Everything That You Need to Know About the Cybertruck

Everything That You Need to Know About the Cybertruck

First unveiled in November 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck is poised to be the next biggest thing from the innovative manufacturer. However, since the company is more known for its standard electric car and SUV models, there was not much known about the new Tesla truck—until now. 

The Tesla Cybertruck has several features that make it an intriguing model. For one, the truck contains an outer shell made of stainless steel. It will also come with 100 cubic feet of secure storage and a host of other features not common to the standard pickup.

You can find everything that you need to know about the Cybertruck below. Included will be answers to questions regarding the truck’s towing capabilities, its battery range, and the vehicle’s costs. 

When Will the Cybertruck Become Available?

The Tesla Cybertruck will hit the markets in late 2021. Although there will eventually be three powertrain options available, not all of these will be released at the same time. 

The AWD (all-wheel drive) Dual-Motor and AWD Tri-Motor will be the first Tesla Cybertruck powertrains available. Drivers looking for the Single Motor RWD (rear-wheel drive) truck will need to wait a little longer, likely well into 2022.

You can order your Tesla Cybertruck here. As is the case with all of Tesla’s vehicles, you will have to wait for the truck to be delivered to your desired location. On the order page, you will be able to choose your vehicle by the powertrain. However, you will not be able to specify most other options until a later date.

How Much Will the Tesla Cybertruck Cost?

For a vehicle poised to revolutionize the pickup truck industry, the Tesla Cybertruck will be shockingly affordable. The prices of the Cybertruck put it firmly within the range of what you would expect to pay for a standard pickup truck.

By powertrain option, the Cybertruck model and their respective prices are:

  • Single-Motor RWD: $39,900
  • Dual-Motor AWD: $49,900
  • Tri-Motor AWD: $69,900

Keep in mind that these costs do not include the delivery fees and any other fees associated with getting you behind the specific Cybertruck that best suits your needs. However, all things considered, these are pretty low costs and certainly does keep the Cybertruck at a rate that is competitive in the standard pickup truck market.

The average price for a full-sized pickup was reported as $48,337 in 2019. The major selling point with the Cybertruck is the claim that you will eventually spend less money on fuel in the long term.  

Can I Save Money on Fuel with the Cybertruck?

Pickup trucks are notoriously inefficient when it comes to fuel consumption. An electric pickup truck like the Cybertruck comes with the claim that it can lead to energy costs versus the gas guzzlers you see on the roads today.

Here are the EPA-estimated battery ranges for the Tesla Cybertruck:

  • Single-Motor RWD: 250 miles
  • Dual-Motor AWD: 300 miles
  • Tri-Motor AWD: 500 miles

The battery ranges of the Cybertruck are undoubtedly good enough for owners to commute to and from work for several days without having to recharge. But do electric trucks actually save their owners money over time?

Researchers at Columbia University certainly seem to feel that electric vehicles can save their owners a lot of money in the long run, despite up-front costs generally being higher. Keep in mind that the Tesla Cybertruck will be competitively priced. The most affordable model has a price tag of $39,900 before delivery fees, and all other costs, are considered.

Here are a few reasons why an electric truck can save you money:

  • No need for oil changes every 5,000 miles or so
  • Less other routine maintenance costs
  • Refueling involves plugging into an outlet; electricity bills are usually more consistent rate-wise than the price of gas per gallon, which is known to be highly unstable.

It has been estimated that electric vehicle owners can save $750 to $1250 per year compared to a gas-powered car that averages 27 miles per gallon. Many pickup trucks are much less fuel-efficient than that. Even the most efficient full-size pickups have highway MPG ratings of 25 or less. 

Of course, there will be factors that influence efficiency. For example, if you end up towing trailers behind your truck routinely, you may end up lowering your battery range. (The extent to which towing affects the battery range will be discussed in a later section).

How Big Is the Tesla Cybertruck?

The big question now is: how does the size of the Tesla Cybertruck compare to the size of the standard pickup truck?

The Tesla Cybertruck is comparable in size to standard-sized pickups. The major holdup to getting the truck smaller would be the hard exterior stainless steel shell and the arching nature of the sails at the rear of the vehicle.

The exterior dimensions of the Cybertruck are as follows:

  • Height: 75 inches
  • Length: 231.7 inches
  • Width: 79.8 inches
  • Truck bed length: 78 inches

Rumor has been made by Elon Musk about these dimensions being reduced by ~3% all around before production.

You can see that the Cybertruck is indeed a full-sized pickup truck. For example, the Ford F-150 is around 75 inches tall and 243 inches long if you are going with the crew cab trim. This means that you will need to take the truck size into account if you plan on storing and charging the Cybertruck within the confines of your own garage. Finding parking garages may be a chore as well because many parking garages are cramped.

Tesla is aware of these concerns, and Elon Musk has addressed the topic. Musk has spoken about the potential for Tesla to follow the Cybertruck with a slightly smaller truck. This would potentially provide Tesla owners with a vehicle that falls within the midsize pickup truck class.

What is the Cybertruck Made Of?

The first thing that stood out at the original unveiling is that the truck is enclosed within a hard outer shell of stainless steel and armored glass windows; this is certainly unusual and provides the vehicle with a level of damage protection that does not come standard with cars.

Which Colors Will Be Available?

As a result of the stainless steel structure of the Cybertruck, buyers will notice that color schemes will not work the same as the paint options for most other vehicles. The standard color will be a pearl white multi-coat paint job. Other color options will be available from the manufacturer itself, but it will cost you extra.

If you are looking for a different color, here are Tesla’s other choices and how much they will cost you:

  • Solid black, midnight silver metallic: $1,000 
  • Deep Blue metallic: $1,000
  • Red multi-coat: $2,000

Can I Paint My Tesla Cybertruck Myself?

You may be able to get a customized paint job done on your Cybertruck from a source other than Tesla. That being said, you will need to consider the differences between the standard materials used at the exterior of vehicles and the stainless steel of the Cybertruck.

Stainless steel can be challenging to paint. In fact, according to MIT, architects often leave stainless steel sections unpainted for aesthetic reasons in the building industry. 

If you choose to give your Cybertruck a paint job, light sandblasting may be necessary to ensure that the paint strongly adheres to the truck’s material. For this reason, Cybertruck owners are encouraged to go with a paint job from the manufacturer if they want their vehicle to be a color other than pearl white.

Will a Cybertruck Have the Same Towing Capability?

The perception that the Cybertruck will have less towing capacity than the standard gas-powered pickup is incorrect. The Tesla Cybertruck actually has the potential to be one of the best haulers on the market once it is released.

For example, the Single Rear Wheel (SRW) F-250 has a tow rating of 15,000 pounds if it is outfitted with a gasoline engine. Super Duty trucks with Diesel engines have tow ratings exceeding 21,000 lbs.

The Tri-Motor AWD Cybertruck is currently projected to be capable of towing as much as 14,000 pounds. This places the Cybertruck in the same league as the Ford Super Duty F-250 trucks, at least regarding tow ratings.

How Will Towing Affect the Battery Range of Cybertruck?

This is a valid concern for pickup truck drivers interested in an electric alternative because the trailer’s drag coefficient can take a giant bite out of the vehicle’s battery range. It’s great that the Cybertruck will be capable of towing up to 14,000 pounds, but what is the point if all the weight kills the battery almost immediately? 

The Tesla Cybertruck seems to quell such concerns with modern EV (electric vehicle) technology:

  • MotorBiscuit reports that the design of the Cybertruck is favorable for aerodynamics.
  • Fluid dynamics analysis has found that the truck could actually reach Elon Musk’s claim of a 0.3 drag coefficient—which would be pretty good considering that modern pickups tend to have drag coefficients in the range of 0.56-0.59.
  • The Cybertruck is also slated to feature a continuous feedback system that will make the necessary alterations to the vehicle’s max acceleration, braking, cornering, and speed in response to terrain conditions.

Network of Supercharger Stations Available

Concerns about the battery range of the pickup can also be resolved by the fact that Tesla has built and continues to build a network of supercharger stations capable of charging a vehicle to be road-ready in as little as 30 minutes. Most of these charging stations are located near downtown districts and metro shopping centers.

Overall, the network of Supercharger stations offers a chance to recharge the Cybertruck—at least partially—in the middle of a trip and in a relatively short amount of time. Charging costs are usually somewhere around $0.26 per kilowatt-hour. 

This is perhaps the most significant difference between gas-powered pickups and electric trucks. The electric alternative may use a lot of energy when it is hauling, but at least it is quick and easy to “refuel” at a Supercharger station when necessary. (And that’s not to mention again the amount of money you save at the pump.)

Off-Roading & Outdoor Recreation Features

Once the Cybertruck is released, it should become apparent just how suitable the vehicle will be for outdoor enthusiasts. This tends to be one of the main reasons that buyers seek out pickup trucks and SUVs. The Cybertruck will essentially be an outdoor recreation vehicle for many reasons.

Cybertruck Camper

Tesla has claimed that a Cybertruck camper accessory will be available. Regardless of what the camping package entails, the Cybertruck will be well-suited for camping and all sorts of outdoor recreation. 

The arched sails at the rear of the vehicle can offer more protection from the elements than standard pickups. Truck tents have become increasingly popular in recent years, so the truck bed of the Cybertruck could be an excellent candidate for camping.

Built-in Utilities

The Cybertruck will come standard with an air compressor capable of powering any pneumatic tool. This is a dream come true for cycling enthusiasts, who won’t have to use a hand pump to add air to their tires. The Cybertruck will also have an on-board power supply that features 240V outlets capable of powering all sorts of electronics and power outlets. 

100 Cubic Feet of Lockable Storage

One of the biggest challenges of tent camping is finding a safe and secure location to keep all your gear and food items. Secure storage space will be abundant in the Cybertruck, thanks to the rigid tonneau cover that will come standard with the vehicle. 

The roll-down cover will be strong enough to stand on. This means that you should be able to store your gear under the lid and place your truck tent over the tonneau cover.

Supports the Weight of an Electric ATV

After the original unveiling of the Cybertruck, Elon Musk confirmed that a Cyberquad ATV will at some point, be an option available to Cybertruck buyers. This would be an electric ATV capable of being charged from the outlets located on the truck. (The Cyberquad was initially unveiled as a testament to the strength of the truck bed.)

Will the Cybertruck Be Good for Off-Roading?

You will need to take the battery range limitations into account when considering the Cybertruck as a potential vehicle for off-road travel. Currently, the absolute maximum battery range is predicted to be 500 miles, and this is only for the Tri-Motor powertrain. The Dual-Motor Cybertruck will have a considerably lower battery range at 300 miles. 

Fortunately, the Cybertruck does come with the electric ATV option that will provide plenty of opportunities for off-road adventures. The 6.5-foot truck bed will also be sturdy enough to hold any ATV that you already have.

Adaptive Air Suspension Makes for Easy Access

The Tesla Cybertruck will come with an adaptive air suspension system capable of being lowered or raised up to 4 inches. This will make the Cybertruck well-suited for individuals with decreased mobility; additionally, pickup trucks’ height is often a limiting factor for people who don’t want to have to climb up into a high vehicle.

The adaptive air suspension will also enhance the truck’s performance; this a feature that can be found among preexisting Tesla models. Another preexisting feature expected with the Cybertruck is one that came with an update for the Tesla Models X and S, which allows drivers to utilize a smart and adaptive air suspension. This enables the ability to lock in selected heights for specific locations.

Will the Cybertruck Come with Self-Driving Capabilities?

One of the most desirable features standard in Tesla vehicles is the autopilot and fully self-driving packages.

These advanced driver assist packages include features like

  • Cruise control that matches your speed up to the cars around you on the highway
  • Lane changing and highway exit ramp assistance
  • Auto parking 
  • A smart summon feature that allows you to have your vehicle drive up to you from across the parking lot

The Tesla Cybertruck will indeed have the full self-driving package availableThe autopilot package will come standard. This software will make towing easier by making the necessary adjustments on the fly.

In Summary

As more details about Tesla’s electric truck become uncovered, more drivers anticipate the Cybertruck’s release in late 2021. The Tri-Motor option will be the first of the Cybertrucks available, while the Single-Motor RWD truck is projected to be the last to hit the roads. 

If you’re still unsold on Tesla’s newest innovation, there are plenty of benefits the revolutionary truck has to offer potential buyers, including:

  • The Tri-Motor Cybertruck will have an EPA-estimated battery range of 500 miles.
  • The electric trucks can lead to significant energy savings versus gas-powered trucks and will not require routine oil changes.
  • The autopilot features and aerodynamics of the truck actually can make the Cybertruck quite suitable for towing purposes.
  • The utility features inside the truck make it an excellent candidate for outdoor enthusiasts. 

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