Tesla Model S vs Model Y [Complete Comparison]

Model S Vs. Model Y

Tesla has amazed the world by its continual new addition to the SUV range with the intention of decreasing the carbon footprint on the earth. When it comes to Tesla, two of their most talked about vehicles are the classic Tesla Model S sedan and their new mid-sized SUV Model Y. Model S was officially unveiled in 2012, whereas the model Y launched recently in 2020. So, how do they compare?

The Tesla Model S car is priced starting at $99,990, whereas the Tesla Model Y has a starting price of $62,990. The Tesla Model Y is the clear option if the decision is based on the price and storage, but the Model S is better regarding luxury and performance. It should also be noted that the Model S is a luxury sedan, while the Model Y is a more affordable mid-sized SUV.

However, the cars have much more features to be compared apart from the price. Keep on reading for a detailed comparison between both models to choose the right one for yourself to buy.

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Overview of Tesla Model S Vs. Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model S is one of the longest-running cars from the company. It first appeared in the year 2012 and although the car had some problems and glitches in the initial years, it is still the most considerable success in its range.

The Tesla Model Y is the newer version in the SUV class and has caught the public’s attention due to its price point and storage capabilities. The model Y was released in 2020 and since then has been making a roar amongst consumers.

Specs Comparison: Model S Vs. Model Y

There are numerous differences when thinking about the specs of the Model S versus the Model Y. The list below will dive deeper into the specifications of Model S and Model Y to make a clear decision: ·       

  1. Price difference
  2. Passenger Space
  3. Performance
  4. Storage
  5. Battery And Power

Overall, these are some of the top factors that you should consider before deciding on the Tesla model Y or S.  

1. Price Difference

The first-ever factor to consider is the budget while buying anything, especially a large-ticket item like a car. Tesla vehicles, in particular, are on the higher-end of the spectrum when it comes to price, but comparing the Model S and the Model Y illustrates a definite difference when contrasting the base ranges of each vehicle through the higher options.

The Model S is Tesla’s take on a luxury sedan, coming in at a starting price of $99,990 and going up to $135,990 for the Plaid trim.

The Model Y is Tesla’s take on an affordable SUV, coming in at a starting price of $62,990 and going up to $67,990 for the Performance trim.

IMPORTANT: These prices change from time to time, so click here to check the Model S price and here to check the Model Y price.

The prices above may go up even more if you intend to go for additional features such as upgraded wheels and Full-Self Driving capabilities (upgraded Autopilot).

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2. Passenger Space

Model Y is an SUV standard in a 5 seater and can be upgraded to 7 seaters with an added price of $3000.

Model S is a sedan standard in a 5 seater and does not have the option to upgrade for added seating. There is speculation however about adding a 7 seater option in the truck areas of the vehicle, but this is not currently offered when ordering.

If you are looking for a larger cabin, then the Model Y is the clear winner because it’s an SUV rather than a sedan like the Model S.

3. Performance

Considering the overall size and dimensions, the performance of both models is fantastic. However, because the Model S is a luxury car, nearly double the price, you can expect it to have better performance.

The base version of Model S has 670 horsepower with a maximum speed of 155mph. It can reach the speed from 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds, with a range of 405 miles on a single charge.

The Plaid version of Model S has a horsepower of 1020 hp and can go up to 200mph. It can speed up to 60mph in 1.99 seconds, with a range of 396 miles on a single charge.

The base version of Model Y has a horsepower of 385 hp and can go up to 135mph. It can speed up to 60mph in 4.8 seconds, with a range of 326 miles on a single charge.

The Performance version of Model Y has a horsepower of 450 hp and can go up to 155mph. It can speed up to 60mph in 3.5 seconds, with a range of 303 miles on a single charge.

The performance of the Tesla Model Y is much more laid back than Model S, considering the major price difference, and that it’s an SUV compared to a sedan.

If you’re looking for performance, the Model S Plaid is the clear winner here.

4. Cargo Storage

Total cargo space for Tesla Model S is 26 cubic feet whereas the Model Y has 76 cubic feet of cargo space.

This is expected when considering the sedan shape and style of the Model S compared to the SUV shape and style of the Model Y.

If you’re looking for storage and cargo space, the Model Y is the clear choice here.

5. Battery and Power

Tesla Model S car battery has a capacity of 100kWh which means it can go 405 miles on a single charge, with at least 670 horsepower from the base model.

In comparison, the Model Y base version battery has a capacity of 75kWh which means it can only go 326 miles on a single charge with at least 385 horsepower from the base model.

But if judged critically, the difference is not that significant. The Model Y can last as long as 326 miles on a single charge. For the price Model Y comes in, it provides comparatively better specifications than Model S. In reality, how often are you going to be driving over 326 miles without stopping anyways?

My current Tesla Model 3 has a range of 300 miles and although I’d love 400+ miles range for those long road trips, I wouldn’t pay an extra $60,000 just for the extra few miles range.

However if you are seeking the longest range possible, without factoring in price, the Model S is the winner here with 405 miles on a single charge.

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Additional Features of Model S and Model Y

While both models have differences in performance, dimensions, and spacing, they do have several similarities, such as heated front seats, impressive audio systems, heated and auto-dimming side mirrors, Autopilot comes standard, optional Full-Self Driving, and custom driver profiles. Both the Model S and the Model Y are impressive.

The only main differences you’ll notice between the Model S and the Model Y are the rear screen behind the center console for your back passengers in the Model S, and the air conditioned seats in the Model S as well. The interior design also is more luxurious in the Model S compared to the minimalist design throughout the Model Y. At the different price points, this is expected.

However, both the Models also have heated back seats too, something that is still uncommon in most new vehicles on the market today.

Also, both models come with Tesla’s Autopilot driver-assistance technology by default, and an array of cameras for self-driving capabilities. Not only can the vehicles sense the cars around them, but they can also read lane paint to make lane changes, drive themselves off the highway, even park themselves and find you in a parking lot through their Summon technology.

Other additional features include automatic emergency braking technology, acceleration reduction if the cars sense obstacles, blind-spot monitoring, and warnings for front and side collisions. Although this technology came under fire in its early stages, Tesla continues to make improvements, so their vehicles move closer to self-driving abilities.

Both Vehicles Have Autopilot Driver-Assist Technology

Tesla’s Autopilot is driver-assist technology that can help your Model S or Y steer, accelerate, and brake within its driving mode. This technology can help you avoid accidents and alleviate the stresses of driving day or night. Some features even monitor your tiredness and fatigue to make sure you are not tired behind the wheel.

The Autopilot driver’s assist technology has been criticized for some malfunctions over time, but it has gone through numerous upgrades since the first version and is now selling its Autopilot Hardware 3.0 in every vehicle manufactured after March 2019. Therefore, any Model S or Y manufactured after that date has the latest technology.

Not only do both the Model S and the Model Y come with the latest and greatest when it comes to Autopilot driver-assist technology. There are more than 25,000 Superchargers worldwide that allow you to recharge hundreds of miles of range in one hour. This will help the vehicle’s already impressive range when taking a road trip with an electric car.

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Now that you know every feature of both the Tesla Models, you can decide on a Tesla that will meet your needs and specifications. Both vehicles are truly impressive. However, they mainly differ in price, passenger space, performance, cargo space, and battery capacity.

Tesla Model S is the clear winner if you’re looking for performance, battery capacity, and more luxurious features overall.

Tesla Model Y is the better choice if you want a more affordable vehicle, more cargo space, and more passenger space.

However, both vehicles come with all the built-in technology that you’d expect from a Tesla, like Autopilot and access to the Supercharger network.

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