Tesla Model Y Roof Blew Off Explained (And De-Bunked)

Tesla Model Y Roof Blew Off Explained

Most of the time, when you are buying a Model Y Tesla, you are not thinking about what your car would look like without a roof. While that might not be what you expect, it was the case for some Tesla owners in California, who did not get to enjoy their new Model Y for more than a few hours before the roof suddenly blew off.

The Tesla Model Y roof blew off when a family from California was driving it home from the dealership. The entire glass roof unattached itself from the top of the car and flew away, leaving many people curious about how it could happen. Some even wondered if the situation was real at all.

After hearing this almost unbelievable story, you might be wondering what actually happened and how the roof could fly off of the Model Y in the first place. Many people are also wondering the same thing. Continue reading this article to find out about the Model Y roof, how it flew off, and if it even flew off of the electric car in the first place.

How Did the Model Y Roof Blow Off?

If you have seen the video of the roofless Model Y that went viral across social media, you are probably one of the millions who are curious as to how the entire roof was able to detach itself from the electric car. While no person or source has claimed that they know exactly why it happened, there are some theories.

Although none of these are confirmed, a few of the possible reasons that it might have happened are discussed below.

The Manufacturers Did Not Remember to Attach the Roof Correctly

One possibility is that the manufacturers did not remember to attach the roof correctly. While the idea of something not being done correctly is troubling, if you consider how many vehicles are made, there is always a chance of something like this happening. After all, mistakes are made, and sometimes, things simply go wrong.

In a large factory where hundreds and thousands of the same car are made every day, there is no surprise that things can get missed if no one pays much attention. This could be the case for the flying roof, and it just did not get the proper seal.

Something Went Wrong With the Model Y Roof Seal

What went wrong with the roof, no one may ever know. However, it could be due to the seal that attached the glass roof to the electric vehicle. The makeup of the seal could have been defective and made it easier for the roof to slide right off.

When you consider that, just like with the car itself, the various things used to put it together can also have flaws, this becomes a potential reason for the problem. After all, sometimes a batch of products does not come out perfectly, and the seals could simply be faulty.

The Story Was Fabricated

Most people are taught from a young age not to believe everything they see online due to reports that are false, and this could be one of them. Other than the very short video and a few pictures, there is little to no proper evidence that the Model Y roof was ever unattached.

For the sake of this situation and topic, the concept of a fabricated story will not be discussed until later in this article. Before that, you will be able to read more about what was happening when the glass roof came off and if there was any way that it could have been prevented.

What was Happening When the Model Y Roof Blew Off?

Whenever you heard about the glass roof flying off of the Model Y, you probably thought that something had to have hit the roof or that the roof was recently replaced. However, that was not the case at all.

A family of three was riding in their brand new Model Y that they had purchased a few hours earlier. Before the incident, there were no major concerns or red flags with their new electric vehicle. Suddenly, the new owners saw the sky, along with their glass roof that went flying through the air.

Needless to say, the car was driven straight back to the car lot that it was bought from a few hours prior. After the situation was brought to light by various social media posts on Twitter and Reddit, Tesla was suddenly under fire for something that they did not have an explanation for.

How Did Tesla Respond?

Despite all of the fame and coverage that this situation received from different types of news stations and social media platforms, Tesla has yet to respond to the incident. This silence does not seem out of the ordinary for Tesla, as the company and CEO Elon Musk rarely speak out on manufacturer related errors.

To some, this silence may seem concerning. There has been no word on whether or not Model Ys have specifically improved their roof since the incident, and this has some people worried as to whether or not they should be investing in the Tesla company.

Moreover, just from a safety standpoint alone, it can be difficult to trust something when there is doubt cast upon it. For most, when faced with uncertainty, avoidance seems like a smarter option than blind trust in a product.

Could This Situation Have Been Prevented?

There were many questions asked by thousands of people when this incident was reported on. One of the main things that people wondered was whether or not the roof could have been stopped from flying off of the Model Y.

Keep reading to see some reasons why this could have been prevented from happening.

  • The manufacturers could have paid more attention to how the car was being put together. Any kind of Tesla is put together by a machine, so this takes away some of the mistakes that can only be caught by the human eye. Regardless, the team that completes the final inspections should have caught this mistake.
  • Glass roofs could have been studied for a little bit longer. Although many people like their aesthetic, one problem is that placing roofs completely made of glass on cars may not have been studied enough. Adhering glass to the top of a car is much different than adhering more metal and plastic.
  • The owners at the car dealership could have had better judgment with this car. It would have been beneficial for them to do many different test drives with this vehicle before it was sent to a new home.

At the end of the day, though, mistakes do happen. Thankfully, there have been no known injuries from the glass roof blowing off of the Model Y.

Have There Been Any More Incidents?

Ever since the roof has blown off of the Model Y in October of 2020, there have been no further instances where a roof has flown through the air again. There have been, however, situations where Tesla has reached out to other Model Y owners, and instances where other owners have brought their concerns to Tesla.

In fact, a second Model Y owner experienced some problems when their electric car went through an inspection. Tesla had told them, along with other various owners, that their Model Y needed to be looked over, and after doing so, it was found that the glass roof was not properly adhered to the car.

In a separate report, other people who have bought a Model Y vehicle have made comments about the poor quality of the car. Not only is the roof causing issues, but it has also been stated that other parts of the car, such as the Liquid Cooled Condenser, have been considered unprofessional and unsafe.

While no other incidents have occurred, it might be a good idea to consider the potential of something happening. After all, where there is one case, especially with faulty goods, there is the possibility of more. If you own a Model Y created around the same time, consider having it inspected. Though, chances are, you would have been contacted.

Debunking the Model Y Roof Situation

Whenever you are scrolling through the internet, you can quickly find a multitude of stories that contain pieces of false information. Sometimes, the entire story can be fabricated to create more internet traffic and views. While this might seem concerning, it is just how the internet works. After all, just about anyone can post just about anything.

Due to this knowledge, there are some people who might believe that the situation of the Model Y roof blowing off did not actually happen. Their reasoning for this may include points such as:

  • There was little to no evidence on the entire situation besides the family’s words.
  • The pictures that were taken were not of good quality and could not be officially verified to be of a Model Y. All that could be noted was that the car was white.
  • A video was taken, but it was a very short clip that did not give much insight that viewers did not already know from the owner’s report.
  • There were no reports of anyone getting injured, which seems highly unlikely to many. Whenever a large object flies off of the car, it is more than likely going to hit something else in its path.

While none of this is evidence, it has always been the case that facts need to be concrete to convince people. The lack of coverage and transparency in either direction makes it difficult to get a true understanding of what actually happened.

Reasoning Behind Why the Story Actually Happened

The points above might be true, and many would consider them enough to back up their belief that the roof did not come off, or at least fly away like it is stated. But a majority of the unbelievers may fail to consider these next few points about the situation and evidence:

  • Tesla never gave a response to the situation. Although they have yet to confirm that it is true, the company also never denied that it happened. Anytime a large company’s name is falsely put at risk, the company is usually quick to stop the spread of incorrect allegations.
  • Other people have found and reported that their Model Ys have not been of the best quality. It is one thing if a single person is talking about a problem they have experienced, but when a diverse group of owners says that there are similar issues, then the problem becomes much more valid.
  • There was evidence. Despite how some interpret the pictures and videos, the Model Y owner who shared their story was able to back up the experience with some kind of visual proof. This was convincing enough for many people.
  • Tesla designers are still learning more about a full glass roof. Sunroofs have been around for quite some time, but a full sheet of glass has not been very common until recently. Because of this, things are still being learned, and the process of putting glass on top of a car has not been perfected.

Ultimately, the validity of the Model Y blowing off is up to the opinion of an individual. There is various support that can back up either side, and nothing will be officially confirmed or denied until Tesla speaks out about the situation.

Will the Roof Blow Off Again?

After the glass roof incident became public knowledge, many people wondered if Model Ys, and Teslas in general, were actually safe to drive. They also wondered if the glass roof would come off of another Model Y, this time causing an unfortunate accident.

Thankfully, almost an entire year after Tesla began producing Model Y vehicles, it was stated that the car was able to receive a superior rating when it came to a safety report. However, the roof was never mentioned in the article published by Tesla. This could raise some concerns to people who are wanting to know if the roof could falter again.

What Does the Roof Warranty Look Like for the Model Y?

If you are considering buying a model Y, you will probably want to know what the warranty is like for the vehicle, especially when malfunctions have occurred in the past. In this case, you might be especially curious as to if Tesla offers a roof warranty for the Model Y, considering it is glass.

Tesla does not go into detail about any kind of warranty for their glass roof. Here is everything you need to know about Tesla’s warranty for their Model Y cars:

  • The warranty will last up to eight years, or until you reach a certain number of miles on your car.
  • It does not cover situations that involve “improper maintenance or environmental causes.”
  • Your warranty can also be disregarded if you do not bring your car back after it is recalled or if it is not fixed when you are told that it needs to be.
  • If something happens to your car and it is deemed to be used in a “normal” way, then Tesla will cover whatever the problem is.

The fact that their special glass roof is not specifically mentioned in their warranty coverage can make many people nervous. Considering that the majority of cars on the market do not come with an entire roof made out of a glass sheet, you would think that Tesla would hit home on how it is protected in the midst of unforeseen circumstances.

Recall on Tesla Roofs

Although Tesla never directly responded to the incident that happened in California, they did end up recalling a few Model Xs because of roof issues. You might be surprised to find out that this recall happened for Model Xs made between 2015 and 2016. The recall was due to some Model Xs potentially having roof parts that could fall apart.

This may raise some concerns as to whether the same things could have happened with that Model Y vehicle. Even though the Model Xs were produced much earlier than Model Y cars, it is not unlikely that something similar could have happened in 2020.


The Tesla Model Y roof blew off for unknown reasons, but there is speculation about why it could have happened. Some say it is due to the manufacturers not giving it enough attention, while others claim it happened because the sealing for the roof was defective. Either way, this could have been prevented.

Despite the many reports on this story, some people say that it never happened in the first place and that it was posted in hopes that the owner of the roofless Model Y would get some fame. Even if the story is not true, there have been other owners who have experienced issues with their Model Y that would help back up the roof incident.

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