The 5 Best Ways To Protect Tesla Car Paint

The 5 Best Ways To Protect Tesla Car Paint

Tesla cars are engineered for style, grace, prestige, and luxury.  No expense is spared in creating this masterpiece from the all-weather floor liners to solar-powered electric options.  Protecting the Tesla paint is just as important when maintaining your vehicle.

So what are the 5 best ways to protect Tesla car paint? There are a few options for protecting your Tesla paint.  

  • Ceramic coating,
  • Polymer sealants
  • Carnuba wax 
  • Clearcoat
  • Garage/cover parking

 are the top methods. However,  many professionals agree the number one choice is a ceramic coat, which is beneficial for the life of your paint job on your Tesla.  

The condition of your car’s paint will either enhance or hinder the appearance of your car.  This is an important factor when driving the beloved Tesla.  It goes without saying in keeping that status quo; your Tesla must have the majestic beauty of a perfect coat of paint. 

The various options in which will help you in protecting your Tesla paint: 

Ceramic Coating Specifics

Ceramic Coating is the preferred method in protecting your Tesla. The ceramic coating is durable for all types of weather and road conditions.  This is a popular option since it not only provides durable protection from the elements it maintains that showroom shine.  Keep in mind this coating is permanent for at least two (2) years.  This protection is preferred as it withstands extreme weather conditions. 

Ceramic Coating is not a sealant or wax as they can be washed off, chipped, off, or eaten way by elements. This is a paint coating.  The coating will not only endure extreme weather conditions, but it will provide protection from chemical reactions from certain soaps or other car wash chemicals, and this coating repels water better than its counterparts. Also called Nano-coating.

Ceramic coats will repel road debris, dirt, and water in which provides easy cleanup maintenance. Some car owners huff at the cost of ceramic coating since it is quite expensive.  However, the many benefits of having a ceramic coat on your Tesla is well worth the price to keep it in showroom beauty. 

Silica Dioxide is the active ingredient when using a ceramic coating. The ceramic coat is scratch resistant but they are not guaranteed from your Tesla getting scratched.  It does offer the best overall protection, yet logical methods of cleaning and care should be practiced when handling or driving your car.  It doesn’t make your vehicle an armored car. 

The downside to ceramic coating:

The downside only comes down to one thing, and that is the understanding of the limits of your ceramic coat. As ceramic coating provides excellent benefits in protecting your vehicle’s paint the concern of the downside is minimal.  Ceramic coating does not make your car scratch-proof or dent proof when extreme force is applied, yet it does offer the best protection when compared to your other options. 

If you use an off-brand, cheap, or alternate washing detergents for your vehicle, the chemicals can and will deteriorate the ceramic coat thus compromising the integrity.  Over time your cars paint will begin to show swirl marks, scratches, or patches as these harsh chemicals have eaten away at your paint. 

Ceramic coating is often used for newer vehicles rather than older models or surface damaged vehicles.  The reason for this is because the ceramic coating not only protects the cars paint, but it will enhance the looks of the current condition of your cars paint. 

One of the main downsides of ceramic coating is the inability of doing it yourself.  You can; however, if applied improperly, it may cause more damage.  The cost of ceramic coating often deters car owners since it is rather costly. The average cost of ceramic coating ranges from one hundred and fifty dollars    ($150) and up just for the product not including any dealership labor or fees.   


Polymer Sealants are next on the list for preferred methods of protecting your paint.  These sealants can last up to six months.  There are durable in which they can tolerate the heat much better than wax sealants. 

Sealants are an affordable option and can be applied yourself rather than having to rely on a detail specialist or car dealer/manufacturer. Sealants are easier to apply than waxes since they come in a liquid form. This assists in gliding the liquid smoothly over the surface.  

The downside to Sealants:

Sealants are affordable; however, they are not as durable when compared to ceramic coating.  Sealants required reapplication after six months.  This can be timely and costly in the long run.  Any lifetime guarantees you are offered from the dealership or detail specialist comes with strict conditions of reapplications only to be done by them.

The protection of a sealant is limited since, in theory, they are only a beefed-up form of waxes.  It will not offer the solid protection or longevity of ceramic coating. It will depend on the reapplications, washing chemicals used, and overall condition of your car paint to the type of protection it will provide.    


Carnuba Wax is the traditional go-to for anyone wishing to provide a protectant on their cars finish.  It is a favorite yet it is limited in the protection it can provide for your Tesla.  The wax can last up to 3 months; however, it will need another application to offer a moderate protective coat.  Keep in mind this protection is limited and only durable for six to eight weeks.  When anyone uses this method of protection for their cars, please keep in mind several factors do play a part in how well it will protect your cars finish.

The downside to Wax:

If the temperature is too hot, the wax becomes soft and may pose a threat to the protection of the coat of your car.  Extremely hot temperatures will melt the wax thus leaving blotches or smears on your vehicles surface.  Application plays a major contributor to the success or fail of your wax.   Consider these factors if you choose a wax to protect your car’s paint.

Clear Coat

Most vehicles today will have a clear coat applied to them before purchase. A clear coat is a thin layer over the paint color of your car. It can protect against scratches, weather conditions, and debris.  The coat is a resin in which is applied over the surface of the paint on your vehicle.  A clear coat will provide some protection. However, most will apply wax before applying a clear coat to serve better protection for the surface of your car.

Clear coats give a shiny and glossy appearance to your car.  The color will appear deeper and rich, thus improving the total look of your car.  The shelf life of your car’s paint will last longer with a clear coat along with diminishing the effects of acid rain. 

The downside of Clear Coat:

Clear coats are prone to scratches if you use harsh chemicals, sponges, or any abrasive polishing. Applying a wax after the application of a clear coat should resolve this issue.  Over time your clear coat may appear dull if proper care is not taken, such as frequent washing and waxes.  The shine of the clear coat will fade if you neglect to treat your cars surface.  A clear coat will not entirely protect you cars paint.  The clear coat is actually the first step in the process of protecting your cars paint. 

Garage/ Cover Parking

In addition to applying different types of coating on your Tesla, it is wise to park your car in a secured location.  Keeping your Tesla in a garage or covered area will increase the life of your cars finish.  If you are unable to park in a garage or covered area, then perhaps you can invest in a car cover.  Pretty much any proper vehicle coverage for your Tesla is better than exposing your beloved car to the harsh conditions in the elements of the environment. 

Downside to garage/cover parking:

For obvious reason, a garage will not provide complete protection to your cars paint unless you plan to never drive it or expose it to the elements of the environment.  Even if you never take it out of the garage over time, oxidation will occur and your never used new car will age drastically. 

Another Factor To Consider

The thickness in the paint will affect the durability of the protection you put on it.  However,  a thicker paint reading may indicate the vehicle has been repainted indicating the car has needed repair in some form or fashion. The thickness of the paint can be a contributing factor as to what type of protection you choose.  A recent comparable test shows the Tesla paint is of high quality and comparable to other car types. 

Some may argue the thickness of the paint coat of the Tesla is not as thick as other car brands.  Therefore it may be prone to scratches, swirls, and dings on the surface of the paint.  There have been mixed reviews regarding this matter. It is always good practice to protect your Tesla’s paint with any of these five (5) methods depending on your preference.  These will protect the beauty and quality of your beloved Tesla. 

Related Questions

Is vinyl wrapping a wise option in protecting your car’s paint?

Vinyl wrapping is placed over the surface of the car to change the appearance. The wrapping is not designed to protect the surface of the car if we compare it to other protective measures such as ceramic coating or a clear coat.  The vinyl wrap is an oversized decal which over entirely or partially over the surface of your car.

Some companies will use a vinyl wrap on their vehicles to place an advertisement.  The car is used as a moving billboard.  The vinyl wrap may give some protection to the car’s surface; however, in most cases, it is not designed to do so.  The vinyl wrapping will not harm the paint on the vehicle as long as it is the factory paint.  It is not recommended to use vinyl wrapping as a method in protecting your car’s paint surface.

How Do I Apply A Ceramic Coat To My Car?

Applying a ceramic coat to your car should be done by an expert. It requires a tedious task of ensuring your car’s surface is clear of any contaminants, dings, scratches, or swirls.  If any of these defects appear on the car the ceramic coating will enhance that defect and trapping anything under the surface of the ceramic coat.  

The cost of a ceramic coating is expensive but well worth the money since it will provide long-lasting protection to the surface of your car.  If you were to apply the ceramic coating yourself, it is not guaranteed your coat will provide the optimal protection.  Leave this process to the experts. You will receive a warranty thus providing that level of comfort your car is properly protected.  

The ceramic coating will provide long-lasting results, but regular maintenance is required in caring for the protectant.  Keep in mind anyone living near a beach or a body of saltwater will require more care as to other locations since salt is a deadly element to the life of your car’s ceramic coating.

What Is The proper Care For My Cars Sealant or Coating?

The proper care of your car sealant or coating will extend the life of the paint and its protective coating.  A sealant is less protective than the ceramic coating; however, it is less expensive than ceramic, thus making it a popular choice for everyday driving and use of the vehicle.  Usually, ceramic coatings are used for high-end show vehicles, sports cars, and such. 

Sealant requires frequent washings with the proper ph- neutral car washing liquids. This is important to remember as non-qualified washing detergents can eat away at the sealant.  If your car is simply dusty, you can spray water over your car’s surface to get a clean appearance.  However, for those dirtier jobs, an approved car washing agent is recommended. The average life of your sealant usually lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 months.  Keep in mind to reapply the sealant at least every four months to ensure you have proper coverage and protection. 

Ceramic coating is ideal if the paint of your car is new or in good condition.   Ceramic coating will last up to two years in protecting your car’s paint if you properly care for it.

  • Using a proper washing detergent, which is designed for ceramic coats, will promise not to compromise the quality or the warranty of the ceramic coat.  
  • Keeping your car in a garage or under some sort of shelter to protect from the hot sun or environmental elements
  • Removing any components such as salt right away will keep your surface intact.  

Something else to consider is the environment or weather conditions in which the car will endure daily.  If you live near the ocean, then you will be required to take extra measures in preserving the sealant or coat.  Salt will eat away any paint or protective coating you have. Frequent washing will prevent the salt from resting on your vehicle.  This is can be factored in if you live in cold weather.

Cold weather can affect the life of your cars paint just as much as hot weather climates.  When it is cold or snowing, most major cities will use salt on the roads for vehicles to have better traction.  The road salt will get into the tires and upon rotation, will fling the salt onto the undercarriage of your car.  This salt will sit on the surface of your car eating the paint, coat or sealant.  Any form of salt is deadly to the health of your car’s paint and its protective barriers. 

Hot weather is not too much a factor since quality sealants and ceramic coating are designed to withstand high heat temperatures and UV rays.  

What Are The Downsides To Ceramic Coating Your Car?

There are so many advantages to applying a ceramic coat on your car; it is hard to determine any downsides to it. The downsides to applying a ceramic coating are pricing, the age or condition of your cars paint, and to understand the ceramic coat does offer the BEST protection the ceramic coat is not indestructible.

Most people hear the word ceramic and expect the car to be unscathed by any debris.  Your car will suffer some damage if it is hit with a rock.  The ceramic coating is harder and more durable than other options, but it is still susceptible to rock chips or hard impact conditions.

Another thing to consider is the condition of your car’s paint.  If your car’s paint has chips, dings, scratches, or swirls, then the coat will trap these imperfections under it.  In some cases, these imperfections may even be enhanced.  A ceramic coat will bring a high shine to your paint and those imperfections will become more noticeable. 

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