Tesla Model 3 Charge Port Won’t Unlock [How To Fix It]

Fixing Model 3 Charge Port That Won't Unlock [Step by Step]

There’s no doubt Tesla makes incredible vehicles, but sometimes things don’t go 100% right. Because of that, in todays article we will cover how to quickly unlock a locked Model 3 charge port door.

How To Unlock The Charge Port

The following methods should offer a quick fix to unlock your Model 3 charge port:

  • Physically press and release the middle of the charge port itself
  • Press “Open Charge Port” on the interior touchscreen
  • Press “Open Charge Port” on the Tesla Smartphone App
  • If you have a Key Fob, press the rear trunk button for 2 seconds
  • Press the thumb button on top of a charger handle or Supercharger handle
  • System Reboot: While pressing the brake, press and hold both steering wheel scroll wheels for 10 seconds until the screen turns black and begins rebooting
  • Installing the newest software update

Assuming your charge port door is not stuck due to unique circumstances, these different methods for opening your charge port door should work. Make sure to go through each method before relying on alternative solutions.

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Possible Complications

If you park your Tesla outside and are experiencing very cold temperatures or ice, this might be a reason for not being able to open the charge port. The cold weather could affect the car even if you are parked in a garage, be patient while the car warms.

Some Tesla’s have a heater that is installed in the charge port. If your car has this option, the heater will be activated when you defrost the rear window.

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Charge Port Still Not Opening?

If you’ve tried all of these fixes without success, it may be time to connect Tesla Service.

Driving your Tesla to a local Tesla Service Center may be the best option because your car will run out of charge assuming you cannot open the charge port to charge it.

If your car runs out of charge at a Tesla Service Center, you know you are in good hands.

Another option is scheduling a Tesla Mobile Service appointment on your Tesla Smartphone App.

This may be more convenient because you can leave your car at home and they will come out to you, but it may take a week or two until you get an appointment.

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Wrap Up

In the Tesla Model 3 Manual, there is a large warning saying “Do not try to force the charge port door open.”

Of course, because it is the internet, you can find all kinds of non-recommended fixes.

Although we don’t recommend it, some Model 3 owners have used a credit card to slide into the port door to pry it open, while others have used their fingernail, or even a flat screwdriver, to do the same.

We discourage any desperate attempts to open your charge port door, as these attempts will likely damage your charge port.

Hopefully this article will help you unlock the charge port door on your Model 3 and quickly fix the issue.

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