How the Tesla Roof and Hail Work

How the Tesla Roof and Hail Work

Tesla is not only in the car game but in the roofing game as well. Their photovoltaic solar panels are arranged as a substitute for a conventional roof with shingles or tiles. They can be paired with other Tesla devices to rid your dependence on the grid and high electricity bills. How do Tesla roof tiles stand up against hail?

The Solar Roof by Tesla can handle hail up to 1.75 inches. Other name brands rate their solar panels for 1-inch hail and wind up to 140 miles an hour. Tesla Solar Roof tiles are three times stronger than other roofing tiles.

Buying and installing a Tesla roof comes with a 25-year guarantee that could end up saving you the cost of the roof over its lifetime. The installation process is time-consuming and will require a certified installation specialist. Don’t fret! Read on and learn all the pitfalls that come with hail on your new Tesla Solar Roof.

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Tesla Solar Roofs and the Weather

One of the biggest obstacles facing any type of solar panel is the weather. Cloudy days mean that energy isn’t produced, also and the home could go without power. If there are storms, high winds or hail could puncture or damage the panels and completely remove the ability to produce energy for the home.

The Tesla Solar Roof is much higher rated than the conventional panel. They are rated to take winds at 166-mph. That’s more wind than a Category 4 hurricane can produce. It can take impacts from hail and other debris that would crack regular roofing tiles like a hammer through sheetrock.

Some weather ratings for the Tesla Solar Roof are:

  • Hail and Debris Protection – One of the best things about the Roof is that the panels can take a pounding and bounce back. Other roofing tiles are delicate and can fracture from the smallest impacts. Videos show the panels being struck with a hammer and the effects on other roofing tiles.
  • Wind Protection – Strong winds can remove standard solar panels from home with ease. The Solar Roof design mimics traditional shingles, which allows them to soak up more wind because they aren’t attached to the roof; they are the roof. Tiles are placed so that they can have maximum resistance against the wind.
  • Fire Protection – Living in the Western US means that there’s often the potential for wildfires to destroy homes and towns. The Solar Roof is rated to protect against fire and could mean the difference between losing your home and only needing slight repairs. While they can melt, there are no significant combustibles in the tiles.

The Tesla Solar Roof is durable and can pay back its cost by savings in the power bill. The savings on power over 25 years could total more than $25,000. It has a higher rating against all manners of weather and destruction and works more efficiently than other solar panel models on the market.

Pros and Cons of the Tesla Solar Roof

Investing in a Solar Roof is a significant investment that could be too taxing for some people or families. Orders must be paid for up front to secure your place in the installation queue that could be very long. Having a good idea of what to expect before spending the money is smart and will prepare you for any drawbacks you might not have expected.

The pros of having a Tesla Solar Roof are:

  • Better for the Environment – Having the Solar Roof will mean that you and your family are taking less of a toll on the environment. Using less energy from the grid means that less carbon-based fuels are burned for warmth or lighting.
  • More Durable than Standard Roof Tiles – Tesla roof tiles are rated to stand up against weather and impact that other tiles and solar panels cannot stand. Impacts on the roof could mean a loss of power or damage to the material and roof underneath.
  • Monetary Concerns – The biggest draw about the Solar Roof is that it could pay for itself. Once you gain energy independence with the Roof, you see savings in your budget that could offset the cost of having the roof installed.
  • How it Looks – The way the Tesla looks compared to conventional solar panels on the roof is impressive. The Solar Roof looks just like any other shingled or tiled roof that you currently have on your home.
  • The Tesla Warranty – Another great thing about Tesla is that it comes with a 25-year warranty. Most roofs don’t come with any kind of warranty, and solar panels are only warrantied by the manufacturer.

The good things about a Tesla Solar Roof are all great reasons to invest in the roof. It can be a great savior for your wallet while also being an envious upgrade for your home that the neighbors will flip over. There are several reasons to invest in the Solar Roof, but there are also some cons that you might not have noticed.

The cons of buying a Tesla Solar Roof are:

  • The Cost of the Roof – The biggest downside to buying a Solar Roof is the cost. It will cost about three times as much as a regular roof. Adding in things like a certified installer and custom roof fittings, and the dollars start to pile up. Regardless of how much money is saved in the long run, the initial expense is immense.
  • Total Roof Replacement – When installing solar panels, they will attach to your existing roof and use it for support. With the Solar Roof, there has to be a complete installation of the new roof and removal of the old. Total roof replacement could reveal deeper issues with the home, leading to more replacement.
  • Inefficient at Catching Rays – To best capture the sun’s rays, they must be Southern facing to catch enough of the sun’s rays to get maximum efficiency. With the Solar Roof, whichever direction your house faces is how much sun you can catch. Solar Panels can be mounted and angled for best results. The Tesla Solar Roof cannot.
  • Wait Time for the Solar Roof – The wait times for installing the Solar Roof can be extended. The company produces the roof from specifications that you send them with your roof’s size and shape. Then every tile is made before being shipped and installed like a gigantic puzzle.
  • Lack of Options – The color scheme of the roof can leave buyers with a lack of color and style options. As crucial as the Roof is for the home, you should have some input into how it looks before it goes on your home.

The downside of the Tesla Solar Roof is the money. All the other aspects can be controlled or offset except for the initial cost of the roof. Estimates begin at around $40,000 for a 2,000 square foot roof.


The Tesla Solar Roof is a marvel of modern invention. Paired with other Tesla implements, you can store the sun’s energy and live off-grid while enjoying all the comforts of a modern home. The roof tiles replace the existing roof and could be an excellent upgrade for your home. The environmental impact of the panels is also a great selling point.

The weather is rough on a regular shingled roof, and the Tesla Solar Roof is no exception. It is rated to take hail almost twice the size of other roof coverings and withstand winds above 160 miles per hour.

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