Model Y Gemini vs Induction Wheels – What You Should Know

Model Y Gemini vs Induction Wheels

Tesla’s Model Y is an attractive sedan that has a range of 326 miles, cargo space of 68 cubic feet, and a dual-motor with all-wheel drive. The second-row seat can fold flat for extra storage space and, when upright, the vehicle can fit seven passengers and their cargo comfortably. Yet, there is still a question of what tires to fit on this impressive car.

The Tesla Model Y comes in two versions, long-range and performance, and the long-range vehicle comes standard with the 19-inch Gemini wheels. Although these smaller tires have a slightly better EPA range on one charge, the 20-inch Induction wheels look much cooler for an additional $2,000 cost.

The Model Y has three types of wheels available: the 19-inch Gemini, 20-inch Induction, and 21-inch Uberturbine wheels. The Uberturbine wheels are only available as standard for the Performance version of the Model Y, so read on to compare the Gemini and Induction wheels and learn everything you need to know to make the proper choice.

Model Y Has Three Wheel Options Available

The Model Y is offered in either a Long-Range All-Wheel Drive and Performance options. The Long Range Model Y comes standard with the 19-inch Gemini wheels but could also be driven with the 20-inch Induction wheels. The Performance option comes with the larger, 21-inch Uberturbine wheels, which are not available on the long-range:

  • 19-inch Gemini Wheels – standard with the Model Y long-range
  • 20-inch Induction Wheels – available on both the long-range and performance Model Y for an additional $2,000
  • 21-inch Uberturbine Wheels – the standard option available for the Performance Model Y

Tesla is not known for offering a lot of variety when it comes to wheels for their different models, so it is not surprising that there are only two options for their long-range Model Y and only one for their Performance option. If you are purchasing a Performance Model Y, you will be getting the ultra-exclusive Uberturbine wheels on your vehicle.

The Performance Model Y costs an average of $11,000 more than the Long Range version, which may be too much for the exclusive Uberturbines and some bells and whistles. As you can see in the below comparison, there are slight differences between all three Model Y wheels:

  • 19-inch Gemini – 4.52-inch sidewall, 28.04-inch outer diameter, 255 mm tread width, and 45 sidewall ratio
  • 20-inch Induction – 4.02-inch sidewall, 28.03-inch outer diameter, 255 mm tread width, and 40 sidewall ratio
  • 21-inch Uberturbine – 3.79-inch sidewall, 28.58-inch outer diameter, 275 mm tread width, and 35 sidewall ratio

The sidewall and outer diameters are slightly bigger on the 19-inch Geminis than the 20-inch Inductions, which may make for a smoother ride and an impact on comfort. However, a bit more comfort and better range with the standard Model Y wheels may end up sacrificing aesthetics depending on which color Model Y you choose.

Gemini Wheels Offer Better Range for Less Appeal

Tesla currently sells 19-inch Gemini wheels that come standard for the Model Y long-range vehicle. These are the wheels that tout the 326-mile EPA range on a single charge and do not cost anything additional than what you are paying for the Model Y Long-Range vehicle. They are chrome in color and look great on most Model Y cars.

The 19-inch Gemini wheels also come with aerodynamic caps that cover the wheels for optimal aerodynamics. The look, however, is also seen as a negative to some drivers. Aesthetically they are said to look decent with a white- or silver-painted Model Y, but drivers complained that Gemini wheels do not mesh with a Model Y painted blue or red.


  • Gives the best efficiency
  • Gives a range of 326 miles on one charge


  • Not as aesthetically pleasing for all Model Y vehicles
  • Are harder to resell than the 20-inch Induction Wheels

There seems to be quite a bit of Tesla Model Y owners who purchased vehicles with the 19-inch Gemini tires, decided they did not like them, and then upgraded to the 20-inch Induction option. This means there are quite a bit of Tesla owners trying to sell their 19-inch Gemini wheels while there are not the same Tesla owners selling Inductions.

The 19-inch Gemini wheels can also come with a Winter Tire Package for an additional $3,500. If you want to make sure you have the longest range on one charge and do not mind the look of the Gemini wheels, these smaller versions are the best bang for the buck. They come standard at no additional cost and are the most efficient of the three.

Induction Wheels Have a Cooler Look on the Model Y

The 20-inch Induction wheels are only available for the Model Y Long Range for an additional $2,000 above the vehicle’s price. If you are worried about the aesthetics of the Gemini wheels, you may think the extra money is worth the Induction option since they look much cooler than the Gemini wheels no matter what color vehicle you drive.

Previously, the 21-inch Uberturbine wheels were much more impressive looking than the more conservative 19-inch Gemini wheels but were only available with the Performance Upgrades Package. The 20-inch Induction wheels may be a happy medium for Tesla owners looking for a more powerful and cool-looking tire.

With a larger wheel comes improved handling in extreme driving circumstances and should be more comfortable since they absorb more when driving on bumpy and rough roads. If the 20-inch still do not protect your driving in your weather-related area, it also has an option of purchasing a winter wheel and tire package for snowy, icy roads:

Pros of winter wheel and tire package:

  • More safety and grip on wet, dry, icy, or snowy road conditions
  • Guaranteed higher level of stability, traction, and braking efficiency when driving in areas under 45 degrees Fahrenheit

The drawback is that the package costs $4,000, which is $500 more than the Gemini package version.

Pros of Induction wheels:

  • Much better looking than the Gemini wheels
  • Better handling and performance on wet and snowy roads
  • Comparable comfort
  • Better treadwear

Cons of Induction wheels:

  • Costs an additional $2,000
  • Reduces the efficiency and EPA range of 326 miles on a single charge to around 280 miles

The Induction wheels come with a striking blacked-out paint job that is well-suited for the Model Y’s chrome-deleted window trim, side cameras, and door handles. This more aggressive-looking tire looks much better with a variety of paint jobs, but will more than likely reduce your range slightly on a single charge than the standard Gemini option.

Sacrificing Range and Efficiency for Aesthetics

The type of wheel you have on your vehicle will make all the difference when it comes to your vehicle’s efficiency and range. Therefore, one must ask whether or not going with the larger Induction wheel or the 19-inch Gemini will affect Tesla’s touted range of 326 miles for the Model Y.

According to Tesla, if you decide to pay the additional $2,000 for the ultra-cool-looking 20-inch Induction wheel option (or the 21-inch Uberturbine wheels for the Performance Model Y), you will more than likely be sacrificing efficiency and decrease the EPA-rated range of 326 miles to around 280 miles. The larger range is only on the Gemini tires.

Actual Tesla drivers who have compared the 19-inch Gemini and 20-inch Induction wheels have seen a 10 to 15 mile hit on their Model Y’s range. If you only care about range on road trips and do not take many of them often, this small hit on range may be worth the aesthetics, performance, and handling you would get from the Induction tires.

Although the Gemini tires are more comfortable than the Inductions, the 20-inch Inductions were still found to be more comfortable than any of the Model 3 tires when compared by Tesla drivers. You could probably alleviate any comfort issues even more by making sure your tires are always inflated properly, which affects ride comfort.


Tesla drivers are known for spending thousands of dollars on upgrades to their vehicles, so an additional $2,000 for the 20-inch Induction wheels may be a drop in the bucket. They are much more attractive than the Gemini Wheels and will complement your Model Y no matter what paint color you choose.

The Uberturbine Wheels are by far the most attractive, but they only come on the Performance Model Y and that costs $11,000 more than the Long-Range version. Therefore, the 20-inch Induction wheels may be a happy medium for getting good-looking wheels at a much more inexpensive price.

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