Rust And the Cybertruck – What You Need to Know

Rust And the Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck is a concept vehicle not yet in production but slotted to be one of the most unique vehicles to hit the market. One of the most common questions about this truck is if it will rust like other vehicles do in salt and acidic environments?

To remain rust-free, your Tesla Cybertruck should have some sort of wax coat applied every year and a regular wash with soap and water in environments with increased salts on roads.

Read on to discover some of the factors, including stainless steel, that could contribute to the Tesla Cybertruck rusting. Additionally, we will discuss some of the best products to use on the Cybertruck to keep it rust-free.

Will Stainless Steel Rust?

The use of stainless steel for their frames and other components aid in their vehicles being rust-resistant. Stainless steel and several other materials are subject to rusting. Rust is an electrochemical or chemical reaction between iron and water (or air). Rust will take the form of small orange/brown spots and can be very damaging to metals like:

  • Steel, aluminum
  • Zinc-coated galvanized finishes
  • Copper alloys with bronze parts
  • Brass or phosphating
  • Stainless steel

If left unchecked over time these small spots could eventually grow into large holes on your beloved Tesla Cybertruck.

There are two different types of rusting: surface oxidation and a metal’s reaction with water or other fluids to form an oxide layer, which is also called corrosion. Rust happens when iron reacts with oxygen in the air (or moisture) and creates red heaps of rust on metals such as steel and aluminum if not removed immediately.

Removing small rust spots can be done by using sandpaper. Corrosion is often caused by saltwater exposure. It occurs where there’s no airflow due to stagnant water that remains at one spot for too long so your Tesla Cybertrust will need protection from salty environments like the ocean.

Is the Cybertruck as Susceptible to Rust as Other Trucks?

Tesla has only tested the Cybertruck concept as it is not yet in production, but other Tesla models made with similar stainless-steel framing and components have shown significant rust resistance in comparison to other vehicles in their class.

As the Cybertruck is Tesla’s first full-size truck,  there isn’t much data available on how well the Cybertruck will hold up against rust, especially when compared to other models – like the Ford F150.

All Teslas needs to stay protected against rust is regular washing with soap and water. Nonetheless, even Tesla is susceptible to some degree of damage caused by salty environments like highways near the ocean and winter environments.

Tesla’s use of aluminum and steel is rust-resistant, but if the Tesla Cybertruck does happen to rust, it can be easily repaired or replaced by Tesla service centers.

Is the Tesla Cybertruck Rust Proof?

Tesla Cybertrucks are not rust-proof, but it is still essential to remember Tesla Cybertrucks are not typical trucks. Tesla uses aluminum and steel, which are rust-resistant, to make the Cybertruck body frames with an all-aluminum exterior shell.

Tesla Cybertrucks do require regular washing with soap and water to stay protected against rust. Nonetheless, Tesla recommends that they be waxed every year because it helps maintain the shine on their vehicles without having any adverse effects on the metal itself (provided you’re using high-quality automotive wax).

Tesla also offers service centers where customers can bring in their vehicle for a simple repair or replacement should their Tesla rust in a few years. Tesla also offers an extended warranty for rust-related issues, which covers any Tesla with corrosion and provides them the option to replace it at no charge if they wish.

Are Tesla Cybertruck Motors and Other Components Rust-Proof?

Tesla Motors and Tesla solar panels are also resistant to rust thanks to an innovative design choice made years ago. Tesla uses stainless steel for its frame rather than more conventional materials such as aluminum or magnesium, favored by many competitors.

The idea behind this is that stainless steel does not rust easily, even in humid environments, unlike aluminum which can start to show signs of corrosion after only one month. This gives Tesla a considerable advantage over its competitors!

What Rust-Proofing Products to Use on the Tesla Cybertruck

Many Tesla Cybertrucks come with what the company calls “a liquid-tight, electroless nickel coating” as a rust protection mechanism. With this technology, Tesla can coat every part of their electric vehicles in durable materials impervious to corrosion and will not wear down over time like other conventional methods for protecting metal pieces from oxidizing.

The Tesla Cybertruck could be the future of transportation, but only if you know how to protect your investment – that means keeping saltwater away and adding a wax coat every year!

Some of the best products to use for Tesla Cybertruck rust protection are:

These products range from waxes to use annually on your Cybertruck to treatments that will remove and prevent existing rust spots.

How Tough is the Tesla Cybertruck?

The Tesla Cybertruck is built with a steel body that features aluminum panels. Additionally, Tesla has added an additional layer of stainless steel to the truck’s frame which will protect it from rust (although this may not be enough for some).

Tesla also claims that their trucks are “four times” as strong as any other comparable model on the market and could withstand collisions at up to 100 mph – all without crumpling like heavier models would.

Finally, Tesla points out that they have made sure good looks weren’t sacrificed in order to make room for these design elements such as making them lighter than similar trucks but still remaining powerful. They’ve even gone so far as to include LED headlights and taillights, which allow you to see better and from farther away.

Features of the Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla claims that their Tesla Cybertruck is the safest and most versatile truck on the market. The Cybertruck is without a doubt one of the most durable and rust-proof trucks on the market, but there are plenty of other features that set this truck apart from its competition.

Tesla’s Cybertruck has a much lower center of gravity than other trucks which means there won’t be any worries about tipping over in sharp turns.

Tesla Cybertruck’s have Tesla’s Autopilot system, which is a driver-assist system that will allow the vehicle to drive itself. Tesla claims that this technology provides many benefits including”

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • A smoother driving experience

The only downside of buying a Tesla Cybertruck is cost – with prices starting from $39k for the most basic model and going up to $69k for one equipped with every feature Tesla offers in their truck line. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for quality or reliability, then these trucks are definitely worth it!


Tesla’s Cybertruck is a beautiful design that also has the power and durability to back it up. It may not be as pretty as some other models, but what matters most for something like this is that it can handle any type of job and won’t rust or break down easily no matter how bad the conditions are outside where you’re working.

Tesla’s use of stainless steel is unique and gives each of its models an edge on being rust-resistant. Tesla uses stainless steel in their frames and components of the motor to add to the durability of the brand. The Cybertruck is not in production, but the features of Tesla’s first truck follow those of other durable models on the market.


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