How Many Seats in the Cybertruck (Without Discomfort)

How Many Seats in the Cybertruck (Without Discomfort)

Because the Tesla Cybertruck is scheduled to go into production any month now, attention shifts to how comfortable it will be. One of the benchmarks of that is how many seats it has and how many people can fit inside with no problem. This is a bit difficult to determine since all we have to go by is the design prototype, but there are some things that we can decipher.

The Tesla Cybertruck has seating for six adults. However, the seats do appear to be tight and without many of the comfort added accessories that are associated with other modern cars. Individuals will want to take it for a test drive to determine if they can deal with less comfort. 

One of the most important features of any vehicle is how comfortable it is. That being said, the Cybertruck is going to be one of the most unique trucks to hit the market in recent generations. As such, buyers may be willing to forego a bit of comfort to get all of the added benefits that come with this vehicle. Continue reading to learn more about the seating and the interior. 

Are the Seats Comfortable?

Given that the Tesla Cybertruck is built to go over rough terrain, it would be nice to have seats that were comfortable. However, this does not appear to be the case with the early design of this electric truck. From what the early prototypes reveal, there is not much padding available on the seats. In fact, the seating area itself is quite sparse. 

The armrests are lacking, but this is also what allows six people to sit inside. This is a good feature to have given that most jurisdictions in the United States do not allow people to sit in the bed of a truck. There is an impressive 100 cubic feet of available storage space on the exterior, allowing for most personal items to be kept outside the truck.  

What About Leg Room?

Given that this is an electric vehicle, front-seat passengers will benefit from additional legroom. This is due to the fact that there is not much under the hood, leaving for more room in the interior on the whole. However, the unique design of the Cybertruck means that there are sharp angles throughout the dash. This can make seating awkward. 

Legroom in the back will depend on the position of the front seats. Since the rear cannot go back any further, taller individuals may find the back to be quite limited in terms of legroom. This will be further compounded if the interior is full of a maximum of six adults. However, the legroom is extended if the front seats are pulled forward just a bit. 

Where Does Everyone Sit?

In order to fit six people inside the Cybertruck, one person is going to be sitting in the middle of the front row. This appears to be the least comfortable seat of them all. That individual is also going to be encroaching on the driver and another front seat passenger. However, this may not be that big an issue if the trip is not very long.

Seating in the rear is also designed for three adults, but the middle seat appears to be more comfortable than the front. There are no visible armrests, so this provides a bit more room for each passenger. One drawback to the design appears to be the static nature of the headrest. Since it is not adjustable, some passengers may find it to be uncomfortable. 

Will There Be Ample Head Room?

To understand how much headroom there is in the Tesla Cybertruck, you would first take into account its design. This is a truck that is unlike any in production today. With the angled roof, that means that headroom clearance from one passenger to the next can differ greatly. 

Directly over the front seat is where the most headroom in the interior happens to be, which of course is also where the tallest people tend to sit. But front seat passengers may actually feel hampered by the lower then normal roofline that is situated directly over them. Passengers in the back will also notice that the roof comes down on them rather quickly. 

Tesla has accounted for this design feature by including a top that actually rolls down. When the weather is clear, this is going to be a great feature that will give everyone inside the feeling of much more space. It will also provide for much more headroom on the whole, no matter where one happens to be sitting in the cab. 

Check Out the Interior Features of the Cybertruck

In the end, the interior of the Cybertruck appears to be quite spacious. This is a result of the simple design. Even the dash is streamlined and remains uncluttered. This is unlike other vehicles on the market today. While the seats might not be the most comfortable around, Tesla appears to have made up for that by providing a bit more space on the inside. 

Passengers will not feel like many accessories are protruding out at them every time they try to move. With so much lockable storage space being available in the bed, most personal items can also be kept outside of the cab. The entire entertainment and navigation system is controlled via one main display screen, creating even more room for the driver. 

How Does Cybertruck Seating Compare To Other Trucks?

If you are going to compare the seating on the Tesla Cybertruck to other vehicles in a similar class, you might be a bit disappointed. While the interior is quite roomy, there is not much in there to make you comfortable. The early design pictures do not even indicate where cup holders or storage for mobile devices is going to be. 

If you are to add any type of storage to the cab, then it appears that the already limited space for six people is going to be further reduced. This is in deference to other trucks in this class that appear to have a much more comfortable design in the interior. There are other benefits to the Cybertruck that are causing pre-order sales to go through the roof. 

Exterior Storage Gives Passengers More Room

One thing that will make the interior of the Cybertruck more comfortable is the available space in the bed. The Cybertruck contains a massive truck bed that is a report 6.4 feet long. This will provide you with 100 cubic feet of storage space. Many people have already taken to calling this a cargo bay. You will be able to put just about anything back there. 

This is not just your ordinary truck bed. It contains the following:

  • Storage units that close and lock
  • A vault to keep valuable items secure
  • A trunk to store larger items and keep room in the bed
  • Sailing pillars

Each of these items combines to allow for more space on the interior. That will give passengers the space that they need to get as comfortable as possible, even when they encounter many of the bumps and rough terrain that the Cybertruck is built to drive over. 


The Tesla Cybertruck is designed to be a tough, rugged, and durable electric truck. It is not necessarily built for comfort. In the end, it will seat six adults in the cab. However, many people find that three to four people will be optimal in order to take advantage of everything else that the truck has to offer.

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