Tesla Solar – Can You Refer Yourself?

Tesla Solar – Can You Refer Yourself?

If you have made the decision to go solar at your home, then you are in for quite the life changing moment. You will also want to save as much money as possible throughout the installation process, so referring yourself to Tesla may certainly be the way to go. After all, every dollar counts when installing a completely new energy system. 

Tesla does allow you to refer yourself when purchasing either solar panels or a solar roof. They currently promote that anyone, including yourself, can earn a $300 award for solar panels or $500 for solar roof when buying, and the same when referring.

It is important to understand how the referral program at Tesla works and who qualifies for it. Beyond that, you will also want to know the reasons behind having either solar panels or a solar roof installed in your home. Continue reading to learn if this is a purchase you should be making and how to maximize your savings when you do. 

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What is the Purpose of the Tesla Solar Referral Program

Tesla is in the business of creating clean energy solutions. Solar is actually included in their core set of business objectives. To spread the word about their products, the company has developed a referral program designed to help owners benefit financially while at the same time helping out their friends and family members.

There is no limitation on who you can refer to Tesla. So, as an owner, you are welcome to refer yourself. Any order for solar panels or a solar roof can qualify for the referral program offered by Tesla. You will just need to use the unique referral link that Tesla has provided you with. The referral code does need to be provided at the time of the order and not after. 

5 Reasons to Refer Yourself and Go Solar

Going solar is meant to save you money in the long run. When you put solar panels on your roof, you are using space that would otherwise just be sitting there empty. In so doing, those same panels will produce a sustainable energy source that can power your home. 

Tesla has developed their referral program to introduce the nation to its brand of solar panels. They believe that they have come up with the best solar system in the world, and they want to provide financial incentives to have people install it on their roof.

The solar panels created by Tesla employ a low profile design. You will not even see any mounting hardware when you look up at the roof. Beyond that, here are five additional benefits that you can gain when referring yourself at Tesla Solar. 

Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

You might wonder how having solar panels on your roof can save you money in the long run. It starts with you having less reliance on the power grid offered by your local utility company. You will be capturing energy directly from the sun, which is obviously an inexpensive way of going about getting your power. When you own a home, you can use solar panels to lower your energy bill. 

It is amazing how much energy can be captured by solar panels, mainly when it is quite sunny outside. Many times, you will not even be using as much energy as your panels are producing. Depending on the system you are using, excess energy can be stored in reserve for later use. This is yet another way to save on your monthly power bill.

Noticeably Reduce the Carbon Footprint You Leave in the World

If you want to leave your mark on this world, one of the best ways to begin doing that is to leave nothing behind. That is possible when you start using sustainable energy sources. The average electrical grid today is dominated by fossil fuels. Renewable energy makes up a surprisingly small percentage of that. 

When you start using solar energy, you become a part of a movement. This is a way to gradually reduce the dependence that much of the world has on fossil fuels. Not only do not such unclean sources of power damage the environment, but they are finite resources. When they are all used up, the earth can never generate anymore.

The sun is endless. We can generate as much solar energy as we want. Reducing the carbon footprint that your household produces is one of the best gifts that you can give to the world. Not only will you save money in doing so, but you will also feel good about what you have done as well. 

Give Yourself a Hedge Against Rising Utility Rates

If you haven’t noticed, the rates that your utility company charges have been increasing gradually over time. This is a national trend that will not likely slow down anytime soon. In fact, statistics show that the average price of electricity has increased at an annual rate of roughly 3 percent every year, dating back to 1970.

However, solar energy comes at a fixed price. Once you have purchased the unit and have it working in your home, you can expect to pay the same rate for the duration of the system. This means that you will not have to budget in annual price increases, putting even more money back in your pocket at the same time. 

Give Your Home’s Value a Boost

Real estate is meant to be an investment. Even if you do not have your eyes on selling your home today, the time might come years down the road. Having a solar energy system installed in your home is going to increase the value of your property. This makes it a worthwhile investment to consider. Many people looking for a home today want one with solar panels already installed. 

You will also find that homes with solar already installed tend to sell faster in a down market than those who rely only on traditional power sources. You will can ask for a higher price as a result. This is definitely something worth considering. It is a way to offset the price you pay today for the solar panels, as you will typically get a positive return on that investment years down the road.

Protect Your House from Inevitable Power Outages

While it is true that having solar panels installed alone will not protect your home from power outages, it will give you an advantage when they do occur. You can pair your panels with a backup solar source, such as a Tesla Powerwall, thereby providing you with clean power when the energy grid happens to go offline. 

This means that you will be able to power many of the appliances in your home, even when the power goes out. Integrating your solar panels with backup power sources means that you are able to store solar power and have it ready for use when you need it most. This can be during unexpected outages or planned power cutoffs.

Why Refer Yourself to Tesla Solar?

With so many different solar energy companies on the market today, you might be wondering why you should use your referral to buy solar panels or a solar roof from Tesla. Here are a few of the more notable reasons that Tesla Solar is a good move for you.

  • Tesla is one of the largest installers of solar panels and roofs in the United States. 
  • Tesla has installed more than 435,000 solar systems in America alone. 
  • Tesla offers a price match guarantee on all of their solar systems. 
  • All installations and service are performed by Tesla’s technicians.

These four reasons alone combine to demonstrate why many Tesla owners worldwide have already taken advantage of the company’s self-referral option. The fact that Tesla has their technicians means that customers can get a quicker and more informed response to all of their questions and concerns.

Tesla Guarantees They Have the Lowest Price

With something so important, it is rare to see a company promote that they have the lowest price in the industry. When it comes to solar energy, Tesla does not just say, they guarantee it. This provides a great incentive to homeowners who want to have solar panels installed but are concerned about the price. 

Tesla is able to guarantee the lowest price in the industry because they have streamlined the entire solar panel and roof installation process. They are transparent with their pricing, even stipulating exactly what percentage of the cost goes to the various components involved. 

At the current time, this is how the price for Tesla solar panels and roofs is calculated:

  • Sales – 20 percent of the total price
  • Design and Permits – 15 percent of the total price
  • Installation – 15 percent of the total price
  • Wiring – 10 percent of the total price
  • Inverter – 10 percent of the total price
  • Solar Panels – 30 percent of the total price

By streamlining the process like this, Tesla makes it quick and easy to order solar panels. You will notice that that hardware for a complete solar system from Tesla only amounts to about half of the total prices. The rest is made up of technical components, such as permits and installation. 

The Design of a Tesla Solar System

Another reason why you will want to consider taking advantage of a self-referral and have solar panels installed in your home is the design and aesthetics of the Tesla system. The company has developed its own mounting system. If you compare Tesla solar panels to other panels available on the market, you will immediately notice a difference in the way they look after installation. 

Because of their design, Tesla solar panels are able to rest low on the roof of your home. There are very few gaps evident between panels. The panels themselves are also designed the way that they are so that they can blend in with the style of your roof. 

This is thanks to their all-black panels in addition to the integrated side skirts. These effectively conceal the edges and provide a great deal of protection from debris that could otherwise compromise the integrity of the system. This results in a solar system that looks great on your roof.

The Warranty is Pretty Special

When you are looking to spend quite a bit of money on your solar system, you want to have some type of guarantee that it is going to work for years to come. That is why many people are more than pleased with the warranty that comes with Tesla solar panels or roofs. 

Tesla currently has one of the most developed warranty programs of any other solar provider currently in the marketplace. The company will warrant all work performed by their technicians and the performance of all Tesla solar panels installed on your roof. 

Tesla Has Created a Complete Ecosystem

When you have Tesla solar panels, you will quickly discover that the entire system is easy to monitor. In fact, it will integrate into many other components of the ecosystem you have in place at your home. 

You will be able to monitor all of the production coming from your solar panels. Suppose you have a Powerwall backup system in place. In that case, you can also change settings and modify your preferences in terms of charging all from the Tesla application available on your smartphone.

In essence, Tesla has created a complete suite of products designed to power your home in a sustainable way. You will find that this enhances your lifestyle, providing you with the many benefits already mentioned up to this point. 

 Let’s Talk About Tesla Solar Panels Work

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should have Tesla solar panels installed in your home, it is helpful to understand better how the entire system works. 

First, it is helpful to know that any solar panel system is essentially made up of three key parts:

  • Solar Panels – It is the panels that are responsible for capturing the sunlight that hits your roof. Solar panels are capable of converting that sunlight into electricity. 
  • Inverter – The inverter included with a Tesla solar system is an essential part of the process. It takes the electricity created by the solar panels and turns them into clean energy. This is this energy that can then be used to power the lights, appliances, and just about anything else in your home. 
  • Solar Gateway – This is the part of the system that collects all of the data from the solar energy you create and then use. It will allow you to monitor your energy production right from the Tesla application that is available online and via your smartphone. 

All of these components work together to form a complete energy production system that allows your home to finally be a producer of sustainable power. Over time, it will decrease your reliance on the power grid, resulting in significant savings on your power bill. 

Powering Your Home at Night

You might wonder how your home will get electricity at night if you have solar panels installed. First, your home is still connected to the electric grid. When the sun goes away, your access to electricity does not. It is at night that the electric grid actually powers your lights and appliances in your area. 

You will notice that your electric meter will record how much non-solar energy you use at night. This is similar to what you probably experience today. However, you do have an option if you want to be able to use as much solar energy as possible. 

Tesla produces its own solar battery backup system called the Powerwall. This system will store excess energy that you produce during the day. At night, your home can then be powered by this electricity. In most cases, that will be sufficient to help you achieve your goal of being a self-powered home. The process will repeat itself the next day.

What Happens to the Excess Energy Solar Panels Produce?

If the sun is particularly shining one day and you do not use much electricity, you might discover that you produce more energy than you actually consume. This occurs more often than you might think. You will discover that the power generated by your solar panels is more than sufficient to power your entire home and then some. 

What happens next depends on your utility company. In some cases, you will notice your utility meter spin backward. This reflects the excess energy that the power company can then use to power its own needs or divert to other households. In other words, it is yet another way that you can save money. Your electric bill will actually show zero usage to reflect this.

How Can You Purchase a Tesla Solar System?

If you are ready to use your referral link and purchase your own Tesla solar panels or roof, it is time to figure out how to pay for. There are actually several different ways that Tesla has designed to help you do this. 

  • Subscription service
  • Purchase with a loan
  • Purchase with cash

Each of these options comes with various benefits that may appeal to you depending on your situation.

Paying for Your System with Cash

This is the most straightforward way of buying your Tesla solar panels. There is no paperwork to speak of. You simply pay the full cost of the system at the time that it is installed. You will get your referral payment deducted at that time as well. You will also be able to qualify for federal tax credits, and you will owe nothing else once you have made your payment. 

Taking Out a Loan 

You also have the option of taking out a loan to pay for your Tesla solar panels. The company allows you to do this without incurring any upfront expenses to speak of. For many, this is the most affordable and accessible way of getting a clean energy system installed in their home and still being able to retain ownership of the unit. 

Placing your order will allow you to see how much your solar loan payment will be every month. It will depend on the size of the system that you order and where you are located. Many users find that their monthly loan payment ends up being lower than their entire monthly electricity bill. 

Even when taking out a loan, most people find that they immediately begin to save money over what they were paying for electricity monthly prior to going solar. As soon as your loan is paid off, you continue enjoying all of the benefits of having a solar energy system in house with the additional monthly payments.

While many people work hard to avoid loans as a homeowner, this is one case where the purchase of a solar system makes a good case for borrowing the money. It is considered a solid investment and will more than pay for itself over the loan term.

Should you sell your home before the solar system is paid for in full, there is no prepayment penalty. The amount remaining on the loan will be paid from the funds at closing. With a loan, you still qualify for the referral incentive offered by Tesla and the tax credits offered by the federal government. 

Subscribing to a Tesla Solar Service

If you are ready to get solar in your home but are not ready to make the full financial investment required to do so, Tesla offers a subscription service that may appeal to you. This is a way to get a complete unit installed in your home in exchange for a monthly subscription fee that you pay directly to Tesla. 

This will still provide your home with clean solar energy while eliminating the upfront expenses associated with buying your own system outright. Subscription prices depend on region and access to the electric grid. They are also designed to ensure that you save money over your normal electric bill from the very first month. 

Ordering Tesla Solar Panels

Ordering Tesla Solar panels is quite easy once you have decided how you would like to pay for them. You will begin by going online and inputting your residential address. You will also need to include information related how much your electricity currently costs on average. Tesla uses this information to determine how big of a system you will need.

If you want to use your own referral link, make sure that you begin the entire process by going directly to that active link. That is how you will get the money off of your unit. You will be asked to decide how big of a system you would like. Keep in mind that you will have a chance to review and make changes to your order prior to completing the process.

If you really want to maximize your savings with solar energy, you will want to add a Powerwall at this time as well. This backup system will work directly with your solar panels. The excess energy that your home produces during the day will be stored as solar energy that you can use at night. This will further reduce your reliance on your local electrical grid.

The final step to the process is to review your order and select your payment option. Keep in mind that there will likely be various incentives associated with your order. Make sure that you review these and that you understand the terms. Once you are comfortable, place the order and then get ready to embark on a path towards sustainable energy.

How Can You Save Money with Solar Panels?

While the referral payment is nice, having solar panels installed is still quite an investment. So, it is understandable that you would want to make sure it is really possible to save some substantial money by going solar. With a Tesla solar system, you will be making money off the unit almost from day one. 

The energy that the solar panels create is designed to provide most of the power needs that your household has. This will reduce the amount of higher priced electricity you used to be forced to buy from your local utility provider. 

You will see a reduction in your monthly electric bill thanks to the solar energy produced along with the net metering credits you generate. No matter if you decide to subscribe, pay in cash, or finance your solar panels, the savings will still be there for you in one way or another. 


Now is a great time to install Tesla solar panels. Since you are able to refer yourself, you will be able to save even more money towards the purchase of a unit. The savings are undeniable, and you will be using clean energy throughout the household. The reduction in your dependence on fossil fuels will make you feel good while putting more money in your wallet every month. 

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