The Tesla Cybertruck Explained

The Tesla Cybertruck Explained

The Cybertruck is Tesla’s entry into the truck or pick-up market. The truck is rumored to be armored, yet it failed at the “armored glass test.”

The Tesla Cybertruck is named after Nikolai Tesla, famed for inventing the alternating current. It is an all-electric truck available in three models: 

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-range 
  • Flagship

Tesla is behind a fleet of electric and solar-powered cars that appeal to celebrities, influencers, and anyone subscribed to the ‘green-living’ lifestyle. As the pacesetters for the electric car industry, Tesla is moving towards a new challenge, dubbed the Cybertruck. 

What is Cybertruck?

The Cybertruck is Tesla’s version of an all-electric, light-duty, and battery-powered pick-up. This truck will come out in three models, each with unique features and price tags. 

According to Tesla, the Cybertruck will be a fully armored vehicle. It will feature a 30X stainless steel body resistant to rust, denting, and bullets. This truck will feature bulletproof glass windows as well, though it failed this test in its launch. 

The Cybertruck is set to revolutionize the pick-up world. It will have an EPA range of 250 to 500 miles and can clock 60mph in 3 seconds. 

For perks, the Cybertruck will have inbuilt power outlets and charging ports. This will allow truck owners to charge devices or power tools while off-grid. Another feature will be a 6.5-foot cargo area known as a vault. The vault can function as storage or converted into a sleeping area. The vault remains closed with a dent-proof tonneau-cover when not in use. 

For outdoor lovers, the truck will feature a camper top and makeshift kitchen. It will also have an in-built air-compressor that will be handy for powering pneumatic tools. 

Exterior Design

Tesla’s Cybertruck design will be the first of its kind. It moves away from the conventional pick-up body and adopts a futuristic design inspired by The Blade Runner.  All three Cybertruck models will have a signature trapezoid design. The stainless steel body will have a metallic finish with large impenetrable windows. 

Cybertruck’s unique design sparked polarized responses. While Tesla fans marveled at it, critics were quick to notice a rushed Tesla truck. The prototype lacked safety features like side mirrors and windshield wipers. Fortunately, this was only a prototype, and a lot of design changes are expected before the production date is announced. 


Tesla’s Cybertruck will be available in three models:

  • Entry-level model 
  • Mid-range model 
  • Flagship model

Entry-Level Model

The base model is a 2WD truck whose single motor spins the rear wheels. It will have a towing capacity of 7500 pounds and goes 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds. An inbuilt battery will manage a 350-mile range before recharging. Set to retail at $40,000, the base Cybertruck model is set to compete with other entry-level pick-up brands. 

From the pre-orders made, only 7.5% of Tesla fans are opting for the base model. Critics believe this model has too little to offer at that price range.

Mid-Range Model

Retailing at $50,000, the midrange model will be a 4WD truck. It features two electric motors rotating and will have a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds. 

The Midrange Cybertruck will be faster than the base model. It accelerates from 0 to 60seconds in 4, putting it at par with the Tesla Model 3. In addition, the midrange Cybertruck will be faster than other truck brands in its range. 

Flagship Model

The flagship model will have more speeds, a higher towing capacity, and a longer mile range. For $70,000, the top-tier Cybertruck will clock 60mph in 2.9 seconds with a towing capacity of 14,000 pounds. With a range of 500 miles, Tesla top-tier Cybertruck is set to compete with the likes of G63 Mercedes AMG.

Interior Design

The interior of the Cybertruck is minimalistic. The cabin is spacious, with six seats. There is enough head and legroom to fit a 6-foot person. At the front is a decluttered dashboard with a 17inch screen as a centerpiece. This widescreen will feature Tesla’s upgraded infotainment system. It is user-friendly and allows you to toggle between music and navigation seamlessly.

The steering wheel is rectangular, adding to the futuristic look.  The Cybertruck prototype supports auto-driving though driver assistance is still required. For entertainment, Tesla may include its popular in-car gaming and streaming features. A wide windscreen and gigantic sunroof reveal the starry skies at night. It creates the experience of being inside a spaceship traversing the galaxy.

Ground Clearance 

The 2021 Cybertruck will feature an automated suspension system. The truck will adjust suspension to provide maximum ground clearance. This provides a smooth driving experience on any terrain. The suspensions have a 16-inch clearance, which is ideal for off-road driving. When driving on level roads, the truck suspensions ride lower for fuel-efficiency. 

Manufacturing Commencement 

The first fleet of Cybertruck is scheduled for production in late 2021. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, announced that a separate factory would be built for the Cybertruck. Meanwhile, Tesla fans can schedule a Cybertruck experience on the official Tesla website. A reservation for the experience costs $100 per person. 

The Cybertruck will not be the only battery-operated pick-up in the 2021 truck market. Other all-electric trucks are set for release the same year from smaller rival automotive companies. 


Come 2021, Tesla’s Cybertruck will be competing with the likes of newcomer Rivian R1T from Michigan’s Rivian company.

Though new to the game, Rivian has captured the attention of electric car enthusiasts with their product. Their top-tier cars are designed for outdoorsy people. The Rivian R1T carries 800 pounds per feet of pure torque and an impressive 1800-pound payload. This truck can tow up to 11,000 pounds of weight, putting it between the Midrange and Flagship Cybertruck.

When released, Rivian’s R1T truck will have a range of 400 miles overshadowing Tesla’s midrange all-electric pick-up. 

Is The Cybertruck Overpriced Or Undervalued?

Critics believe that Tesla could get more out of their top-tier cyber truck. At the same time, the base model Cybertruck may not provide as much value for money. Traditional pick-up enthusiasts consider the Cybertruck a luxury truck and not a utility vehicle. In addition, Tesla’s base model truck has fewer features and low performance for its price. 

Omitting the base trim from their lineup could help raise the value of the Cybertruck. Tesla’s midrange truck could serve as the entry-level pick-up, albeit a few tweaks will be needed. Tesla could improve the peak speed of the mid-range truck. Accelerating to 60mph can take 3.5 seconds instead of 4.5 seconds. In addition, tow capacity can be upgraded from 10,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds. 

These small tweaks would justify the entry price of their mid-tier Cybertruck. As their entry model, this truck would compete with luxury rivals like Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6. As a luxury car, Tesla’s $50,000 Cybertruck would outshine its competitors in performance and luxury features.

The second improvement is introducing a new mid-tier Cybertruck. It would be an improvement of the new base model and retail for at least $65,000. At that price range, this theoretic mid-range Cybertruck has more value for money over rival luxury SUVs. 

Omitting their base model prototype can unlock a higher value for Tesla’s top tier truck. By doing this, Tesla’s flagship truck could enter the premium price threshold reserved for Lamborghini Urus and BMW X5M. 

With a new $85,000 price tag, the top range Cybertruck becomes an aspirational luxury SUV. Adding more accessories and perks could attract more willing buyers to this offer. Tesla has maintained a solid fan base through their impressive referral program. The same approach can be used in marketing the soon-to-be-produced Cybertruck. 

Offering community perks for the top-tier Cybertruck can increase the truck’s value. Exclusive members could earn free off-road events on the top-tier Cybertruck. In addition, Tesla could include premium software updates exclusive to its top-tier Cybertruck.

Will The Cybertruck Improve Before 2021? 

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, confirmed improvements of the old Cybertruck design before the production date. The truck’s edges will be smoother to appeal to critics and pass the roadworthy test. Tesla is improving the drive train as well. The new Cybertruck will have active ground clearance and damping. 

Another feature to expect is a new system for calculating payload and towing capacity. This will allow the truck to adjust itself to varying driving situations. Tesla may also give consumers the freedom to wrap their truck in any color. Since the Cybertruck spots a unibody frame, painting it would present a problem. Wrapping makes more sense, but it can be expensive for the consumer. 

The Cybertruck will need improved armored windows. Adding a tough glazing material like polycarbonate could make the armored windows impenetrable. There were concerns about the car’s gigantic size. Tesla is set to reduce the body by 3%. This will make the vehicle compact enough for city driving and fit through any garage. 

Other tweaks to expect are lowered windowsills and a leveled centerline. The current adaptive air suspension is set to change too. Tesla still has not revealed the battery capacity of each Cybertruck model. Yet, each truck will come with a 250-kW rated charging cable. 

Tesla could generate more revenue if they revised their lineup. The base model Cybertruck is overpriced and offers fewer utility values. Tesla could replace this model with an advanced midrange truck that will appeal more to consumers.  Tesla could maximize the potential of its top tier Cybertruck. Marketing it as a luxury truck raises its competitive edge over rival trucks in the same range. 

Incoming rival Lucid Air could make the Cybertruck more appealing to the electric-motor loving consumers.  Lucid Air’s Dream Edition all-electric car offers 517 miles of range at the cost of $100,000. Tesla’s top-tier Cybertruck retails at $70,000 and offers 500+ plus miles and a fast acceleration rate. 

What’s more, Cybertruck offers a spacious interior and more sitting capacity than its rival electric cars. Traditional trucks sacrifice sitting capacity for a central console. Fitting central console features into the 17-inch screen has freed up more sitting space on the Cybertruck. 

Traditional truck lovers will appreciate the Cybertruck’s strong and tough body. Besides being impenetrable, the aircraft-grade steel body makes the Cybertruck appear lighter while increasing its curb weight. 

Added curb weight keeps the truck grounded while towing up to 14,000lbs. High towing capacity is one of the features looked for in traditional trucks. Tesla’s Cybertruck is changing the future of truck design. Critics may gradually appreciate this new concept after years of seeing the same design in trucks. 

Tesla has succeeded in making electric cars that appeal to celebrities and influencers. Furthermore, they have established a lucrative referral program that helps maintain a loyal fanbase. This gives momentum to disrupt the pick-up industry. Although the first Cybertruck had significant downsides, it was still in the prototype phase. Acknowledging consumer concerns while tweaking the prototype could make the 2021 launch more exciting.

Is the Cybertruck 100% Green?

Tesla could raise the value of the Cybertruck by making it 100% eco-friendly. A green truck leads to lower emissions and more fuel efficiency. One eco-friendly move was to build the Cybertruck with aircraft quality steel. This would help the Cybertruck in three ways:

  • It cuts production cost 
  • Improves thermal properties of the truck 
  • Increase the truck’s recyclability  

Secondly, Tesla is opting not to paint the Cybertruck. As environmentalists know, painting application is a leading cause of global emissions. An eco-friendly way to enhance the car’s aesthetics is wrapping it. When Cybertruck’s shelf life expires, most of the components making up the truck will be recycled or resold. One component is the steel unibody, which will be easy to cut, mold, and reuse. 

Cybertruck batteries can be transitioned to other applications. With used-car batteries powering gadgets and homes today, Cybertruck owners are bound to profit from the resale of truck batteries. Tesla also aims to control global emissions by moving production to Texas. Texas is a leading supplier of Wind Energy in the US. Powering the new factory with wind and solar energy will help reduce residual emissions. 

Cybertruck’s rugged design is not only futuristic, but it will make the pick-up more energy efficient. A streamlined body improves the truck’s aerodynamics allowing it to move faster on minimal fuel. 

Will All Cybertruck Models Be Off-Road?

Fortunately, all Cybertruck models come with an independent suspension that guarantees a 16-inch ground clearance. This beat other rival off-road trucks with constant 13-inch ground clearance. On the downside, the base model may not pass the off-road test. Both its range (250) and its drivetrain (single motor 2WD) is limiting. The midrange Cybertruck is an all-wheel-drive but is limited by the 300 miles range. 

Another advantage is that all models come with an inbuilt rear tent. In addition, the trucks vault or bed is angular designed to create more room for a camping bed. 

Tesla will include a solar panel on the tunnel cover for off-grid charging. This ensures your devices are powered, and the truck gets enough boost to clear off-road missions. An excellent off-road truck has front and rear bumpers to protect from damage. The Cybertruck has no bumpers, but its aircraft-grade steel body will withstand bumps and scratches. 

Could The Cybertruck Project Fail?

Tesla admitted that the Cybertruck design was not the best. Yet, the truck managed to impress in other areas, and Tesla already has over 500,000 pre-order requests. Some improvements may be required before the next reveal. Should the new Cybertruck fail to materialize, Elon Musk hinted of a simpler back-up plan. 

Tesla may opt to go for the average pick-up body but still maintain the impressive features of the Cybertruck. Nonetheless, Tesla may commence production in May 2021 with a new factory in Austin, Texas. It proves that the Cybertruck is still set for production. 

The Cybertruck Difference

Tesla has challenged norms in the pick-up world with the unveiling of the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck design may be polarizing, but its inbuilt futures are stellar and future-ready. For $70,000, Tesla’s top-tier Cybertruck offers more miles on the range and better acceleration rate. This truck will also have an impressive 16-inch ground clearance, which is higher than most off-road trucks.  

Off-grid charging will be supplied by a large solar panel on the tunnel cover. The truck’s rear features a camping tent to facilitate off-grid living. In addition, Tesla has added a few features to appeal to traditional pick-up lovers. One such feature is the 6-sitter capacity that is missing in most modern trucks. A strong and heavy steel body increases the towing capacity of the truck as well. The Cybertruck is set to be the greenest truck on the planet. It’s high tensile body, and power batteries are recyclable. The truck’s streamline body also facilitates better fuel efficiency. Tesla may stick with the angular design of the Cybertruck. This is because aircraft steel is hard to bend without compromising its quality. 


Elon Musk has created such a buzz in the auto world with news of his new pickup truck, the Cybertruck. This vehicle looks like something out of Mad Max with lots of innovative features. The cybertruck is what some people envisioned pickup trucks would look like in the 2020s. This vehicle is truly different and has created quite a buzz as well as some backlash from traditional truck buyers.  

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