Looking For A Tesla Roof In India? Check This Out

Looking For A Tesla Roof In India? Check This Out

Solar power is gaining popularity. One of the newest innovations is Tesla’s solar roof–roof tiles that have built-in solar panels. Though Tesla roof tiles are not yet easily available in India, there are numerous other options to help those living in the country get solar on their roofs.

Other rooftop solar options available in India are:

  • Rooftop Solar Panels
  • Solar Roof Tiles
  • Solar Incentives
  • Waiting for Tesla

India is a very forward-thinking nation and offers multiple solar opportunities.
Continue reading to discover what these are.

Rooftop Solar Panels

A Tesla roof sounds very futuristic, but rooftop solar panels offer much the same benefits. Some would argue that traditional panels actually have more benefits because they can be tilted on their own, rather than depending on the tilt of your actual roof.

A multitude of companies in India offers rooftop solar panels and installation. These companies include:

Most of these solar companies have been around for years, offer excellent warranties on their products, and have great track records.

Benefits to Solar Panels

Installing solar panels instead of going with a solar roof has many benefits. First, solar panels tend to be less expensive to purchase and install.

Second, you can expand as you need more power. With a solar roof, you need to install the entire roof at once. However, with panels, you can purchase a few panels and then buy more as you can afford them.

Third, solar panels are easier to repair and/or replace if one gets damaged. A broken integrated solar roof tile may require replacing multiple tiles around the defective one.

A solar panel that is not operating correctly needs to simply be removed and fixed, if possible, or replaced, if not.

Solar Roof Tiles

Though Tesla’s solar roof is what so many people are talking about right now, there are actually numerous other companies that offer solar roof tiles as well, and some of these are located in India.

Anu Solar Power is one such company. It first introduced its solar roof tile in 2016, making it the first tile of its kind available in the country. Anu modeled its tiles for single-groove-designed Mangalore Tiles, which are very popular in India.

Tego Solar is another company that offers solar roof tiles in India. Tego’s tiles are large and lightweight. They are extremely versatile and can fit many different style roofs in both residential and commercial buildings.

The company ATUM also has solar roof options. However, unlike Anu and Tego, ATUM’s panels are not simply tiles. Instead, the entire roof is built of integrated solar panels.

ATUM’s option is actually the closest option to Tesla’s solar roof. Moreover, because the technology was first unveiled in 2017, ATUM’s website claims that it is the world’s first integrated solar roof option.

Benefits of Solar Roofs

Though more expensive, solar roof tiles or ATUM’s solar roof do have some benefits over traditional solar panels. For instance, because the panels are integrated into the tile or the roof itself, the panels are usually much more resistant to harsh weather.

Moreover, solar tiles or solar roofs make much better use of your roof’s available square footage than traditional panels do. By not needing to be installed on extra racking systems, the panels are able to use most, if not all, of your roof’s space.

By making better use of the available space, you are usually able to capture more sunlight more efficiently. You are also not adding extra weight to your roof or complicated mounting systems that have to be cleaned of debris on a regular basis.

Tile Exchange Programs

Solar roof tiles gained traction in India when its state of Goa offered its residents incentives to exchange their traditional Mangalore Tile roofs with solar roofs at the end of 2019.

Goa allowed residents to lease their rooftops to solar companies to get solar roof tiles installed at no cost. The state estimated that the tiles would reduce the residents’ electricity bills by 30-40%.

Other states may offer similar incentives in the future.

Solar Incentives

When solar first became available in India, few people were able to afford the high taxes and installation costs. Most likely, due to this, residential homes account for only 9% of solar use in the country.

However, recently the country as a whole, as well as some of its individual states, has begun to offer excellent solar incentives to its citizens. With these incentives, it is now possible for someone to recoup the cost of installing rooftop solar in just five to seven years.

The country offers subsidies that cover 30-70% of installation costs depending on your location. It is also possible to get priority sector loans to cover the rest of the installation costs.

Moreover, residents have an option to sell the excess energy their panels produce at a government-set regulated rate per unit.

India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy even has an online application called “SPIN” for Solar Photovoltaic Installation. This application includes a calculator to estimate the cost of installation, as well as your estimated savings.

Also on this site is a link to the application to request more information regarding installing solar on your home.

Waiting for Tesla

Another option for getting solar on your rooftop in India is waiting for Tesla. Early in 2020, the company announced that it was looking to expand its solar roofs outside of the United States.

However, due to the Covid-19 crisis and other setbacks, the company has still not expanded into other nations as of yet.

Is the Wait Worth It?

Though it might be really appealing to wait to have the “known brand” of Tesla roof tiles, your wait may be longer than you think. You may be better off choosing a brand of roof tiles or regular solar panels that are currently offered in the nation.

Not only have these companies already been government approved and regulated, but they are also local. As such, if you have any problems with your solar, you can easily get a technician out to service them.

If you really like the idea of Tesla’s integrated solar roof, take a close look at the ATUM option. The company is extremely well-known and has excellent ratings on its products and services.

And because ATUM is located in India, the company is well-versed in the available subsidies, which means it can advise you on your best course of action when installing solar in India.


India is one of the countries with the highest power demand in the world. It is also one of the nations with the most sunshine available, which means that rooftop solar is a viable and necessary option for residents.

Though, as of yet, Tesla’s solar roof is not available in India, there are many other options available, including traditional rooftop solar panels and solar roof tiles. India also offers major incentives and subsidies for installing rooftop solar on your home.

Tesla does have plans to sell its solar roof in other countries, including India. However, the organization has not yet done that, so for now, your best option is choosing a solar company that is already established in the country.

No matter the choice you make, choosing to install solar is an excellent investment to lower your future energy bills and help the environment as a whole.

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