The Many Things That A Tesla Can Do

The Many Things That A Tesla Can Do

The Tesla brand has profoundly changed the game in the auto industry, hopefully for the better. We all know it is the most significant brand of electric vehicles on the market today. However, while electric power might be necessary, you may want to learn more about the car than how it moves.

Teslas can do a ton of things like:

  • Give you the range you need
  • Autopilot
  • Keep you safe
  • Keep your pets safe
  • Accelerate really well
  • Give you some fun Easter eggs

Tesla strives to always be the next best thing. Keep reading to learn specifically about all the fantastic new features of Tesla vehicles.

Give You Range

Let’s face it: electricity is probably why you came here, so we should start with that. When the Tesla Roadster was first introduced in 2006, its range was only 200 to 250 miles at best, and then it would take a minimum of 4 hours to charge with the correct charger. That is probably fine for most commuters, but it will not fly for:

  • Delivery companies
  • Car services and taxes
  • Road trips

Well, it is not 2006 anymore. Tesla battery capacities and charging capabilities have come a long way. Even the base Tesla, the Model 3, has a range of 322 miles and can charge in as little as 15 minutes. For the higher end models, range increases up to 600 miles! And even for those, a full charge can be reached in only an hour. 

A Tesla can finally be a full replacement for your gas vehicle. Their advancement in battery capacity has certainly “fueled” that possibility. But their approach to charging has really sealed the deal. There are essentially three different ways to charge your Tesla so that way no matter how you use it, your bases are covered, and your battery will not die in the middle of a trip:

  • Standard 110v Home Outlet
  • Upgraded 220v Home Outlet
  • Supercharger Station

When you buy a Tesla, it will come with a kit that is specially designed to charge it at home and will need to be installed, usually in your garage. Simply plug it in overnight and you will be good to go by the morning.

Tesla, the company has also set up supercharging stations all over the country. That way, if you take that road trip, you can charge up wherever you are. Since it takes less than an hour, you will be fully charged by the time you finish your lunch.

If all else fails, you can always plug in your Tesla to a standard outlet. Be advised, however, that it will take a few hours with this method. Luckily, the supercharger network is phasing out this last-ditch scenario, as the company is building dozens more every week.

Sources: CNBC InsideEVs


Undoubtedly the most notable feature to be released for the Tesla since the car itself has been the Autopilot. This is not so you can catch a few more minutes of shuteye on your way to work, however. You must be touching the steering wheel at all times for the Autopilot to work. 

If not, the hazard lights will come on and the car will begin to pull itself over. Tesla wants you to stay alert, and rightly so. 

But at least you can relax a little bit. Right now with base models, Autopilot will take care of the boring stuff, like keeping you in the lane and braking every 5 seconds or so during morning rush hour on the highway. Advanced models will do the whole drive, thanks to its synchronization with the navigation.

Cannot find your car in the parking lot? Press a specific button on the key fob and your car will pull out of the spot and meet you at the front of the store.

Source: Steer

Keep You Safe

Besides the critical safety mechanisms of Autopilot, standard manual driving has plenty of automated safety features. These include:

  • Lane departure
  • Automatic braking
  • Parking sensors

Lane departure and automatic braking are critical safety capabilities that Tesla pioneered. Warning lights and beeping sounds will happen if you begin to drift out of your lane. If something pops up that you do not see, your Tesla will take the initiative and brake for you before an accident strikes.

The parking sensors in particular can really help you out too. While most cars give you a standard rear-view camera and diagram, Teslas can report how much space you have behind you and to the sides. Not only will this make parallel parking worlds easier but can save you from accidentally hitting something or someone you might not be seeing.

Keep Your Pets Safe

If you are a pet owner, you have problem had this problem before. It is a hot day (or very cold) and you are driving with your dog or cat. You need to swing by the store for a few things, but they do not allow pets inside. But we all know that the greenhouse effect on a hot summer day can be deadly.

Well, introducing Dog Mode. When you put your Tesla in this mode, it will:

  • Turn all features of the car off accept the air conditioning (or heat)
  • Maintain a temperature of a nice 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Keep all doors locked until you return and unlock them

This way you can leave your pets comfortably in the car to hopefully not chew on your steering wheel and take your time in the store. 

Additionally, the huge center touch screen will display the message, “My owner will be back soon. Don’t worry! The A/C is on and it’s 70℉.” That way you do not have to worry about someone thinking your pets are in danger and breaking your window.

Source: Tesla on YouTube

Give It Some “Gas”

Without a giant engine “vrooming” when you hit the accelerator, you might assume that this car does not go very fast. Well luckily that is just plain wrong. Under electric power and with auto-raising suspension, it might not feel like you are speeding up. But if you look outside you will certainly see it. Here is how fast Teslas can get up to speed:

Tesla MakeSeconds to Go from 0-60
Roadster 13.7s (Roadster 2 will be <2.0s)
Model 33.2s
Model S2.3s
Model X2.6s
Model Y3.5s

Pretty impressive, especially considering that the Models X and Y are more family SUVs than sports cars.


Easter Eggs

Lastly, Tesla really goes out of its way to make driving fun again. They are not just worried about going from Point A to Point B; they want you and the whole family to have a good time. When you buy your new Tesla, be sure to be on the lookout for these Easter eggs:

  • Ability to change your on-screen car’s road to Rainbow Road from Mario Kart
  • Drawing pad feature (when you are in park)
  • Change your on-screen car to look like a rover on Mars
  • Pull the Autopilot stalk four times for “More Cowbell”
  • Put your foot on the brake and your door will close by itself
  • When activated Model X will “dance” by moving its doors up and down and flashing its lights to the theme of “Carol of the Bells” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Source: What’s Inside? Family


If you make the wise choice to buy a Tesla, you are receiving the undisputed frontrunner in the race to eliminate gasoline pollution once and for all. But Teslas are even more than really good electric cars. 

They can also keep you safe like no other vehicle while still managing to give you the most enjoyable driving experience possible. That enjoyment comes both from fun add-ons and game changing special features. 

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