Tesla Autopilot Vs Enhanced Autopilot (Know The Difference?)

Tesla Autopilot Vs Enhanced Autopilot (Know The Difference?)

Autopilot is a unique feature that Tesla has modified over the years, changing it along with the new models of their vehicles. Two major kinds of autopilot exist: enhanced autopilot, and the basic Tesla autopilot. It may be hard to distinguish between these two at first glance.

The main differences between the Tesla Autopilot and enhanced pilot are the price, practicality, and included features. There are also a few smaller nuances that ensure that these two types of autopilot are different from each other despite their similarities.

Many details distinguish the Tesla Autopilot from the enhanced autopilot version. These forms of autopilot are not as similar as they may seem, though they are both useful in their own ways. Read on to learn more about the differences between Tesla autopilot and enhanced autopilot.

Tesla Autopilot Vs Enhanced Autopilot

The Tesla Autopilot and enhanced autopilot share some of the same features, but not all of them. Shared features for the Tesla Autopilot and enhanced autopilot include:

  • Drive assistance
  • GPS navigation system
  • Autosteer

The features that are limited to the enhanced autopilot include:

  • Smart summon
  • Auto park
  • Auto lane change
  • Navigation on autopilot

Keep in mind that there is a price gap between Tesla Autopilot and enhanced autopilot. If you want the enhanced autopilot features, then expect to pay more. For some, the Tesla autopilot features are enough to meet their driving wants and needs.

The Price of Each Autopilot

The first difference lies in the price of both autopilot versions. Though they are both formats of autopilot, they cost different amounts. This is important to consider, as a Tesla itself is not a cheap expense for a lot of people around the world.

The price changes have to do with the benefits that each has for the driver. With each additional item, the cost goes up. This is how the prices will continue to vary for years to come. With the invention of each feature, the autopilot will cost more and more for each brand-new model of Tesla that is put on the market.

The Cost of Tesla Autopilot

Tesla autopilot comes standard on every single Tesla model and costs around $3000. Some upgrades can be added, but the autopilot is something that a consumer of Tesla does not need to worry about.

Since the standard Tesla autopilot is cheaper than the enhanced autopilot, the person who invests in it:

  • Does not need to spend any more money than is necessary for enhanced safety features
  • Can research upgrades and take their time selecting them, debating if the extra money is worth it
  • Can test out the basic autopilot to see if it is enough for them without spending even more money on features that they may never use

If the cheaper version is not enough for them, a driver can always upgrade to a different version of autopilot. Until then they can test the one that comes with the car and see if it works for them. Just because this autopilot is the most basic form does not mean that its features are not unique and fun to use.

The Cost of Enhanced Autopilot

Though the cost of this autopilot seems to be constantly changing, the most important factor of this autopilot is the fact that it costs money. Unlike Tesla autopilot, this one is an upgrade. Thus, it costs money to have this feature placed inside of the vehicle. Enhanced autopilot:

  • Costs $4000 to upgrade on the standard Tesla car
  • Served as a stepping stone towards full-driving capability

It is more expensive, but it is not a requirement for users to invest in. It serves as an upgrade for those who want to have a little more fun with their autopilot experience and try more things than the basic level has to offer.

Enhanced autopilot currently does not exist on the North American Tesla market. However, it is likely that it will return. When it does, it will be interesting to see if the price point remains the same, or changes. The same will go for the features that will be added and taken away.

Features of Each Autopilot

Though some features Enhanced and Tesla autopilot share, there are many more that they do not. An Enhanced Autopilot Tesla has distinctly more features than a standard Tesla Autopilot: this comes with the price difference. The more expensive, the more features are available to the investor.

It is important to know these different features. If you want to save money, fewer features may not be a problem. However, for those who want to be all-in with Tesla’s epic upgrades, the features could be the difference in the decision-making process.

Driver Assistance

Both versions of autopilot offer some form of assistance to their drivers. It is imperative to have safety on the road, so there is no reason to disregard that. However, the amount of safety features that are included vary with each.

The Tesla autopilot includes the following safety features:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Autosteer

These are the most basic safety features. They work well to ensure that the driver has a level of protection on the road, but do not go much farther than that. The enhanced autopilot includes all the features that the Tesla autopilot does, plus more. These include:

  • Autopark
  • Auto lane change
  • Navigation on Autopilot

With these bonus features, it is easy to see why the enhanced autopilot costs more than the basic Tesla version. The driver can be safer and simultaneously have access to a lot more features Tesla has developed for their drivers.

Smart Summon

One of the most popular features of the Tesla is the fact that the driver can call the car and it will come to them. Something like that had only been seen in movies before Tesla decided to bring it to life. Many would like that to be a part of the model that they buy so that they can:

  • Summon their car in small parking lots
  • Not worry about their car running into obstacles on its way
  • Avoid getting caught running through various forms of weather to get to their vehicle

Unfortunately, this is only a feature that is available for those with enhanced autopilot. Drivers must fork over the extra cash if they would like to gain access to this unique ability. Once this feature is purchased, it stays with the vehicle forever.

Smart summon is a unique feature, but it is one that the driver may not use on a daily basis. They may want to consider this as they look at the differences between these two forms of autopilot.


All Tesla cars come equipped with a GPS and a way to navigate, but autopilot takes this to the next level. With enhanced autopilot, you gain access to a feature that allows navigation on autopilot. This means that you can:

  • Plug your destination into the car
  • Turn on the auto steer and auto lane change
  • Sit back while the car automatically takes you to your destination on the highway

This navigation enhancement is not in the basic Tesla autopilot package. It can only be found in the enhanced version. Even more navigation perks are found if the driver decides to invest in the full self-driving mode that operates above the enhanced autopilot.


Autopark is a feature that, like smart summon, allows the car to safely navigate around obstacles and move automatically. With autopark, the Tesla can park without assistance in any kind of parking situation. This includes parallel, compact, and other forms in which a driver might have a hard time navigating.

In the initial autopilot, autopark was available in all the packages on the market. Now, it is not inside the basic Tesla autopilot package. Those who want autopark must spend more money to gain this feature. Enhanced autopilot has this feature while the standard Tesla autopilot does not. The autopark ability is a huge draw in convincing consumers to invest.


Autosteer is not a full self-driving ability, but it is part of that world. It is a step in the direction of self-driving, just enough of a hint to appeal to consumers. With autosteer, a Tesla car can:

  • Use cameras to scope out the surroundings of the Tesla
  • Steer the car to make sure that it stays in its lane
  • Ensure the safety of the passenger in case they start to drift out of the lane

Autosteer is a feature that provides a level of safety that does not exist in many cars. Luckily for users, it is available in both the basic Tesla autopilot package and the enhanced autopilot package. This is good news for any driver that wants the benefit of this added safety feature in their vehicle.

Auto Lane Change

When the autosteer mode is activated, auto lane change is an assistance feature that can help the driver in moving from one lane to another in a manner that is both safe and efficient. This feature will also:

  • Perform automatic lane changes until the driver turns it off
  • Scope out whether or not it is safe for a driver to change lanes

While the Tesla autopilot will help to keep a driver safe while they change lanes, it does not have auto lane change capabilities. Only the enhanced autopilot is equipped to carry out this feature.

This means that those with the basic autopilot must rely on themselves to change lanes. The car provides safety with Tesla autopilot, but not automatic driving and moving from one place to another.

The Practicality of Each Version of Autopilot

Though there are strong benefits to each format of autopilot, it is important to consider if all of them are practical. Though the enhanced autopilot has more features than the Tesla Autopilot, many of them are ones that the average driver should be okay without. Practical features serve to protect their drivers, not make the car cool.

Taking note of these features is important when determining the differences between Tesla autopilot and enhanced autopilot. It can help someone investing in a Tesla determine if spending the extra money is worth it.

The Practicality of Tesla Autopilot

Tesla autopilot has many useful abilities, as discussed earlier. The most important aspects of its software allow it to automatically:

  • Brake if there is another car in front of it to prevent rear-ending accidents
  • Steer and keep the vehicle from drifting into other lanes to avoid crashed that result from distracted driving
  • Accelerate in case this is needed to get away from another vehicle or in the instance of a green light

Those basic features are hard-wired for safety. They can come in handy in the case of a dangerous situation. Though there are not too many features for the Tesla autopilot, they all serve a basic purpose that makes sense. The money is well worth it for these. They are all practical features.

If a buyer is looking for an eco-friendly car that keeps them safe on the road, this autopilot would suffice. There is no need to go above and beyond and invest a bunch of money into something unnecessary.

The Practicality of Enhanced Autopilot

The enhanced autopilot, on the other hand, has a lot more features under its belt. It has practical ones that assist in safety prevention. However, it also includes some less practical ones such as:

  • Summon, which calls the car to come to get the driver from a short distance away
  • Autopark, which allows the car to park all by itself without the driver doing anything but sitting in the seat
  • Navigate on autopilot, which will take the driver to their destination after they plug it into the screen

While these features are certainly useful, they are not as relevant to the safety of the driver. In a normal car, the investor would not be looking for these items. This is where the enhanced autopilot starts to sway away from the basic Tesla autopilot.

There is nothing wrong with extra features. However, some of the enhanced autopilot features are less practical than they may initially seem. They might cause drivers to lose their defensive edge on the road. The Tesla autopilot serves a much better purpose as a safety feature for the driver overall and is worth its price.

Differences in Where They Rank in Tesla Packages

Both the basic Tesla autopilot and enhanced autopilot rank in different places in the packages that one can buy with the Tesla. This is, again, due to the different features that are available in each.

The Tesla autopilot package:

  • Is on the bottom of the rung in terms of abilities available
  • Serves as a testing point for users, since it is the cheapest
  • Provides the most basic safety features, but uses ones that work very well for the average consumer

This is the lowest-ranked package, but the most affordable for anybody who chooses to invest in a Tesla. The enhanced autopilot, on the other hand:

  • Is on the middle of the rung
  • Is a must-buy to move up to the full self-driving ability
  • Provides most safety features and even some bonus features

Essentially, each is a stepping stone on the way to full self-driving mode. Neither of them has all the available features, but they gain more the higher that an investor moves on the ladder of upgrades.

Elon Musk is constantly changing the way that Tesla packages operate. Perhaps the differences between the two will become even greater as they continue to change and shift along with the new vehicles that come out.

Ability to Be Purchased Today

As of now, enhanced autopilot does not exist on the market in the United States. This could change over time, as Elon Musk tends to switch things around often with his cars. Though it initially served as a stepping stone for full-driving capabilities, it now appears that only basic autopilot and full self-driving are available on the Tesla website.

However, in China and Europe, Tesla is testing a package that involves the enhanced autopilot feature. This package:

  • Costs around $4500, which is a little more expensive than it initially was in the United States
  • Combines limited features from the full self-driving and enhanced autopilot modes
  • Is in beta mode until further notice, which means that it is not widely available

The hope is that this feature will once again be available in North America, as it serves as an in-between price point for those who want more advanced features on their Tesla. For the time being, Tesla autopilot is available in all places, unlike the enhanced version.

It would be great if the enhanced autopilot was brought back, as there are only two that are currently available to buy. With a price gap of $7000 between Tesla and self-driving, bringing back the enhanced autopilot would mean creating another mid-tier feature for those who want the bonuses but do not want to spend all the cash that they have.


The Tesla is well-known for its autopilot. But many do not know that there are multiple versions of this feature. The main two are the basic Tesla autopilot and the enhanced format. There are many differences between these formats that can impact the average driver.

From prices to the features that are available on each, varieties of the autopilot format are important to understand. It is often a decision between features and saving money, priorities that are different for all kinds of people who would like to invest in Tesla. An investor must decide if the differences are worth the extra money to them.

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