Tesla Solar Inverter Technology Explained

Tesla Solar Inverter Technology Explained

Tesla’s solar inverter technology is a necessary part of their solar power systems. The importance of solar inverters can be confusing, but they are not too hard to understand. How Tesla’s inverter technology works will take some explaining, however.

The role of Tesla’s inverter technology is to invert current. It turns direct current energy (DC) into alternating current (AC), which in turns powers your appliances. Without a solar inverter, home solar-battery systems cannot function.

Tesla’s inverters are complex devices that have allowed the solar industry to thrive by driving down costs. These devices even use technology that allows them to be updated by Tesla whenever necessary. There is a lot to explore with Tesla’s solar inverters, so keep reading to find out more about this cutting-edge technology.

The Technology Behind the Tesla Solar Inverter

Tesla’s solar inverter is a device that is meant to be paired with a solar energy system. Inverters take up the role of turning stored energy from solar panels into energy that you can use. What this means is turning DC energy into AC. AC is equivalent to the energy used by the grid. With it, you can power much of your home.

To invert DC current, Tesla’s inverter causes the flow of this current to move in both directions, which allows for at-home appliance use, among other things. Tesla also manages a few different wattages for their inverters. These wattages depend on your energy needs, but solar panels are typically necessary.

Tesla’s technology is also reliable with its wide array of safety features. An inverter is an important, sensitive device that can cause small issues to be big problems. Tesla implements federally-necessary safety features such as fault protection and energy monitoring.

Solar inverter technology is constantly expanding, and Tesla’s brand is no different in bringing innovations to the field. Their inverters can utilize WiFi and cellular connectivity to keep connected to Tesla for updates. This achievement allows seamless software upgrades for all Tesla products.

What Else Can the Tesla Solar Inverter Do?

Tesla’s inverter is more than that. It is a device that expands upon what inverters can do. While the goal of an inverter is to provide AC energy for usage, Tesla has other great features implemented into the technology:

  • Safety Features: The ability to rapidly shutdown when detecting an error is an important aspect of the device that keeps it safe for home use. This shutdown is at the string-level, which allows for each device connected to your solar panels to quickly and safely stop functioning.
  • Device Stacking: Tesla systems can have multiple inverters installed. This is possible due to its string-inverter system, allowing multiple connection points between inverters and solar panels. Multiple inverters working together increases energy output and efficiency.

Tesla’s technology implements safety features as well as great connectivity to other devices. Being able to control all of these devices from a phone is also a huge benefit, especially if you want to closely monitor power consumption.

String Inverter Technology Explained

Tesla’s inverter is what is known as a string inverter. These inverters are a single unit that connects to, typically, twelve solar panels or more. However, Tesla’s technology allows for more than a single unit, meaning if one experiences an outage, the others can still function.

String inverters are cheaper systems compared to systems like microinverters, though installing more than one increases the cost. Besides costs, these inverters are simple to use. If your power grid is failing, the source is typically your single inverter or inverters.

Another key difference between these types of inverters is the fact that string inverter failure affects the entire system. While this can be a large issue, it also means that whatever caused the problem can be found right away.

This technology is not as advanced as something like a microinverter, which involves individual inverters for each of your solar panels, but it is still a quality device. While the power output of the entire system can be affected by a single panel failing, Tesla’s monitoring and ability to fix these issues is made simple by the use of string inverters.

Tesla Solar Inverter’s Wattage

For an inverter, its wattage is an important aspect as to what makes the device worth it. Wattage is the output of energy in kilowatts (kW) and can give a clear idea of what the technology can do. Tesla’s inverters come in different wattages, and they will be explored here:

  • 3.8 kW: This wattage option is for smaller solar power systems and, according to Tesla, runs at a 97.5% energy efficiency. This is the same for both models. For those who are seeking a more modest solar power system, this option is affordable and with the same safety benefits as the other.
  • 7.8 kW: At this level of wattage, an Inverter or inverters can power home utilities best. Since Tesla usually installs over a dozen solar panels per home, larger systems benefit from more powerful inverters. Running at 97.5% efficiency, this option is great for saving energy and costs.

Rather than having a standard, single size, Tesla’s technology is affected by what a household or homeowner needs. Offering separate wattage options at a single level of efficiency is an important innovation that drives the industry forward.

Is Tesla’s Inverter Technology Efficient?

When comparing with other inverters, string inverter technology is the most conventional. But between its low costs and the ability to more easily manage your entire energy system, there are a lot of benefits to Tesla’s type of inverter.

In terms of efficiency, the energy output is good for string inverters. Since a Tesla inverter can utilize multiple batteries and multiple inverters, energy efficiency increases. To best utilize Tesla’s inverters, multiple solar panels will be necessary, though Tesla has more options for those in shadier spots.

Tesla’s inverter technology will sometimes utilize optimizers. A solar optimizer allows for more energy to be stored by your solar panels despite obstructions. However, Tesla makes it clear that before installing solar panels, a roof should have a constant supply of sun.

These inverters are beneficial for those who want clean energy at a good price point. String inverters may not be the best in terms of efficiency, but Tesla’s technology is meant to be integrated with their other devices to ensure good energy production.

How Does Tesla’s Inverter Technology Drive Down Solar Costs?

Tesla’s solar inverter is a feat of solar technology because of its ability to help drive down energy costs within Tesla’s own company, which allows for cheaper products and has helped Tesla dominate in the solar field. How this device will help costs can be confusing, but here is a breakdown:

  • In-House Production: Thanks to Tesla now producing their solar inverters, the costs of purchasing an entire system from them has declined. While there has been a steady decrease in the price of solar panels, eliminating other costs is a necessary step in making solar affordable for all.
  • Efficient Products: Tesla solar energy is often advertised as saving on energy costs. For this to work, however, their products need to be efficient. By having their systems integrate into each other and great monitoring capabilities, these systems cave owners on money and make solar worth it.

A large aspect of Tesla’s inverter technology is that these inverters can be produced by themselves, eliminating costs across the board and making solar energy more affordable.

Does Tesla Offer Discounts on Solar Products?

Tesla solar panels are already the lowest price solar panels on the market, but are there any other ways to save money when ordering?

In short, the only way to get a discount on Tesla solar panels is by using an existing Tesla owners “referral link” when ordering your Tesla solar panels.

Tesla has did this same “referral program” concept with it’s vehicles and essentially it allows new customers to get a discount on their purchase by using an existing customers personal referral link.

In regards to Tesla solar discounts, using a Tesla referral link when ordering will save you $300 off solar panels or $500 off solar roof.

The referral discounts are typically only available for a limited time before Tesla stops offering the discount, so take advantage of the savings while you can.

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Tesla’s inverter technology relies on a string system. This may not be the most efficient, but Tesla’s products are top of the line and work well when integrated with other Tesla systems. Inverter technology is constantly changing, and within the solar field, efficient inverters help to save on costs.

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