Is The Cyberlandr Worth It? Tesla Cybertruck Camper Review

Although the Tesla Cybertruck has not yet hit the production phase, it is raising some serious anticipation in the EV industry.

The excitement surrounding the Cybertruck is not only due to it’s impressive specs, but also due to the opportunity for the “vehicle attachments” industry that will surely follow the Cybertrucks production. Elon Musk teased that Tesla would be selling “sick attachments” itself following the Cybertrucks production.

One of the most anticipated Cybertruck attachments is a camper that would be powered by the Cybertruck’s battery, allowing for off-grid camping.

Although Tesla teased a camper configuration, it has not yet publicly announced the camper for sale.

But now third-party companies have started creating their own Cybertruck camper attachments, and the first option has just hit the market, the Cyberlandr Camper. But with a high price tag, is the Cyberlandr worth it?

Is The Cyberlandr Worth It? No, the Cyberlandr Camper does not appear to be worth it due to its high price tag. There will be other camper attachments for the Tesla Cybertruck that will have less complex features and come at a much more affordable price.

Having complex features may be Cyberlandr’s biggest problem. More complicated features means more costs. The Cyberlandr camper attachment is said to fit flush into the bed of the Cybertruck, and telescopically quadruple it’s size into a pop-up camper. Further, the Cyberlandr claims it can sleep 4 people (2 adults and 2 children). We’ll see about that later in the article.

The other features on the Cyberlandr are as follows:

  • Chef’s Kitchen
  • Living Room with 32″ Television
  • Bedroom
  • Spa Inspired Bathroom
  • WiFi (Starlink Integrated)

Is The Cyberlandr a Practical Alternative to an RV?

Speaking as an RV owner myself, the short answer is “No”. The ingenuity of the design and the full list of features sounds fantastic but it’s simply too small of a space to cram this much into an RV.

This little camper really packs a punch when it comes to features, but keep in mind the bed of the Tesla Cybertruck is only 6.5ft long. The smallest equivalent RV to the Cyberlandr would be a Ram Promaster 136″ Camper, which has an interior length of about 10ft.

However, if you’re looking for an overlanding style camper and not a full-fledged RV, then the Cyberlandr may actually be a winner.

What Are The Cyberlandr Specs?

This tiny camper boasts some impressive specs. Let’s have a look below:

  • Dry Weight: 1,200 lbs
  • Wet Weight: 1,360 lbs
  • Fresh Water: 40 gal
  • Grey Water: 20 gal
  • Solar Panels: 500 watts
  • Battery Capacity: 20 kWh (shared with Cybertruck)
  • Range Reduction: 5%
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2 Adults + 2 Children

How Much is The Cyberlandr?

The Cyberlandr’s specs are nothing to sneeze at, but what about the price? The Cyberlandr will retail at $49,995 when it is officially released, however they are offering incentives to early adopters bringing the price down to $39,995 if you put $5,000 down during pre-orders.

When compared to other truck bed camper options, the Cyberlandr is very expensive.

Cyberlandr Alternatives

Speaking as an RV owner, and a future Cybertruck owner, the Cyberlandr truck bed camper appears to be far overpriced, and too spec’d out for a small sized camper.

Although there aren’t any other Cybertruck specific truck bed campers on the market at the time of this article, you can look at standard truck bed campers to get an idea of other options.

There are many standard truck bed campers available, but my favorite for the Cybertruck is the Travel Lite 625SL.

Travel Lite 625SL

Travel Lite 625SL Cybertruck

In the world of truck bed campers, Travel Lite is a household name. Their 625SL is the “best selling” truck bed camper layout in the world.

Coming in at 6.25ft length, this camper will fit in the Cybertruck’s 6.5ft bed and allow the tailgate to close fully.

Still Unknown: Will a standard truck bed camper fit in the angled bed side-walls of the Cybertruck. Time will tell if standard bed campers will be usable on a Cybertruck.

The Cyberlandr solved this problem by making the entire camper fit within the side-walls, rather than hang over the sides like standard bed campers. This means less space for the Cyberlandr, but no issues with the angled side-walls.

How does the Travel Lite 625SL compare to the Cyberlandr? The Travel Lite 625SL comes with just about the same features as the Cyberlandr. The Cyberlandr has gone above and beyond in every department, hence the high price, but the Travel Lite 625SL has everything you would need in a camper. Here’s a tour of the Travel Lite 625SL:

How much is a Travel Lite 625SL? A brand new 2021 Travel Lite 625SL is only $16,499. The Travel Lite 625SL is less than half the price of a Cyberlandr.

What Can Cyberlandr Do To Improve?

In general, the Cyberlandr is a brilliant idea, however it has too many high-tech bells and whistles making the price point unrealistic.

Cyberlandr has done an extremely good job at created a design that integrates with the Cybertruck’s bed. The angled side-walls of the Cybertruck potentially pose a big problem for standard truck bed camper options, but Cyberlandr has found a way to work around that by fitting their camper flush within the Cybertruck’s bed.

If Cyberlandr can make a more affordable option that’s based on the same external design, but with less of the costly bells and whistles, they would have a very competitive offering.

There are likely going to be many other Cybertruck bed camper attachments coming to market soon, and they will likely be far more affordable than the current Cyberlandr option. If you’re in the market for a Cybertruck camper, I’d pass on the Cyberlandr and keep your eyes peeled for the other Cybertruck camper options in the near future.

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