Cybertrucks And Free Supercharging – What You Need to Know

With the upcoming release of Tesla’s newest model, many people are curious about the upcoming Cybertruck. First announced in 2019, Tesla has made a lot of promises about the newest line of electric-powered utility vehicles. Many wonder why there’s such a buzz about this vehicle model, what the release means for consumers, and if the new Cybertruck model will include free Supercharging like previous Tesla models.

As of this date, Tesla Cybertrucks do not include free limited, or unlimited Supercharging. While Tesla has included free limited and unlimited supercharging promotional deals for its other models in the past, none of these promotional deals have included the Cybertruck. Tesla runs periodic deals, including the Cybertruck in the future, but nothing has been released by the company yet.

Keep reading to find out more about this innovative new model, Supercharging, how much it will cost, and if it’s a good investment for your needs.

What is Free Supercharging for Cybertrucks?

For those not familiar with electronic vehicles, it may not be super clear what Supercharging is. Supercharging is Tesla’s system for charging their consumers’ vehicles while on the road. It can be thought of as a gas station, but for electricity. Most supercharging stations are open 24 hours a day, and there are currently over 2,500 Supercharger stations in operation worldwide.

Many older tesla models included free supercharging for the entire lifespan of the car, and Tesla will have periodic promotional deals that include free Supercharging for a set amount of time. Sometimes this comes in the form of a family and friends referral code.

Even for those Tesla owners who have to pay for the supercharging service, Tesla still states that supercharging is cheaper than traditional gas-powered vehicles.

Controversial Idle Fees

Tesla has come under significant scrutiny and even legal action over its controversial “Idle Fees” at their Supercharging stations. If a consumer leaves their Tesla at a supercharging station and does not move the vehicle after it has become fully charged, they will be charged a steep idle fee until their car is moved.

These fees are $.50 per minute or $1.00 per minute in the United States when the Supercharging station is at capacity. These fees vary by location and can be even higher in other countries. Tesla claims that these fees are in place to prevent congestion at their charging stations.

While some consumers have expressed anger about these fees, others find the fees to be a reasonable and cost-effective way to ensure the Supercharging stations are available for everyone who needs them. Many think that it is a perfectly practical solution to prevent Tesla owners from leaving their vehicles at charging stations longer than they are needed, and they are willing to pay the periodic fee.

Is Supercharging Better Than Home Charging?

Tesla also indicates that, while the supercharging sessions can be utilized by consumers, the ideal charging conditions are still at home using one of their wall or mobile connectors. This is likely due in part to the fact that it still takes about 15 minutes to charge a vehicle for 200 miles at one of their supercharging stations, which can be a long time for people on the go.

Supercharging also costs quite a bit more than charging at home. In fact, some estimates state that Supercharging stations can cost over double the rates of home charging.

Tesla Supercharging fees will vary by location, with some locations charging by minute and some charging by wattage. This difference is due to local regulations regarding utility fees, but the service cost will be indicated at the charging station.

Is Free Supercharging Included with All Models?

Tesla will periodically run promotional deals for consumers on the fence about their products or when they are trying to increase sales for a particular, fiscal quarter. Free Supercharging was not included with all Cybertruck models. In fact, the year of free Supercharging was limited to Model Y and Model 3 and only to the models sold within a specific time frame.

This timeframe occurred between December 12th, 2020, through December 31st, 2020. This was an attempt by Tesla to increase sales for their quarterly metrics. The deal did not extend into the new year and did not apply to current electric vehicle sales.

This promotional deal did not include the upcoming Cybertruck. In fact, there have been no known “free Supercharging” promotional deals for the Cybertruck yet. This does not mean it may not happen in the future. But as of now, Tesla has not offered free Supercharging promotions for the Cybertruck.

If you are unclear whether or not free supercharging was included with your Tesla purchase, you can contact Tesla customer service.

When Supercharging be Available for Cybertrucks?

Supercharging won’t be available for Cybertrucks until they’re officially on the market. Cybertrucks are currently available to order now on their website. However, production of the vehicles is not scheduled to start until “late 2021” for the Dual and Tri-Motor AWD models and “late 2022” for the Single Motor RWD, according to the Tesla website.

How do I get Supercharging for Free?

Currently, there are only three known ways to get free Supercharging through the Tesla company. The first is to buy your car using someones Tesla Referral Link. This will give you, and the referrer, 1000 free supercharger miles.

The second is to wait for periodic promotions. The company sometimes releases statements that they are including free supercharging for a specified amount of time (usually the rest of the calendar year) if you buy your car during the promotion. This is typically done towards the end of quarters as a means to increase sales numbers.

The third, and only other, way to get free unlimited Supercharging is to purchase a qualifying Tesla sold before 2017 that included this deal as part of the life of the vehicle. The only drawback is that these vehicles that include the free unlimited Supercharging are rare and sought after, which increases the cost and demand of the vehicle.

Should you be in the market to purchase a vehicle with free unlimited Supercharging, double-check with the seller to verify that their model does, in fact, include the service and that it is transferrable. Vehicles sold after 2017 do not allow the unlimited Supercharging to be transferred to a new owner, as Tesla no longer supports this practice.

Pros and Cons of Supercharging for Cybertruck

So you just bought your new Cybertruck, should you utilize supercharging? Let’s look at the pros and cons of the convenience service versus traditional home and mobile charging.

Pros of Supercharging the Cybertruck:

  • Convenience – Supercharger stations allow you to fill up your vehicle on the go.
  • Distance – Supercharging allows consumers to go longer distances and on road trips without returning home to charge.
  • Time – Charging at a Supercharge station takes approximately 15 minutes for 200 miles of power, much faster than the traditional home charge.

Cons of Supercharging the Cybertruck:

  • Cost – Supercharging can cost a lot more, often up to double the cost of home charging.
  • Battery degradation – Electronic vehicles are powered by batteries, and all batteries degrade over time. Studies have shown that rapid charging decreases battery life faster than traditional charging.
  • Limited stations – While they are installing new Supercharging stations all the time, they are still pretty uncommon in many places. There are 1,100 stations in the United States. While you’ll probably have an easy time finding a station in a major city, the stations are few and far between when you get to more rural parts of the country.


Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or you are just interested in the innovative features of electric vehicles, the Cybertruck may be a great option for you. While the cyber truck does not appear to include free Supercharging at the moment, there may be forthcoming promotional deals for the Cybertruck.

Tesla boasts that consumers will still save money over traditional gas-powered vehicles. Regardless of if you are fueling up at a Supercharge station or home, you’ll be doing your wallet and the planet a favor.


The articles here on are created by Greg, a Tesla vehicle and Tesla solar expert with nearly half a decade of hands-on experience. The information on this site is fact-checked and tested in-person to ensure the best possible level of accuracy.

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