Model 3 and Chademo Explained

Model 3 and Chademo Explained

Charging your Tesla is always a concern. With the availability of Chademo on the Model 3, owners can drastically increase the speed at which this now takes place. The convenience is there as well. If you have been looking for a more accessible way to charge your Tesla when you are in a hurry, this may be the way to go. 

It is now possible to use Chademo with a Tesla Model 3. All that is required is the 2019.24 firmware software update or later. This will allow you to use Chademo along with a third party charging network that operates on a DC current. The speed at which your Tesla can charge will increase by up to 50kW. 

While the simple answer is that Chademo will work with the Tesla Model 3, there is much more to the story than that. You will want to continue reading to learn more about using Chademo and discovering its functionality in terms of quickly charging your Tesla Model 3. 

What is Chademo?

One of the issues with electric vehicles has long been the limitations associated with charging them. Chademo is a way to potentially change that. This is an e-mobility platform that works in conjunction with the DC charging protocol. By using third-party products and services, Chademo makes it possible to rapidly charge a host of products, electric vehicles being among them. 

Chademo is now considered to be a DC charging standard for the many electric vehicles in production today. When Chademo is employed, it provides a way for the car and the charger to communicate with one another. It also works to make sure that they are compatible with one another, as in the case of Chademo and the Model 3. 

Can Tesla Vehicles Make Use of Chademo?

Chademo is essentially an adaptor. It can be used with Tesla to support a charging speed up to 50kW. Chademo does work with a number of third-party networks that use fast-charging networks. This includes Electrify America and EVgo. 

At the current time, Chademo works with all of the Tesla models on the road today. An owner simply needs to have a membership in the network to be able to use any of the many Chademo charging stations in operation around the country. 

Tesla actually sells the adapter that drivers will need to make use of Chademo. Owning such an adapter will open up the range of charging options that are available in the marketplace. 

It should be noted that this adapter only works at third-party charging stations. Tesla does not maintain nor certify such stations and cannot be held responsible if something does not work during the process. 

How Does Chademo Differ From CCS?

You might already be familiar with CCS charging and wonder how Chademo differs from that. To answer that, we have to be reminded that Tesla is not the only player in town when it comes to electric vehicles. There are other manufacturers out there, each using a slightly different mechanism for charging the car. 

Right now, all-electric vehicles outside the Tesla brand make use of either a CCS or Chademo charging port. The selection of which platform is used is a decision that each respective manufacturer makes. 

Here are the key differences:

  • The CCS platform permits both AC and DC charging to take place via the same port. 
  • Vehicles that have permit Chademo charging, such as all Tesla models, have included a separate port that is used for AC charging. 

Now that you know the difference between CCS and Chademo, it is easier to see how Chademo integrates with the Tesla Model 3. This opens up so many more charging possibilities than would otherwise be possible. 

How Many Charging Stations Are There?

It is helpful to know that Tesla has long since developed its network for charging its vehicles. It is actually quite extensive and is one of the reasons why the company has already developed such a loyal following around the United States and the world. Chademo is a way to add even more possibilities to that mix.

Currently, the United States has roughly 2,650 charging stations that make use of Chademo. Combine this with the 2,4000 CCS connected stations, and it is easy to see why Tesla has quickly become the industry leader when it comes to charging their vehicles conveniently and quickly. 

How Does Chademo Work with the Tesla Model 3?

Chademo works by providing Model 3 owners with access to an entirely new network of charging stations around the country. As mentioned, an adapter is necessary. Once that adapter is in use and membership to the platform is secured, owners will have instant access to thousands of third-party charging stations. 

These are DC charging stations that provide super-fast charging capability. When Tesla first offered the Chademo adapter, it did so only on Models S, and X. Model 3 would be added in 2019 via a firmware update. Once that is installed and the adapter purchased, Model 3 owners are in business.

The Adapter Costs Money

Keep in mind that an adapter is necessary for the Model 3 to work with the Chademo platform. Currently, this costs between $400 and $450. It can be purchased directly from the Tesla store online.

Public Charging Outlets

The fact that Tesla now works with Chademo means that Model 3 drivers have access to a wide range of public charging stations across the country. Previously, this was not always the case. While Tesla has its impressive range of stations, they are not everywhere. Being able to use Chademo fast-charging stations is a real game-changer. 

The beauty of the DC system that Chademo works off of is that the Tesla can charge to 80 percent capacity in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be possible. This is great for drivers who just need a quick charge up or who want to make sure they have enough range to make it home after a day out running errands. The possibilities here are endless. 

Is It Worth It?

Some drivers may balk at the $450 cost of the Chademo adapter, while others will say that it is money well spent. It really comes down to personal preference. With Tesla cars already having an impressive range, many drivers find that they can go through their daily business without needed to find a charging station in the first place. 

If you are a person who drives their Model 3 extensively and for several miles every day, having the capability of using Chademo stations will mean that you rarely have to worry about ever being out of range. It is a way to add security to your driving and make it convenient to quickly charge the vehicle. If that is you, then the cost is likely to be negligible.

Where Does the Name Chademo Come From?

You might be wondering why this suite of products is collectively referred to as Chademo in the first place. The name is an abbreviation for Charge de Move. It is a play off the term ‘move using charge’.

Chademo is also taken from move by charge or charge ‘n’ go. In essence, its name reflects its ability to create the type of ultrafast charge that electric vehicle owners crave today. 


When driving a Model 3, it is important to know how to charge it adequately, so you never have to worry about running out of range. While Tesla is the industry standard when it comes to providing ready access to charging stations, Chademo is a way to increase the number of possibilities exponentially. It can be useful to the right type of driver.

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