Tesla Model Y Delivery [Complete Guide]

Tesla's Model Y Delivery Explained

Getting your hands on Tesla’s all-electric SUV Model Y is proving to be a difficult task, with customer demand increasing by the day. If you were lucky enough to get your order in and processed, you might be thinking to yourself, “Now what?” Buying a Tesla differs from other car manufacturers because your purchase can happen in the dealership, or completely online. So, how do you come to get your new Tesla once your order is completed?

There are three delivery options after a Tesla is purchased. Express Delivery has the vehicle delivered to a Tesla dealership. Tesla Direct delivers the Tesla to an approved address. Carrier Direct allows a third party to deliver the Tesla to a delivery address not approved by Tesla Direct. Delivery can take anywhere from one to ten weeks, depending on the specific model.

Although choosing a delivery method is the main component of delivering your new Tesla, there are more aspects of the delivery process that you should be familiar with. Keep reading to learn more about the Tesla delivery process, how it works, and what to expect when ordering your first Tesla.

How Is My Tesla Delivered?

After ordering your Tesla, deciding on the specifications of your personalized vehicle, choosing a payment plan, and sorting out all of the analytics related to purchasing a new vehicle, you will be presented with a choice of three delivery options:

  • Express Delivery
  • Tesla Direct
  • Carrier Direct

You should familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of each of these delivery options and choose the one that best fits your schedule, location, and comfort level.

Express Delivery

Express delivery is the first delivery option and the one that Tesla recommends on their website as the fastest and most reliable. Express Delivery will have your Tesla delivered to a Tesla delivery center where you can go and pick it up.

You must complete all the tasks on your delivery task list before arriving at the delivery center to pick up your vehicle. Doing so will ensure a smoother transition and allow you to enjoy your brand-new vehicle faster. 

After you provide the delivery center with all the necessary registration paperwork, you can access your new Tesla through the Tesla application on your smartphone.

Once your paperwork is in order and you find that the vehicle matches the specifications that you ordered, it is time for you to drive off in your new Tesla Model Y and start discovering what separates the Tesla experience from its competitors’.

Tesla Direct

If you live within a specified range of a Tesla delivery center, you have the option to choose Tesla Direct delivery. With Tesla Direct, the vehicle you ordered will be delivered to any delivery address you provide, but only if that address is within the approved boundaries given to you by Tesla. These boundaries can vary based on your location. It is important to note that not all customers will qualify for this type of delivery, especially in cities or states with minimal delivery centers in their surrounding area.

Once your Tesla is delivered to your requested address, you will be given documents to sign to accept the delivery and provide further documents to complete the vehicle registration process. These documents must be mailed back to Tesla within 24 hours of accepting delivery.

Once again, you can access your Tesla through the Tesla smartphone application and learn about your new vehicle.

Carrier Direct

If Tesla Direct is an option that you are adamant about, but you find yourself outside of the approved boundaries for direct delivery, you can utilize Tesla’s third delivery option: Carrier Direct.

Carrier Direct deliveries are for customers who live more than 220 miles from the closest delivery center.

Tesla-approved third-party carriers will deliver your Tesla to your requested address for a fee that can vary by carrier and travel distance.

Your estimated Tesla delivery date may change if you choose this option based on the carrier’s availability. If you want to ensure you receive your Tesla promptly based on Tesla’s estimates, Tesla recommends that you use one of the other delivery options.

After receiving your Tesla, you should read your user manual or refer to the tutorial videos built into the touchscreen display in your vehicle. This will help you fully understand all of your new Tesla’s capabilities and functions, keeping you informed and safe while on the road.

How to Prepare for Your Tesla Delivery

All the important documents, dates, and processes involved in preparing for your Tesla delivery can be found in your Tesla account that you created when purchasing your Model Y. To receive the final information of your vehicle’s delivery, you must complete these tasks after receiving your vehicle’s VIN:

  • Confirm your delivery location
  • Complete your registration
  • Confirm any trade-in dates, times, and complete necessary paperwork
  • Finalize a payment method

On the day of your delivery, you must have a driver’s license, proof of final payment or your signed leasing or financing documents, vehicle insurance information, and any documents about a trade-in.

Having official documents and copies of each of these will expedite the process and make for a smoother transition of ownership.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Tesla Model Y?

The length of time you will have to wait between placing your order and receiving your delivery varies heavily on several different aspects. Tesla estimates the delivery time to be between one and twelve weeks for the Model Y, but this can change due to supply-and-demand changes, economic status, and unit availability.

If you are curious about wait times and model availability, you can check online or visit a Tesla location in-person for more information.

Are There Delivery Fees for Teslas?

Fees will vary based on the delivery option you’ve chosen. For instance, if you choose the Carrier Direct delivery option, the third-party carrier will impose fees of their own that can range in price.

By default, Tesla charges a baseline delivery and document fee for customers in the United States, which will cost you $1,200.

While there have been rare instances of sales promotions where this has been waived, they do not occur often.

If you are looking to save money, try keeping your eyes out for used Tesla’s or limited time promotions to get upgraded options at a discounted rate


Ensuring all of your documents are completed correctly, confirming your preferred type of delivery is selected, and completing all of the necessary preparations for your delivery day are vital parts of receiving your new Tesla Model Y.

After receiving your Model Y, you should conduct a personal inspection to ensure that the customizations that you ordered are present. This is yet another reason why choosing the Express Delivery option is a great choice.

If you notice something is incorrect or damaged, you can voice your concern to a Tesla Advisor or technician. This documents your observations and puts you on the fast track to experiencing pure joy in your new Model Y.

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