Tesla Powerwall Near Bedroom? Read This Immediately

Tesla Powerwall Near Bedroom?

With an increase of unexpected outages recently in the US and more people relying on being able to use power for jobs, rechargeable home battery systems like the Tesla Powerwall are becoming more and more popular. The Tesla Powerwall can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on the climate.

Yes, Tesla Powerwall can be installed near the bedroom, but the Powerwall does make fan noise. Tesla recommends having it installed in a temperature-controlled controlled environment because of the optimal temperature range between 32 degrees and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you live in a place that has all four seasons,  you should make plans to install it inside. Tesla will provide installation tips and choose what is right for your location. Today, we’ll be going over where tesla powerwalls can be installed, how you can install it, and some of the benefits it includes.

Where Can Tesla Powerwall Be installed? 

There are multiple options when installing Powerwall in your home. They can be mounted side-by-side or front-to-back. Depending on how big your house is, you might need to purchase more than one to have an effective backup power unit.

Most homeowners choose to have their Powerwall installed indoors in the garage or the basement of the house. If the area that you live in is not humid, has some shade and protection from the sun, or a risk to extreme temperatures indoors would be better.

If the temperature gets out of the optimal temperature window, the Powerwall might not work as efficiently or power down. The Powerwall is water and dust resistant but not fully waterproof.

The garage and the basement are the most common places for the Tesla Powerwall to be installed. There is usually more room, and these places should have outdoor access for wires and other equipment to use and install.

How Loud is Powerwall?

Some consumers have reported that Powerwalls have made more noise than usual depending on the environment that the Powerwall is located. It is safe to install the Powerwall outside your bedroom, but it is up to you if you want the white-noise or humming noise that is being reported.

According to an Australian power site, the Tesla Powerwall makes about as much noise as a quiet conversation or a bird call.


The Powerwall can power a house for up to seven days. According to Tesla, the time it takes to install a Powerwall can be a full day, depending on the system that you have. The Powerwall is hooked up to solar panels that will be mounted to the roof of your house and your electrical unit.

Most of the components will be installed on the outside of your home. The battery unit that is mounted to the wall needs to be kept in a temperature-controlled environment. If that area is near your bedroom, it is safe from the elements.

Who Can Install it? 

Installation needs to be done by a certified electrician and through Tesla. If they do not install in your location, they have partnered with certified installers to help set up your Powerwall. This electrician should be knowledgeable about where the Powerwall can be installed.

Remember to have a place picked out and cleaned out for your Powerwall. Any debris or boxes need to be cleared of the desired array so that the ventilation fan can have plenty of space to function. The unit can get loud and not function properly if there is anything in proximity to the Powerwall.

Benefits of Powerwall

The benefits of a Powerwall system are extensive. More and more people are purchasing a backup electrical battery unit for their homes. More consumers are also becoming more conscious about sustainable energy like solar energy. Below are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • When there is a power outage, the Powerwall will keep your lights on.
  • It is good for the environment to have a Powerwall because of the solar energy that you are using
  • The upfront cost might be a lot, but you save money on electricity in the long run.
  • The Powerwall can keep things running for up to seven days
  • It can reduce your carbon footprint
  • The Powerwall can recharge when the sun is out using solar panels
  • You can store energy from the grid or from solar and use it anytime
  • Control it through an app called PowerFlow
  • It can be installed outside if the temperature and climate requirements have been met
  • It is typically quiet, with some humming reported.

What Can Powerwall Power? 

The Powerwall can store energy that can be used later and is used to power a whole house. Anything that takes power, a Powerwall can provide power to it. The greatest benefit of the Powerwall is that you are prepared when there is an unexpected outage.

Anything in your house that takes charge, the Powerwall can provide power to. Electricity costs are getting higher and higher, and this solar-powered battery backup can provide you with lower bills to power the same electronics. It will become your only source of power.

There are different sizes of the Tesla Powerwall, and the installation crews will determine which one is right for your home. They will also talk to you about the location and where you want the unit installed. The larger the unit, the more it will power during a backup power mode.

What is The Life Expectancy of the Tesla Powerwall Unit?

The Powerwall is technically a large lithium-ion battery. The warranty on the Powerwall is for 10 years. According to some solar panel reviews, the life expectancy of the Tesla Powerwall is 3-10 years, making this a great warranty to have.

If you have been affected by the rolling power outages, as much of the country has been, this type of unit can help relieve some stress. It can provide backup power through the solar panels if an outage were to happen again. If you have two units, the unit can provide up to 5 days of power. If you only have one Powerwall, it can last up to a day.

How Do I Control the Powerwall?

The Powerwall has an app where you can control it from your phone. The app lets you monitor energy consumption as well as change any settings you have with the solar panels. This app is compatible with android or apple phones and is easy to navigate.


The Tesla Powerwall is one of the best solar batteries you can find. It can be installed in the living spaces but does have some noise associated with the fan that the battery needs. A garage or basement is the most popular place to be installed but can be installed outdoors if the climate is temperate.

Remember to assess your house and figure out where the best possible area to install the Powerwall would be. Talk to your installation crew about the climate in your area and how it would affect having the unit outside if you are considering this. Above all, think about the possible white noise and access to the outdoors and electrical units.

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