New Console For The Model Y Coming? We Find Out

New Console For The Model Y Coming? We Find Out

Tesla is known for its constant advancements in the electric car industry. With new developments emerging every day, it is no surprise that Tesla has risen to the top with cars like the Model Y. One of the biggest additions to new Tesla models is a new console. So, is there a new console in the Model Y?

If you buy the latest Tesla Model Y, you will see an all-new interior, including an enhanced console. With a simplistic look but top-shelf technology, the new console for the Model Y is equipped with capabilities to make your drives as efficient as possible.

Continue reading to learn more about the new console for the Tesla Model Y. There is no limit to the technological advancements of Tesla, and the new console is obvious evidence of that. In this article, you will be able to see how the new console for the Tesla Model Y makes your driving experience better than ever.

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Does The Model Y Have A New Console?

When Tesla released the new console for the Model 3 last year, it was unclear whether or not they were going to make similar changes for the Model Y. Oftentimes, Tesla will alter their cars without making a big deal about it, while other circumstances require a more public announcement. In the case of an all-new center console, it was a big deal.

So, while there was skepticism around the Model Y not yet having a new console, these doubts have since stopped. The latest Tesla Model Y does feature a new console that is much improved from the original interior. As said before, Tesla is constantly creating ways to make their products function more efficiently, and the new console adds to this effect.

Unless you buy an older Model Y, you will reap the benefits of a new console. The 2021 model has all of the latest Tesla updates available. While the consoles of past models are still made of high-quality technology and parts, the new consoles are a bit more refined.

Before deciding whether the new console is worth the investment, you should hear about the specific enhancements. With changes that improve the functionality of the Model Y, the safety of the driver, and the enjoyment of other passengers, the new console has a lot to offer.

Features Of The Model Y’s New Console

So, what makes the new console so great? If Tesla is the leader in vehicle technology, why did they have to update their products? As is obvious, technology develops each and every day. In order to stay true to their mission to provide safe and efficient vehicles, Tesla changed what they were doing. That is not to say that their older console is not exceptionally made, just that the new console is slightly better.

Features of the Model Y’s new console include:

  • Enhanced touch screen display
  • Sleeker materials for improved aesthetic
  • More efficient construction of console storage piece

Tesla has had its touchscreen feature since their cars first came out, but the new console contains updates that make your driving as stress-free as possible. The 15-inch touchscreen display is amazing with:

  • Enhanced Google Maps navigation
  • Interactive games to play when it is safe to do so
  • Streaming services for music and movies
  • A PIN security system to restrict break-ins and theft
  • And much more

What makes the touchscreen even better is Tesla’s ability to provide automatic updates through the system, allowing you to benefit from the latest technology as soon as it is available. Another addition to the touchscreen is a charger embedded into the top of the console. Older models had a feature where you could add a charger, but it did not originally come with the car.

In older Tesla models, the console is finished with a shiny wood coating. While this is a pleasant sight and certainly adds to the beauty of the interior, the new console for the Model Y has a matte finish for an even sleeker look. So, while you can enjoy the new features of the latest console, it also looks extremely aesthetically pleasing.

The new console also features a more efficient storage piece. The previous center console flipped open, which is not terrible, but it took up a lot of space while it was open. Additionally, if left open and bumped against, it was not the strongest piece; an accident could lead to a faulty or broken console lid.

In the new Model Y console, the lid slides instead of flipping open. This makes for much more efficient navigation of the storage space. Also, it is less prone to breaking, and if left open, it does not take up excess space in the vehicle.

While the major changes to the console might not even seem that important, you might be surprised at how much more efficient they make driving any Tesla model. Especially for the Model Y – which is a bit larger than other Tesla models -, these improvements make handling a big vehicle so much easier.

Is The New Console Worth It?

Now that you understand the main changes made to the new Tesla Model Y console, you might be wondering whether or not the investment is worthwhile. Do you really need the best of the best? Are older Tesla models not still some of the safest, most efficient cars on the market?

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide. You might not mind having an older Tesla with the earlier console. A Tesla is a Tesla, right? You will still have some of the best technology at your fingertips. It just will not necessarily be as enhanced as newer Tesla models.

Another thing to consider is the price of a newer model compared to an older one. New Tesla models are going to be understandably more expensive than older or used models, so you can expect that to weigh heavily on your decision. If you are not too worried about the money aspect, you might as well go for the highest tier that Tesla offers. The 2021 Model Y is one of their best cars, with the technology and capability to prove it.

Suppose you are basing much of your decision on the safety of the car you drive. Well, even older Tesla models are ranked among the safest vehicles ever made. The Model Y received five-star ratings in every safety test, making it possibly the most reliable car you will ever find. If you end up choosing an older model, you will still have that safety.

What might influence your decision is the fact that features like:

  • A new console,
  • The electronic navigation system
  • The self-driving abilities of the Model Y certainly add even more to the safety aspect

With enhanced technology, you can expect more reliable safety features.

It is not that there are obvious cons to buying an older Tesla model. You will have access to more features in the newer Model Y – and to your benefit – but any vehicle created by Tesla is sure to provide you with the best driving experience you have ever had.


The new console for the Tesla Model Y is equipped with the necessary features to keep its driver safe and satisfied. Whether you benefit from the enhancements for fun, safety, or both, the new console is a major part of the latest Model Y that makes it part of Telsa’s amazing legacy.

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