Tesla Autopilot Internship – How to Get it, Costs and More


Are you interested in becoming a Tesla Autopilot Intern? Tesla’s Internship programs are rewarding in many ways. Now they have a new internship for Autopilot. In this article, we will explore the Tesla Autopilot internship, how to get it, and more.

To become a Tesla Autopilot Intern, you need to be a currently enrolled university student who is studying: Computer science, Engineering, Robotics, Physics, and/or other similar studies. You will be required to apply for an internship online.

Tesla is the fastest growing company in the US and the world. Becoming an intern with Tesla can definitely be a great career move. If you are wondering how to become an Autopilot intern with Tesla, we are here to explain all you need to know.

Tesla Autopilot Internship

Tesla has new internship programs for Autopilot. These internships cover a wide array of skills that Tesla needs. The internships for Tesla Autopilot include:

  • Autopilot Software Engineer
  • Autopilot Backend Engineer
  • Frontend Autopilot Engineer
  • Vehicle Hardware Engineer
  • Autopilot Perception Internship
  • Autopilot SLAM Perception Engineer
  • More

To qualify for an internship, you must be a college student studying at least one branch of science and technology. These internships can be lucrative for the right students. Let’s further explore how you can become a Tesla Autopilot intern.

Becoming a Tesla Intern

If you are enrolled in a college or university, you can apply to a Tesla internship program.

To apply, go to Tesla Careers and type in “Autopilot Internship” in the search bar. You can apply online from here.

Other sources such as Google Search for Tesla Autopilot internships reveal more jobs from various job search sites. When you find an internship you are interested in, all you need to do is apply to that job.

According to Hacker Moon, it is possible and possibly easier to get an internship if you are part of the National Society of Women Engineers or other equivalent societies that can help you connect with the industry and alumni.

After you have applied, you must wait for a response. If you do not receive a response before the internship listing has been removed, you did not get the internship. However, if you do get a response, then you will be contacted by Tesla.

Tesla will have you go through a phone interview. If the phone interview goes well, you will then need to do an onsite interview at one of their offices in California or Michigan. You must pass this interview and your academic work before being accepted into the internship program.

What are Typical Tesla Internship Interview Questions?

It can be stressful walking into any job interview. So, looking for people who have gone through the interview process with the company before can help alleviate the feelings of anxiety.

If you already have an idea of what questions might be asked in your interview, you will be able to prepare mentally, much like studying for a test—career vids shares many questions and examples of intelligent answers to the typical Tesla interview questions.

These questions include:

  • Tell me about yourself?

With this question, you should demonstrate that you have read and understand the job description. Give answers that promote your skills and willingness to learn

  • Why do you want to work for Tesla?

You should know the company values and vision. Express what has attracted you to Tesla and how you believe working for them will be of benefit for yourself and your goals.

  • What problems have you worked on in the past?

Give examples of how you can come up with creative and innovative solutions to problems you have dealt with in the past. This lets the interviewer recognize you as one who can think outside of the box.

  • What would you do if a team member didn’t do their job properly?

Tesla requires a properly done job to the best of one’s ability. If someone has not done their job, the best course of action is to talk to your teammate and explain how their work is compromised or unfinished.

Insist they do their work according to Tesla’s guidelines. This can also become a safety issue if there are people slacking in the work they are performing, and that’s not something any of us can afford.

  • Describe a time when you learned something new.

Tesla believes we are always learning and should always strive to be learning. Give an example of something you have learned that has made an impression on you and provides you with job related knowledge you can pull from.

Thinking about these questions before the interview and being prepared with your answers will greatly benefit you during the interview.

How to Get Hired as an Intern with Tesla

There are things that may influence Tesla to choose you for one of their internship programs. Those hired as interns have been actively involved in college campus activities and focus on “career related student organizations”.

If you have had a previous internship with another company, Tesla may also be more interested in you. You will need to demonstrate the skill sets you claim to have as well as explain what your previous jobs may have been.

You should also have a “Growth mindset.” and a good grade point average. Show the interviewer you are capable of understanding a new skill, and you are able to quickly apply the new skill. 

When are Tesla Internships Available?

Tesla internships are available year-round. Jobs will be posted seasonally months before the internship is to begin.

  • Applications posted in early fall will be for jobs the following spring or winter.
  • Applications posted in early or mid-fall will be for summer jobs
  • Applications posted in spring/summer will be for the fall in the same year.

When you see a Tesla internship posting go live, that is when you should apply.

Does it Cost Anything to Become a Tesla Intern?

It does not cost anything to become a Tesla intern. However, you will need to have a way to get to your interview. The nice thing about getting an internship with Tesla is that you will be compensated. This compensation could be as much as $19.62 per hour.

Tesla internships last from three to six months. Many students are then hired for permanent positions at Tesla, provided they have demonstrated the capabilities necessary for the new position.

How Often Can I Apply for Tesla Internships?

You are able to apply as many times as you like. You may also apply for multiple internships at the same time. The only thing that Tesla asks of you is to review the job qualifications before applying to be certain you will be a good fit.

Benefits of a Tesla Internship

If you intern with Tesla, it will be a game changer in your career path. Even if you do not go to work permanently for Tesla, the internship listed on your resume will be impressive to future employers. You will learn hands-on skills that you would not be able to learn in school. All of this could put you in a higher earning bracket upon graduation.

Tesla also provides travel stipends to students whose university campus is more than 50 miles away from where they will be working with Tesla. For those that will be working at the GigaFactory in Nevada, Tesla may also have housing available for you.

Landing a Tesla Autopilot Internship

In conclusion, it doesn’t have to be difficult to get an autopilot internship with Tesla. You do need to be a student at a university and be studying relevant courses for the internship you apply for.

If you don’t get the internship, do not get discouraged. Keep trying by continuing to submit applications. Working on Tesla’s Autopilot program is an important and rewarding opportunity that will positively follow you through your career life.


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