Is the Tesla Roadster Street Legal? [We Find Out]

Tesla Roadster Street Legal Information You Should Read

Promoted as the quickest vehicle in the world, many people are amazed that the Tesla Roadster is street legal. This is an electric vehicle that packs a powerful punch. Not only are you going to get up to speed relatively quickly, but you are going to have a lot of fun while doing it. Before you consider buying the new Tesla Roadster, it is essential to read through some legal information. 

The new Tesla Roadster is set to go into production in 2023. With a 0-60 time of 1.9 seconds, and the expectation to be the fastest production car in history, the Tesla Roadster is still in fact street legal. However, altering the Tesla Roadster from stock, or using the cars power too freely on public roads, may lead to legal issues.

If you are looking for a high-speed electric vehicle, the Tesla Roadster is about to make a comeback. It can get you from 0 to 60 mph in under 2 seconds, which is unheard of for electric cars. It is quicker than any car in production today. Because it is so fast, please continue reading to learn how street legal it will be. 

Is it Street Legal?

Going fast is not a crime. If it were, numerous sports cars that have graced the roadways over the years never would have made it there. The concern with cars such as the Tesla Roadster has always been after factory modifications that are often made to supercharge their capabilities further. Many of those create a vehicle that is not street legal. 

If there is one thing that you should read about the street-legality of the Tesla Roadster, it is that you will need to make sure you are driving it as it was intended to be driven. This is what has passed current government regulations. If you decide to add anything to the car that will make it even faster or louder than it already is, then you could be compromising its legality. 

In addition, just because a car can go from 0 to 60 in less than 2 seconds does not mean that every situation calls for that type of speed. You will need to be sensible about when that type of speed is allowed and when it is not. You also cannot modify the car to go faster than the law allows. 

What Makes the New Tesla Roadster So Special?

There must be something special about the Tesla Roadster if a conversation is to be had about whether or not it is even street legal. This car can get up to 250 miles per hour and only take 1.9 seconds to reach 60 mph. It was wildly popular during its first launch from 2008-2012 and should be even more so with the coming new generation. 

What is Under the Hood?

The motor built into the design of the all-electric Tesla Roadster is completely street legal as well. With a quarter mile time of only 8.8 seconds, you might say that this a monumental leap forward in terms of what cars can do when only powered by an electric battery. In fact, it is more than a second quicker out of the starting gate than the McLaren 570S. 

A further indication that the Roadster design was meant to appease regulators is the addition of an all-wheel-drive feature. This is becoming the industry standard, and it is included with every new Tesla Roadster that will enter into production.

Does All That Speed Compromise Battery Range?

A concern with an electric car is how much range you will get out of each charge. That need not be a worry when it comes to the new Tesla Roadster. This car will include a 200-kWh battery. That is sufficient to give it a range of up to 620 miles under normal use. Naturally, that will decrease somewhat depending on where you are driving and under what conditions. 

Remember that the Tesla Roadster is built for speed, but you will not always be zooming from one stop to another. When you do, you can count on that range being cut in half. However, part of what makes the Roadster street legal is the fact that it is built for everyday city and highway driving. That will give you more range than a gas-combustible engine car. 

What About the Fuel Economy?

Another indicator of just how street legal the Tesla Roadster is can be signified by its EPA fuel ratings. It falls more than within stipulated guidelines. Even though this is an all-electric, Tesla is still required to report a miles per gallon efficiency rating. While that exact rating is not known yet, it is going to be well in excess of 100 miles per gallon equivalent. 

Is the Tesla Roadster Safe to Drive on the Street?

This is the key question, the answer to which will be further indicative of how it has become a street legal all-electric car. Many people are concerned about such a fast car and how safe it really is to be on the road. This is why there are certain industry guidelines that must first be met.

The original Tesla Roadster performed exceptionally well in industry crash ratings. Given that the new Roadster is even better built, we have every indication that this will continue to be the case. In addition, Tesla has since modified its driver-assistance features. With those being installed on the Roadster, the safety factor is only going to be elevated. 

Given that the Roadster is built for speed, three features should be of special interest to any driver wanting to ensure their vehicle remains safe and street legal. 

  • Automatic Emergency Braking – No matter how fast a car is traveling, it needs to be able to stop quickly if something is in the way. The Tesla Roadster will automatically brake if this is the case. This includes the ability to detect pedestrians that might be impeding the path of the car. 
  • Lane Departure Warning System – Another aspect of the Roadster that keeps it street legal is its ability to stay in the proper lane. Even when driving on the highway, the system will automatically detect if the car is moving outside of its lane and will then notify the driver. It will also nudge the car back in the proper position as needed. 
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – Since it is important to keep the Tesla Roadster within posted speed limits, the Adaptive Cruise Control feature will help drivers to do exactly that. It also includes a semi-autonomous driving mode that can be activated as long as a licensed driver is behind the wheel. 

These three features help keep the Roadster traveling at a safe speed and at a comfortable distance away from other traffic. These features are legal and acceptable for use throughout the United States. 


While we do not know exactly when the Tesla Roadster is going to enter production, the rumor is that it will be ready for the 2023 model year. People who enjoy going fast and appreciate the added benefits of going all-electric are going to appreciate the Roadster. It is street legal when driven according to local regulations, so strap on your seatbelt and get ready to go.

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