Model S Ludicrous Mode Explained

Model S Ludicrous Mode Explained

Many electric cars are valued for their ability to run on battery power and be better on the environment while not needing gas all the time, but most weren’t considered very powerful or fast. That all has changed thanks to the Tesla Ludicrous Mode, offered on their Model S and other electric cars.

Ludicrous Mode on the Model S is an additional feature you can add to your Tesla vehicle to make it go faster. When turned on, your Tesla can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds. It is also available on other models of Tesla electric cars, though the Model S has the fastest speed time.

Let’s take a look at some of the different features of Ludicrous Mode, how it works, and why you should consider adding it to your Model S car.

The Model S Ludicrous Mode

The Model S is one of the most popular options for electric cars from the Tesla brand. It comes with the most features, the highest driving mileage, and a Ludicrous Mode that will impress every customer.

Some features that set the Model S apart include:

  • The dashboard looks like a tablet that allows you to control everything.
  • A single sheet of glass makes the roof and rear windshield.
  • More room in the back.
  • Lots of cargo space.
  • All the hardware for autopilot comes standard.

Tesla has invented a lot of amazing cars on the market. But the Model S quickly distinguished itself from some of the other options, making it one of the best electrical cars available.

What is Ludicrous Mode?

Ludicrous mode is a new mode inside many Tesla cars, that allow you to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds or less. This mode has become popular because it allows this electric car to be faster than many other sports cars on the market.

Ludicrous mode allows your electric car to go faster than some of the best sports cars on the market. While other electric cars are known for being pokey and slow, the Ludicrous Mode is about to change all of that.

With Ludicrous Mode, your car:

  • Picks up speed faster than most sports cars
  • Runs smoothly by warming up the battery first.
  • Makes it easy to cruise around town or go fast on the interstate
  • Easy to handle

You can choose when to have this mode on by choosing your settings on the dashboard ahead of time. This allows you to pick up speeds whenever you want while reserving battery life when you are driving around town.

Before using Ludicrous Mode, there will be a warning that comes up on the screen. Make sure to read through it the first time before trusting this mode. That will help everyone stay safe while in the vehicle.

A few things to consider before using Ludicrous Mode includes:

  • The weather conditions: Do not try to pick up speeds when weather conditions are bad.
  • Your location: It is best not to speed around near schools or small town roads.
  • Be careful with gravel: Since the car can pick up speed quickly, you may want to avoid gravelly or sand-covered roads which can cause you to lose traction
  • Keep track of the speed limits: Do not do 60 mph in a 45 mph area.
  • Leave plenty of room: This picks ups speed quickly. Do not do it when a lot of cars are around.

The Ludicrous Mode is a fun option to enjoy with your new Tesla Model S. Using it responsibly will allow you to see how much power is in the vehicle while also keeping safe on the road. Take some time to try it out if you purchased this add-on.

How Do You Activate the Ludicrous Mode Model S?

If you do decide to purchase Ludicrous Mode for your Model S, it is important to know how to activate the feature so you can use it properly. You will need to pay for the feature ahead of time and then know how to access the settings on your tablet dashboard.

Activating Ludicrous Mode is not complicated. You can go straight into the settings on your dash and get it set up. To switch over to Ludicrous Mode:

  • Get into your settings and press the Ludicrous button.
  • Read through the warning that shows up and accept.
  • Give the battery a bit of time to warm up as the motor cools down.
  • Look to see if the launch mode is activated.
  • Release your brakes and force the accelerator when ready.

Within 0.87 seconds, your car should be traveling at 30 mph with this mode. By 1.76 seconds, the car should be all the way to 51 mph. And before reaching three seconds, the car should be as fast as 60 mph.

Using the Screen

Activating Ludicrous Mode, and any other special features you decide to use with your Model S, is much easier if you know how to handle your dashboard. On the Model S, this is a tablet looking device that lets you push buttons to get to different parts, rather than using knobs.

Before driving your vehicle, you should familiarize yourself with this dashboard and how it works. Your settings tab will be one you visit often so get familiar with where that is before you want to use Ludicrous Mode.

To learn the dashboard:

  • Read through your user manual.
  • As the dealership if you have questions before you leave.
  • Spend some time experimenting to see what all the buttons do (pick a non rush hour time for that)
  • Call customer support for help.

This tablet dashboard is meant to make using the vehicle easier than before, but it is a little different than what most drivers are used to in a traditional vehicle. Learning how it works can help you turn on Ludicrous Mode and other special features easily.

Can I Activate Ludicrous+ Mode?

While Ludicrous mode can provide a lot of neat features that are simple to use, Ludicrous+ mode is another great feature as well. This was originally meant as an Easter Egg inside the Model S, but quickly took off.

Currently, vehicles from Tesla are using the Ludicrous+ mode, though older vehicles can have just the Ludicrous option. This allows the battery to preheat to the right temperature for maximum performance.

The Launch Mode will give maximum acceleration. To activate:

  • Turn on the Ludicrous+ switch in your settings. Wait a bit until the battery has time to heat up fully.
  • Keep your foot pressed down on the break.
  • Press and then release your gas pedal. Then release the break. You should see a message that states “Launch Mode activated” on the display
  • Hold down the break and apply the current fully. Let go of the brake and then let it go.

Once you do these steps, you can easily enjoy all of the great features that come with the Ludicrous feature on the Model S.

Is the Ludicrous Mode Faster?

Before you pay a lot of money to add Ludicrous Mode to your Model S, it is important to know whether it is worth it. This is often based on how you plan to use the vehicle. It will make your electric car faster, but many decide that the small boost in speed is not worth the price.

To compare how much of a difference Ludicrous Mode can make in your electric car, we can look to see how it works with the Tesla Model S and Model X. You can make a determination based on your budget and how important this feature is.

Model SUsing LudicrousNot Using Ludicrous
Model P85D3.0 seconds3.3 seconds with Insane Mode
Model P90D3.0 seconds3.3 seconds with Insane Mode
Model P100D2.7 seconds3.2 seconds
Model Performance Long Range2.6 seconds3.2 seconds

There is a slight difference in the amount of time that it takes the electric car to speed up when you compare Ludicrous Mode to just driving the vehicle. It isn’t a lot, but it can really impress others and is fun to drive too.

The Model X also does a great job of showcasing how the Ludicrous Mode works as well. The speed differences are even larger when we compare between using it and not using it on this model though. This is the one that will really turn heads around you. The differences are seen below:

Model XUsing LudicrousNot Using Ludicrous
Model P85Dn/an/a
Model P90D3.4 seconds4.0 seconds
Model P100D3.9 seconds3.6 seconds
Model Performance Long Range2.9 seconds3.6 seconds

As you can see, Ludicrous mode can help you get your speed faster than before. But the length of time is not very big considering the price of the mode. If you want to showcase your electric car and go faster than any sports car out there, then this is worth it.

When to Use Ludicrous Mode

You can use Ludicrous Mode whenever you would like. Some new car owners choose to keep it on all the time to make things easier, while others like to only turn it on for special occasions.

Good times to use Ludicrous Mode include:

  • When showing off the vehicle
  • When trying to impress friends
  • When the speed limit allows it (do not try to do this in a school zone or slower speed limit areas)
  • When you have a long stretch of highway to cruise on.

It is possible to keep Ludicrous Mode on all the time in your vehicle if you would like, but it does come with a premium to purchase. You can enjoy the Model S from Tesla without the Ludicrous Mode if you would like to save some money.

Do I Need to Turn Ludicrous Mode Off?

It is possible to leave Ludicrous Mode on all the time. You can still drive like normal and control your vehicle speed whether this mode is on or off. If you do not want the hassle of turning the Ludicrous Mode on and off all the time, then it is fine to keep it on.

Some drivers only like to have this mode on when they actually want to use it. In this case, you can simply push the button on right before you want to use it. Give the battery time to warm up and you are ready to go.

When deciding whether to leave Ludicrous Mode on consider:

  • Do you switch back and forth to it often?
  • Do you play to use Ludicrous Mode as much as possible?
  • Is your driving style more to show off or just to chill?

It is easy to get into the tablet dashboard and turn Ludicrous Mode off and on any time that you want. The Ludicrous Mode may use up the battery power a little bit faster so if you need to conserve the battery, then turn it off. Since the Model S can go almost 300 miles on a single charge, this is usually not a big determinant.

Do Other Models of Tesla Vehicles Have Model S?

Many of the other models of Tesla electric cars have the ability to add-on the Ludicrous Mode if you would like. This is a great feature that does not come standard. Customers will need to purchase this addition if they are looking to get more speed.

The Model S also includes the Ludicrous Model for you to choose. This can help shave off your speed time, giving you a lot more speed than ever before.

The versions of Model S that have ludicrous mode available include:

  • P85D
  • P90D
  • P100D
  • Performance Long Range

The Model X Tesla also has the availability of Ludicrous Mode on most of the models. The exception to this is the P85D that does not allow this yet.

Some of the models of Model X that contain Ludicrous Mode include:

  • P90D
  • P100D
  • Performance Long Range

All of the versions of Model S currently have Ludicrous Mode so you can choose to purchase this addition if you want. Remember that it does cost some extra money to have Ludicrous Mode but it is also a lot of fun to play around with.

Is the Model S Ludicrous Feature the Fastest?

The Ludicrous Mode on Model S allows you to get from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds. It seems like this will be the fastest that a vehicle can do. However, the Model X has been able to increase that. It offers an SUV that can go from 0 to 90 mph in just 2.7 seconds if you want to upgrade.

Choosing the Ludicrous Mode on Your Tesla Model S

The Ludicrous Mode is a lot of fun to work with. Going speeds that fast is very unexpected in an electric vehicle of any kind. Being able to do it faster than most sports cars will really get heads to turn when you are driving by.

There are many reasons to choose the Ludicrous Mode including:

  • Test out what an electric car can do.
  • Feel like you are driving a sports car.
  • Impress your friends and others
  • Get to a location on time

But the high price tag makes this a feature that many Model S owners decide not to go with, especially when looking at the high price of the electrical vehicle itself. If you want something that few cars have and want a little extra fun, then add the Ludicrous Mode to your Model S.

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