56
BMZX Model X Car Sunroof ShadeUpper front roof22 x 18 x 1”Mesh fabric$50
LMZX Model X Rear Liftgate SunshadeRear liftgate18.74 x 18.11 x 2.17”Mesh fabric$44
Model X Sunshade Kit6-piece kit for every windowVariesMesh fabric$112
Puduo Tesla Model X Side Car WindowFalcon wing side door windows27.5 x 11.5 x 0.5”Mesh fabric$30
X Autohaux Glass Shade Cover for Tesla Model XTriangular side door windows9.33 x 5.51 x 1.69”Mesh fabric$18

Universal Window Sunshades

Capable of seating up to seven passengers, the Tesla Model X is a popular choice for parents and families. With the increased sun exposure on the interior of the vehicle, many Model X owners have shown concern with the damage this sunlight could cause to children in the back seats of the vehicle.

There are shades to cover the skylight portion of the Tesla Model X’s rear falcon wing doors available from the company. However, for sun protection on the side windows – rear or front – it is necessary to look elsewhere. In this case, generic or universal vehicle side window sunshades are the easiest and likely least expensive option.

Luckily, vehicle side window sunshades are plentiful online and in stores. The fit is not likely to be perfect for each individual vehicle, but these sunshades are designed to be universal. When it comes to providing protection from the sun in the forms of UV rays, heat, and blocking light from the eyes, they will do the trick.

ProductItem CountSizeMaterialTransparencyCost
Enovoe Car Window Shade4-pack20.78 x 0.04 x 13.78”Dual: mesh on one side, static cling on other side for easy installationSemi- transparent$14
Kinder Fluff Car Window Sunshades4-pack6 x 0.01 x 4.6”Mesh on one side, static cling on other sideTransparent and semi- transparent (2 of each)$13
EcoNour Car Window Sun Shade4-pack27.5 x 5 x 2”Mesh/static clingTransparent and semi- transparent (2 of each)$12
Retractable Car Roller Sunshade2-pack16.1 x 2.3 x 1.8”Mesh fabric, metal frameSemi- transparent$14
AutoMuko Car Window Roller Shade Retractable2-pack17 x 4.5 x 2”Mesh fabric, plastic frameSemi- transparent$25

With the mesh/static cling window shades, installation is as simple as placing the shade on the car window and running your hand over it. The static cling material will hold the shade onto the glass.

As for transparency, there are two varieties. Transparent shades allow more sunlight while still providing a significant amount of shade from the sun, while semi-transparent shades are darker and block a higher percentage of the sun’s rays. Both are sufficient at providing sun protection – which is “better” is largely a matter of individual preference.

Tesla Model X Windshield Shades

All of the Tesla Model X roof shades that we have mentioned so far are intended to be used while driving the vehicle. However, there are alternative solutions for keeping a Model X protected from the sun and heat when the vehicle is parked, too. To accomplish this, a shade design made for the Tesla Model X is usually required.

Windshield and window shades to block out the sun while the vehicle is parked are great for keeping the vehicle cool and protecting the interior from fading and cracking. This is especially important in a vehicle with plenty of glass allowing sunlight in such as the Tesla Model X.

To use a windshield shade that is made for a regular windshield on a Model X, the top Model X roof shade is also needed to provide full sun protection. There are also window shades made to block out the sun on the other glass areas of the Tesla Model X, such as the side windows, the rear skylights on the falcon wing doors, and the rear liftgate.

Auto Heatshield Sunshade for 2016-2021 Tesla Model XFront windshield (only windshield, not top roof)32 x 3.5 x 3.5”Multi-layer; outer metallized material blocks UV rays$40
Custom Windshield Shade for 2016-21 Tesla Model XFront windshield32 x 4 x 4”Multi-layer; outer metallized material$33
Intro-Tech Folding Windshield Sunshade for Select Tesla X ModelsFront windshield4 x 8 x 38”Multi-layer, reversible for winter and summer months$42
X Autohaux 6-piece Sunroof Shade CoverFront, rear, top, and side windowsVariesPolyester$114
Autoamerics Windshield Sun Shade 2-PieceFront windshield33 x 36.5 x 0.5”UV reflective material$16

Further Sun Protection for the Tesla Model X

What the Tesla Model X offers in vast, spacious views, it largely lacks in practical sun protection. And as many options for window and roof shades on the Tesla Model X there are, they still only go so far in terms of sun and heat protection. Particularly for sun protection while driving, the options do not always meet the needs of the user(s).

However, there are other measures you can take, particularly if you are a Tesla Model X owner (or are considering investing in a Tesla Model X) who lives in a warm, sunny area. Window tint is something many Model X owners have used with success on their vehicles, and the built-in sun visors are handy, as well.

Window Tint

One option for those who wish to keep more of the sun’s heat and UV rays from their vehicle is to have a tint shade installed on their vehicle’s windows. The rear windows on the vehicle are already made with darkened glass, but for those who wish to have more sun protection for their Tesla Model X, window tint is an option.

When tinting the windows of a vehicle, there are laws that determine the acceptable amount of tint that can be applied before it is considered too dark or an obstruction of view. No amount of tint, other than a 5-6” strip at the top, is legally allowed on a windshield.

Most people prefer to have a professional auto body specialist apply window tint, though there are several “do-it-yourself” options available, as well. Some of these include:

Keep in mind that applying window tint yourself, for those who are not trained and/or certified mechanics or auto body specialists, is not an easy thing to do. It is an option, but for the best results, it is best to have window tint installed by a professional.

With the sunshades available for the Tesla Model X as well as universal window sunshades, tint is not a necessity for Model X, but some Model X owners do prefer it. Tint can be applied in a variety of shades and offers additional sun and heat protection, as well as an added level of privacy for passengers in the vehicle.

Sun Visors

Sun visors provide minimal, but at times vital protection from the sun’s rays, particularly for the driver of a vehicle. The Tesla Model X has “hidden” sun visors which flip out towards the windshield from the top of the door frames in the front seats.

The sun visors on the Model X can be adjusted in a variety of ways. An added sun visor extension is also built into the Tesla Model X visors, which can be flipped down when desired for further sun protection.

Are Roof Shades Enough Sun Protection for the Tesla Model X?

For the most part, Tesla Model X owners who worried that the vehicle’s design would not be ideal for sunny, warm locations (such as Texas) have not been disappointed. While the vehicle’s larger amount of glass than usual can lead to a very warm interior, with roof shades and other measures, owners have been able to stay comfortable.

Owners of the Model X have reported that the sunshade that comes with the vehicle is sufficient for their needs. For owners in cooler states, the sunshade has been found to be mostly unnecessary in winter months – the additional heat from the sun that is allowed in through the roof is actually a benefit during colder weather.

Overall, the sun protection measures provided by Tesla seem to be adequate, even in warmer or sunnier locations. With additional options for those who desire more heat, light, and UV protection, the panoramic windshield and roof of the Tesla Model X can be enjoyed rather than a cause for concern.


One of the main concerns of potential Tesla Model X owners was the vehicle’s extended, panoramic windshield and the potential hazards that could result from additional sun exposure. Now, all Model X vehicles come with a roof shade, and there are several other sun protection options available for owners, as well.

The sunshade that comes with the Tesla Model X blocks about ⅔ of the sun’s rays for the front seat passengers, and though the rear windows are made with darker glass, there are sunshades available for them as well. Add to that universal window shades and even window tint, and there are plenty of sun protection options for the Model X.

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