The Electric Car vs. The Almighty Tesla

The Electric Car vs. The Almighty Tesla

You’re ready to buy an EV. You’ve heard how great Tesla vehicles are, but what about other Electric cars? Are there any electric cars that are comparable to Tesla?

How Does Tesla Compare To Competitors? Tesla is still ranked as the number one electric car. However, other electric car manufacturers are close in the running.

Tesla may be best, but what do other top-rated electric cars have to offer us? But how does it compare to other electric cars? We’ll explore the similarities and differences.

The Electric Car vs. The Almighty Tesla

Tesla has maintained the number 1 rating in electric vehicles (EVs). They can sustain driving longer distances before needing charging. Teslas are comfortable and extremely fast. They also have some of the best safety ratings seen in the auto industry.

Tesla’s competitors are gaining ground rapidly, though, and other EV manufactures are close, if not beating some tesla models in comparison.

The Top Electric Cars Compared to Tesla’s Top Cars

Today, we have a wide range of electric cars and multiple manufacturers to choose from. 

For the moment, we will look at some of the top-rated electric vehicles and compare them to their Tesla rival.

  • Porsche Taycan (2020) vs. Tesla Model S (2020 )
  • Audi E-Tron (2021), vs. Tesla Model X
  • Polstar 2 (2021) and Tesla’s Model 3, and Chevy Bolt EV
  • Kia Niro EV (2020)  vs. Tesla Model Y
  • Porsche Taycan Vs. Tesla Model S

Porsche Taycan vs Tesla Model S

Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S are literally neck in neck in the race for the best electric vehicle. 

  Porsche Taycan vs Tesla Model S 
 Taycan 4STaycan TurboTaycan Turbo S Tesla Long Range PlusTesla Long RangeTesla Performance
Price$103,800$150,900$185,900 $69,000$80,000$92,000
Range203 miles201mile192 mile 402 miles373 miles348 miles
Battery93kWh93kWh93kWh 100kWh100kWh100kWh
MPGe68 & 7168 & 7167 & 71 121 & 112115 & 107104 & 104
0-603.8 Seconds3 seconds2.6 seconds 3.6 seconds2.3 seconds2.4 seconds

The Price Tags Have a Huge Gap

The price of the Tesla Model S is considerably lower than that of Porsche’s Taycan. For most of us, the difference in cost would immediately be the deciding factor for these top EVs we buy.

How Far Will It Go?

Most people considering an electric vehicle pay close attention to the range. This is a good idea as the range determines how long you can drive before the vehicle needs charging.

Tesla has always been known for the long range of their vehicles. With the Model S, this remains true, beating the Porsche by 100 plus miles. 

Hold on to Your Seat

Tesla has equipped their Model S with what they call Cheetah Mode. This kicks the car into ultra-fast speed for short bursts.

The Model S has slightly quicker acceleration than the Taycan. The Taycan outperforms the Model S in longevity. That is, it has power over torque, Love Car’s Drag Racing video explains. 

What is the Interface Like?

The User Interface of Tesla has always been good, if not the best, but it isn’t always easy to use.

The Taycan’s UI allows the passenger to interact with GPS and more independently. This could be a bonus as your passenger can utilize the UI while you drive. This means less distraction.

Making it Yours: Options

Porsche offers many more options for its Taycan allowing the consumer to personalize.

  • Color options
  • Seats
  • Trim

Tesla’s Model S design has not changed much since its 2016 model, which can make it seem outdated next to Porsche’s Taycan.  

What Else Will Fit in the Car?

If it’s space you want, then the Model S has a lot of it. The Model S has 26.3 cubic feet of cargo space in the back trunk and 60 cubic feet with the back seats folded down. It also has a front trunk with 2.1 cubic feet. Even with all that space, the interior storage lacks organization.

Though the Porsche Taycan has a front and back trunk,  at just 17 cubic feet and 2.8 cubic feet, it pales in comparison. But having more storage space potentially equals more weight with what is being carried. More weight means greater resistance, which reduces the overall range of the vehicle. So, having all that extra space to cram things into might not be in your best interest.

How Comfortable is the Ride?

Another interesting feature of the Tesla Model S is that it can Seat 7 with an optional 3rd row seat. There is plenty of leg and headroom in both electric vehicles.

The Porsche Taycan seats only 4. However, the seats of the Taycan are more comfortable for both driver and passengers. Both vehicles offer their passengers additional comforts.

Safety Features and How they Stack Up

The Model S has also been deemed the safest electric vehicle. The NHTSA gave the Model a five-star rating out of each subcategory. It is rare for the National Highway Traffic Administration to give a perfect safety score to vehicles.

Which is Better?

Porsche are made for speed. Tesla’s have speed but are geared more toward families and longer drives. 

Which is better? It depends on what your needs and desires are. Both the Taycan and the Model S are beautiful and brilliantly designed.

Audi E-Tron vs.Tesla Model X

Again, these are two of the best electric vehicles on the market. The Audi E-Tron was made to rival Tesla’s Model X, and it does just that.

  Audi E-Tronvs Tesla Model X 
 E-TronSportback LRPLRPerformance
Price$79,095$70,195 $79,900$84,900$99,900
Range222 miles218 miles 351 miles328 miles305 miles
Battery95kWh95kWh 95kWh95kWh95kWh
MPGe74c &73 h76 c & 78h 108 & 10198 & 9390 & 89
0-605.2 seconds5.5 seconds 4.4 seconds2.8 seconds2.6 seconds

The Price is Comparable 

The cost of the E-Tron is comparable to slightly less than the Tesla Model X. That is until you begin adding options, and then the Audi may well become more expensive than Tesla’s Model X Performance model.

Tesla Keeps the Range 

Tesla has the longest range in the electric vehicle market, and that is true for the Model X as well. But the E-Trons 222 miles of the driving range is nothing to scoff at, especially when you consider it is built heavier than the Model X.

Tesla and E-Tron Have Acceleration Modes

The E-Tron has boost mode, from launch mode. It gives the car an extra bit of power when engaged, but it seems difficult, at least for a beginner, to get it into this mode. 

The Model X has what Tesla calls Cheetah Stance Mode to improve traction. It’s part of the launch control mode, and it drops the front end suspension when fast acceleration is initiated.

They are User Friendly

The UI, or user interface, of the Model X and the E-Tron, appear to be user friendly in both vehicles. The touchscreen does seem to dominate the dashboard in the Model X. The E-Tron has Virtual Cockpit technology that gives customized views.

There’s Plenty of Room

Both the Audi E-Tron and Tesla Model X have excellent cargo space. However, the model x has slightly more due to the front trunk.

Seating and Comfort

Audi E-Tron has seating for 5 occupants. It has a classic black interior that is comfortable and familiar.

The Model X takes more of a minimalist approach with very basic storage and a crisp white interior. It seats five with the capability to seat 7. A complaint about the Model X is due to a bar in the center of the roof, shrinking the headroom. This bar is part of the Model X rear Falcon door system.

Unique to these models

True SUVs have tow packages. Just because these SUVs are electric doesn’t mean they don’t have the power to tow. 

The Audi E-Tron has a tow package up to 4,000 pounds! And here comes the Tesla with an optional tow package of up to 5,000 pounds! 

The Falcon doors of the Model X are definitely an interesting feature. However, they have issues. It is difficult to use these back doors in tight parking situations, and as mentioned, the bar in the center of the roof diminishes the headroom.

The E-tron has cameras on the outside mirrors. These were supposed to be a helpful safety feature, that is described as annoying and possibly dangerous as you must look down into the door to view the camera screen. The mirrors work without the cameras, and drivers resort back to viewing the old-fashioned way.

Safety is Most Important

According to Cleanerwatt’s video, Audi E-Tron and Tesla Model X have very high safety ratings.  

The Euro NCPA rated the Tesla Model X with five stars, and it placed 5th safest car and 2nd for its safety assist. The Audi also received 5 stars but did not appear on the list. 

As far as adult occupant safety, the model x received a slightly higher score than the E-Tron.

The opposite was true when it came to child occupant safety, with the Model X receiving a slightly lower score.

The E-Tron’s safety assist had some issues “seeing pedestrians and bicyclists” on the roadway. The Model X’s safety assist did not have any problems.

The NHTS gave Audi’s E-Tron an excellent rating.

  • 5 out of 5 stars for front crash safety
  • 4 out of 5 for side crash safety
  • 9.2% chance of rollover.

The Model X also received an excellent rating.

  • 5 out of 5 front crash safety
  • 5 out of 5 side crash safety
  • 9.3% chance of rollover

The Model X is just slightly safer than the E-tron. However, they are both remarkably safe vehicles.

It seems the E-Tron and Model X are almost too close to call. 

  • But the lower price, higher range, ability to tow 5,000 pounds, and excellent safety rating. The Tesla Model X still comes in first place.

Polstar 2 vs. Chevy Bolt EV vs. Tesla Model 3

Three cars, three manufacturers.  One is new, at least to the US market. One is the top of the line Electric Vehicle manufacturers. One has been around for decades. 

Let’s take a look at some of the features the Polestar 2, Chevy Bolt EV, and the Tesla 3 have to offer

  Polestar 2vs  Chevy Bolt EV 
    Bolt LTBolt Premium
Price $61,000 $36,620$41,020
Range 233 miles 259 miles259 miles
Battery 78kWh 66kWh66kWh
MPGe 96 & 88 127 &108128 & 110
0-60 4.5 second 6.56.3

                  Polstar 2 & Chevy Bolt EV VS Tesla Model 3

  Tesla Model 3 
 StandardStandard PlusLong Range
Range220 miles250 mile322 mile
MPGe138 & 124148 & 132136 & 123
0-605.6 seconds5.3 seconds4.4 seconds

Polestar is on the Expensive Side

The Polestar 2’s price is nearly double that of the Chevrolet Bolt EV or the Tesla Model 3. The Model 3 and the Bolt are closer in cost efficiency in this case. For all you get with the model 3 in this price range, it wins over Bolt EV.

Another issue with obtaining a Polestar 2 is availability. It is relatively new and currently only available on the California coast and tri-state area for US customers. They will deliver a Polestar within 150 miles of the nearest dealership that has them, and they are confident they will be easy to buy online.

Tesla’s Range Wins Again

The Polestar 2 does rival the Model 3 and Chevy Bolt in range. Some say the Polestar 2 gets better range than the Model 3.

Though the Polestar 2 and Chevy Bolt do rival the Model 3 in range, it is the Model 3 that gets the best range value of these three cars.

How Fast will they Accelerate?

Somewhat surprising, Polestar comes in first when it comes to acceleration. The Model 3 comes in 2nd and Bolt 3rd. It may not seem like a large gap, but when you need that extra push so you can pass someone, it does become more important.

How User Friendly is the User Interface?

Polestar 2 uses google android making it very user friendly for those accustomed to it. It also has a display on the driver’s dashboard, much like a gasoline vehicle. 

Bolt EV also has an easy to display. However, its app appearance looks a bit outdated compared to that of the Model 3. The Bolt does have interesting functions that allow monitoring of acceleration, etc., from a phone. So, for example, one could monitor a teen driver. 

The Model 3 user interface is still the best. The model 3 has continuous updates. In his video, Marc Burton says the updates are amazing. When he got his Model 3 it didn’t have heated rear seats, and then the car was updated through the app, and the rear seats had a heat option.

For ease of use, especially for those new to the EV scene, the User interface of the Polestar would be great. But Tesla updates your car to the latest technology on a consistent basis. This sounds even better.

Is There Room for Luggage?

All three electric vehicles have a nice amount of cargo space. 

The Bolt has 16.9 cubic feet of space with the backseat up and 56.6 feet with the backseat down. Because the Bolt has a hatchback, it offers a  wide trunk area, making access easy. 

Polestar 2 has 14.3 feet of space in its trunk and the Model 3 matches that space with its back and front trunks.

Which is More Comfortable?

These compact luxury EVs each have seating for 5. As far as comfort goes, the Polestar and Model 3 are more comfortable than the Bolt.

There is a bit more rear passenger leg-room in the Polestar 2 than in the Model 3. 

Unique Additions to these EVs

The Chevy Bolt has a large screen camera above the rear-view mirror, allowing the driver to see everything behind the vehicle. This would be nice in any car.

The interior design of the Polestar looks more like a gas style vehicle, making the transition from the traditional automobile to EV a bit more comfortable. Also, it requires no key or button to start it, just tap on the brake and slide the shifter into gear.

 The Safety Ratings

According to India Times, Polestar 2 will be named the safest EV on the market. This is something we will have to wait to for, as Polestar has not yet been tested by the US safety standards, but it has passed European testing with 5 stars.

What makes the safety unique with the Polestar is how it is designed to protect the battery. It will drop the battery in the event of a crash.

The Model 3 received top safety pick from the IIHS, with the Chevy Bolt coming in a close second. The only thing the Bolt did not get full marks for was the headlight test.

The Tesla Model 3 has Serious Competition

Tesla has some serious competition when compared to the Polestar 2 and Chevy Bolt. All three vehicles are sleek in design and offer the buyer a wide range of options. Still Tesla’s Model 3 takes top place, but just barely.

Kia Niro EV vs. Tesla Model Y

These are two very different electric SUVs not only in looks, but also how they feel.

 Kia Niro EV vsTesla Model Y 
 Niro EXNiro EX Premium Long RangePerformance
Price$35,090$44,590 $49,990$59,990
Range239 miles239 miles 326 miles315 miles
Battery64kWh64kWh 75kWh75kWh
MPGe City & Highway123  & 122 123 & 122 129 & 112129 & 112
0-608.6 seconds8.6 seconds 4.1 seconds3.5 seconds

Is the Kia Niro EV Really Less Expensive?

Kia Niro EV takes first when it comes to the price tag. Though Tesla’s Model Y is conservative as well. Many argue that the add on trims and extras for the Kia Niro can raise the cost above that of the Tesla Model Y. 

These Cars Have Great Range

Both the Kia Niro EV and the Tesla Model Y have great range. Tesla’s score is higher than the Niro EV.

Drivers of the Niro claim to be able to use air conditioning, radio, and more without having range anxiety. That is, the battery does not suddenly go from full to empty just because you are using other electronics in the vehicle. 

Tesla is Fast

Tesla Model Y has twice the acceleration of the Kia Niro EV. This is no surprise, as Tesla is well known for its fast electric cars.

The Niro does well, though, and has no problem with passing cars or merging into traffic.

Kia has a Very Easy Interface

Kia has one of the easiest interfaces available, and it can be used with android or apple.

Tesla’s interface is not as easy as Kia’s. If you have a Model, Y Tesla has support videos for the vehicle. These will help with many things, such as: 

  • Parking, 
  • Gear selection 
  • Opening doors 
  • Much more

Add Your Touch

Kia has a wide assortment of trims available. However, the more that is added, the higher the cost.

Niro has More Cargo Space

The Niro EV has a large and easy to get into cargo area. The back seat lays flat to allow a larger area for cargo. Even with Model Y’s deep trunk and small frunk (front trunk), the Niro takes 1st place in this area.

Are They Comfortable?

The Kia Niro EV Has plenty of space and comfortable seats. It feels more like a gas car since it was built from the same template as the gas powered Kia Niro.

Tesla’s Model Y has comfortable seating for 5, though an extra $3000 you can soon upgrade to seat 7. It’s a spacious, clean, and futuristic feel. 

Safety Ratings and Features

Kia Niro EV has many safety features; the Tesla Model Y does not.

  • Standard active headrests
  • Wide angle radar
  • Inattentive Driver Alert System
  • Brake Assist

The headrests automatically moves to help protect the occupant from injury in a crash. The wide-angle radar is mounted to the back bumper and alerts the driver when other vehicles are close to the sides of the car. Inattentive driver senses when the driver may be drifting off and uses sound to alert them and suggests taking a break. The brake assist will apply the brake harder to avoid a collision.

Tesla Model Y has the basics of most cars today, just more of it. Some of these include:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • ABS brakes
  • Airbags: Front, side, overhead, and knee
  • Stability Control
  • Seat Belt tensioning system

Kia Niro EV and Tesla Model Y A Difficult Choice

It’s difficult to decide which EV is the better car. Both are extremely safe. They have a lot of room, and though different in body style, they both look good. With the prices beginning in the mid $30″s and high $40’s, they are both reasonably priced for electric vehicles. 

In this case, I think I would pick the Kia. It’s low price, high safety rating, and the fact it looks like an SUV, not a sports car, has appeal. 

A Note on Charging Your EV

Don’t let the idea of charging deter you from buying an electric vehicle. Every EV can be charged at home, which is what most electric vehicle owners do. The cost of charging at home can further be offset by having solar installed on your home. 

Some places of employment have charging stations installed. This allows their employees to charge while at work. 

Charging on the go requires a person to plan because it takes longer. But it is much like filling up at a gas station. On the average level 2 charging system, it can take an hour to charge the battery up to 25 miles.

There are quick chargers for some vehicles, like Tesla. Using a special adaptor provided with the vehicle, a Tesla owner can use the Supercharge network, charging the battery to 80% within 30 minutes.

Every EV can be charged at any charging station. So, it doesn’t matter if it is Tesla’s supercharger Network, or Electrify America. You can charge your battery. It is required to upload the app for the particular charging network you will use. 

According to Car and Driver, The costs to use these stations vary. But some recharging stations are free to use.

Is Tesla Still Mighty?

Tesla is still mighty and still tops in the electric vehicle industry. They have set the bar for other EV manufacturers. I believe they will continue to lead while encouraging the competition to keep up and keep making better, safer cars.

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