The Different Ways You Can Use a Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall Usage Explained

The Tesla Powerwall is a sophisticated system that has many uses. Since the technology is new, it’s no surprise that some people aren’t so sure about how the device can be used. Understanding these uses can help you determine whether you may benefit from having a Tesla Powerwall installed in your own home.

The Tesla Powerwall is an energy storage device that can be used in the following ways:

  • Main source of power for your home.
  • Monitor to keep track of your energy consumption.
  • Backup power source in an emergency.

There is a lot to know about Tesla Powerwall uses, so you may have more questions. In this article, we will explore exactly how this innovative device can be used in your home, so keep on reading if you want to know more.

Tesla Powerwall Uses

The various applications of the Tesla Powerwall give the device its edge. Most may know that you can use it as a backup source of power, but it pays to know about all of the uses. This way, if you choose to purchase it, you can get the most out of it. In the following sections, we will go over each of the Tesla Powerwall uses in detail.

Main Source of Power in Your Home

One of the most common ways to use a Tesla Powerwall is your home’s main source of power.

According to Tesla, this works in a very specific way. You would need to set your Powerwall to store power within itself for discharge at a later time. If you have a solar-powered Powerwall, then your device would store power from solar panels whenever the sun is out. The power will then be available for use at night as necessary.

If your Powerwall is not solar-powered, the way that you’ll use it is a bit different. The device will store power from the grid when your energy costs are low and then discharge energy when the energy costs are higher. This translates to a considerable decrease in your energy costs. Note that this setting is only useful if your energy costs vary from time to time.

Monitor Energy Consumption

Not only can you use a Tesla Powerwall to power your home at night, but you can also use it to monitor your energy consumption. The Powerwall can be connected to a mobile device via the Tesla app, which can be used to display relevant energy-use stats. You can use the app to see energy use information about the following:

  • How much energy you are currently using in real-time.
  • How much energy you have used over time.
  • What portion of your energy use comes from solar power, the grid, or your Tesla Powerwall’s storage.

To make sure that you are able to see all of the energy usage stats, you will need to download the most recent version of the Tesla app.

Backup Energy Source

Another one of the main uses of a Tesla powerwall concerns backup protection. In a natural disaster, the potential for losing power is high. The Tesla Powerwall acts as a backup power source to give you peace of mind, no matter the weather.

If you have a Tesla Powerwall, you’ll be able to use energy stored over time to keep your appliances running, your lights on, and your mobile devices charged.

For Powerwalls that are powered by the sun, the energy will be gathered from the solar panels on your home. If you opted for non-solar, the Powerwall would gather the energy from the grid. 

Things You Can Power with a Tesla Powerwall

People who have no experience with Tesla Powerwalls often wonder what the device is able to power. This section will let you know what you can power with your Powerwall.

In general, you can power your:

  • Lights
  • Outlets
  • Emergency Circuits

This means that you’ll be able to see, keep your phone charged, and use your everyday appliances.

Keep in mind, though, that there are limits to how quickly the Tesla Powerwall can store and supply electricity to your home. If you turn on all the lights, use all the outlets, and use large appliances, your Powerwall may not be able to keep up with that energy demand.

So, before you purchase your Powerwall, make sure that you speak with a Tesla rep about your energy use habits. They may recommend that you purchase more than one Powerwall so that all of your energy use can be adequately supported.

Tesla Powerwall Modes

The engineers at Tesla knew that not everyone would want to use their Powerwall in exactly the same way, so they created several modes that you can toggle between. Information about all of the modes are below for your reference:

  • Backup Only: The backup only mode prompts the Powerwall to save all of the energy that your Powerwall stores. This is a great option for those who don’t necessarily want to use the Powerwall on a regular basis and instead want to have energy saved for an emergency situation. This option maximizes the amount of time you’ll be able to use your powerwall in a power outage.
  • Self Powered: The self-powered mode is specifically for people who want to depend more on their Powerwall than the energy grid. This option is only available as part of a solar package (when solar panels are installed on your house). Any leftover energy that you don’t use in the daytime is used at night.
  • Balanced Time-Based Control: This setting is only available if you have a solar setup. It is a setting that prompts your Powerwall to operate in a way that strikes a balance between money savings and sustainability. The device will charge when energy costs are low and discharge whenever energy costs are higher.
  • Cost-Saving Time-Based Control: This setting is similar to the previous setting in that it prompts the Powerwall to operate based on the cost of energy. But the main difference is that this setting maximizes your energy savings. It will discharge energy more often, minimizing the amount of grid power you use. Over time, this will save you money on electricity, so this setting is suited best to anyone who is frugal.

Choosing which mode you want is easy. All you need to do is adjust your settings via the Tesla app.

Using a Tesla Powerwall Off-Grid

Now that you know about all of the Powerwall modes available, you may be wondering whether you can use the device totally off-grid. The answer is yes. You can use a Tesla Powerwall without being connected to the energy grid, but the real question is, “Do you really want to do that?”

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is able to store a hefty 13.5kWh of energy, and the device is stackable. So, it is able to hold enough power to adequately power a home.

However, energy experts recommend that if you are already connected to the grid, you shouldn’t disconnect from the grid. They state that, by using a Tesla Powerwall, you could eliminate your grid usage without having to physically disconnect from the grid. Also, keeping your grid connection can be a backup just in case something goes wrong with your solar/Powerwall hookup.

If your home is currently connected to the grid, it will take a ton of solar panels and a lot of money to create a 100% off-grid setup using Tesla Powerwalls. However, if you are set on going off-grid and have the funds to create such a solar marvel, it is a possibility.

Ask a Tesla Rep

Get started with your off-grid project by talking to a Tesla representative. They can give you information on how to get started, a quote for the installation of your Powerwall and solar panels, and fill you in on any warnings or recommendations.

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Final Thoughts

Now you know a ton of useful information about how Tesla Powerwalls can be used. We hope that this article serves as a helpful guide for your energy concerns.

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