The Cybertruck – Official Truck to Mars? (It Might Be)

The Cybertruck – Official Truck to Mars? (It Might Be)

With the Tesla Cybertruck set to enter mass production any time now, there is renewed speculation that a pressurized version of the electric truck is in the works. It would be such a model that could potentially make a trip to Mars and serve many practical purposes to the humans that eventually arrive there.

It is quite possible that the Tesla Cybertruck could be the official truck to Mars. With cargo missions to the planet already in the works, the CEO of Tesla has already tweeted that he would like to see a pressurized version of the vehicle be a part of the very first mission. 

How such a mission would unfold is anybody’s guess at this point. However, many features are already incorporated into the Tesla Cybertruck that could make it ideal for travel on a planet such as Mars. Continue reading to learn more about the truck and how it could potentially be well suited for life on Mars.

Can the Cybertruck Make a Trip to Mars?

The first question that needs to be answered is if such a truck can make the trip to Mars. The answer appears to be a definitive yes. The first trips to Mars are designed to be cargo excursions. This is exactly the time to start thinking about transportation needs on the red planet and whether it will be possible to power vehicles there.

With the obvious need being to pressurize the Cybertruck if it is going to be used on Mars, recent Tweets from Elon Musk appear to indicate that this is already in the works. Beyond that, the truck being electric eliminates the need for a constant source of fossil fuel in order to power it. 

While this is anything from a done deal, it does seem as if the Cybertruck is as uniquely positioned as any vehicle to make the trip to Mars. This may happen quite quickly, with the first planned cargo delivery expedition set for as soon as 2022.

What Would Its Function Be?

With Mars being such a vast planet filled with rough terrain, the first inhabitants of the planet will need a way to get around and explore safely. If they are limited to only the immediate vicinity in close proximity to their living quarters, not much work will get done. 

At the same time, any vehicle used on the planet will need to be rugged and durable. It must be designed to traverse rough terrain and safely take humans out many miles from their home base, with enough power to get them back to their domicile at night. That would appear to be a major reason why the Tesla Cybertruck is under consideration for such a use. 

Many people already believe that the design of the Cybertruck is better suited for another planet than it is on Earth. It has a space-age design to it, and it is meant to withstand the elements. There are undoubtedly many environmental considerations to take into account on Mars, and the Cybertruck appears to already be much of the way there in terms of conquering them.

What Features Makes the Cybertruck Suited for Work on Mars?

There are certain parts of the Cybertruck that may make it perfect for use on Mars. A regular truck like we have been driving around on Earth for decades will not do. Here are a few of them explained below. 

The Size of the Cybertruck

While you want something very rugged when driving around Mars, size is always going to be a consideration. It must be able to get to the planet in the first place. It would also be nice to have more than a few up there, so the size of the Tesla Cybertruck appears to be nicely suited for this purpose. 

From what we know at this point, the Cybertruck is going to come in at a length of 230.8 inches. This almost perfect to fit in the average garage on Earth, so it should be well suited to fit more than a few inside a cargo plane as well. 

At the width of roughly 80 inches, we can also assume that the Cybertruck will be able to make it through the many caverns and tunnels it is likely to encounter on Mars. If the vehicle were too wide, it could compromise the mission that has called it there in the first place. 

To round things out, the Tesla Cybertruck is set to have a ground clearance of 16 inches. This is going to allow it to power over some big rocks. Drivers will need this ground clearance to get around the planet safely and do the research they have set out to do. 

The Tesla Designed Exoskeleton Seems Tailor-Made for Space

Not only has Tesla helped design a spaceship meant to go to space, but it has also developed the very exoskeleton that may make the Cybertruck ideal for work on Mars. If you are wondering why the Cybertruck looks like something straight out of outer space, this would be the culprit. It has a unique look precisely because it serves a distinct purpose. 

The exoskeleton is the shell of the truck. It protects not only the vehicle, but the passengers inside of it. It is this dual purpose that will lend itself well to service on Mars. Early indications are that the Tesla designed exoskeleton can withstand just about anything you throw at it. The wear and tear it experiences will not even result in a ding in most situations.

Tesla claims that the exoskeleton on the Cybertruck cannot be penetrated. If this is true, then the unstable atmosphere and rugged terrain on Mars may be no match for it. That is exactly what the official truck to Mars should be able to claim. 

The Exterior is Where it All Happens

While one wants the interior of any truck to be comfortable, that is not really the end goal of any vehicle on Mars at the moment. The exterior is far more important. We do not know what we will encounter when driving on the Red Planet, so the stainless steel exterior of the Cybertruck may very be well suited to life there.

The exterior of the Cyberturck is made of a stainless steel shell that has been cold-rolled 30 times. Try to dent it and you will be disappointed. It really is that strong. We obviously do not necessarily know what the exact conditions on Mars will be like, but we can envision that this durable exterior will definitely come in handy. 

The Glass Protects You as Well

There are some fierce winds on Mars that can likely kick up some big rocks. The armored glass on the Tesla Cybertruck will be able to withstand that and much more. This is yet another reason why it may be well suited to do some work on that planet. The glass is made of a polymer-layered composite that makes it virtually impossible to penetrate even if you try. 


To be clear, there has been no announcement that the Tesla Cybertruck is going to be the official track to Mars. We do not even know if it will be a part of any planned cargo missions in the next few years. However, it is a plausible idea, and we have to assume that Tesla and the powers that be will work hard to make it a reality.

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