Model Y for Tall Drivers? (Read This First)

Model Y for Tall Drivers?

The Model Y is an electric luxury vehicle created by Tesla. It is a five-door SUV based on the design of the Model 3 sedan. It has a fully electric powertrain and an optional third-row seat that can be added to increase the seating to seven passengers. If you’re a tall driver, you’ll be looking for increased headroom and legroom in a car. The Tesla Model Y offers both of these.

The Model Y has a design that features a roomy interior that makes it stand out among its peers. The standard model has 41 inches of front headroom and 41.8 inches of front legroom. The spacious interior is suitable for all heights, and it is one of the best Tesla options for tall drivers.

If you’re a tall driver looking to purchase a Tesla model, read on to find out more about how the Model Y suits your needs. We’ll also cover the rest of Tesla’s range and other options you can consider.

Is Tesla Good for Tall Drivers?

Tesla electric vehicles are designed with the best of both worlds in mind when it comes to comfort and technology. The Tesla range offers only luxury models, with the Models Y, 3, X, and S as flagships. The Model Y is built on the Model 3 sedan premise, which was already known for its spacious and comfortable interior.

The Tesla models are planned from the start to offer a luxury, high-class experience to the buyer. One of the common themes tying these vehicles together is their comfort in terms of design, materials, and technology, including the numerous features that are already available and that will continue to be upgraded.

All Tesla models are suitable for taller drivers, and the Model Y, in particular, brings plenty of advantages to those seeking a comfortable driving experience with enough space to stretch. The Model Y’s spacious interior had the added benefit of offering more cargo space as well as enough room to adjust the seating to your needs without intruding upon passenger space.

Differences between the Model 3 and the Model Y

The Model Y, Tesla’s latest offer to hit the market, is wider, taller, and longer than its Model 3 predecessor. The 7.1-inch difference in height between the two models gives the Model Y more room for drivers and passengers. You will find more headspace and more legroom in the Model Y, at the cost of increased weight.

The Model Y is 350 pounds heavier than the Model 3, making it slightly more challenging to handle on the road. The extra bulk does benefit tall drivers, and the generally increased level of space and comfort makes the weight distribution seem like a small price to pay.

The Model Y is a compact and practical vehicle that mixes some of the best of what Tesla models have to offer: efficiency, utility, and performance. Despite the added weight, the vehicle’s steering and handling are usually smooth due to the design keeping mass low to the ground to afford the driver a better experience.

Acceleration is powerful in both models, which is a trend for Tesla, but the Model Y comes with a higher seat than the Model 3 while not reducing headroom. The taller seat is adjustable, but it affords a better driving position, especially to those with long legs, and it doesn’t come at the expense of losing space on either side.

The Model 3 and the Model Y feature an open cabin design that is well-suited to tall drivers. When it comes to the passengers’ comfort, the Model Y has increased legroom and reclining seats. The Model Y also has more storage space due to the wider back in particular.

How Roomy are the Tesla Models?

The Tesla models differ in terms of characteristics, but they strive to produce a roomy and luxurious experience for the drivers and passengers of their electric vehicles. These are some of the specifications each of the Tesla bestsellers have when it comes to space:

ModelHeadroomLegroomShoulder roomHip room
Y41 inches41.8 inches56.4 inches53.8 inches
X41.7 inches41.2 inches60.7 inches55.6 inches
S38.8 inches42.7 inches57.7 inches55 inches
340.3 inches42.7 inches56.3 inches53.4 inches

As you can see from these measurements, these popular Tesla models all have plenty of space in the inner cabin. The Model Y is a cohesive example that mixes the spacious luxury design with other benefits like increased performance and gained width.

Benefits of Tesla Models for Tall Drivers

Plenty of tall drivers have tested or bought Tesla models throughout the years. These are some of the most notable aspects they have mentioned concerning space in the car and how it relates to height. You will find these aspects mentioned below and sorted by model.

Model X

The Model X, one of the most visually impacting models in the Tesla fleet, has two key features: the falcon-wing doors and the glass panoramic windshield. The latter element, in particular, has been praised by tall drivers as a great addition to the experience of driving a Tesla, and not just because of the height it adds to the inner cabin.

The panoramic windshield also allows for an unhindered view of traffic lights and signs, where tall drivers would have had their line of sight interrupted by the car ceiling in other options. This feature makes the Model X one of the most tall-friendly electric vehicles.

Model Y

The Model Y’s increased width and inner cabin space have found many fans among tall drivers. The headroom and legroom are the most popular features for driving at height, and the taller seat helps with the line of sight. The seating is highly customizable, so tall drivers can adjust their seats to suit their needs.

The Model Y is a preferred choice for tall drivers and gets frequent mentions on lists of the best luxury cars and SUVs for tall people.

Model 3

The Model 3’s sedan-based interior is what inspired the spaciousness of the Model Y, its successor. The change in features for the Model 3 added more headroom space, which benefits tall drivers. Numerous Tesla users have mentioned that the Model 3 has both enough headroom and enough legroom for those between 6′ and 6′ 9″.

The Tesla Model 3 also features comfortable seating, and the extra leg space means that long-legged individuals won’t feel cramped. There is also plenty of knee space, which will prevent aches from long drives with little space.

Model S

The Model S has one of the lowest seats on offer among the Tesla models, but it is still a comfortable fit for tall people. Entering the car may take some getting used to, but tall drivers have reported being able to comfortably sit in the car. The headroom isn’t as tall as it is in other models, but unless you’re wearing a hat, it won’t be something that gets in your way.


The Model Y is an excellent option if you’re a tall driver looking for a suitable choice in the Tesla catalog. The wider berth of the Model Y comes with increased headroom and legroom, which gives tall drivers a comfortable experience. The Model Y has taken inspiration from its predecessor, the Model 3, and has gone even further in terms of space.

Tesla models are all suitable for tall drivers, with the Models 3, X, and Y, especially taking the lead in what they offer. The Model S follows behind while still being adequate for drivers looking to cater to their heights.

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